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To those who voted No on Prop 19

January 26th, 2011 | By Pirate

If Prop 19 was before me right now, I would vote for it.

I don’t like the taxation part of it, in that it would allow for excessive taxation.  I believe you’re right about leaving that door wide open.

However, municipalities are already passing marijuana laws at a community level.  Look at LA and San Diego, or Oakland for that matter.

Prop 19 in my opinion was not making it easier for municipalities to do this.  They do it anyway, with or without Prop 19.

The best thing about Prop 19, is it was not the final chapter in the story.  2012 comes around, we revise the law via another Proposition.

The second best thing that it did, was it created incentive for municipalities to compete for ganja business.
In a true free market, that would play out to the advantage of all cannabis consumers.

Not all municipalities would be dumb enough to force pot business out of their communities.   And the ones who tried to do that (Like LA and San Diego are doing right now), will be begging for them to come back.  Especially knowing that other communities would be getting revenue from these business.

Free market definitely works.  The competition would force municipalities to lower their licensing, or taxing codes in pricing, so that they had a healthy cannabis business.  
Same thing with vineyards and stuff, the history there is very similar.

I also believe very strongly that all of the hysteria about how it would effect medical rights, was out of whack.  I didn’t see anything in that initiative that said ANYTHING about amending or replacing Prop 215.

What I saw in Prop 19 was a not-so-perfect initiative that had a fighting chance of doing the following things:

1.  Making hemp crops available to our farmers (my family are farmers)
2.  Make social ganja legal for everyone over 21.   No fine, no police chats, nothing.
3.  Increasing California’s tourism substantially, in turn making tons of jobs
4.  Eliminating or significantly reducing the shenanigans of the cartels.   And giving their profits back to legitimate, legal, born in this country, business owners who are needing to put food back on their families tables.

What a vote against Prop19 did, was get cannabis one step closer to becoming rescheduled instead of legalized.

What I mean, is instead of getting it legalized in California for cultivation, possession and sales.   California reinforced this bunk medical theory, that all marijuana is medical.

Why is that bad?

Because people want to have tax free transactions just like other pharmaceutical drugs.

You wonder, what is bad about no taxes?

Non-profit laws exists for a reason, if you dont want to pay taxes like the rest of businesses, then go non-profit.  Sure there is a downside to being non-profit.  But on the other hand, you get what you want in regards to taxes.

However, the only things that get a tax break at the commodity level, are pharmaceutical drugs that are scheduled by the DEA as medicinal.

And what is so bad about that?

Well, do you know how difficult it is to become a pharmacist?  
What about owning a pharmacy?
Not to mention all of the paperwork, and records keeping, and blah blah blah.   Licensing isn’t’ cheap  for pharmacy owners either.

So if you want to turn this into medical only, and keep it that way.  Some day this will come back to bite you in the ass when the feds decide to turn marijuana in to a medicine.

Did you know that the federal government owns US patents on cannabis medicine.   (US Patent 6630507)

You just wait for the feds to take over this medicine before you want to start working towards legalization.   You will get this crop taken away from 80% of the people already in this industry.

I know you couldn’t imagine having to get a pharmacists license just to sell marijuana.   But it COULD happen.

Taxing medicine is immoral.

November 4th, 2010 | By Pirate

This is a point that I hear from the opposing side of Prop19.

A no on 19er said this to me in a conversation about why he opposes Prop19 today.

“”Taxing medicine is immoral. Why are you trying to take the ‘medical’ out of ‘marijuana’? Why do you want to punish the sick and dying?”

There was a lot more to it, and I have a PDF of the whole conversation.  But that is a point not only voiced by him, but Dragonfly and others have voiced that opinion as well.

My response is:

But Prop19 wasn’t responsible for taxing marijuana. What I am saying is Prop 215 is not going to do th…ese to things for you EITHER:

1. Prop215 does not save you from capitalism, or large scale grow ops.

2. Prop215 does not exclude you from paying any taxes.

Everyone is complaining because Prop19 talked about taxes, and regulation.

Well millions and millions of dollars have been paid on marijuana in California. Thats a fact. And there are tax laws that do govern marijuana in California.   Check this:
To this day there is not a single law that excludes marijuana from being taxed in California, with exception to the non-profit laws.
Prop 19 did not change the non-profit (501c) laws in any way shape for form.
So these non-profit collectives that have not been paying taxes on marijuana, that would continue to be the case. Non-profits would still maintain their rights as non-profits.

What I am saying is not that I want to cause ANY malice to patients.
What I am saying is that Prop 19 did not effect Prop215. And Prop19 gave rights, it did not take any away.

The hysteria that you are stirring up is what concerns me.

If you think Prop 215 alone is better than both Prop 215 + Prop 19.. Then I can not understand your point of view.
Its almost like the difference between freedom and fascism to me.

Why reduce rights instead of giving more rights to more people?

If Prop 19 would have passed, millions of marijuana consumers would have had rights to grow, possess, transport and sell marijuana.
Yes I know, it covers sales and leaves it up to the municipalities.

Hmm. Its ALREADY up to the municipalities. Oakland is proof of that.

And patients do not stop getting the right to be patients.  Its not like Prop19 passes and the government finally deems all of these people well and good.