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Real Legalization I-584 in Washington

August 12th, 2013 | By Pirate

After many initiatives to “legalize” in Washington, they finally have a version of “legalization” that has passed the voters approval. Initiative I-502 has according to many “legalized” cannabis in Washington.

The definition of “legalize”

1. (Law) to make lawful or legal

2. (Law) to confirm or validate (something previously unlawful)

legalization , legalisation n
There was a time when cannabis was neither “legal” nor “illegal”.  It just was.   There were no laws authorizing it, there were no laws forbidding it.  This is what freedom is all about, when there are no laws to govern something one way or the other.
For years I held signs, and took part in protests to “legalize cannabis”.   But lately I have came to the conclusion that we do not need any more laws.  Laws are the problem.  What I really seek to to NULLIFY, REPEAL, ELIMINATE stupid laws.
Cannabis prohibition is one of the stupid laws on the books.  Cannabis prohibition gives authorities the right to bust down people’s doors, shoot their dogs, shoot their family, put them in jail, take their property, etc.   Cannabis prohibition has eliminated a common commodity that this continent, this country, this world once held dear because of it’s vast usefulness.
So now people are trying to “legalize” cannabis.  Which basically means to make new laws in place of old laws.
With the passage of I-502, cannabis prohibition was not repealed.   Rather one law replaced another, and people can still get charged with cannabis crimes.   New prohibitions are now in place of old prohibitions.  Old prohibitions are just disguised with new fancy legal lingo.
I’ll demonstrate how cannabis is still prohibited in Washington, as I have in the past via several articles.
If cannabis is legal in Washington, why is it still a schedule one drug?

If cannabis is legal in Washington, why is it still a schedule one drug?

Cannabis is not legal in Washington.  There may be some narrow (very narrow) legal exceptions.   It also seems that law enforcement has backed off a lot from this prohibition.   But that does not mean that cannabis is “legal”.
As people go to HempFest this year, in Washington where they have heard that “Cannabis is legal in Washington”.
I give warning, that cannabis is NOT legal.  So be careful.   Recently several dispensaries learned how “legal” cannabis is in Washington, long after I-502 passed.

Several dispensaries in Western Washington State being raided right now

Now with this new initiative petition in Washington that will be in front of people at Hempfest.  Initiative 584 (I-584), I just got to read it for the first time tonight.   There is a lot of good language in there, but I noticed a similar problem as with I-502.  It does not either repeal the Washington State scheduling of cannabis via the Washington State Unified Controlled Substances Act, nor does it opt out of the Federal Controlled Substances Act.   Even if I-584 passed, cannabis would still technically be illegal on a state and a federal level.

Reference to I-584  (you can print a petition here too)

CERTAINLY I-584 is better than I-502, and people would be doing themselves a favor by passing this in Washington, based on the crappy laws implimented in I-502.   I-584 allows unlicensed home grows. Cannabis is still restricted to those over 21, but penalties are lessened for those under 21.   The tax issue is addressed, as there are no taxes or permitting for home grows, etc.

But I-584 still does not nullify prohibition.

I think this is what would be best.  If a law is stupid, and makes no good come of it.  Then it should be REPEALED, NULLIFIED, ELIMINATED.  Not replaced.

This is my opinion.

Some people say that a state initiative can not remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act.  However I have found information that counters that opinion.   I do believe state laws can be nullified, or changed at all levels.

See this article by Steve Kubby:

Federal officials have declared war on California, insisting that any resistance to their Controlled Substance Act is futile.  Like the Red Chinese attempting to crush Tibetan culture and autonomy, our own Federal government is fraudulently asserting its authority to crush California’s vibrant cannabis economy and culture.  However, this is not Tibet, it is America.  Freedom-loving Americans shed blood and sacrificed lives to provide us with a Constitution and Bill of Rights that secures our freedoms and allows us to enjoy the blessing of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Incredibly, the Federal government alleges that under the Commerce and Supremacy clauses of the US Constitution, Federal law supersedes state law.  Furthermore, we find there is an endless stream of legal experts and Constitutional scholars who all mindlessly parrot this nonsense.  Regardless of their legal standing or academic credentials, all these officials, experts and scholars are full of bongwater and do not know what they are talking about.  The notion that the Federal government can use these clauses to impose Federal law on cannabis produced and sold within California’s borders is absolutely false.


The government relies upon a bogus Supreme Court decision in Gonzales v. Raich, which found that consuming one’s locally grown marijuana for medical purposes affects the interstate market of marijuana, and hence that the federal government may regulate—and prohibit—such consumption. This argument stems from the landmark New Deal case Wickard v. Filburn, which supposedly held that the government may regulate personal cultivation and consumption of crops, due to the effect of that consumption on interstate commerce, however minute it may be. That may be true, but only under certain circumstances.


Lost in all the arguments presented in Gonzales v. Raich was the fact that Roscoe Filburn was a farmer who accepted ‘New Deal’ Federal money to limit how much wheat he grew.  Filburn was caught violating his contract with the Federal government by producing wheat in excess of the amount permitted.  The government then sued Filburn for violating the terms of his contract, Filburn objected on Constitutional grounds and the case went to the Supreme Court.


Now for a brief history lesson.  During 1941, producers who officially enrolled in the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, received an average price on the farm of about $1.16 a bushel, as compared with the world market price of 40 cents a bushel. Filburn signed up for the Federal program and was paid to not grow over an allotted amount of wheat.  In July 1940, pursuant to the Agricultural Adjustment Act, Filburn’s 1941 allotment was established at 11.1 acres and a normal yield of 20.1 bushels of wheat per acre. Filburn was given notice of the allotment in July 1940 before the Fall planting of his 1941 crop of wheat, and again in July 1941, before it was harvested. Despite these notices and a signed contract with the Federal government, Filburn planted 23 acres and harvested 239 bushels from his 11.9 acres of excess area.


Filburn argued that because the excess wheat was produced for his private consumption on his own farm, it never entered commerce at all, much less interstate commerce, and therefore was not a proper subject of federal regulation under the Commerce Clause.  Unfortunately, Harvard educated attorney Robert Raich failed to point out that once Filburn accepted Federal money and violated the terms of his contract, then and only then, did it become a Federal matter.  Had Raich argued that Wickard v. Filburn only applied in cases where farmers had enrolled in Federal programs, signed contracts and accepted Federal money, the Supreme Court would not have had any basis to render the defective decision that they did.


These same ignorant federal officials and legal experts will also tell you that the Tenth Amendment is ignored by the courts and has no real power.  More bongwater.  I call your attention to Bond v. United States in which the Supreme Court ruled this year to unanimously uphold the powers reserved to individuals and states by the Tenth Amendment.  In that decision, all nine justices agreed that the Tenth Amendment means that “State sovereignty is not just an end in itself: ‘Rather, federalism secures to citizens the liberties that derive from the diffusion of sovereign power.’”


The Supreme Court further limited the role of the Federal government in their decision by proclaiming:


Some of these liberties are of a political character. The federal structure allows local policies “more sensitive to the diverse needs of a heterogeneous society,” permits “innovation and experimentation,” enables greater citizen “involvement in democratic processes,” and makes gov­ernment “more responsive by putting the States in com­petition for a mobile citizenry.” Gregory v. Ashcroft, 501 U. S. 452, 458 (1991). Federalism secures the freedom of the individual. It allows States to respond, through the enactment of positive law, to the initiative of those who seek a voice in shaping the destiny of their own times without having to rely solely upon the political processes that control a remote central power.




I still say that we lost a great asset in congress for freedom when Ron Paul retired.  We really missed a great opportunity to have a freedom loving American and an honest man as president when we missed our opportunity to elect Ron Paul.

See Ron Paul’s co-sponsorship of HR 2306.  He had been educating about the benefits of ending prohibition for about 40 years (even though he is not a consumer and never has been)

Here is some good tunes to listen to, while thinking about “freedom”.

Mark Knopfler & James Taylor – Sailing to Philadelphia

Lets repeal the first amendment to stop the racist tea party comments about Obama

July 31st, 2013 | By Pirate

Yesterday I was musing on how citizens initiatives get passed, things like I-502 which are so terribly negative in ending cannabis prohibition in the USA.

After my blog post, I got reading more about Mark Dice, and he is an interesting film maker.  I have to admit, I don’t know a lot about him.  But I was not shocked to see this second video of where Mark Dice got a bunch of signatures to “Repeal the First Amendment”.   His premise was “the tea party people and republicans are saying mean things about Obama, and they don’t have the right to do that – in these tough times”.

I am sorely disappointed with the outcome of this video, because of how willing people are to simply sign something.  Even after having explained to them over and over that this will “repeal the first amendment”.

I say it again, it is no wonder that things like I-502 get passed.  < repeal the first amendment?


How laws get passed at a citizen level, Mandatory euthanasia for seniors

July 30th, 2013 | By Pirate

I have been debating with others and also considering myself how stupid laws like I-502 gets passed at a citizen level.
Pondering this has made me sharply reconsider my support for ‘direct democracy’ or things like the “National Initiative for Democracy“.  For several years I supported bypassing congress and lobbying, and use a direct democracy method of people’s initiatives.   I was a Ralph Nader supporter for about 12 years, and through two presidential elections.  I was very impressed with the NI4D because I am totally sick of cronyism in Washington DC.

However after seeing I-502 pass, and seeing how many absolutely clueless “cannabis activists” were/are supporting this tyranny that is very similar to the 1937 version called the Marihuana Tax Act.   I-502 is so similar to the thing that all of these “cannabis activists” despise, that I am amazed how many of these brain dead stoners supported I-502.  I don’t think that 90% of them read it, and I suspect the other 10% had vested interests or political pandering behind their support for I-502.

But now I understand the value of our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, and how democracy is just mob rule, and how the mob is mostly clueless.   Thank you to Mark Dice and his presentation of the “Mandatory Euthanasia for Seniors, Obamacare petition”.   This is truly how crap like I-502 gets passed in this country.  People are so absolutely ready to “be a part of CHANGE”  ANY CHANGE, and are so absolutely willing to sign up for something that ‘sounds good’ even “euthanasia for seniors” that it is no wonder I-502 became law.

Watch this video, you will be shocked too Im sure!

See more at Mark Dice’s youtube channel:

Mark Dice is hilarious!!

Read more about the I-502 “Marihuana Tax Act of 2012” here:


Read about “the fluoride effect”:


Also FREE ADAM KOKESH!  Learn more about his kidnapping and detention by means of force used by the US government to silence a peaceful protestor of the tyranny in the USA

How is Washington’s I-502 worse than California’s recent SB 1449 decriminalization bill?

August 28th, 2012 | By Pirate

How is Washingtons I-502 worse than California’s recent SB 1449 decriminalization bill?

I mentioned SB 1449 in this video where California just decriminalized cannabis last year, but did not introduce any new DUI provisions to replace it.   SB1449 makes sense, because it reduces penalties without adding new penalties.  In fact, possession small amounts of cannabis in California is no longer a crime.

Reference here:

I am referring people to Bitcoin as much as possible to help raise money for initiatives.
This is one of the articles.…

Already existing laws in Washington that are intended to protect the roads from impaired driving without I-502 getting voted in.

RCW 46.61.502: Driving under the influence

RCW 46.61.500: Reckless driving

Here is a study from the UK on cannabis + driving that I mentioned in the video:

How to fund an initiative without money?

August 26th, 2012 | By Pirate

I have just completed a blog post about what bitcoin is, and how it differs from standard currency used in today’s markets that are typically controlled by a central bank or a central government. Where as bitcoin is open source and community driven and completely decentralized.

But after writing this article I started thinking about all of the people who are working on initiatives unpaid and are in financial distress. Despite having the time and passion, they are lacking funds to help with.

There are two legalization initiatives on the ballot for 2012. We have Measure 80 in Oregon (, and Amendment 64 in Colorado (

In writing about bitcoin and it functionality, I got thinking about the practical uses of bitcoin as well. Ive had one activist tell me that they are unable to do anything for any activism right now, because they lack even shoes or bus fare. Ive had another tell me that they would circulate petitions except they have no money to buy petitions. There are a lot of people out there that are really hurting right now.

So what I have done is I made a video to demonstrate how to use your internet connection to generate bitcoin, which can then be turned into pre-paid debit cards.

You do not need any money to invest other than the internet that you already pay for. There are several methods of getting free bitcoins.

One of these methods that are used by a lot of people to get bitcoin is to allow your computer to process payment blocks for the bitcoin system.
As it stands and always will, bitcoin is an open-source community driven digital currency. There is no central bank or government that control bitcoin. Bitcoin runs off of the processing power of the community, and therefor people can elect to put their computers to use to be able to process cryptographic payment blocks for the community. In return the system kicks out payments to those who process payments in the form of bitcoin. The payment percentage varies and there are some aggregate figure you can use to predict how much you will earn. But it all depends on your processing speed and internet connection speed. Some people build heavy duty data banks to process bitcoin blocks via multiple processors. Some using hundreds of processors to do this work. The more processing power you have, the more you can earn. But anyone can do this with any computer and any internet connection.
You can learn more about this at.

There are other ways of earning free bitcoin. You can play some casino games that give free bitcoin without any investment except for the time it takes to play the game. In you can earn free bitcoin simply by search the statues in the game. You can withdraw these earnings to ANY bitcoin address. Like I said it doesn’t cost a penny to play this, but the rewards are real.

Other ways to doing this is to find a ‘pay-per-click’ site that pays in bitcoin. There are many, you will have to research this on your own.

So you are asking yourself, what do I do with these bitcoins, and how can they help a campaign drive?

This is the best question. For one, bitcoin can be spent at many merchants. Some who sell advertising, some who sell merchandise, and some who will exchange bitcoin for a pre-paid debit card.
If you go to the bottom of this page you will see a small list of vendors who accept bitcoin, but there are plenty more out there.

One more resource mentioned in my video is., which is a bitcoin bank and makes it easy to send payments. (do your own research)

I have sent money to several different campaigns and promotional media as well. But with someone that has 3 kids to take care of, and a 90 year old woman (my wonderful grandma) we have had to upgrade our home, our car and every other aspect of our lives in recent months, and I can only contribute so much. So I want to empower others who are also struggling to come up with capital and this is the best way that I can think of.

I hope the video below helps!

To Donate>
Send bitcoins to: 1FsanA3kfySNo5wZdPQf5vx5wfobwKZo2X

HempFest 2012 Protesteval

August 22nd, 2012 | By Pirate

There was a lot of emotion at Hempfest this year.  There are several initiatives that were collecting signatures, there was also two camps that were there to represent for one side or the other on I-502.  In fact that was pretty much the main topic this year.
But aside from all of the politics, it was an oasis for nearly 300,000 attendees who were there to support the cannabis culture as they have for 21 years!

I was sad that we couldn’t be there.  We celebrated our sons first birthday and we had business to take care of here in Northern California.  Plus we are caring for my 90 year old grandmother and she would not have faired well in the heat.

But I was encouraged to watch a King5 news report to see a sign that we made hung proudly at hempfest.  We got the idea for the sign from a picture that I found on facebook some months ago.  It said  “Freedom Can’t Exist If Nature Is Illegal” and we attached two cannabis liberty symbols with the message “Don’t Tread On Me” below the statue of Liberty and a cannabis leaf, that Kimi designed in 2011 for Don Skakie.  We donated these signs to Jared Allaway to use for whatever legalization event that may be happening, and we were elated that they were used at HempFest!!!  Thanks Jared!

It made me feel like I was their in proxy, and it also made me miss our HempFest family.
We will not be missing next year!

Here is the photo and the article of where I found it.   Made me smile ear to ear to see this!




Don Skakie Speaking at Hempfest 2012 about I-514

August 18th, 2012 | By Pirate


Initiative 514 to the Legislature needs 241,153 valid signatures by December 31 2012 for consideration by the Legislature in the January 2013 legislative session. It could then be accepted as written and made law immediately, or would more likely appear on the November 6 2013 ballot for a vote by the People either with or without an alternative written by the Legislature.

You can read the Full Text of I-514 as it appears in the public record on the Washington Secretary of States website here:

Divisions emerge over pro-pot initiative at Seattle Hempfest

““I’m actually sad that Hempfest isn’t embracing this as sort of a pinnacle of the work that they’ve been doing for so long,” said Alison Holcomb, campaign director for the I-502 campaign. “There have been so many people who have worked literally for decades to have a chance to begin to roll back marijuana prohibition … and this is the year that we can finally break through that wall.””

THEN WHY DIDN’T YOU ALISON OR THE ACLU EVER SUPPORT ANY ** REAL ** LEGALIZATION INITIATIVES BEFORE THIS SHITTY I-502?   You don’t care about legalization, you care about making money from defending people against criminal charges.  Alison Holcomb, you are such a lawyer, and that is NOT meant to be a compliment!

Three initiatives, letter of cooperation for California legalization 2012

February 27th, 2012 | By Pirate

In this statement of unity for the 2012 legalization campaign for California, we the people come together to fight prohibition.

There are competing initiatives, yet they are all in agreement.

I am in full agreement with this.  Long before this letter was published, I recorded a video blog about this.

And while I have supported every attempted legalization effort in the past 4 years (and never have opposed a legalization initiative before this), I have shunned the attempt to pass I-502 in Washington which gives very little freedom, and offers new penalties that didn’t previously exist.   <this was my video from last year (fall 2011)

I was very hopeful that Washington was going to have legal cannabis by now, we have been working hard on it.

But unfortunately the ACLU has not back any one elses efforts to do this.   Neither have other sponsors of I-502.

When Sensible Washington needed their support the most, they turned a blind eye.

This is one of I-502 main endorsers, Pete Holmes in March 2011 talking smack on other efforts to legalize in Washington.

More on that rejection of the other legalization initiatives:

Why reject the best and most clearcut way of legalizing, and then propose something that mostly just offers strict penalties?

Portugal legalized in a similar way as Sensible Washington proposed.  So we know its a viable plan.
But some of these lawyer groups just did not want to let go of prohibition it seems.

Well I have a lot more hope for California.  I’ve been desperate to see this kind of change, since I was first arrested for cannabis possession some 17 years ago.

I never want to see my children locked up for possessing a God given plant!

Questions about Washington initiatives

November 13th, 2011 | By Pirate

Ive heard recently about people collecting signatures for a number of petitions in WA.  Specifically interested in the conversation that Gina Cargile brought up about the petitions that her brother saw getting signed, for NAW (I-502).
I am curious why so many activists follow whatever legislation has the word “marijuana” in it.  Do they read it?  Do they realize how much they are sacrificing for such little reward?
Why sacrifice?  Why give in to peer pressure?  Why not READ the initiative and apply some critical thinking.
Then of course I see the city council meetings in Spokane.  Im curious about that.  There are a few people I know, albeit not very well, going to these city council meetings and asking for a “legal review” of some local cannabis initiatives.  Now while these initiatives seems promising for local recognition Im curious how effective they will be and seeing how much time is spent on them, and will they ever get out to the signature process?  The council president made some good points about these laws not being applicable in regards to state and federal law, and we saw this same thing earlier this year that despite state law, 40+ dispensaries were shut down anyway.

So this leads us back to, what to do about state law?

Do we rally behind SB 5073?  As I told everyone all year from the beginning that SB 5073 would screw patients and it most certainly did that.  Screwing up the “one patient at any given time” provision, hindering the doctor patient relationship with new requirements and regulations, etc..

Or….  Instead of being so willing to sacrifice our rights, in exchange for new ones.  Why don’t we just address the problem head on, as we have attempted with SW in the past?

I-505 is good law.  I-1149 was good law.  I-1068 was good law.
Its not like there aren’t better options to SB 5073 and I-502.
There are plenty of better options.

So why split support between bad law like I-502 that makes highly restrictive and highly dangerous DUID limits, and good law like I-505 that simply ends penalties period?

Are we REALLY that desperate for change, that we will shoot our selves in the foot?   I don’t get it?
Sometimes lessons come in the form of pain.  As we have saw in 2011 pain has been a lot of the growing process in Washington.

Real Liberty vs. Fake Liberty – Ron Paul on the topic of politicians who fake it

September 13th, 2011 | By Pirate

Real Liberty vs. Fake Liberty – Ron Paul on the topic of politicians who fake it.


Watch Ron Paul’s entire speech in San Francisco here:

This is one of his most impressive speeches that I have heard.

I agree with his points about holding politicians to the fire, and not let them double-talk their way through an election.

A lot of politicians speak a good game, but they don’t play by the rules that they themselves define.

I pointed out the issues surrounding the drug war.

Some activists will support anything that is popular.
Some activists will support anything having anything to do with cannabis.
Real freedom loving activists are very particular about what they support.

There are 4 pieces of legislation that I mentioned:

HR 1983:

HR 2306



In those examples you can see a similar topic (Cannabis law reform) being addressed.
The differences are great though.   They are as different as night and day, and this is why I can’t grasp how some activists can support all of these.   I certainly can’t understand how anyone who cares about liberty could possibly support  HR 1983, or I-502.

Ron Paul discusses the need to hold politicians feet to the fire, and call them on their double talk.

I am one freedom lover who doesn’t care what is popular, I care about freedom and liberty above all other social notions.

~Rev Ryan