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I hate censorship

September 1st, 2013 | By Pirate

I am not completely innocent here, I had to tell an activist in Spokane to leave our meeting and sober up before he came back back in 2011.  I have rarely censored anyone, but when I have I have felt terrible about it.

But I have been censored over and over by liberals who disagree with one thing or another.   Either when I protest abortion, taxes, or government force.   I almost always document these occasions with a screen shot so that I can’t be accused of being crass or rude, when I have been censored.  I feel I am very polite, even if in disagreement with some of the statements in a particular conversation.

There are two occasions in the past 5 years that I have felt badly about being censored.  Thinking to myself “wow, did that person really just delete all of my comments?”..   I get censored a lot, mostly by far left liberals, and the topics are usually pretty consistent.  But there have been these two times, and I documented them pretty well.

Recently with Jared Allaway when he once again strongly disagreed with me insisting that we defund the government via ending the Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Act, when he was complaining how the government keeps screwing up.

See more here:  Passive Aggressive Activism

The other time was when Steve Elliot came to my page to badger me about faith and Christianity.
I have saw similar rants like which Steve brought to me, at Hempfest so it inspired me to write this article;

Is militant atheism a sore spot for the legalization movement?

If I was to document every time I got censored, I could fill a week worth of blogging up every week.
But I am way too busy to worry about each little instance.   But when influential people, whether via political ambitions, or career ambitions censor people, while on the other hand complaining about how people censor them.  I just think there is something to say about that.

Recently watching what went down at Hempfest with the guy who wanted to roll “The World’s Largest Joint”, and how Hempfest censored him and several others.  That sort of broke my heart too, even though I wasn’t directly being censored.  I felt like through that person who I am not even directly connected, that my voice was in a way censored.
Because I love hempfest, and I have gone many times to hempfest and I have supported them in whatever ways that I could.   So I made a little bit of a fuss about that.  But I still love Hempfest.  I just think that staying silent about things like this does no one any good.

I wrote this blog about what happened at Hempfest last week;

Hempfest extinguishes free speech at hempfest due to corporate interests

Then there are the times when I have fought censorship when I expected as much.
In 2010 when I was protesting in  Springville Utah, I was arrested for “using the streets without a permit”.  A month later I got the law nullified (not before spending a grip on two different lawyers and going way out of my way to fight that tyranny).

The law that I got changed, in Springville City Utah

It’s the thing about activism that I have been most active about.   I have  not been nearly as active about cannabis as I have about free speech.  I understand that there are limitations to free speech, where maybe some restrictions or at least some common etiquette is necessary.  But then there are occasions when free speech should be honored and when it is not, it is not conductive to common respect and freedom.  That is when I protest!
This is a video that I made about this.   I read from Vivian McPeak’s book about free speech and protesting  and what Hempfest is all about.

I don’t get paid for activism, I do it because LIBERTY is my payment.


Hempfest_Protestival_0004 Hempfest_Protestival_0004_smallFrom Vivian McPeak’s book “Protestival”.



Independent Review of Washington’s I-502 by state Libertarians

August 22nd, 2012 | By Pirate

I typically do not usually do a full on copy and paste of someone else’s material.
But this material is of the best analysis that I have read about I-502, and it is not written by cannabis activists, it is written by those who truly care about liberty, the Libertarian Party of Washington.

I align myself with Libertarian beliefs, and this review of the initiative speaks clearly to the concerns that I have which has led me to reject the initiative.


I showed up to Hempfest on Saturday morning and the first thing that struck me as odd, were all of the “No on I-502” signs, t-shirts, and buttons. No on I-502

Wait a minute…isn’t I-502 the marijuana legalization bill set to be voted on in November.

Isn’t this the same bill that is being promoted by many leaders within the marijuana legalization movement?

Something wasn’t right. Fortunately for me, the Libertarian Party of Washington* booth was located right next to a “No on I-502” friendly booth. At the booth, a young man and woman named Adam and Katie proceeded to tell me everything that was wrong with the bill. I was floored by what I was told. But instead of immediately switching my view on I-502, I decided to do some research of my own. I acquired the entire 66 page bill and this is what I found hidden inside of it…


Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

I-502 will create new criminal penalties for medical marijuana users who drive, through a new and intrusive per se DUID (driving under the influence of drugs) law. I-502 institutes a new unreasonable legal limit on blood THC levels for marijuana users. Active THC from marijuana stays in a person’s blood days and even weeks after the marijuana has been ingested. Inactive THC stays in the body for much longer.

“Sec. 31.1 Any person who operates a motor vehicle within this state is deemed to have given consent…to a test or tests of his or her breath or blood for the purpose of determining the…THC concentration…”

“Sec. 31.2 The test or tests of breath shall be administered at the direction of a law enforcement officer having reasonable grounds to believe the person to have been driving or in actual physical control of a motor vehicle within this state while under the influence…of any drug.”

“Sec. 31.2 (i) The driver is age twenty-one or over and the test indicates…that the THC concentration of the driver’s blood is 5.00 or more;”

“Sec. 31.2 (ii) The driver is under the age twenty-one and the test indicates…that the THC concentration of the driver’s blood is above 0.00;”

That sounds reasonable right? People shouldn’t be driving under the influence of drugs.  Well, it would be reasonable if there were scientific proof of impairment with a blood THC level of 5ng/ml. The facts are…

“It is not possible to conclude anything about a driver’s impairment on the basis of his/her plasma concentrations” –U.S. Department of Transportation “Marijuana and Actual Driving Performance: Effects of THC on Driving Performance”


“THC may be present in blood for a period of days after past use, long after any performance impairing effects have worn off” –Armentano, P. “Cannabis and Driving: A Scientific and Rational Review”

I see this provision to be unrealistic and hurtful to the medical marijuana community. It also implements a zero-tolerance policy for any medical marijuana patient between the ages of 18-21, even when they have a recommendation from their physician to use medical marijuana. This provision would be the same as if you had a glass of wine or beer at dinner, then was arrested and charged with a DUI the next day.

This is the most glaring problem with this initiative, although there are others…

I-502 gives the report of the police officer status as actual evidence to be used to press charges against the patient.

“Sec. 31.8 (b) The sworn report or report under a declaration authorized by RCW 9A.72.085 submitted by a law enforcement officer is prima facie evidence that the officer had reasonable grounds to believe the person had been driving…while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs…”

I am not going to go into the new FBI background checks, or the new restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries that this initiative adds, although they are important.

Unfortunately, according to the sponsors of I-502, they are aware of the lack of scientific evidence of impairment that coincides with the use of marijuana, as well as the recent studies that have shown that traffic fatalities drop by an average of 9%-13% in states that have adopted medical marijuana friendly laws.

A driving under the influence of drugs charge will:

Stay on your driving record forever.

Severely impair your ability to get a job.

Cost you your drivers’ license for up to a year.

Get you a seat in drug & alcohol classes.

Raise your car insurance rates.

Cost you attorney fees.

So, why have the sponsors of I-502 added these ridiculous provisions to the initiative? They argued that their polling data from Proposition 19 in California showed that there was a large group of uninformed voters who would not vote for I-502 unless it included new penalties for driving under the influence of marijuana.

Uniformed voters? So, instead of trying to educate people on the truth of this issue, they will instead punish peaceful marijuana users?


As leaders, we cannot sacrifice principles for political expedience, especially when it will do harm to the very people who have trusted us to fight on their behalf. I would ask that the current leaders supporting I-502 take a second look and oppose this hurtful piece of legislation. The pro-marijuana bills that are going to be on the ballot in Colorado and Oregon in November will have to lead the way for the marijuana legalization movement. These bills do not have DUID provisions.

As a Libertarian, I cannot, under good conscience, support any piece of legislation that violates our natural rights as humans. Whether you agree with the use of marijuana or not, you should agree that adults have the right to choose what they put in their own body without influence, force, and fraud perpetrated by government.

I-502 will cause more harm than good to peaceful marijuana users. I urge you to vote No on I-502! But don’t take my word for it. Read the bill here and watch the debate below.
C. Michael PickensC. Michael Pickens is the Washington State Director for the Gary Johnson 2012 Campaign. He is also the author of the new book, “Libertarian Leadership: Planting the Seed for a Libertarian Future.” Michael can be reached at

*The Libertarian Party of Washington did not endorse I-502

NORML Loses it’s cool – Reply to the Sensible Washington article from Feb 29th

February 29th, 2012 | By Pirate

I have been a supporter of full legalization for a very long time, including the controversial Proposition 19 in California.

During Proposition 19 there was a lot of negative emotions stirred up, and there was a lot of back and forth going on.  Not just between NORML and Prop19 opponents, but I also had some serious online conflicts with Anti-Prop19 activists as well.  Some of these exchanges included insults, threats and very unbecoming behavior.   Of which, when things like this occur I use my screen shot software to document it.  (see the bottom of this video for some of these examples)

But when NORML started receiving criticisms about I-502 and their recent endorsement of this initiative, Russ Belville and other NORML board members and employees have made such claims as opponents of I502 as being “enemies”, during his show on 2/24/2012 titled “Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War” this was the theme.   I called in on the second hour of that show, and despite being promised an uninterrupted 2 minutes to explain my opposition to I-502, I was interrupted after only getting one minute and three seconds (uninterrupted), and I got repeatedly interrupted by Russ and eventually at the end of the show Russ hung up on me.

Shortly after that show, I had Jon Hamm aka GanaJon attack me on facebook with some silly insults and what seemed to me like a personal threat.

Russ would say that people like me are on the fringes of the legalization movement, and that my opinion is inconsequential to what is really going on.

He may not care much about what I think.  But I am a stake holder in Washington, and I have served time in jail for simple possession of marijuana.

This is a documentary that I made about my call into the NORML Live show.

Part 1:

Part 2:


This is a video that I made about another Radical Russ broadcast about I-502 from a few days before where Russ replied to a few of my comments:

Needless to say, I felt that this article from Sensible Washington addressed this issue really well:


NORML Loses Its Cool

February 29, 2012

Allen St. Pierre should have seen it coming.

After all, the Executive Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), was asked by Steve Bloom if could publish an email St. Pierre had written about medical marijuana being a “legal farce”.  It had been submitted by a disaffected attorney in Colorado seeking to discredit St. Pierre.

Politically, St. Pierre’s points had some validity, but without proper context it appeared as though St. Pierre had gone out of his way to slam patients. The reaction was anything but positive.

And then, in February, NORML went all in on I-502. NORML’s unconditional endorsement of the controversial initiative really got the waters boiling. Forced to respond to criticism, St. Pierre shared his hope that opponents of the measure would “step aside and take no public position”.

Unsurprisingly, activists are struggling with the about-face on what St. Pierre himself calls “arbitrary, unscientific, and unnecessary” per se DUI standards. What happened to founder Keith Stroup, who  famously pledged to never vote for anyone who would seek to make him a criminal? What about Deputy Director Paul Armentano’s unambiguous report that there is currently no evidence showing a clear correlation between an individual’s impairment and THC in the blood?

We have long depended on the unparalleled work by NORML Show Live’s Russ Belville to provide us with the facts we need to make informed decisions, but now that the money has started pouring in from Progressive Insurance CEO Peter Lewis and travel guru Rick Steves, the weather has taken a turn.

If you had a million dollars to reform our drug laws, what would you do with it? Supporters of I-502, notably St. Pierre, are hell-bent to 1) put a victory on the board (with another legal farce), 2) generate an election-day headline (look for that on page A13), and 3) argue the Supremacy Clause before the Supreme Court (the squash heard ’round the world).

Of late, Belville has been taking aim at opponents of legalization on an almost daily basis. In his 2/21 show, he professed a desire to remain respectful, yet spoke of “scurrilous lies” and referred to Steve Elliott’s site as “Tool of the Town”. Not long ago, Belville had pledged to tone down the rhetoric he used during the Prop 19 debate. But in his 2/24 show, he leveled a with-us-or-against-us ultimatum, and declared opponents of I-502 to be his enemies in a rant aimed “Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War”.

Et tu, NORML?

Clearly, there’s too much disrespect on both sides of the debate. Personal smears and intentional distortions among the reform community only serve the good of prohibition. The worst mistake any of us can make is to denigrate the contributions of another volunteer. Hyperbole only sets us back, whether it comes from The Stranger‘s Dominic Holden calling opponents of I-502 “high-pocrites”, or opponents of I-502 equating it with the apocalypse. That said, anyone who’s receiving payment as part of a legalization effort can afford to buy tougher skin.

With support for full legalization rising in every demographic, it is time to take St. Pierre’s point to heart: the time to pursue full legalization is now. Prohibition must be removed at the taproot. Meanwhile, Belville portrays efforts in California too underfunded and Colorado’s recently certified initiative too unlikely to pass. What a self-fulfilling prophecy that would be.

On Belville’s 2/29 show, he described the opposition to I-502 as “a select tiny few people…out in force.” And despite a heavy-handed attempt to turn an online survey about I-502 into a push-poll, Belville still found roughly a third of his followers inclined to vote no.

To quote Upton Sinclair, as Belville is fond of doing: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it.”

I502 A Senseless Division and Senseless NEW… by xcannabis

Craig Beresh (SoCal NORML) vindicated by Keith Stroup according to The Weedly News

July 6th, 2011 | By Pirate

As I have been on this topic, of “divide and conquer” and since I have been recently reporting on the actions of some cannabis advocates in leadership roles. It should be pointed out that the director of Southern California NORML has been vindicated after losing his position due to attacks from the ASA in San Diego.

According to William West of the Weedly News, this is an email from Keith Stroup:

From: Keith Stroup []
Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 6:01 AM
To: Craig Beresh
Subject: Re: liable attacks

I posted this
to the Facebook site Wisdom
Organics this morning.

This is totally inaccurate and has no basis in fact. We asked Craig to step aside hoping that would help end the ongoing feud between SD NORML and SD ASA, which was at least equally the fault of Eugene Davidovich. Unfortunately this has not been the result. Instead some in the pro-ASA, medical users-only crowd have continued to add fuel to the fire by posting uninformed and intentionally harmful allegations about Craig. Aaron Wisdom is the latest to engage in this counterproductive activity.

For those who truly care about achieving a better marijuana policy in San Diego, please make it clear to these few who would rather continue an internecine feud that they are truly hurting the legalization movement by their childish and immature conduct.
None of us are perfect, and I am sure Craig has made mistakes in his work over the years. But he has never done anything that would raise doubts about either his honesty or his total commitment to legalizing the responsible use of marijuana by adults, regardless of why they smoke.
Keith Stroup
NORML Legal Counsel
Please join me at NORML’s 40th national conference in Denver, April 21-23, 2011. For more information check out, call toll-free 888-67-NORML or send an email to ‘’
Steeply discounted rooms at the Grand Hyatt will be gone soon, don’t delay, reserve your room now:

Im glad Keith released this, it was a great decision, and it also lends an insight to the problems that the movement is facing as of late.

We will cover this on our show tomorrow as well:

Credit for pictures go to:

The real corporate vampire in our midst

May 28th, 2011 | By Pirate

I have been saying this for years about the “medical only” topic in the cannabis legalization movement.
So many people have argued with me that if we legalize cannabis, big tobacco will be the main competitor and it will be big tobacco that drives ma and pa out of the business.

I have always said since I got on this topic that big tobacco is the least of our worries.  It will be big pharmaceutical companies that come in, make laws regarding cannabis, and they will take over the cannabis market and regulate the rest of the competition out of the market entirely.

I have about 10 videos on youtube about this:

See this article about what is becoming the new cannabis monopoly:

This idea that big tobacco would win in a free market is entirely ludicrous.  In the wine industry many small family businesses thrive because of the specialness of the market and the product.  The same will always be true for cannabis so long as the little guy isn’t regulated and restricted out of the market by laws that big pharma lobby for.

Big pharma have their hands so deep in Washington’s pockets (DC that is), and congress bends to just about every whim that big pharma comes up with.
I would much rather compete with Phillip Morris in any business as opposed to big pharma!

Prop19 was not perfect, but it was a good step in securing our freedom, and protecting ma and pot from strict medical regulations that will force them out of business.

I look forward to the initiatives coming out in 2012, and I hope that we start giving the FREE MARKET the room to breathe that it deserves.  In a free market, the consumer and the small business benefits.  In a oligopoly market only the wealthy businesses thrive.

See the following media that I have made on this topic

Leaving for California

April 13th, 2011 | By Pirate

So we are leaving for California at the end of April.  Lots of people have asked  “are you leaving because of the problems with the legalization movement”?
Come on, get real!    ROFL   There has been nothing but problems in the legalization movement.  There are many reasons for that, but I have to say that none of these “problems” are very serious.

There are a lot of people with a lot of personality, and determination and passion all of which are fighting for this cause for their own reasons.   Being that no one is really getting paid for this, and being that there is a lot riding on the outcome of this, yes there are some personality conflicts.

I think that many people are very excited to be the “boss”.  Everyone wants their shot at it.   That and the fact that there is so much money and influence in this movement presently.  The cannabis industry is just taking off, and we have lawyers scrambling to figure what exactly they are going to do when prohibition ends, who will their clientele be?  We have dispensaries who are fighting the idea of having more competition, we have lobbyists wondering what they will get paid to lobby for next, and we have police who forecast being out of a job if there are no potheads to arrest.

But the problems now are no different than the problems last year, or 30 years ago, or 50 years ago.   These are the same problems, different year.

But to those who have asked the question, no we are not leaving to avoid these problems.  However it is mighty convenient to move on to more peace and quite in the middle of the wilderness, just when all of this hit a boiling point.  LOL

We have been announcing that we are going to leave to build our house this Spring for about 6 months now.
We have been very excited about are prospects to build our hemp dome on our property.

We actually bought this property last year, and we had planned on moving to it after cannabis was legalized with I-1068.  But when I-1068 failed, we decided to move from our lake house rental in Loon Lake, to move into Spokane where the action was, and give it one more year, and one more try before we left for Cali.   We thought we’d leave sometime between when our lease ended in April to sometime in June when our daughter was done with her extra curricular activities such as ballet.
But when we started seeing certain situations present themselves to us, and when we realized we would probably serve the movement better by not arguing with people about how things should be.  We decided to move at the end of April instead of June so that we could get started on building our home.
It is pointless to argue with people most of the time, and that keeps coming around.  With the new baby coming, and with the move that we are working on, the added stress of dealing with people’s ego’s helped us make our decision.
But we sent 9 Sensible Washington shirts and a collection of signatures for I-1149 to Seattle today, and we have more to send soon.
We will continue to fight for this cause, and if we need to, we will do it again next year.  But for now, we are going to take care of some personal issues in our own life.

Peace and signatures!

~Reverend Ryan


This is “A Time 4 Hemp” with Casper Leitch in January where I talk with the show about our plans this summer.
So anyone who thinks they are responsible for me leaving.   LOL   Good luck!  We move around a lot and experience the world.
We’ll be back in Spokane soon enough though, we always end up back in WA after a bit of traveling.  =)

Emerald Sun is setting

May 25th, 2010 | By Pirate

For a short time, Emerald Sun Design Studio is going to be resting.

We opened up with much ambition to see laws change in Washington, we have had high hopes of this and we have given away over 40 t-shirts to promote the cause.

But after learning that we have been passed by on so many local t-shirt deals that are cannabis related, or legalization related.  We have decided to leave the activism via t-shirts up to other t-shirt companies. 
Adam, our former editor, started up a t-shirt company shortly after we did, and it seems he is doing a lot for the movement and as recently printed out 500 t-shirts for a cannabis legalization supporter.  Adam says that he will be opening up a shop, and the whole 9 yards.
I wish Adam, and others that are involved in printing promotional material for the cannabis legalization movement, the best of blessings.  I hope that Adam, and others, will have courage to display these t-shirts that are promoting a free-cannabis message proudly in their store fronts, and proudly around town where ever they go to!  I hope every one of those 500 t-shirts sell out. 
I also hope that the I-1068 shirts that Sensible Washington just released a few weeks ago get worn everywhere!  I posted earlier on where to pick those shirts up.  You can also go to for more details.

We need a lot more signatures for I-1068, please get involved!   That is what I will be doing with my free time that I am not dedicating to the shop.  I will be hitting the streets and gathering signatures.  I figured that it’s the best thing to do, since I’m not making much progress with Emerald Sun.   We opened to help the movement.  But we are now closing to help the movement.  I know, it’s ironic.

We will still keep open online and we will continue making our custom threads and accessories.  We have plenty of hemp items available.  Custom patchwork clothing hand sewn by our famous Kimi, and we have plenty of unique paintings hand painted by Kimi.  Our I-1068 shirts, and our other designs will remain available online.   We’ll also see you all at  HempFest 2010!    We will be re-opening as a cannabis cafe in December!

Thanks for everyone’s support!

For a celebration of i-1068 we are selling the stock of our I-1068 shirts for $4.20 each while they last!

The I-1068 - 420 Special

BTW-  If anyone is looking for commercial real estate to open a dispensary/co-op/seed shop, etc..  Our rental is transferable, and it comes with a variance to run a dispensary or a medical marijuana business.  Contact me if you are interested;


Props to Doug Hiatt and Sensible Washington!

May 20th, 2010 | By Pirate

Props to the I-1068 people, and to NORML!

I know that these folks have been under heavy attack as of late.  A lot of conflicts are arising between the medical market, and the legalization movement.

Some good things and some not so good.   For example Medical Herb Providers and a few other cannabis friendly businesses are carrying the I-1068 shirts.
There are some available from Sensible Washington now as well as from Emerald Sun in Spokane.  Check out their site for details;

Buy a T-shirt

This is the shop that is selling the t-shirts. Contact them to get a I-1068 T!!

Speck Print Shop
219 Broadway East
Capitol Hill
Seattle, WA 98102
Hours: Noon to 7pm Mon-Sat

There was a lot of conflicts and chaos going on last week when we ended our 5% donation deal from Emerald Sun.  So we haven’t sent in the $20 that we owe Sensible Washington.  We gave away a lot of shirts and we still are giving away a lot of shirts for I-1068.  It’s a way to get the message out, and with a campaign that is on limited funds, it’s important that we get the word out any way that we can.  I personally make YouTube videos, wear I-1068 t-shirts, and post on many different blogs and facebook groups about it.  There are many ways to help,  Most importantly (this is an area that I am lacking), we need signatures!  Contact Sensible Washington to learn how to help with that.

It’s NOT too late for real change!

Go I-1068!


May 8th, 2010 | By Pirate

There are some very special mothers in my life, who forever changed my life in many positive ways.

For my grandmother who not only raised her kids, but also several of her grandchildren, including partially me.

She is also the same woman who directly saved my life more than once, and let me crash on her couch for years.

Without her I would have never been blessed by my wife’s love, as I would not be here.

My wife has been amazing to love me, support me and especially put up with me. Thanks to her mother for bringing her into this world, and teaching her about the realities and truths of life that most don’t typically understand.

Kimberly has been supporting me doing pot rallies, traveling to conferences and festivals, and being a part of the cannabis re-legalization movement for the last couple of years, not to mention my other causes and blogs over the last 8 years. 
Kimberly hasn’t consumed cannabis in something like 6 years with very few exceptions.  Despite that when I met her, I wasn’t toking and she was.  Now our roles are reverse in that aspect, she doesn’t partake but she supports the cause and believes in the cause just as much as any toker I know.
Kimi allows our family to sacrifice for the shop and for all of the traveling that we do for these rallies to support the cause.

Despite investing all of the money that we had saved into opening Emerald Sun Inc, Kimi supports passing out I-1068 shirts.  We sell a few, then we give a few away, and overall we’ve given away more then we have sold.   Our desire is to get the message out about cannabis, as re-legalization will improve the lives of all people, hands down.  We believe our children will have a brighter future from utilizing this productive and amazing crop.  (everyone will benefit from re-legalization) 
Studies on marijuana curing cancer can proceed and get funding, as well as other medicines made from cannabis.  But most importantly is that re-legalizing cannabis will restore SOME of our freedoms that we have lost in this country.  The government shouldn’t dictate what we put in our bodies.

My wonderful wife learned from her father and mother about cannabis and had her eyes opened to a lot of truth at a young age.  One of the many things that I love about her is that she is conscious and intelligent.  She thinks for herself and she is strong in her convictions.

Lord knows I would love to be able to toke with my wife, like when we first got married.  But Kimi doesn’t even take aspirins usually.  If she doesn’t need it for medicine, she doesn’t use it.  She loves our daughters very much, and I know that a lot of her decision to not consume cannabis, has a lot to do with our children.  She wants to be balance in our relationship, and give the kids things that I can not.

I love and respect her so much, and I am so grateful for her continued love and support.  For me, our children, and for our sustainable future.

Thanks my love!

the family

You are the best!

For mothers who are against prohibition!

I sent this link to my mom today for Mother’s Day;

Is legalization bad for our kids?

September 9th, 2009 | By Pirate

To me, it seems like the strongest voices and the most well organized legalization groups are asking for “The legalization of marijuana for responsible adults”.. That is the common theme of the legalization movement.
NOT to legalize it for children, not to encourage teens to use, or children to use. It is to get it out of the hands of the black market for these reasons.

1. To stop arresting people for a victimless crime
2. To relieve the burden that prohibition put on our treasury, our tax payers, and our friends and family who get their life wreck based solely on prohibition. When someone gets a marijuana charge on their record, student loans, military, and many jobs are off-limits after getting such a charge. Even teens, like me when I was 19. Got busted for possessing a harmless plant (marijuana), and I got rejected for the military and many college benefits.
3. To get it out of the black market so cartels and drug dealers arent getting rich. Selling it in a legal market, destroys the black market, similar to prohibition in the 30’s. Ending prohibition, destroyed much of the mafia’s activities.
4. To get it out of the hands of children, by putting it into a similar environment as a liquor store. No ID, no buds, 18+ only.

More kids have access to marijuana an illegal drug, than they do to alcohol which is a legal drug, says a recent government survey. Why? Because a black market provides to children, and a legal market doesn’t.

This clip is from “HIGH The True Tale of American Marijuana

And this is a childrens book that is spoken about on that video.  It is basically a way to talk to kids about marijuana, from a non-reefer madness approach.  The book is called “It’s Just a Plant” by Ricardo Cortes.    (see this video, to hear some of the book read)

Its just a plant

That term “It’s Just a Plant” can also be found in the movie  “Humboldt County”.    That is a really good show!

So no, I don’t think that marijuana legalization is bad for kids.  I think it’s going to be much like alcohol legalization, and I truly believe it will be LESS available to children in a legal market for adults.

If you disagree, feel free to comment.