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NJ Weedman gets his medicine by mail (Cannabis delivery)

August 27th, 2013 | By Pirate

I have been following NJ Weedman lately again.  It has been a few months since I have paid much attention to anything but healing from my accident.  But I have watched NJ Weedman as he has been getting treatments for his bone cancer in California, while living in New Jersey.   We had contacted Ed Forcion (AKA NJ WEEDMAN) in June when we were on our way to our new home on the east coast and we wanted to do an interview with him.   Ed agreed, and we told Ed we would pay him for his time.
When we got to Ohio, we started see how low our funds were, and how far we were from Maine.  So we told Ed we would have to reschedule.   New Jersey would have taken us several hundred miles out of our route.

Tonight I was able to send Ed $20, to try to keep my promise.  I figure it may come in handy during a rainy day when Ed is budless.  I sure wish I could send more.  I know Ed is overwhelmed right now with medical treatments, court cases, and activism.  As Ed often says “Activism doesn’t pay” and I know that all too well.   It was nice to be able to support a good activist and someone who has been very effective in promoting and using Jury Nullification.  Good work Ed!

Tonight Ed posted a video about how he had sent his medicine to himself from California to New Jersey and he displayed a video with all of his ganja treats..   This is revolutionary!   People in so-called “Dry states” can do this too, and there are many ways to do it.

First this is Ed’s documentation of this process:

See more at:

Now here is the nitty gritty of how this works for other people.

I have learned about several websites on the “Darknet” that you can purchase and have different illicit items shipped to you.

It is neither illegal to visit these sites, nor is it illegal to post about them.  But the legality of the items and the process in which the items are shipped is a different story.   Before I give any links to these sites or references to these sites, let me make it clear.

1.  You do no know who you are ordering from.  Be very mindful of that.

2.  You don’t know what you will receive in the mail or who will follow your package

3.  You need to be VERY careful of how you browse these sites and how you relay information over the internet.
With this in mind.   I am neither responsible for your orders, or your actions.  You take full responsibility!

However if you are a cancer patient and you need cannabis for medicine, I have no moral conflict with you ordering cannabis online to help treat your symptoms or in fact to even CURE your ailments with cannabis.   I lost my father and my grandmother to cancer, as well as countless friends and loved ones.

First is Silk Road Marketplace, which is one of the oldest sites for ordering medicine over the “Darknet”.

They accept bitcoin as payment and they offer both sellers accounts and buyers account.   You can learn more at Wikipedia

Forbes reports that Silk Road makes 22 million dollars in sales per year.

Then there is a few smaller sites.  One that I have heard of is “Black Market Reloaded”, and I do not know much about it.  You will have to do your own research.

Another one that has made some recent waves over the last few months, and has gotten a lot of press is “Atlantis”.   Which is also an .onion website, and offers very similar services to Silk Road.  They are probably most well known as Silk Road’s biggest competitor.

Learn more about them at this link:

Now down to the security issue.   As NJ Weedman says, he does not have items delivered to his own house.  That would just be stupid.   So finding a drop location is going to be one of the most difficult problems with getting meds by mail.

It takes the TOR Network to even gain access to these sites.  The TOR Project is used by various private individuals, organizations and governments to provide concealed/anonymous internet browsing.   Learn more at their website;

But many people have still been traced.  Recently several web hosting sites, and mail hosting sites were targeted by authorities and their owners were found and arrested.

Read this:

Many of these sites had illegal child porn or other related services on them, and it good that those people were blocked from injuring children.   However many legitimate services that activists, journalist and others rely on were also taken down at the same time, since it was a central hosting company that was providing service to these sites.

So I recommend to people to do many things to protect themselves.  On top of using the TOR Project, I recommend looking into an anonymous VPN service.  See more at this link;

It is also well known that using Windows in any sense will leave you vulnerable to attacks and exposing sensitive data.  So I recommend using linux, as well as a USB live linux OS like Tails.   Even if your computer is loaded with only one operating system, and that OS is a Windows version.  You can still bypass using windows, and boot in to a USB Operating system like Tails, which is designed to provide anonymity.

And there are many others to choose from.

You may also want to encrypt your data.  TrueCrypt is known for being a free an effective way to encrypt your data.

See more here:

That is the basics, and there is a lot more to it than that.   So do your own research.  DO NOT TRUST WHAT I HAVE GIVEN YOUR HERE.  There are always changing circumstances that may leave you vulnerable.   So rely on your own research and wisdom.

To see this on go to:    <  That is our backup site incase this site is having problems


Building a dome home at home (hemp dome)

July 22nd, 2013 | By Pirate

I had posted this at Sensi Life awhile back (January 2013) and before  that we made in 2010 (still rebuilding it).

Seeing that this is good information and that I spent a lot of time on this.  I wanted to get this information out to people, because building a dome home is very easy.  Times are tough.  If you need shelter, or a workshop, or a place to grow ganja or a garden check this tutorial out.

My wife and I made a 16 ft dome in our garage with a few tools and a bunch of emt steel conduit.

Our goal>   To make a temporary shelter while we build a bigger more family friendly dome.  To be a workshop, kitchen, bedroom, living area, and storage.

The inspiration came from when I was 13 – 16 and I would read Kung Fu and Solider of Fortune magazines, and in the back of the mags there were offers for geodesic dome kits.   I always knew I could build one myself and have intended to and planned it out for about 20 years.

After reading some Buckmister (Bucky) Fuller materials and some plans online, I came up with my own plans.
I used  extensively, as well as other random blogs.
(more on Bucky Fuller here: )

This is a link to our plans. 

Image 90

Image 90

I have a booklet that I made, I will scan in my rough sketches and upload them here in the future.

I found it to be very time consuming using basic hand tools, and semi-time consuming even with proper shop tools.

You can see the process that I used in this video with the shop tools that I bought mostly at Harbor Freight.  I don’t have many examples of using just basic hand tools, except for a few still pictures that I will include in this post (check back later)

The basic tools you will need is.

hacksaw with a metal cutting blade
drill with a 9/16th metal drill bit
Measuring tape

To save time and get more precise measurements and cuts you may want

12 ton (or better) shop press
drill press
reciprocating saw
A series of clamps, preferably pipe clamps and vise grips.

You can see the completed project at this link here:

Im working on the next phase up, to the full scale model.  I am working with architectural software and I will eventually present my plans to an architect to get my plans revised and approved.
With the pace I am working right now, with so many distractions.  I expect the work will be completed no sooner than 2014.

Its not that it is a huge amount of work, I just continue to find myself busy and distracted from these projects.

I will document my progress during that build too.  I will also include my plans when I am finished with them.

These plans can be modified and applied to using PVC pipes rather than Conduit.
More pictures of our project:

Geodesic Conduit Dome Jig

Geodesic Conduit Dome Jig

Jig for fabricating conduit for struts

Jig for fabricating conduit for struts

Completed 2V 8.0 Radius Geodesic Dome

Completed 2V 8.0 Radius Geodesic Dome

Completed Dome With UV adjusted Polytarp

Completed Dome With UV adjusted Polytarp


Completed Dome With UV adjusted Polytarp

Completed Dome With UV adjusted Polytarp

Links and references:


Dome Sites
Step-by-step Photobook of a 2v Dome
The Nebraska Dome – 2v dome fabrication and setup.
How to make a 2V newspaper dome
Design and Implementation for a Geodesic Dome
Earl’s 2v Dome
24′ 3v Dome – Includes pictures and step-by-step instructions
Earl’s Recharge Dome
Cardboard Domes
Cardboard Domes – This site shows you everything you need to know about making cardboard domes for Burning Man
More Cardboard Domes – Step-by-step instructions
Concrete Domes
Dome of a Home – A concrete dome in Florida
Domes made out of alternative materials
Beezer’s PlayDome Page – Tire Domes
General Dome Sites
Howard Cohen’s Dome Deck Plans – Step by step instructions!
Jeff Deifik’s Dome Plans – Step by step instructions to build 16ft and 24ft domes!
David Anderson’s Monkey House Geodesics – David’s site is back up, and moved to a new location!
Mathworld’s Geodesic Page
Earl’s Geodesic Domes – Has some really useful information on modifying dome geometry to allow for doors
Applied Synergetics Home Page
Hexayurts – Made with cardboard, and perfect for Burning Man!
Detail Plans for a Geodesic Dome Observatory
Geodesic Structures by Steve Miller – This site also includes plydomes
Geodesic Domes at Kibbutz Lotan
Links to geodesic and alternative building
Big thanks to
For hemp canvases, hemp herd and other hemp products see the following links:

If cannabis is legal in Washington why is it still schedule one?

June 29th, 2013 | By Pirate

People keep asking me questions about why I think cannabis is still illegal in WA. First and foremost, cannabis is STILL a schedule one drug on the WASHINGTON Controlled Substances Act (CSA) as well as the Federal CSA.
There are no tenth amendment protections or local law enforcement protections for cannabis if it is still listed on the CSA as an illegal (Schedule 1) substance. Look for yourself.

So my suggestion is, Russ Belville and those who promoted this crap the most, should be brave enough to be the first people to open up a cannabis shop in WA.  After all Russ Belville and Ganja Jon have been promising to move to Washington as dumb laws like this get passed.  During a show in 2010 they were talking about how if SB 5073 passed they would be moving to Washington.  So what is it?   Why are they waiting?

Video response to Russ Belville’s lies.   As judge Judy says  “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me that it’s raining”

If cannabis is legal in Washington, why is it still a schedule one drug?

If cannabis is legal in Washington, why is it still a schedule one drug?

To those who voted No on Prop 19

January 26th, 2011 | By Pirate

If Prop 19 was before me right now, I would vote for it.

I don’t like the taxation part of it, in that it would allow for excessive taxation.  I believe you’re right about leaving that door wide open.

However, municipalities are already passing marijuana laws at a community level.  Look at LA and San Diego, or Oakland for that matter.

Prop 19 in my opinion was not making it easier for municipalities to do this.  They do it anyway, with or without Prop 19.

The best thing about Prop 19, is it was not the final chapter in the story.  2012 comes around, we revise the law via another Proposition.

The second best thing that it did, was it created incentive for municipalities to compete for ganja business.
In a true free market, that would play out to the advantage of all cannabis consumers.

Not all municipalities would be dumb enough to force pot business out of their communities.   And the ones who tried to do that (Like LA and San Diego are doing right now), will be begging for them to come back.  Especially knowing that other communities would be getting revenue from these business.

Free market definitely works.  The competition would force municipalities to lower their licensing, or taxing codes in pricing, so that they had a healthy cannabis business.  
Same thing with vineyards and stuff, the history there is very similar.

I also believe very strongly that all of the hysteria about how it would effect medical rights, was out of whack.  I didn’t see anything in that initiative that said ANYTHING about amending or replacing Prop 215.

What I saw in Prop 19 was a not-so-perfect initiative that had a fighting chance of doing the following things:

1.  Making hemp crops available to our farmers (my family are farmers)
2.  Make social ganja legal for everyone over 21.   No fine, no police chats, nothing.
3.  Increasing California’s tourism substantially, in turn making tons of jobs
4.  Eliminating or significantly reducing the shenanigans of the cartels.   And giving their profits back to legitimate, legal, born in this country, business owners who are needing to put food back on their families tables.

What a vote against Prop19 did, was get cannabis one step closer to becoming rescheduled instead of legalized.

What I mean, is instead of getting it legalized in California for cultivation, possession and sales.   California reinforced this bunk medical theory, that all marijuana is medical.

Why is that bad?

Because people want to have tax free transactions just like other pharmaceutical drugs.

You wonder, what is bad about no taxes?

Non-profit laws exists for a reason, if you dont want to pay taxes like the rest of businesses, then go non-profit.  Sure there is a downside to being non-profit.  But on the other hand, you get what you want in regards to taxes.

However, the only things that get a tax break at the commodity level, are pharmaceutical drugs that are scheduled by the DEA as medicinal.

And what is so bad about that?

Well, do you know how difficult it is to become a pharmacist?  
What about owning a pharmacy?
Not to mention all of the paperwork, and records keeping, and blah blah blah.   Licensing isn’t’ cheap  for pharmacy owners either.

So if you want to turn this into medical only, and keep it that way.  Some day this will come back to bite you in the ass when the feds decide to turn marijuana in to a medicine.

Did you know that the federal government owns US patents on cannabis medicine.   (US Patent 6630507)

You just wait for the feds to take over this medicine before you want to start working towards legalization.   You will get this crop taken away from 80% of the people already in this industry.

I know you couldn’t imagine having to get a pharmacists license just to sell marijuana.   But it COULD happen.

Radio News from Sensi Life 1/16/11

January 16th, 2011 | By Pirate

We have had a lot of new events on Sensi Life radio.  I had a great time talking to Justin Prince from Tacoma Hemp Company on 1/12/11, we spoke about his arrest from July 2010 when the police set up a fake patient, with fake paperwork and a fake doctor and arrest Justin because they (the police) broke the law.   We spoke about how it’s a paradox when if anyone else but the police were to make fake MMJ papers, they would be guilty of a felony.

Yesterday we spoke to an awesome ganja souljah Christopher Campbell.   We spoke about the movement as a whole, as well as some of the religious and medical aspects of cannabis.  It was great getting to know the prospective of someone relatively new to the movement.

Next week we have legendary scholar Chris Bennett on 1/18/11 @ 2pm.   Chris is well educated, well written and well known for being an all around cannabis scholar.  Chris is also a publisher of many books on cannabis and religion aspects of cannabis.   It will be a great treat for myself and our audience to learn more about Chris.  I have referenced Chis and his work for years!

More news about Senate Bill 5073 and House Bill 1100 in Washington that redefines the medical marijuana law in Washington state as currently defined in 69.51a.

The latest versions can be found  here and here.

NORML posted about this on their blog as well.  Russ Bellville, Paul Armentano and I all discussed this a little at the stash blog.

I made a video recording to respond to Russ because I don’t think I was communicating to him very clearly, as it seemed when he responded several times he asserted that he understood my point of view and defined it in our conversation but I think he got it wrong several times.  I figured I could speak it to him better than type it to him.

We have also recently opened up 6 ad spots on our radio and blog network.

Thanks to Jared Allaway for his donation!   We also have Jared scheduled for an upcoming interview.
See our Radio calendar for details:

Christopher John Campbell  1/15/11  @4pm

Chris Bennett  1/18/11   @ 2pm

Craig X Ruben 1/19/11  @2pm

John Novak 1/29/2011 @ 4pm

Jared Allaway 2/5/2011 @ 4pm

Past shows this month

Ray Christl 1/8/11 4pm

Don Skakie 1/11/11 2pm

Justin Prince 1/12/2011 @ 2pm

Happy birthday little brother, wish you were here

January 13th, 2011 | By Pirate

Twenty five years ago my little buddy, my youngest brother was born.
Justin was born January 13th 1986.  He overdosed on prescription medications on January 22nd 2002.
I have fond memories with my brother.  I miss him every day.
Justin was fond of using marijuana to treat his depression and anxiety.  But after being harassed by the police, and having my parents stick himin rehab.  He had a lot less access and a lot less friends to rely on for ganja.  So he turned to prescription medication, that within a few short months would kill him dead.   Justin was a special kid and had a great life a head of him.  If there is any one reason I want prohibition to end, it is this.

Too bad we aren’t smoking a bowl together laughing about it all right now.

Washington had a lot of grass roots help last year, and this year the support is even greater.

I am just pleaing with NORML, MPP, and all other groups and activists to represent for WA’s legalization initiative this year.
Not trying to take anything personally, or get up in a huff.

I have vested interests though, #1 I live in Washington, #2 I am dumping my time and money in to this, and I only want to support SW this year if it’s a winner. Last year about half way through, I knew it was going to flop. Yet I still donated gear to volunteers and I still collected dozens of signatures all the way to the end.
And this year, I moved into Spokane instead of living way out in the boonies ya know. Cuz before I lived in Loon Lake and it was an hour drive in to town one way. So it was rare that I could do anything last year.

But this year, I have prepared to be involved in this. I bought a new vinyl plotter, retired the old one. I bought a screen printer specifically for printing I-1068 shirts last year, spent a grip on that. And now I am all setup with a radio station. So I have setup a full media company, able to advertise in any format almost and able to reach 10’s of thousands of people.

This isnt a pat on the back for me. What I am saying is that why I am so concerned or as Jennifer put it “taking it personally”.. Is because I really care. I am sacrificing vacations, toys for the kids, a new vaporizer that Ive been wanting, etc.. Just so that I can do this activism this year and really help out.

And this isn’t about NORML or MPP, or anyone particular group. This is many activists crying out to ALL of these groups “Help us out here in Washington”..

I love NORML, I support NORML, I love Sensible Washington and I support them. I am not the biggest contributor, I am not the most passionate activists. But I just want everyone to get together on this. Ya know. Post a banner ad, a link, do a story, buy a shirt from SW, donate to SW, use SensibleWashington’s website ( to shop via Amazon online. They get 4% of each sale. So next time you want to buy a book, go to Sensible Washington’s website first.

If I hadn’t served 8 months in jail for a victimless crime, if I hadn’t been denied access to the military and many education oppotunities, and if I hadnt watched so many people’s lives turned upside down and/or ended because of prohibition.. Then I would take it all less personal, less serious. Ya know. I would chill, relax, and hope everything works out for the best. But I guess what it comes down to.. It is rather personal.

Also I do stay in contact with my local NORML. I spoke to 3 of the directors of WA NORML tonight, and thank God! They do a really excellent job locally, and Angela was very involved last year with signature gathering. So no disrespect to local or National NORML. I am just pleaing for National NORML’s support. Thats all.

Here are some interviews I have done with other NORML members.

http://www.blogtalkradio.c om/xcannabis/2011/01/12/se nsi-life-radio–2pm-wednes day-show-slu2com

You can see that I am talking with National NORML about it too. islature-to-debate-plan-to-expand-states-medical-cannabis-law-2/comment-page-1#comment-72453

Meeting with Phillip Dawty and WCA, etc. (WA NORML was there)

Happy Halloween and PLEASE vote Yes on Prop 19

October 29th, 2010 | By Pirate

Please consider the great benefits of a cannabis nation. Hemp, medicine, taxes, jobs and less expense on enforcement!

Think of what we could do with the 77 Billion or so bucks we’ll save every year.  Maybe it will ween off inflation for our children!

Here is my Happy Halloween music message to you. 
Brian “Head” Welch, one of the founders of the band Korn, which needs no introduction.
Brian left the band after praying to the Lord.  He started his own thing, and he now follows the Lord and even sponsors a bunch of kids in an orphanage.

He quit drugs and is making kill-tunez still!   What does this have to do with Halloween?  Not much.  But it would be a great track for a Halloween party.  =)

His music is still deep, dark, real.  But with a positive message.   I mean comon, this is Head after all.  He is who he is.  To me, its soothing!

Here is an interview with Brian Welch From CNN

I love his message and story of recovery.   I went through all of this (minus the fortune and fame), but with praying and kicking drugs, and being a die hard disciple.  I gave my life to the Lord in 1999, and I got my membership removed from the LDS church in 2000.   I have been clean from all drugs for almost 12 years now.   Brian is just an amazing and unique story that inspires me.

I don’t know what Brian’s stand is on marijuana.  Whether he know’s it is given and authorized to use by God (Genesis 1:29, Exodus 30:32, and others)…   But in my opinion, ganja is an herb not a drug.  It is not a man made chemical.  It is not deadly, and not nearly as addictive as many legal substances.  But even if Brian disagree’s with me on this topic.  Agreeing isn’t a requirement of having a family in the Lord.   Families disagree, some more than others.   But regardless of his politics, I say RIGHT ON HEAD!!!!!!

Great Halloween Quote:   “There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.”

Sensi Life, new ganja blog network

June 7th, 2010 | By Pirate

Clean those bongs!

The Sensi Life website has gone through a complete revision. is now a blog hub and is offering free blogs. Each blog feed shows up in the homepage of in a rotation. This gives a few cannabis friendly writers a lot of exposure as we advertise all over the place.

Each blog is fully configurable with themes and plugins. Customize your blog however you would like.
For businesses we are putting together a subscription so that businesses can get advertising from their blogs. Our goal is to grow cannabis business!

Sensi Life U 2

Questions regarding the divinity of Christ

March 23rd, 2010 | By Pirate

There are a lot of belief system that decended from the faith of Abraham.  But they disagree on just a few things.
One is the disagreement about who got the birth right Ishmael or Isaac.
The other is the divinity of Christ.

I got thinking about this questions, because I finally got my old YouTube account back after fighting of some off the flaggings that I got attacked with.
So far, I have prevailed in that, but it has taken months to win.   This account:  was resinstated.
Im trying to keep up the resistance there.  I haven’t posted on that account in a long time, because that subject became so much less important than legalizing ganja.  When I logged back into it, after not having access for well over a month, I saw this video that I have on my profile.

I think that topic is fascinating, even if not relevant or appreciated by everyone.  I think it is just as amazing as how big our universe is.

Im not going to say how many cannabis consumers are or are not theistic/creationist types, but I know quite a few who also enjoy this topic very much.

For those of you who don’t appreciate this topic.  Love ya!   Peace!

Also, I just want to mention that Mr. Roger Christie, a brother in Hawaii who is enduring some persecution and some harassment of his sanctuary.
Blessing to you Roger.

New Canna-Business opening it’s doors March 10th in Spokane

February 19th, 2010 | By Pirate

Emerald Sun Inc.  “Makers of Green Business Products” is opening it’s doors March 10th 2010.

We will have a small get together and introduce our services to anyone interested.

We are going to start our business as a media company, and we will eventually open a seed dispensary in the back for verified medical marijuana patients who would like to choose from a variety of seeds that we will offer.

Presently our company does silk screen printing including shirts, signs, skateboards, etc.
We also do plotting for blue prints, and vinyl signage.
See and
We also have a technology side of our business at