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Racism in the USA revisited – What is racism?

May 24th, 2015 | By Pirate

Hi this is Reverend Ryan AKA Ryan Thompson.   I have spoken about this topic only a handful of times.  Usually when there is rioting or violence, or when someone has gotten killed by police without an obvious reason.

Racism in the USA has pressed me in my life pretty hard.  Growing up in Utah, I was 14 years old when young 14 year old Sammy Weaver was shot in the back by federal agents while they were illegally on his family’s property.  I was in the next state over when this happened, and I watched in horror when the FBI (Janet Reno) changed the rules of engagement, and they started opening fire on unarmed people on the Weaver’s property, eventually sniping Vicky Weaver when she was holding her infant baby in the doorway of their cabin.   They shot her right between the eyes, and she was merely holding a baby, no weapons, and she was in her own home.

Randy Weaver was the subject of the massacre.  Randy Weaver a decorated soldier who had never been in trouble in his life, was entrapped by the FBI (so that they could make him an informant), and then missed court on his first offense.   So the government sent agents to his property without a warrant, and when they got there Sammy Weaver was walking his property when agents startled him.  He fired off some warning shots, and the agents shot him in the back as he was running away.

This stirred up a major national incident that was on every news station for weeks while the stand off took place.

Eventually skinheads and other locals came to peacefully protest the siege on this family.  When I saw this, it made me angry at the government, and I decided to start dressing the role of skinhead culture.   I had only 2 other friends that were very serious about this “skinhead” culture, Seth and Steve.   But it wasn’t about being a part of a group, or mob-mentality.  Rather, I just wanted to do SOMETHING to protest the government and what they were doing to honest and good people of this country.
I mean seriously!  Shooting a 14 year old in the back?  Sniping an unarmed mother who was holding on infant?   On American soil?  On the family’s property?!  I was outraged, and I was even more outraged to find that other people were not outraged as well.

For years I had many heated conversations with friends and family about this.   I have a cousin that partially grew up with in my teenage years, who is gay.  She took major offense to my position, and eventually we stopped talking.  This was the case with several relationships.   Even 20+ years later I still get the same old “you were racist” (when I was a teen).

Admittedly, after I saw what happened in LA on April 26th 1992, I did have some disparaging words for the rioters, and though I am ashamed to admit it, I did recite some of the racist jokes that my father would tell.  Though I never treated anyone with racism.  Even once when I was with some friends and we saw a hitchhiker who had brown skin, and the people I was with started making disparaging comments, I pulled over and gave him a ride, and I borrowed $5 from one of the passengers and gave it to the man.  I felt bad that I was with this group who were being total assholes, so I decided to give them a lesson.  I was 16 at this point, which was about 2 years after the incident at Ruby Ridge.  This was the point that I decided to shed the skinhead ideology.
Right after that I started going to rainbow gatherings, and Grateful Dead concerts, as to sort of purge the past, and move on to a more peaceful future.   At age 17 I got two tattoos, one on my chest and one on my foot that says “S.P.E.A.R” aka “Skins and Punks Everywhere Against Racism”.     I have since made much fuss when I see other people getting discriminated against based on their creed, color or sexual orientation. When Prop 8 was being pushed in California (mostly by Mormons) I stood up against that, and I made a tirade of videos admonishing this.

However I am not a complete liberal shill, who thinks that only white people can be racist, and that apparently white people never get discriminated against.   So I have made videos like this;  to clarify my position and to protest the BS that many liberals push, like “Affirmative Action” or as they call it in Great Britain “Reverse Discrimination”.  And what do I get?  More accusations that “(I) am racist”.

I don’t really care, I won’t change my position.  I am absolutely against “affirmative action” aka “reverse discrimination”, because I believe ALL discrimination is wrong based on race, gender and orientation.  If racism is wrong, then ALL racism is WRONG, and Affirmative Action is most CERTAINLY racist and sexist.   So are many policies that we are developing in the USA.

So I still wear my Dr. Martins boots, and my flight jacket, and I have my skinhead tattoos (SPEAR), and yet even though I fight vigorously against racism, when a “friend” or family member wants to bring me down, they try to smudge my image to others as “oh he is a racist”.

I venture to say however, that ANYONE who supports Affirmative Action or “Reverse Discrimination” is a true racist.  These are typically the people who like to try to take shots at me calling me a “racist”.

Here is how I rate liberalism.  As someone who has read about and studied National Socialism and WWII very well.  I liken modern day liberals to “National Socialist” aka “Nazi’s”.   This is why.

1.  Liberals are very fond of race based laws, creating an unequal balance to society by giving un-natural preference to some, and persecuting others based on race and gender.   This is very similar to Nazi policies, not the same, but similar.

2.  Liberals are very socialist.  From socialized healthcare, to socialized business guidelines and tax structures, to endless entitlements provided by the government.   That is socialism 101, and it is the same thing that Hitler often spoke about in his famous speeches.

3.  Liberals are very Nationalist.  They always hold the “American way” up as a method of garnering support.  “We as a nation are ______” to Ad nauseam.

4.  Then there is the eugenics thing.  Liberals always seem to defend abortion on the notion of “no one should be forced to have an un-wanted baby”.   So the line between murder and compassion is drawn by “is the baby wanted or not”?   The Nazi’s didn’t like Jews, and so Jews were considered “un-wanted” offspring, and the Nazi’s killed them.   Despite that the Nazi holocaust was one of the most horrible and deadly events in world history.  American’s have killed MANY MANY more people LEGALLY via abortion laws.

5.  The National Socialist, and especially after Hitler started reviewing the works of Charles Darwin became very anti-theistic.  Burning Bibles in the street, and legislating against religion.  This is a clear and obvious agenda with modern day liberals.

6. Gun control (enough said)

The people who accuse me the most of being racist are the typical liberal types, who see life through rose color glasses that allows them to see past the double standards that they apply to racial issues and socialist behavior that has failed so many times in the past.

Here is an article that I wrote about “the racist drug war” which I acknowledge and address the unfair arrest practices of police against minorities, but I also address other potential factors (that many liberal refuse to agree with, even though the problem is real, and backed up by a significant amount of data).

1992 was a very life changing year for me and many others.

The Sublime song “April 26th 1992” christens this insanity by singing about the LA riots.

What amazes me however in all of the latest city burning riots, and the ones from years past, is that when cops kill white people without cause, like what happened in Ruby Ridge Idaho (shooting children in the back, and shooting a mother in the head while holding a baby), white people don’t burn down cities in protest, and it happens far more than liberals want to admit to.

So call me whatever you want.  But I will stand against ALL FORMS OF RACISM!


This is a video that I made to go with this blog post;

S.P.E.A.R – Skins and Punks Everywhere Against… by Friar_Ryan


Black Pride Good White Pride Bad - White Guilt

Ryan tats in 2008

Ryan tats in 2008









Justin and Ryan Thompson

My brother Justin and I.
Just showin my tats from back in the 1990s. Gotten a few more since.

















Here are a few other videos that I have uploaded about this subject over the years;

No Irish Need Apply

I support gay marriage, I do not support anti-discrimination laws

Ron Paul and Racism Accusations – The Marcus Garvey of the 21st Century

I am not a big fan of Louis Farrakhan, but he makes a clear point about all of the people in history that have been accused of racism or antisemitism

When people start making waves, typically the first thing that they get accused of, is being “racist”.

End the outrageous wars, end the Income Tax Act and the Federal Reserve Act

September 1st, 2013 | By Pirate

End the outrageous wars, end the Income Tax Act and the Federal Reserve Act

When we say “the government needs to tax us because they need to fund A, B and C” all that we are doing is giving the government a blank check to install more tyranny.   Whether we are talking about the drug war, or foreign wars, or whatever else.   Giving the government a blank check is a bad idea no matter how we look at it!

This is my video blog on this topic.


I have been censored and censored over and over by liberals on this topic.  Suggesting that the government can not fix our lives and take care of us from cradle to grave seems to be so absolutely appalling to many liberals to the point where they think censorship is the only logical reaction.  Rather than publicly debating the topic, many of them would rather just block and move on.

I have made a lot of commentary why I think that giving the government a blank check is a bad idea.

Before we empowered the government to write a blank check on whatever they want, without even having the money in the treasury, we had a much better system.   We had less in poverty, we had less income disparity, we had more people employed, we had higher standards for education, and higher standards of affordable medical care BEFORE we consented to socialism.   I propose that if anyone does an analysis of what we had before 1913, to what we have now, the differences will become very obvious.  Yes we still had social issues to over come at that time, and we still do now.  But those issues were working themselves out and I believe it would have gotten just as far with ending things like racism, and sexism, without government intervention.   We saw people like Frederick Douglas rising up and making something of himself, without government intervention, and I think that was a trend that was gaining wind behind it’s sails in the mid-1800’s and beyond.  But regardless of that, economically we were doing so much better before we gave the government a blank check.



These are references to other articles that I have written on this subject

Why is the left so silent about Obama’s wars, both foreign and domestic?

August 29th, 2013 | By Pirate

I am so tired of hearing the far left liberals launch constant attacks and leverage intense blame on their ‘enemies’.
I hear from so many of these same liberals their excuses for attacking conservatives and libertarians, by claiming “we are against war, and we are in favor of human rights”.  They would claim that conservatives are against these things.

When George W. Bush was a president, I saw constant liberal rally’s against war, and against corporate favoritism.  But since Obama has been president, those same liberals are now either extinct or too embarassed to show their faces in public.  Which is it?  They aren’t around so that I can ask them.   The ones that I can find, that were solid on supporting Barack Obama in the last 2 elections, will now say  “I didn’t support Obama, I was more in favor of _________ (fill in the blank)”, typically they say something clever (though meaningless) like “I supported Jill Stein”.  (cough cough, bullshit)

I wrote this on my facebook on June 15th 2013:

“I wish I had a screen shot from my liberal friends MySpace/Facebook when George W. was in office. Every little thing he did wrong they crucified him for it. In fact, I was pretty pissed AND vocal myself. However, these same liberal connections that I have on these social networking sites almost pretend that Obama doesn’t even exist, even though he has been FAR harder on MJ issues, has made far more extreme measures to intrude upon our privacy, and has done everything GWB did, including the wars (undeclared such as Libya) and has done far too (if anything at all) little to protect civil rights. Bush had the Patriot Act issue, Obama had the indefinite detention of US citizens without trial issue via the NDAA. Obama spies on our phone calls, and increases measures to allow for further surveillance… But do these liberal folks complain about that? Nope?!!???!  And why not? If Mitt Romney got into office and did these same things, you know for sure they would be going crazy over this shit (so would I). But because it’s one of the liberal elite, they turn a blind eye to it.

Disgusting how disingenuous some humans are. These are the same lame asses that go nuts over their favorite pro-sports teams. Their team can do NOTHING wrong. But when they do, it’s the other teams fault. Sheep!”

I remember watching Russ Belville pimp Senator Barack Obama in 2008.  I couldn’t believe it then, the way that he shamelessly pimped this very unknown and unproven man to lead the free world.   I wasn’t so sure myself, I asked Obama this:  Barack can we count on you to keep your promises?

Then again in 2012, Russ even knowing how horrible Obama had been on marijuana policy (in fact far worse than George W. Bush) indicting nearly 9000% more legal medical marijuana providers in about half the time.
See the MMJ indictments under Obama via this Young Turks show, they used 2011 numbers;

I mean even the Irish Parliament gets it, from thousands of miles across the Atlantic.  Calling Obama a “War Criminal”, because of all of Obama’s new and illegal/undeclared wars abroad (not just the drug war at home that he has given much more fuel to).

I heard all of the slander of Ron Paul by Russ and other far left liberals.  In fact, Russ took about 8 minutes on his radio show with me to insult and berate Ron Paul.   But how much worse could Ron Paul be than Obama?

These liberals are down right militant at attacking their “enemies” even conservative politicians at home.  But when their team does all of the same things as their “enemies”, they ignore it.  It almost seems like some of them forgot Obama even exists, not yet is he starting wars all over the world!

Here is Russ Belville pimping Obama in 2012, even after all of the foreign wars, and even after all of the marijuana crack down in our country.

I am ashamed that I ever contributed to NORML and/or Russ Belville’s show.  These liberals for the most part are shameless hypocrites!

But further than that, I will NOT ignore their support of tyranny like they are ignoring Obama.

This is a video that I made to document all of this, including some news highlights regarding all of Obama’s foreign wars, and his domestic wars.

Do we ignore to “keep the peace” while our leaders are making war?  Or do we stand for what we believe in?
I will stand!

The numbers behind the racist drug war

July 25th, 2013 | By Pirate

What are the numbers behind the racist drug war?

First of all, if you are a bleeding heart liberal you are going to find at least 6 times in this article to call me a “racist”.   So be prepared.

Secondly, I am going to explain why I think that “racist” label is silly.

I have stated this time and time again, about how this drug war is racist against minorities, especially black folks and Hispanic folks.  The number of arrests compared to whites and blacks are 10 to 1 arresting far more blacks than whites, despite that both demographics use about the same amount of drugs.

I don’t know of too many people, neither conservatives, libertarians, liberals, progressives, or whatever that does not realize that this fact it true.

When many liberals were trying to smear Ron Paul saying “he’s racist” during this last election.  I created and posted a video on youtube.   I wrote this article as well:

I made the comparison between Ron Paul and Marcus Garvey because they both shared a similar political smear campaign.
When Marcus Garvey became a recognizable public figure in the 1930’s, members of his own organization The UNIA (The United Negro Improvement Association) started smearing him saying that he was a “racist” and a “betrayer of the negro”, etc.

This is another video that I made on that topic;

Racial Diversity featuring Marcus Garvey and Bob Marley

Well recently I was called a racist by a cannabis activist, who disagreed with me about the George Zimmerman verdict.
This person did not want to debate the facts, and accused Free Masonry of orchestrating this ‘not-guilty’ verdict.  But then I showed him that Trayvon Martin’s dad was a 33 degree Grandmaster Freemason, so then he started saying that more blacks are killed by whites, than whites are killed by blacks.   So I looked it up, and what I found startled me.  When he said that, I thought  “sure, that is probably true, after all whites outnumber the black population by about 5 to 1”.

But I found many sources that disagree with this.   Of course this person didn’t have numbers to provide that counter what I found, rather he just accused the source of being racist.  Despite that many of the sources were from prominent black community leaders.   See some of my references below.

This is the data from the FBI statistics;

“An analysis of ‘single offender victimization figures’ from the FBI for 2007 finds blacks committed 433,934 crimes against whites, eight times the 55,685 whites committed against blacks. Interracial rape is almost exclusively black on white — with 14,000 assaults on white women by African Americans in 2007. Not one case of a white sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study.”

Though blacks are outnumbered 5-to-1 in the population by whites, they commit eight times as many crimes against whites as the reverse. By those 2007 numbers, a black male was 40 times as likely to assault a white person as the reverse.

Now while I have always sympathized with the disproportional arrests of black people for drugs, typically young black people.   See this:

I am starting to wonder if there is a more simple root cause for this.   Certainly the drug war started out in this country unfairly profiling minorities such as blacks and Hispanic folks as being the source of the problem.  This has always made me furious, and has always made me look to the institution as the current problem for the disproportionate profiling in the drug war.

Racist comments by Harry Anslinger the original drug czar, are what make people concerned about this topic fume.

Her is an example of this by Harry Anslinger in the 1930’s

“”Marihuana makes the ‘darkies’ think they’re just as good as a White Man” and “Marihuana makes Black Men look twice, at White Women”.

There is no doubt that the racism in that era, and especially found in Harry Anslinger was a fuel for the fire of prohibition, especially of marijuana.

However, not all of the violent crimes that blacks commit, such as the murder rates and rape rates quoted above have anything to do with marijuana or drugs.   Many of these violent crimes are not associated with drugs.  However, many of them are.   So I just wonder if the violent crimes committed by blacks against either other blacks, or other demographics, is causing them to be found with drugs more?

Certainly there is racial profiling, and that seems to be changing in this country with having very powerful and prominent people who are black at the helm of our governmental offices, and who have done well in their profession of choice.  But there is still a sense of racism in this country.   Even against whites, which is what the article that I referenced above was saying.

In reference to how Trayvon Martin called George Zimmerman a “Creepy Ass Cracka“, this author of the article says:

“Cracker is the new Nigger and if we don’t as a society recognize just how dangerous it is to allow black racism to seep and steep we will see a total reverse on what happened 200 years ago happen in another 100…that be your kids and mine, sacrificed to the anti-white stupidity of Joan Walsh.”

It’s true.  When everyone thought it was George Zimmerman being racist against Trayvon, because of the way the media hacked up the audio of the 911 call back in March 2012, everyone was ready to hang Zimmerman themselves.

But after hearing Trayvon Martin’s friend Rachel Jeantel describe how Trayvon described George Zimmerman as a “Creepy Ass Cracka” right before assaulting him, it seems to go almost un-noticed in the media and in social networks.

Like “Cracka” is ok, and is not considered racist, but the word “nigger” is.   And if George Zimmerman would have actually used the word “nigger” there is no doubt he would have been charged, tried and convicted of a hate crime.  However, in the same standards, Trayvon committed the hate crime in this case.  First by using racist language to describe his victim, and then assaulting him after.  But very few will even consider that as a possibility.

I think it’s rotten the way our society practices “Reverse Discrimination” and it is not doing anything to heal wounds of racism or divides in our country.

I don’t know if there is a connection between the violence, and the drug arrests.  Or if it’s all just a racist double standard in law enforcement.  But this violence needs to be addressed in the black community.  It continues to be a problem that most ignore but that many are dieing from.  Ignoring it is no solution.

I think even Marcus Garvey would be upset about this double standard.

While I was posting this article, a related story popped up on my facebook;

Talk Radio Show – Topic: Death Culture

September 13th, 2012 | By Pirate

I was blessed to have been on this show that I called into and I was allowed about 15 minutes at the end of the show to interact with the host and the guests. This got fairly emotional, but some good points were made and there was a good overall discussion.
Jesse one of the guest took the role of “brick wall”, another guest Jackie got beat up pretty bad by hitting up against the brick wall. The host Vern who plays the role of the mediator who had a lot of intellectual points to make and some good diplomacy.

I jumped in at minute 85.

Listen to internet radio with vcubed on Blog Talk Radio

Graphic borrowed from:

Why I won’t support Barack Obama or Mitt Romney – Ron Paul or bust!

July 1st, 2012 | By Pirate

Romney and Obama are both sold out to big corporations (pretty much the same exact people who sponsor one, also sponsors the other’s campaign)

I posted this on facebook.  But I wanted to repost it, because I have been meaning to put this together in video format, but since it’s already typed out, I’ll reshare.

But this is how I feel about both of them right now. Regardless though, I am still voting for Ron Paul!

The president to his favor, he does have his hands tied in some ways. For example he can’t just go and legalize marijuana. Although some people debate that with an executive order he can end the drug war.

If not directly, he could end the drug war by defunding the program, or directing the Department of Justice to re prioritize harder drugs from softer drugs, or hurtful crimes from victimless crimes.

But some say and it seems plausible, but obviously Im no constitutional law student. The strategy seems to be, that the President could use Executive Order powers to challenge and possibly directly defeat the drug war based on the drug war’s unconstitutional foundation. Based on cases such as Timothy Leary vs. the USA (1969), and also constitutional law found in the 21st Amendment. Etc. But even more so, that the drug war has no constitutional validity, and violates the bill of rights (1st, 4th and 5th Amendment, possibly the 6th the 9th and the 10th as well all are in direct conflict with the drug war).

But Obama has a lot more power than people give him credit for.
That he constantly mocks these questions about marijuana, even though it’s always the number #1 question (by votes) for the president for the town hall meetings, and when he responds he mocks the questions and the people asking the questions. So he has totally done a 180 degree turn on his former marijuana position.

Just like Romney with abortion and gay rights.

Romney and Barack both are completely guilty of flip flopping.

But then there is the war. He continuously campaigned about how he would have the troops home before 2010, and then changed his position on that, and started sending more troops.

Barack is the commander and chief, he could order the troops to pack up and come home, and they would all be home within 4 months. That is one of the most influential decisions he can make. He just won’t.

To Romney’s favor. I understand his position, kind of. Like with abortion. He certainly is against abortion, even when he was governor. But Romney was trying to play politics, and he was trying to appease the will of the people I suppose. He has gotten older, and more comfortable as a politician, and now he is campaigning on his pro-life beliefs, even though the previous president won doing the opposite. So I think it takes a lot of courage to stand up for what one believes, even despite it is a political risk.
With the marijuana topic, at least he isn’t being soft on the issue, and saying one thing when he means something else. I think it’s cool that he is being straight forward, and campaigning on that which is also risky politically.
I obviously disagree with Romney intensely on many levels. But one thing I can give him credit for is finally standing up and growing a spine and standing up for what he really believes in a campaign where he has no guarantee of success (or does he? he may! lol). But from my limited point of view as an observer at some level. I would think he would be more fickle and less straightforward now, than ever before. So I am taken back by this new Mitt Romney.
And I am highly disappointed that Barack Obama turned out to be such a fat liar.



A few clips of Barack Obama demanding truth and accountability from the other candidates, and some of his interviews and campaign speeches about marijuana/cannabis.

More clips from Barack’s campaign in this video that I did in June 2009.

Obama mocks marijuana consumers and legalization advocates

Obama promises to bring troops home as soon as he is sworn in.

Mitt Romney flip flops on abortion and other issues

The Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Collection

This is my take I why I personally won’t vote for Mitt Romney or a Mormon president.

Why I can not vote for a Mormon candidate (Presidential)
There are a lot of reasons why I oppose each of these men as president individually.

I also oppose them because they share some of the same aspects.
#1  They are both almost entirely funded by investment bankers, the same corps sponsor each campaign almost equally.   (so they win either way)

#2  They both participate in and support corporate welfarism, or in other words crony capitalism

#3  They are both big government socialists who change their mind on issue based on their audience

#4  They both oppose marijuana and want to put people in prison for victimless crimes like possession of cannabis

#5  They both support the NDAA and the anti-liberty provisions in the Patriot Act(s) and other related bills.

#6  (this ought to be higher on this list actually) They both are supporters and advocates of the corrupt federal reserve that is destroying this country
I also found this about how all presidents except for one are cousins and related through an English King, yes even Obama!   12 yr Girl Discovers ALL US Presidents (except one) related
Is Romney part of the clan?

These are just a few points, but most of these relate to the other problems that I could list.
This is why I will only vote for Ron Paul.  I will be writing him in come November!

Ron Paul’s latest broadcast;
Ron Paul – Audit the fed now or never!

My response to Marc and Jodie Emery about I-502

May 1st, 2012 | By Pirate

Courtesy of Cannabis Culture Magazine

A clip from Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Magazine blog post :

Marc’s US Prosecutor Pushes for Legalization; Exclusive Newspaper Articles about Marc & Prison Life

by Marc Emery – Saturday, April 28 2012

The great news continues. My former prosecutor John McKay, not content with just being a lecturer on the evils of the drug war, is also co-sponsor of an excellent legalization initiative on the Washington State ballot this November. Apology accepted, Mr. McKay! What’s really disturbing though, is the number of the ‘grassroots’ activists in Washington state who are absurdly opposing the I-502 legalization bill because of a clause that allows police to issue DUI’s if a very high level of THC is in the bloodstream while driving. Otherwise, adults can possess, transport, and buy at licensed outlets a huge range of cannabis buds – all legally, without fear of arrest or prosecution. That’s incredible!
Currently 10,000 people in Washington State get arrested for pot possession each year. That would end under this legislation. How ironic that I currently have far more respect for my former prosecutor and his proposed legislation than I have for those activists who would foolishly and dangerously oppose this great step forward over trivialities, much the same way as done by many so-called members of the movement who killed Prop. 19 in California in 2010. Much of the Washington state opposition to I-502 is rooted in adversarial jealousy, because after three attempts, some activists just can’t get an initiative of their own on the ballot, so resent McKay, the ACLU and their backers who did manage to get I-502 on the ballot. Sometimes the famous quip Pogo Possum said in the eponymous cartoon is correct: “We have met the enemy, and it us.”
I implore all Washington State activists and concerned citizens to support I-502. Read the very important editorial in the NY Times by Seattle activist Dominic Holden called Smokeless in Seattle” and NORML’s Russ Belville’s blog on why supporting I-502 with your vote this November is essential. I think Russ Belville is the best commentator out there regarding our movement, and all his writings are very, very good.


From Reverend Ryan:
Dear Marc and Jodie,
I wanted to let you know that I have great admiration for the Emery’s, but I strongly disagree with I-502.

When I started getting active again was in 2008 when Marc’s story enraged me, that our government would cross the border and terrorize a Canadian over something as harmless as seeds.

It makes me even more furious that Marc is locked up right now, with over 800 days left on his 5 year sentence.

I made a few videos back in 2008 telling my story of serving 8 months for possession of just a few grams of weed. My 3rd video was a thank you to you and Marc for agreeing to an interview with me. One that we never got done, because life took its course for me over and over, and you were very busy.

This was our thank you video in 2008:

So while I don’t bring the same style or “activism” as Steve Elliot does.

I have to agree with him on a few things.  Marc’s letter was incendiary with the name calling, and petty insults.

I think he may have a lot of great ideas, but supporting I-502 is not one of them in my opinion.

If I-502 passes, we’ll have to deal with it. But I-502 is a last ditch effort by prohibitionists to keep control.

If you paid any attention to SB 5073 last year, you will realize there will be no stores, no state regulated grows, no one will be able to legally gift a bud, or share a joint, and the strictness of the DUID provisions is going backwards.

All of this for an ounce decrim? Heck last year I moved to California, and all they do for an ounce here is give you a $100 fine if they find it worth their time. Usually they just don’t care.
NO DUID limits were needed.


Jodie in one of her comments said:

“In BC, the police have the right, under law, to order a blood sample from any driver they deem “impaired” from drugs. But even though that’s the law, it never happens. That concern is a red herring put forth by Washington activists. (I wish I had the chance to post that on Steve Elliot’s terrible post about Marc on his Facebook account, but I unfriended him after he started insulting me personally and immaturely and unprofessionally bragging about his website kicking Cannabis Culture’s ass…)

Also, I-502 is meant to open marijuana stores for adults to buy from, not to nab marijuana users (which they already do now). It would be pointless for the state government to set up a system for stores to sell marijuana and growers to supply it, then arrest every store customer as they leave. That’s nonsensical. The government wants money, and they know they’ll make tons of it by ending police arrests and court work for possession cases, and allowing adults to by up to a full ounce at a time at each store. If fewer people are arrested and avoid criminal records and suffering, that’s a good thing. Always.”


This is one of my recent video blogs about I-502.

This is a vlog post from last year about I-502 that covers the accusations that people who oppose I-502 are “Stoners Against Legalization”

Stoners Against Legalization OR Voters Against NEW Prohibitions


This is an open letter in response to Marc Emery’s comments about Washington activists by a Washington activist:

Dear Mr. Emery,
I would like to say I hold you in the highest regard, and have the utmost respect for you.
I was at your trial, I was at your sentencing, and I held signs on a freeway overpass, next to your wife, Mrs. Emery, on Free Marc Emery Day. She is still, to this day, one of the nicest people I have ever met, and much like yourself, an ideal representative for our movement.
You two are one of the many reasons I have dedicated the last few years of my life to cannabis activism, and plan to continue until we affirm change. This is why I am shocked, confused and saddened by your remarks on activists here in Washington, and the proposed Initiative 502.
I will admit, you and Mrs. Emery are better people than I, to hold no resentment towards your former prosecutor John McKay. I find it difficult to not begrudge the man who sent an icon for our movement to prison for five years, tearing you away from your family and country.
I know McKay said it was his job, but as a great man once said, “One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
I feel one has a moral responsibility to not enforce unjust laws as well, especially when put in a position of power where you are meant to protect the citizens you govern. It is hard to comprehend how one would rather cling to the prestige of a job title than choose not to incarcerate non-violent citizens.
Our hearts dropped when we found out you were getting five years — as, I’m sure, did yours. But, you have the forgiveness of saints, and you are all the better for it.
As for the initiative Mr. McKay is sponsoring; I-502 is not legalization, and in fact, creates a new form of prohibition. It is incredibly difficult for many of us who spend our lives working for legalization, to oppose this initiative. However, we cannot in good conscience support something that will further criminalize our citizens, specifically targeting the most vulnerable of our citizens, medical patients.
Currently, there are thousands of arrests for cannabis possession in Washington. Many of these are for over an ounce, and many of these occur at roadside. As the law stands, if you do encounter law enforcement while driving, and you have THC in your blood, the officer must prove your impairment to issue a DUI. Since THC processes through each individual at a unique rate, there is no way to determine impairment based on a number – therefore, the proposed 5ng limit in I-502 is completely arbitrary.
There are tens of thousands of medical cannabis patients in Washington State. Most of them will be over the 5ng limit constantly, due to their increased tolerance and need to medicate regularly for their medical conditions. This does not mean they are constantly impaired, but that a 5ng limit does not take into consideration their needs and simply incriminates them (and the proposed zero tolerance policy for those under 21 immediately criminalizes any patient in that age group, of which our state has many).
The same applies to heavy recreational users who build up a tolerance over time. I-502 institutes a per se law, and does not include rebuttable presumption, so any person caught on the road over 5ng is immediately guilty of a DUI, with no applicable defense in court – even patients. This strips our citizens of the right to a fair trial.
Studies have been done to determine a significant and science-based level of THC/blood content at which we may draw a legal line. So far, we have yet to establish a limit that we can use to reasonably determine intoxication. In fact, the State of Colorado appointed a working group commission to study the validity of a 5ng limit (the same proposed in I-502). They came to the conclusion that there is no consensus to apply such a limit, and that it has the distinct possibility of prosecuting innocent (unimpaired) individuals.
A State Representative here in Washington, Mr. Roger Goodman, proposed an 8ng limit for this state, and personally withdrew his proposal after suffering public backlash, and examining the science. He helped Colorado defeat the bill proposing a 5ng limit. Furthermore, organizations like NORML and MPP (which goes as far as calling this same limit absurd) have been lobbying and fighting against per se DUI limits for cannabis for decades. This is not just a few small voices in Washington crying foul – there has been an on-going effort to deter the implementation of a per se DUI limit in states across the country.
If you need more proof of how negative this policy is, look to our Drug Czar. One of his top priorities is establishing a per se limit on a national level.
I would also like to speak on the presumption that, should I-502 pass, adults will be capable of opening cannabis retail locations or purchasing up to an ounce, without fear of arrest or prosecution. Ignoring the fact that two adults riding in the same car together each carrying a legal ounce would still be considered guilty of a constructive possession felony charge; ignoring the fact that two adults passing a joint to each other (even if it’s rolled from a legal ounce) would still be guilty of distribution (which smacks of entrapment from lack of protection provided for people who will think smoking a joint with a friend will be legal); ignoring all of these facts, I-502 is not written to withstand the looming threat of federal pre-emption (if a state law comes in conflict with our federal laws, the state law is nullified and federal law presides).
Besides the fact that I-502 can, and likely will, be federally pre-empted, there is the real risk of the federal government directly targeting and attacking the individuals who open, or attempt to open, the cannabis retail locations this initiative claims we will be allowed to establish.
Since I-502 does not include any home-grow provision, every person who wishes to cultivate, process, or distribute cannabis will have to seek a permit from the State Liquor Control Board. Each individual will be mandated to put their name on a list, which will be readily available for the federal government to access, and do what they will with the information (the fingerprints of all applicants will be sent to the FBI), putting individuals in the position to face swift and harsh federal penalties, similar to the travesty you’ve faced.
If the federal government is cracking down on medical dispensaries and co-ops in this state, what would give anyone reason to believe they would be any less harsh towards actual recreational retail locations? Unfortunately, there are those who won’t worry about putting their name on that list, since they will be under the impression that they are operating under the legal guidelines 502 offers them.
It is for all of these reasons, that your statement about activists in Washington strikes me to the core. Your words have dealt a tremendous blow to the heart of cannabis activism in this state. The grassroots activists that you refer to, that oppose I-502, have been fighting to defend our citizens from unjust cannabis laws – and continue to do so, through battling prohibition, and now the newest form of prohibition proposed by I-502.
Again, it is a very difficult thing for those of us who support legalization to oppose this initiative. Were it not for the criminalization of every cannabis consumer who drives (again, by mandating something our Drug Czar heavily promotes), there are many of us who would consider supporting it as a step in the right direction, or at the very least wouldn’t be in opposition to it. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and many of us feel this will be incredibly detrimental to the cause as a whole, and specifically to the citizens of Washington State (and any other states that would choose to follow our example, should we pass this initiative).
It is demoralizing to have people talk us down over such legitimate concerns. People such as Mr. Russ Belville, who you mentioned, and who I also greatly respect for the work he has done for this movement. I will agree he wrote only positive-influence pieces before he started saying things like “I have lost my patience for patients. Yeah, yeah, you’re sick and disabled, sorry to hear it.”
This is a poor representation of our culture, and I cringe to hear someone affiliated with the movement say such apathetic things about sick and disabled individuals. In my work as a cannabis activist, I often advocate those new to the movement look to people such as yourself as a role-model. You have done more and sacrificed more for this cause than most will ever do, and for that I feel many should look to you as an inspiration.
Your stance on I-502, however, leaves me with the painful and overwhelming disappointment of having to state that, in this instance, you are wrong.
I hope that what I have stated here will not offend you in any way, as I have tried to express only my incredible gratitude towards you and your family for the contributions you have made to this movement, and I sincerely hope that it will make you think through this situation with a new perspective. All we can do is educate people and hope they make the right decisions with that knowledge. I hope this gives you the information you need to reconsider your support for I-502, and your feelings towards activists here in Washington.
Thank you again for everything you have done for this movement. I hope you are well, and I wish for your swift return to freedom and your family.
Cydney Moore
Cannabis Activist,
Washington State

Wise words from Ronald Reagan regarding socialism via socialized medicine

October 22nd, 2011 | By Pirate

Wise words from Ronald Reagan regarding socialism via socialized medicine.

Socialism in socialized medicine does not exclude cannabis, and lately we have saw some strange events within the medicalization of marijuana.

There are a lot of things that I do like about Ronald Reagan, certainly when he was campaigning with Barry Goldwater in the late 60s.

The political philosophy of Ronald Reagan is admirable. Of course the execution of those plans, had mistakes and compromise while he was at his prime as the presidente.

RIP President Ronald Reagan

This was Ronald Reagan’s warning about socialism via healthcare in in 1961.

This is my commentary on Ronald Reagan. This all reminds me of my pop RIP.
My dad was a moderate democrat, but he told me once he voted for Ronald Reagan and was let down by him. Which is very understandable looking back.
However Ronald Reagan gave significant income tax breaks, and a lot of benefits to small business startups. There are a lot of good things done by Ronald Reagan during his presidency. One thing that frustrates me is why he didn’t end the drug war, and why did he create new wasteful and ineffective government branches for the drug war.

Every president has their shortcomings, even Obama who totally bombed on his major campaign promises, including not bringing the troops home, and not protecting medical marijuana patients and “decriminalizing marijuana”

This is my Ronald Reagan commentary on a few of his radio broadcasts about socialism.

More words of wisdom from Ronald Reagan

This is a video that I made for Barack Obama before he took office.

The cannabis community to unite with Ron Paul and end the drug war once and for all!

October 8th, 2011 | By Pirate

Support Ron Paul, as he is our only hope presently for ending the Federal Reserve, for ending the drug war, and for bringing our troops home.

(Ron Paul has the most enthusiastic supporters! )

So many people say “we need to unite and get this done, no more division”.

Well…. Now is the time for you to be that, and stop sitting on the fence.

A story from this video that I posted on my facebook last week:

“There was a friend of mine in school. In fact for a few years we were very close. Until 9th grade, when he wanted to be as a competitive as possible with me. At first he started bragging about how many girls he ‘scored’ with, and later tried desperately to sleep with any female I was ever interested in.

Now while his count in “scores” is much higher than mine. touché

On the other hand his reward is a collection of incurable STD’s.

Well, while some are not picky about WHAT law reform they choose, just HOW MANY.. At the same time, the consequences of this type of competition is very high and could effect thousands if not millions of Washingtonians in similar ways as my very competitive friend was effected with STDs.

Quantity is not always as important as quality.

Quality legislation is I-505.

The STD of legislation is I-502 and SB 5073.

Sure it may feel good to support all types of law reform, but in the end you’ll regret it.”

Ron Paul NORML interviews (NORML Daily Audio Stash) (2007)

Part 1:


Real Liberty vs. Fake Liberty – Ron Paul on the topic of politicians who fake it

September 13th, 2011 | By Pirate

Real Liberty vs. Fake Liberty – Ron Paul on the topic of politicians who fake it.


Watch Ron Paul’s entire speech in San Francisco here:

This is one of his most impressive speeches that I have heard.

I agree with his points about holding politicians to the fire, and not let them double-talk their way through an election.

A lot of politicians speak a good game, but they don’t play by the rules that they themselves define.

I pointed out the issues surrounding the drug war.

Some activists will support anything that is popular.
Some activists will support anything having anything to do with cannabis.
Real freedom loving activists are very particular about what they support.

There are 4 pieces of legislation that I mentioned:

HR 1983:

HR 2306



In those examples you can see a similar topic (Cannabis law reform) being addressed.
The differences are great though.   They are as different as night and day, and this is why I can’t grasp how some activists can support all of these.   I certainly can’t understand how anyone who cares about liberty could possibly support  HR 1983, or I-502.

Ron Paul discusses the need to hold politicians feet to the fire, and call them on their double talk.

I am one freedom lover who doesn’t care what is popular, I care about freedom and liberty above all other social notions.

~Rev Ryan