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Why in 75 years has the ACLU never supported a cannabis legalization initiative?

August 18th, 2012 | By Pirate

The Americans Civil Liberties Union founded in 1920 has a mission statement of:

“The ACLU is our nation’s guardian of liberty, working daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and laws of the United States guarantee everyone in this country.”

Yet in the last 75 years, since prohibition of cannabis started at a federal level, and before that in state legislation, the ACLU has not once supported or initiated any cannabis freedom initiatives.  Despite having some very good initiatives to support, endorse or even fund.   The ACLU has not once before 2012 helped out with any of these, including a few in Washington that received hundreds of thousands of signatures.   But yet we are supposed to believe that they care about our cannabis liberty?

Now with the introduction of initiative 502 in Washington that would give very little freedom, and at the same time it would repeal freedoms of many who drive.   We are supposed to believe that they aren’t just in this to thwart other efforts to fully legalize cannabis?   Why didn’t Alison Holcomb or the ACLU back Sensible Washington’s initiatives that received hundreds of thousands of signatures?
Why introduce non-sensical driving policies that are not only redundant since Washington already has cannabis driving restrictions, not to mention Reckless driving laws, but also offers even more strict provisions for driving?

This seems like a half-assed attempt to stay relevant in civil liberties issues, while at the same time ensuring job security in defending people against criminal cannabis charges such as these new, and un-scientifically backed DUID provisions.

My words to the ACLU.  Just keep doing your job of persecuting Christians, and anyone who is on the right.  And leave the cannabis activism to the REAL cannabis activists who care about FREEDOM, not just your retirement.

If you want an example of Alison Holcomb’s work in cannabis rights.  Take a close look at SB 5073, which took rights and protections away from both doctors and cannabis providers while offering nothing in return.

Read more articles about SB 5073 here:









Why in 75 years has the ACLU never supported a cannabis law reform?

Adam Vs. the Man Lessons in Liberty being interviewed by children

December 29th, 2011 | By Pirate

Filmed at the Ron Paul headquarters in Norman, Oklahoma.
From their Mother:
Our daughters & their best friend recently interviewed Iraq War Veteran, Adam Kokesh. Adam is currently the Anchor of “Adam VS The Man” Internet Show.

The young journalist are very interested in the current Presidential election & understanding the importance of defending our Constitution & God given freedoms. We shared the video of Adam’s protest at the Jefferson Memorial & explained to them why he was exerting his right to show respectful disagreement with our government.

When we shared with them Adam was coming to OKC for a Liberty rally they immediately asked if they could interview him. We told them if we had an opportunity to meet Adam we could see if he would agree to an interview. Adam not only agreed to the interview he gave them an incredible in-depth interview. It was a fantastic learning moment for these young journalist. They hope to help educate other kids & adults on the repercussions of our public servants usurping their constitutional oath & stripping Americans of their basic God given freedoms.


Why is our government failing us

May 26th, 2011 | By Pirate

I have fought long and hard for freedom. When I was young I thought like my father and my grandfather did… That if only we could vote the right people in to represent our ideals, our beliefs, our freedoms that we could certainly get the liberty that we have been promised in our bill of rights. That some how we could undo the wrongs that have been done to liberty and freedom.
I thought that if we just found the right “maverick” that would get in to office and simply use their moral compass as a filter and just stand 100% of the time for what they believe in their heart is right, and ignore the corporate influences that guide our politicians today. That somehow they would feel that they have enough, and gaining power or money would not be their main motive in office.

I had lost hope in that childish idealism a long time ago, and every once in awhile I get a gaze of hope in the eyes of one of these “mavericks” who just may be on the right track. I still find some hope in folks like Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Mike Gravel, and others.. But when I look at the big picture. When I see how the national debates are run, when I see who controls the media, when I see the hearts and souls broken of the American people who trust that in naive and desperate appeals when they cast their vote for another puppet politician just to see all of the campaign promises broken again and again and again… I desperately look for another way.

I can’t say what the best way is. All that I know is that representative government has failed us, and will always fail us. Some say direct democracy is risky. Some say civil war is risky. Some say freedom itself is risky. But when has life ever came without a risk?
The complacency of people, the apathy of the human race has us looking for someone else to save us, so that we don’t have to take the risk ourselves. It is a sickness that we have in our species, always looking for the easier way out of our problems.

I try to be accountable for myself by not letting anyone else represent me. I don’t align myself as a “member of such and such”, I don’t join a political party, a church or a lobbyist group as I believe that personal accountability is the only way to represent.

This is why I have taken the position of backing with all of my heart a National Initiative for Democracy.
If you are reading this now, all that I ask of you is to research it yourself. Come to your own conclusion.
Make an informed decision and act on it one way or another. No one is coming to save you. You MUST save yourself!

~Ryan Thompson 5/26/11

“The basis of our political systems is the right of the people to make and to alter their constitutions of government” -George Washington 1787

Standing up or sitting down

April 11th, 2011 | By Pirate

Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of the day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers (adminstrators) too plainly proves a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing us to slavery.  -Thomas Jefferson


We have been so blessed to know so many who stand up for their freedom.   We wanted to thank Tim and Gina for standing up and redressing grievances with their local officials.  This is an age old duty that everyone is tasked with.  Too bad some people ignore the calling.   But I congratulate these two very sweet souls for caring and stepping up to the plate, I have been deeply inspired by them and so many people in Washington.  The people in this state are truly the reason that I call Washington home, and I always will.

This is from the March 7th City Council meeting (2011) in Spokane WA.

I’d rather stand up for the challenge rather than sit down for the show in most cases.
Lately I’ve been feeling pretty stressed out by what are changing about my rights in this country.
I have had some serious objections to how freedoms are changing, and how authoritarian figures are increasing their rule.
I have tried in the past to be very active and involved in declaring my freedom.  It seems that it is always a very high stress level that I commit myself to, I hate taken a back seat to the actions taken to work on my freedom.  Sitting down just doesn’t work for me.
So I have done what little I can do, with having a full family and more on the way, as well as with our ever changing situation, it has been hard to be active when I am feel called to action more than ever.   With the new expenses and the new baby that have introduced their selves in our lives as of late, I have been taking more hours of work.  Which means less hours working on the initiatives that I am currently working on.
But with my extra hours, I do try to do what I can from home, including making materials to promote the agendas, and posting easy to access information for people to read online and in the local classifieds papers.
But I only have a few signatures to show for my efforts, and that makes my kind of depressed and critical of my work.
Kimi on the other hand has been able to put lots of petitions in people’s hands, from Spokane to Ellensburg, several businesses and volunteers have petitions, and even though we won’t be around to pick most of these up, everyone knows that there is an address on the petitions to send them in directly to Sensible Washington.  So hopefully those seeds produce great fruit.   Kimi has filled up a few petitions herself.  But it seems like it’s going to come down to the wire on Initiative 1149.
We have heard of an event that Sensible Washington is putting on for 4/20 in Spokane, and there is a huge reggae show on Spokane.  We have added a lot of things to the calendar that people can attend and get signatures at.  Big events are the best place for signatures.  Lines work well as people have nothing else better to do but sign something they care about.

A wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement.

People’s initiatives vs. Congressional Bills

March 9th, 2011 | By Pirate

For a very long time I have been in favor of supporting strictly people’s initiatives.
I learned after supporting congressional bills in the past just how they change by the final vote, and how that usually ends up being a disadvantage for the supporters of these bills.
It seems like we go into these bills with the most favorable (to the people) language and by the end the only people benefiting is the congressional members and their corporate supporters.

Since around the year 1999/2000 I have been supporting Ralph Nader and what he stands for.  Since about 2003 my wife has been urging me to support Senator Mike Gravel as she believes in what he stands for and she also turned me on to the National Initiative for Democracy that Mike is the sponsor of and is now something that Ralph Nader also supports.
This is a way to give the people back a voice.  For the people to assert their own desires and put it to a popular vote.
Of course the original 3 tiers of government stays the same, but the NI4D simply gives the people a way to effectively assert their will via a popular vote, the supreme court still judges the constitutionality, and the congress still does what they currently do.
However say if the people do not like the Patriot Act we could vote to repeal it via the initiative process just like the states have.

You can listen to a discussion that I had about this with Matti at Liberty Talk Radio on December 3rd 2010.

But the issues that I am currently having with NORML is really the difference between Congressional Bills that seem to intend to take freedoms away from patients and from cannabis industry, vs.  Sensible Washington’s initiative which seeks to remove criminal penalties for adults.   In the end this is a debate that I have had before with other people on other topics.
What is blatantly clear is that the only good marijuana laws in the USA have come from ballot initiatives and not congressional bills.

In my video presentation for March 9th I talk about the issues that I see in history and in current day politics from trusting the government to fix things for us.  When we become complacent or out of fear, silent..   We see our rights deteriorate.
We look at how the government infiltrated the Marcus Garvey (UNIA) movement in the 30s as they sought to silence the resistance they hired people in the public sector to illegally (in my opinion) sabotage the UNIA via friendships that they developed with Marcus Garvey.

My point is that having only one or two influential political groups competing for their voice to be heard, it is a lot less fault tolerant than if there are many groups, making it more difficult for the government to employ ‘agent provocateur‘.

Similar to my support for the national initiative for democracy.  My theory is that it is more difficult for a corporation or lobby group to influence or buy the vote of the people, than it is to buy or influence the vote of only 435 congressional representatives.
It happens all of the time in politics  “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours”.  But with ballot initiatives that kind of thing is much more difficult, because instead of having to influence only 435 people in congress, businesses or lobbyist would have to influence hundreds of thousands if not millions of more people to sway the vote.

In my estimation THE MORE THE MERRIER!

Feel free to check out our growing video and audio collection at

Please support (Sensible Washington to remove criminal penalties for adults in Washington)


Please urge your representatives to NOT support SB 5073

Call to action!
Committee members:

* Cody, Eileen (D) 360-786-7978
* Jinkins, Laurie (D) 360-786-7930
* Schmick, Joe (R) 360-786-7844
* Hinkle, Bill (R) 360-786-7808
* Bailey, Barbara (R) 360-786-7914
* Clibborn, Judy (D) 360-786-7926
* Green, Tami (D) 360-786-7958
* Harris, Paul (R) 360-786-7976
* Kelley, Troy (D) 360-786-7890
* Moeller, Jim (D) 360-786-7872
* Van De Wege, Kevin (D) 360-786-7916


WHEN: Friday March 11th 2011, 7pm – 9pm
WHO: Concerned Citizens
WHERE: 1312 North Monroe St. Spokane
CALL: 888-694-8737 ext 707 Ryan
… 888-694-8737 ext 708 Kimberly 


If you have any questions for a Sensible Washington coordinator, please look up Jared Allaway on Facebook.

Morality and marijuana is it wrong

July 12th, 2010 | By Pirate

We shouldn’t really be having a debate on whether or not something is viewed “wrong” by one person, that it should be illegal for all persons, when the “crime” is a victimless crime, and when there is no other justification from the act to be considered “Criminal” just because it is “wrong”.

Our country was founded on liberty and freedom.  We fought for these freedoms against tyranny and we won.  We won by fighting for what we believe in, at least our brave and determined founding fathers did.

But what we have no is no different than what they fought against to achieve freedom for this nation.

If marijuana is a crime at all, it is a victimless crime.  If we want to get Biblical, then it is obvious and certain that the Bible not only authorizes cannabis usage, but it clearly instructs man to use “every herb that bear seed”..  “for meat”  Genesis 1:29

The Bible also authorizes the use of strong substances.  Deuteronomy 14:26

The fascist that want to run our personal choices and our lives must be taken out of power!   VOTE!!!!

Independence Day broadcast from Reverend Ryan

July 2nd, 2010 | By Pirate

When you don’t stand up for your freedoms, you are to blame when they are taken away. If you find your child in jail later in life due to some BS marijuana charges, it will be our generation who is to blame for not getting laws reformed. 860,000 people got arrested for weed last year in the USA. The likelyhood that your kid will be a part of those statistic is extremely high in the USA. You can’t blame me. Im doing everything that I can to fight for civil rights!

My plea to Utah voters and conscious folks

June 18th, 2010 | By Pirate

I have made my pleas to the Utah authorities, and I have some court dates ahead of me for protesting last week.

But as I have always done, as it makes more sense to do.  I am reaching out to the people of Utah.
The authorities have their reasons for prohibition.  But the people should know why cannabis should not be illegal, and how many consequences prohibition causes.  I made this video back in 2008, and there are some links to references below the video.


Annual Causes of Death in the United States

Tobacco 435,0001
Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity 365,0001
Alcohol 85,000 1
Microbial Agents 75,0001
Toxic Agents 55,0001
Motor Vehicle Crashes 26,3471
Adverse Reactions to Prescription Drugs 32,0002
Suicide 30,6223
Incidents Involving Firearms 29,0001
Homicide 20,3084
Sexual Behaviors 20,0001
All Illicit Drug Use, Direct and Indirect 17,0001, 5
Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Such As Aspirin 7,6006
Marijuana 07

It is also a fact that cannabis cures cancer.

My father and grandmother died from cancer.

See these videos;

Cannabis cures cancer  (breast cancer and other aggressive cancers:

This video is dedicated to my father and my grandmother.

December 27th through January 3rd, Cannabis for Cancer Week

California to legalize, how will that impact pharmers?

February 8th, 2010 | By Pirate

How will legalization effect the pharmers in California?

Since I have been in Humboldt County this week, I have interviewed several pharmers who are worried about the direction of the law reform movement which is about to take prohibition down, at least in California.

A few of the pharmers that I have spoken with here have raised these concerns.

  • Legalized marijuana will drive the price down
  • Legalized marijuana will limit who can sell it
  • Legalized marijuana will flood the market
  • Legalized marijuana could ultimately hurt their livelihood and potentially take food off their child[rens] plates

I can see where this concern comes in.  It does look like pot will be legalized.  It also looks like all of those points above could become true.

My response to them is that if they take precautions now, and work on starting their own dispensary then when Prop19 passes they can potentially get grandfathered in with their legitimate medical marijuana business to then serve all adults (not just patients).
I recommend starting a dispensary, or at very least get a business license now and keep it renewed.

Lets say that a legal market has no potential of helping pharmers out, and may potentially ruin their business as it is.
That is horrible, and I don’t wish for that to happen as a lot of people depend on this crop.

Then lets compare the current effects of prohibition.

  • Prohibition doesn’t stop people from using marijuana
  • Prohibition has hurt or destroyed the lives of almost 20 million Americans
  • Prohibition is now claiming almost one million victims each year
  • Prohibition allows police to violate the privacy and security of a person’s home or person
  • Prohibition fuels the crime in the black market (including violent crime, etc)

When I got arrested for possessing a few grams of weed when I was a kid growing up in Utah, those charges disqualified me from military service and many college and job related benefits.   Having a “drug” charge on your record disqualifies you from many benefits that most Americans take for granite.

My hope is that California will make cannabis a viable and profitable resource and put a lot of people to work.  I hate to be taxed, and I think that the tax should be no more than retail sales tax.  But there is a lot of potential for pharmers, distributors and related jobs with legalization.

Not everyone will be growing weed  It’s difficult, and it takes a lot of patience and investment to get started.  Not just anyone can grow weed.  Similar to tobacco and alcohol, they are not widely produced by individuals. 
About the price being effected.  I believe it will be similar to how it is now.
There will be “work” (commercial bud) and kind icky sticky bud.  Similar to a fine cigar compared to a swisher sweet.

I say if you don’t like the law that is getting passed then start working on some modifications and propose them via ballot initiative.

BTW-  PLEASE do not ever vote for a law that will forbid individuals from growing their own!   It’s a weed, it should be allowed to grow like one.  Like God intended!

California to legalize marijuana? Petition says it will be on the ballot.

January 31st, 2010 | By Pirate

I would be so absolutely grateful and humbled if California legalized marijuana!
I am so pessimistic about these things.  I fight, and I hope that freedom and liberty prevails!
For some reason it just seems to simple and too smart all at the same time.  It will confuse voters, because I feel like they expect something complex and full of a bunch of bullshit.

Legalize pot,

  • The police win; less non-violent criminals to have to deal with so they can focus on more serious crimes.
  • The parents win, because marijuana will be kept and sold in a secured and adult environment.(right now more teenagers smoke marijuana than smoke tobacco.  Same with alcohol and pot.)
  • Of course the tax payers win, because there is another great stream of jobs and tax money in a legal market.
    Instead of importing hemp from China, Australia and Canada we could produce and process it here.  That would create a lot of jobs.  Americans wear a lot of hemp these days, even though it’s more expensive than other fabrics.
  • Taking money away from the black market and infusing our community in a positive way would be good for everyone (except maybe the cartels and such)

We need to make sure that cannabis stays legal to grow under our current medical marijuana laws.  But I would love to see complete all out legalization of marijuana for adults.   As long as these adults are allowed to grow marijuana.
I support legislation that promotes these intelligent and sensible ideas that groups like NORML, MPP, and REASON are all promoting.

On the NORML Daily Audio Stash I heard a lot about how there are over 1 million children selling marijuana.
Legalization will run the black market out of business, just like with tobacco and alcohol.
Lower prices, ,more taxes and the community benefits from the taxes and has no need to spend billions criminalizing a harmless plant that has many medical benefits!

California proposes to legalize with TV Ad campaign and over 700,000 signatures from NORML:

This is from the Stranger:

Washington activists also filed an initiative that would legalize marijuana. But unlike California’s ringleader who “bankrolled a professional signature-gathering effort,” the campaign leaders in this state are planning an all-volunteer campaign and having a hard time even accepting online contributions.

While we have been doing business in point of sales, we have spoken with many banks.  Bank of America assured us that they would support our clients who run medical marijuana dispensaries!  
We have more information in the forums here at xCannabis.  Emerald POS has it’s own category.

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