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Washington and now Colorado on per se DUID limits – Just say no to new penalties!

February 28th, 2012 | By Pirate

This has always been obvious to me that a precedence would be set, or a trend would follow if one state is successful with DUID laws or proposals.   I was blogging about this last year and ever since about Washington’s I-502’s DUID limits.

Before Washington started their proposal for DUID limits, Colorado had shot down the DUID limit proposal in HB 1261.   I was hopeful that would put an end to it.  But the beat goes on with NAW (I-502) just months later.

I have to admit I was shocked that I-502 got as many signatures as they got at first, until I followed the money and found out that pretty much all of their signatures were paid for, and that most of the signature gatherers were from out of state.

From my prospective I have kept a watchful eye on which locals are participating in these proposals.   There are very few locals participating in this.

I have also begged and pleaded with everyone I know with a few bucks to spare to invest in the real deal when it comes to legalization..   Unsuccessfully though, because low and behold as it goes in America, corporations and lawyers tend to get their way.

Population demographics suggest that there are  more lawyers in the USA than anywhere in the world.
Roughly 37% of all lawyers in the world are in the USA.  (active lawyers)

That lawyers and politicians are driving these DUID laws is not surprising to me either.

I have been concerned that we the people are allowing for these additional prohibitions to enter a freedom movement.

Why not follow the Portugal model, or even the Holland model at very least?  These are systems that work well, and have been proven over decades of trial and studies.  They haven’t beefed up their DUID limits, and there are fewer problems with drugs over all, including driving than before decriminalizing/legalizing.

Why do we need new per se DUID limits, when we have functioning DUI laws already as well as Reckless driving laws?

These are the questions that I would suppose the legalization lobbyists/orgs are asking.  Are they?

This statement echos my concern:

Marijuana activist Corey Donahue, who was credited with helping to derail last year’s bill, testified again last night, declaring the measure unconstitutional. “Why are the only people supporting a bill that would essentially imprison and arrest innocent people, the same people enforcing our laws?” he asked. “And I’m just questioning this because this whole thing seems as if the state and the law enforcement officials of the state are trying to criminalize people’s conduct with no science to back it up.”   Westword

These are the references that I found to site the references above:

Leaving for California

April 13th, 2011 | By Pirate

So we are leaving for California at the end of April.  Lots of people have asked  “are you leaving because of the problems with the legalization movement”?
Come on, get real!    ROFL   There has been nothing but problems in the legalization movement.  There are many reasons for that, but I have to say that none of these “problems” are very serious.

There are a lot of people with a lot of personality, and determination and passion all of which are fighting for this cause for their own reasons.   Being that no one is really getting paid for this, and being that there is a lot riding on the outcome of this, yes there are some personality conflicts.

I think that many people are very excited to be the “boss”.  Everyone wants their shot at it.   That and the fact that there is so much money and influence in this movement presently.  The cannabis industry is just taking off, and we have lawyers scrambling to figure what exactly they are going to do when prohibition ends, who will their clientele be?  We have dispensaries who are fighting the idea of having more competition, we have lobbyists wondering what they will get paid to lobby for next, and we have police who forecast being out of a job if there are no potheads to arrest.

But the problems now are no different than the problems last year, or 30 years ago, or 50 years ago.   These are the same problems, different year.

But to those who have asked the question, no we are not leaving to avoid these problems.  However it is mighty convenient to move on to more peace and quite in the middle of the wilderness, just when all of this hit a boiling point.  LOL

We have been announcing that we are going to leave to build our house this Spring for about 6 months now.
We have been very excited about are prospects to build our hemp dome on our property.

We actually bought this property last year, and we had planned on moving to it after cannabis was legalized with I-1068.  But when I-1068 failed, we decided to move from our lake house rental in Loon Lake, to move into Spokane where the action was, and give it one more year, and one more try before we left for Cali.   We thought we’d leave sometime between when our lease ended in April to sometime in June when our daughter was done with her extra curricular activities such as ballet.
But when we started seeing certain situations present themselves to us, and when we realized we would probably serve the movement better by not arguing with people about how things should be.  We decided to move at the end of April instead of June so that we could get started on building our home.
It is pointless to argue with people most of the time, and that keeps coming around.  With the new baby coming, and with the move that we are working on, the added stress of dealing with people’s ego’s helped us make our decision.
But we sent 9 Sensible Washington shirts and a collection of signatures for I-1149 to Seattle today, and we have more to send soon.
We will continue to fight for this cause, and if we need to, we will do it again next year.  But for now, we are going to take care of some personal issues in our own life.

Peace and signatures!

~Reverend Ryan


This is “A Time 4 Hemp” with Casper Leitch in January where I talk with the show about our plans this summer.
So anyone who thinks they are responsible for me leaving.   LOL   Good luck!  We move around a lot and experience the world.
We’ll be back in Spokane soon enough though, we always end up back in WA after a bit of traveling.  =)

What if I-1149 fails this year?

April 6th, 2011 | By Pirate

For anyone who is interested, I have been toying with the idea that 3 months (3000 signatures per day) may not work out.

That maybe we should plan well in advance for doing this again next year. Just as a precautionary measure, you know not putting all of our apples in one basket.

I have some ideas and maybe some backing for next year if we HAVE to run this again.
I consider that the problem with this year is that there wasn’t a lot of planning last year for this. Everyone thought I-1068 was the end all be all of our efforts. Unfortunately it didn’t work out, and honestly this may not work out this year either.

So far I have come up with some info, but nothing else that is solid yet.

In my opinion I think we should put some checks and balances in place.

1. No one in a leadership role with special interests, including dispensers, growers, lobbyists or pot lawyers. (Special interests freaks contributors, and volunteers out)

2. A reliable and proven 3rd party signature count provider. (I have some good info on this)

3. A very open structure to the organization, none of this “I am coordinator, you better respect me” bull


I am planning for the worst, but hoping for the best.

If anyone is interested, I will be working on this idea over the next 8 months, and I will be posting my ideas accordingly on
I may not want to run or lead the campaign, but I am just kicking around ideas and posting them publicly incase someone wants to use these ideas, or maybe I will run it if no one else steps up.

But this is too serious of an issue to let the legislature take control of our rights. I would hate to see something like HB 1550 pass, and I would especially hate for SB 5073 to pass!!!



Here is a resource that I am using, and I have others that I am investigating now.

Just FYI:

This is a group that people may want to look into for running successful citizens initiatives. Help on many levels, including info for professional independent petition counts>

Citizens in Charge Foundation
2050 Old Bridge Road Suite 103
Lake Ridge, VA 22192
Phone: (703) 492-1776
Fax: (703) 910-7728


Thanks for being concerned about your freedom, and DOING SOMETHING about it!



Ryan Thompson


Important updates for October / November

October 27th, 2010 | By Pirate

This is a historical time of our world.   I have some important updates, please pass along these references to people you know!

#1. If you are in Cali, VOTE YES ON PROP 19. Sorry about the caps. This is huge! (

#2. Please simply “Like” the Seattle Hemp Fest page. Learn more…

#3. For breast cancer awareness month, please spread the word that Cannabis Cure Cancer!

Join us at Causes on Facebook via this link:

#4.  If you are in Springville Utah, please support our new community site by spreading the word.

Kimi introduced me to a few years back, because she heard a speech by Sen. Mike Gravel (former) about the National Initiative for Democracy.  For me, if we are going to let democracy control our republic, I believe that the people are far more in tune with the needs of the country, than the puppet politicians out there who are led around by money from big corporations via corrupt lobbyists.  I don’t trust our politicians, or our two party system.   We have very limited choices in this “free” country.

Learn more about the NI4D via this video or go to VOTE.ORG

Much love to Damian Marley.  LETS RE-LEGALIZE FREEDOM!