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My plea to Utah voters and conscious folks

June 18th, 2010 | By Pirate

I have made my pleas to the Utah authorities, and I have some court dates ahead of me for protesting last week.

But as I have always done, as it makes more sense to do.  I am reaching out to the people of Utah.
The authorities have their reasons for prohibition.  But the people should know why cannabis should not be illegal, and how many consequences prohibition causes.  I made this video back in 2008, and there are some links to references below the video.


Annual Causes of Death in the United States

Tobacco 435,0001
Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity 365,0001
Alcohol 85,000 1
Microbial Agents 75,0001
Toxic Agents 55,0001
Motor Vehicle Crashes 26,3471
Adverse Reactions to Prescription Drugs 32,0002
Suicide 30,6223
Incidents Involving Firearms 29,0001
Homicide 20,3084
Sexual Behaviors 20,0001
All Illicit Drug Use, Direct and Indirect 17,0001, 5
Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Such As Aspirin 7,6006
Marijuana 07

It is also a fact that cannabis cures cancer.

My father and grandmother died from cancer.

See these videos;

Cannabis cures cancer  (breast cancer and other aggressive cancers:

This video is dedicated to my father and my grandmother.

December 27th through January 3rd, Cannabis for Cancer Week

Law makers working on decriminalizing possession of marijuana

June 18th, 2009 | By Pirate

I try to keep up with major marijuana news, so I often visit NORML and CannabisCulture.

Right now a bi-partisan bill to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana by adults in being reintroduced:


“Washington, DC: Massachusetts Democrat Barney Frank, along with co-sponsors Ron Paul (R-TX); Maurice Hinchey (D-NY); Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA); and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), will reintroduce legislation today to limit the federal government’s authority to arrest and prosecute minor marijuana offenders.”

This bill would potentially save 860,000 lives being ruined each year for getting charged with possession of a victimless crime.
It would stand to end spending on enforcing penalties for a victimless crime, to the tune of 45 BILLION dollars per year.
It would also give room to let states tax and regulate marijuana, which would put it in a controlled liquor store type of environment, and create tax revenue that would potentially amount to 32 Billion dollars per year.

Write your congress reps and tell them to support this bill!  NORML makes it very easy to get this to your congress representatives by using the link below.  (Thanks NORML!)

See more at this video on HR 2835


Also see this video: by Reverend Ryan

When a town in Utah does something very noble!

June 18th, 2009 | By Pirate

This is history by about 8 years now, but back in 2001 the little town of 400 people in Utah named “Big Water” passed an ordinance that decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana to a $10 fine (under 1 oz), and possession of paraphernalia a $5 fine.

The motive behind this says mayor Willie Marshall “Our ordinance made justice affordable for everybody,” said Marshall. “Let the punishment fit the crime.”

Under Utah law, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana is punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, as well as a six-month drivers license suspension. Under state law, paraphernalia possession nets the same maximum six months and $1,000. According to a newspaper article about this situation that can be found at this link:

I agree with Mayor Willie Marshall, and even though I think a $10 fine is too much for a victimless crime, I believe his intentions were in the right place, and I think you will find the city of Denver Colorado agrees, where it is legal (no fines) for adults to possess up to an ounce of marijuana.

Ruining people’s life forever, putting a misdemeanor on their record which denies them the ability for scholarships, military service, working at certain jobs, etc..  for a victimless crime is insane.  A $1000 fine for possessing a plant that has never killed anyone in all of history?
This would be like making drinking from a drinking fountain a misdemeanor punishable with jail time and a $1000 fine.  Based on harm, and social impact, marijuana is no more of a threat than drinking water!

Bravo to this courageous mayor and this courageous city council.  It’s only too bad that these ordinances were later repealed, and that at least one officer is recorded and reprimended for threatening the city council members.

Utah Highway Patrol Officer Nathan Giles blew up at local officials, Marshall said, in an account whose broad contours were confirmed by regional Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Lynn McAfee. “Once the police heard about this, they hit the ceiling, the Kane County sheriff and the Highway Patrol were just enraged,” said Marshall. “They do a lot of intimidating people into letting them search their cars. But Officer Nathan Giles was especially bent out of shape. He came in and yelled at the town clerk. ‘Who’s the dope-smoking son of a bitch who wrote this ordinance?’ Giles yelled. And then he made threats. ‘All hell is going to break loose in Big Water,’ he told her,” Marshall said.

Two weeks after the ordinance passed, UHP started harassing members of the entire town of Big Water:

On December 7, two weeks after the ordinance was passed, the town was hit with an “enforcement blitz” by Highway Patrol and Kane County Sheriff’s officers. “They were ticketing everyone for anything,” said Marshall. “They had a half dozen Highway Patrol cars out there pulling people over for no seat belt, failure to signal, anything they could think of.”

Which was confirmed by Lt. McAfee of the Utah Highway Patrol.

But this wasn’t the end of it, and as you guessed, this all has to do with police funding and getting revenue from these so-called crimes.

But Giles wasn’t done. “Then he went over to the water board office, where one of the council members works, while on-duty and in uniform and started arguing with her,” Marshall said, “telling her the ordinance was unconstitutional, that we had to repeal it, that the Highway Patrol could just stop writing tickets in our town, basically threatening to cut off a source of town funding. Not that we’re a speed trap,” Marshall quickly added. “Giles was very threatening and his behavior was very inappropriate.”

This is Utah life under a huge microscope in relation to the ‘drug war’.  No drug war equals no police funding.  It’s not about harm reduction, it’s about revenue!

This isn’t a war on drugs, this is a war on the American people!

Another Reference from a local newspaper:

Freedom of Relgion, and freedom of religious sacrament

May 15th, 2009 | By Pirate

For many years now I have been a devout follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I have dedicated my time and resources to preach the gospel and to take my part in the Great Commission of Christ.  In 1999 I gave my life to Christ as a result of a unique, personal spiritual experience that I had while praying on the side of the road in Deer Park WA.  In 2001 I wrote my biography which was inspired by this spiritual awakening.   I was inspired to write a lot of poetry after that, and had it published on in hopes to inspire others.

I love to write and I love to inspire others.  But what I have enjoyed most is serving others.  After giving my life to Christ, I volunteered for a number of homeless ministries that I was once a regular client of while I was homeless.  I volunteered with these ministries because of how much people blessed me while I was homeless.  I wanted to inspired other clients of these ministries and show them the love that Christ and His church showed me.  I completed several trainings, and I served whenever I was able.  It has been a great blessing to me to be able to serve others.

In September of 2002, I spoke at a Southern Baptist convention about the loss of my brother, who lived in the most depressed state in the nation, Utah.   My brother’s death was a result of depression, and anti-depressant medication that he was prescribed, and I had a burden on my heart to try to reach those who were hurting, and who couldn’t speak out about it because of the fear of rejection by the Utah culture.  I wanted to be the mouth piece for those who couldn’t speak, like my 16 year old brother who lays in a grave in Spanish Fork Utah, completely voiceless now.

Now I have another burden on my heart, which is for the cannabis plant which I enjoy as a religious sacrament.  I feel that our freedom of religion in this country has been hijacked by the government and the DEA.  I believe that those of us who use cannabis as a sacrament as Moses and Jesus did in the days of old are persecuted unjustly and that our civil rights get violated when we are charged with crimes in relationship to our holy sacrament, cannabis.

Gensis 1:29

Gensis 1:29

I have heard it from religious folks and nonreligious folks that they do not believe cannabis was used by Biblical prophets.   They laugh at the thought of it.
But this is not uncommon, humanity has a knack for ignorance and I am no exception.  When I first gave my life to Christ, I gave up using cannabis for 7 years.

I had given up cannabis until I developed a vesicular anomaly that causes my sever headaches called cluster headaches that come on strong and fast, and that no prescription medicine has been able to relieve in anyway.  With these headaches I sometimes go blind, and I get a loud ringing in my ear.  It completely destroys my senses for about 30 minutes and the pain brings tears to my eyes.  One toke off a spliff instantly relieves this pain and this drastic symptoms, with no ill side-effects.

I tried Imitrex and Midrine before trying cannabis and all that those medicines did was make me feel ill and give me nose bleeds.
When this problem started we lived in Washington state which has passed many decriminalization measures for marijuana, and I tried some.   Instant relief as I described.  It was amazing, no nose bleeds, no stomach aches, no yucky feeling, nothing.  I just felt better, and happier.  The only real side effect that could be considered negative, was I felt hungry and got what people call “the munchies”.   I was sold, and start the process to get my medical marijuana card in Wa.

After that I started questioning whether this would conflict with my faith, and what I found was amazing.  Moses used cannabis in his anointing oil.  This is found in non-marijuana using Rabbi’s writings.  I have wrote about this several times before on this blog.

Exodus 30:23 Fragrant Cane, or Cane of Bosom, or Sweet Cane is translated in several Hebrew Dictionaries as “Cannabis”.

See Roger Christy from the THC Ministry (Hawaii)

I have also spoke about Jesus and His resistance to state and religious laws which forbid certain food and certain eating practices:

Now what I have found recently is quite amazing.

See this video.

And read this about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993

Our religious rights are protected!

The NJWeedman proved this when he practiced his religious sacrament on federal property in New Jersey.  He was arrested, he was man-handled, he weed was taken.  But the charges got over turned.  Not once, but 3 times!

If you are a Christian, Jew or Hindu the use of cannabis your religion goes back thousands of years!

Ever wonder why Indians can use Peyote but no one else can?  Because it’s a religious sacrament.

Utah Protests on April 24th 2009 for marijuana law reform

April 26th, 2009 | By Pirate

Protesting marijuana law reform and the sentencing of Charles Lynch in Salt Lake City Utah, and Provo Utah on April 24th 2009.
This was a short notice protest, but with everything that is going on in the news, I decided to try to keep up the momentum on marijuana law reform protests.
Charles Lynch’s sentencing court date got moved up, and since it is still the week of 4/20, I wanted to use that as an excuse to exercise my free speech, and draw more attention to this increasingly burdensome drug war.

My messages were these (on my signs):

“No Victim – No Crime”
“Free Charles Lynch”
“Prohibition is Un-American”
“Freedom is NORML”

I also passed out flyers which you can see here:

Legalize Marijuana Coin

Legalize Marijuana Coin

In Salt Lake I had a few federal marshall’s get a little onery with me, but nothing much.  One federal marshall that I met at the sandwich shop had a friendly discussion with me about this issue, and was in at least partial agreement about the drug war being ineffective.

In Provo Utah, Officer Moore from the Provo police department had nothing better to do than to harass me and waste tax payer’s time and money by concerning himself with a non-violation.  This police officer wasted 1 hour or more harassing me while on duty, instead of doing something useful with the tax payer’s time.
I am not going to official file a complaint, however I am sending this to his supervisor and to the court of public opinion via an internet video.
I figure if he has the time to harass me, I have time to do a little peer review of his wasteful tactics, in this time of budget crises and financial cut backs.

Please pass this on to your friends!  Keep up the heat on the heat!

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Youth Protest 4/20 in the Zion Curtain!

April 22nd, 2009 | By Pirate

There are at least 3 different marijuana protests in the Zion Curtain during the 4/20 holiday.

The first two were in Idaho Falls, that we reported on earlier.  There was also a small protest in Logan Utah!

‘A plant’s no crime’

Logan City police chief Russ Roper, left, warns protester Randall Shields, right, to stay on the sidewalk during a protest supporting the legalization of marijuana on Main Street in Logan Monday. (Alan Murray/Herald Journal)
By Karen Lambert

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 2:58 AM CDT

More than a dozen teens gathered in front of the Logan Tabernacle on Monday evening to rally for the legalization of marijuana.

“It’s 4/20, and where this is national marijuana day and we want to legalize marijuana (we came to rally),” said Jamie Gurinch, 15, of Logan.

Internationally, April 20 typically motivates a series of rallies and special events among those who favor the legalization of marijuana.

Dylan Lofthouse, a 14-year-old who goes to Willow Valley Middle School in Wellsville, attended with his two brothers, ages 13 and 15. He said both his mom and his step-mom would agree with the cause as well.

“Everybody talks about legalizing it,” he said, “but they never do anything; we thought we’d do something.”

The ages of those in attendance ranged from 13 to 20. Their homes span the valley from Wellsville to Lewiston, and they attend a sprinkling of different middle schools and high schools.

“We hang out every day,” said Logan resident William Mohan, a 17-year-old who attends Cache High School.

Mohan said at about 6 p.m. that the group of friends had been there for two hours. It was his first rally.

“We were just all hanging out and we thought we should go protest on 4/20,” Mohan said. “We’re pretty much standing for what we believe in.”

Mohan said legalizing pot is their solution to getting the nation out of the recession, as the sales could stir the economy.

Teenage boys in sleeveless shirts screamed while holding signs that depicted their viewpoints.

One sign read: “The plant heals,” while another said: “God made it.”

“Say no to man-made drugs,” one yelled.

“A plant’s no crime,” said another.

A few repeatedly chanted together, “Legalize Marijuana.”

Richmond resident Kassy Sanders, a 17-year-old student at Fast Forward High, talked to a friend about one of their buddies they’d visited who was in jail for marijuana use.

“We’re supporting the kids who got locked up,” she said, while emphasizing that the more important reason for the rally was much bigger than that.

Some of those who drove by honked and cheered, while other drivers pointed their heads straight ahead and kept quiet. A few muttered insults, such as “Get a life.”

Mohan said police officers visited the group by earlier in the afternoon. Even though his group had not applied for a permit to protest, Mohan said an official said it was OK, as long as they stayed off the street.

Later in the evening, Logan Police Chief Russ Roper came by to make sure the rules were being kept.

“I thought it was pretty cool,” Mohan said. “It’s pretty nice they’re just going to let us keep doing it.”



I want to commend these young men, and again I want to commend the young men that appeared on channel 8 in Idaho Falls!
Also, the National NORML organization had a lot of great things to report on about 4/20  also!   Check out

I joined NORML yesterday!  I can’t wait to get my NORML shirt!

Havard Economist says legalization will save us 77 BILLION a year

March 15th, 2009 | By Pirate


Dr. Miron’s book Drug War Crimes: The Consequences of Prohibition is the basis of this interview.
This interview is what marijuana activists have been saying for years!

I like the points that he made about prohibition in the 20’s and 30’s.

I found this at NORML:

New Drug Czar. Same BS?

March 11th, 2009 | By Michael

President Barack Obama will nominate Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske as the new director of the Office Of National Drug Control Policy, Vice President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday.

“With escalating violence along our Southwest border and far too many suffering from the disease of addiction here at home, never has it been more important to have a national drug control strategy guided by sound principles of public safety and public health,” Obama said in a White House announcement.

“We must demonstrate to our international partners, the criminal organizations threatening to undermine stability and the rule of law in those nations, and the American people, that we take seriously our responsibility to reduce drug use in the United States,” he added.

Kerlikowske has the expertise, experience and sound judgment to lead U.S. efforts against drug trafficking and use, Obama said.

Kerlikowske has been Seattle police chief for nine years, where he has been credited with helping bring down crime rates to record lows.

I personally believe that, other than some television interviews and a few small events, this is the last we’re really gonna hear of Kerlikowske.  With Michele Leonhart still heading the DEA, and Eric Holder still our AG, we’re not going to experience much, if any change.  However, Kerlikowske is in the position to do some damage to the drug community.  You’ve done good so far Kerlikowske, just don’t let that power get to you.

Byrne Grants: Serving the Feds not the people….

February 16th, 2009 | By Bryant

When you pay your taxes you trust that your hard earned money will go towards paying for streets, schools, firefighters, and police.

I live on a street with potholes, several schools in town where just closed, overtime for firefighters cut….

The local PD has brand new body armour, is payed tons of overtime for training and a shinny new Armored Personnel Carrier….WTF.

How is it that they afford the constantly growing force and new equipment?

Byrne Grants!! These are large sums of money give to state and city police dept’s to fight drugs and organized crime. The departments by the latest bullet proof jackets and latest communication equipment, as if they hadn’t been funded for 20 years.

Is the new jacket supposed to save you from the new “more powerful” bullets….much of the new Comm. Equipment focuses on keeping police conversations secret, better to cover up your botched raid or that call for the post lunch smoke session. I have no problem with police being protected, my issue is the fact they ramp up the pressure on low level drug users in order to boost arrest numbers. These higher drug arrest mean there must be a “growing” drug problem and now the force will qualify for more grant money…. I see the self fulfilling irony. DO YOU?

Read more about Byrne Grants HERE

Is alcohol less of a drug?

February 16th, 2009 | By Pirate

I have had so many conversations with people that when talking about drug legalization, or drug problems in the USA. I get this reaction.

“I don’t really support drug legalization, or drug usage”.

I think to myself “ok. why”..

We talk. I asked them about their thoughts. I do want to know.

What is going through the back of my head is “do they drink alcohol”?

After talking with them for awhile. We will get to a point where they confess.

They will say “don’t get me wrong, I will have me a few drinks now and then.”

I will ask them something about alcohol statistical data, such as overdoses and car death due to alcohol.

They will say “I know, it sucks when people drink and drive. But I would never do that myself”.

I will ask them. Do you know how many people died as a result of marijuana last year?

They will say something like “I’m sure quite a bit, because smoke is bad for you, but marijuana smoke will kill you faster”..

I will give them very well known (these days) data that last year no one died from the toxic side effects of marijuana. That many influential cancer researchers, including a study done at Harvard says that marijuana smoke is NOT linked to cancer. And that in fact, many studies have shown marijuana helps kill cancer cells while leaving good cells in tact..

Join the petition to reschedule marijuana

Join the petition to reschedule marijuana

They will say “Well, if you legalize it kids will use it”.

I say “The USA has had one of the longest running and strictest marijuana policies in the world, and we have more marijuana users per capita than places where it is legalized like Holland, the Netherlands and Australia”.

This is usually where the conversation gets awkward, and either me or this other party will change the subject or casually move on..

If your interested in learning about the data that I speak of above, you can find the links at the bottom of this note.

I understand that marijuana isn’t for everyone. Neither is alcohol.

So here is my problem with this apathy.

800,000 people were arrested in the USA last year for simple possession of marijuana.

The USA has 25% of the worlds prison population. But.. We only have about 5% of the worlds population. That is insane!!

And we wonder why this nation is broke? Come on, thats just shy of a million people arrested for a victimless crime. There are 100,000s of thousands of people in prison for possessing a plant. A PLANT!
That is not selling, manufacturing, or distributing. That is for merely possessing a plant!

This takes parents away from children, children out of school, college kids lose their financial aid…

The problem with prohibition is that it goes WAY farther than just those who get arrested for it. It hurts the ENTIRE community when honest, hardworking, responsible adults who pay their taxes get arrested for this ‘crime’.

And all of these people that I talk to. Every single one of these types ALL have a plan on how America could recover from our particular situation. But they won’t even think about the 150 Billion dollar per year stimulus that we would receive from legalizing marijuana and taxing it. No way. It’s marijuana after all, the devil’s weed!!

I’ll tell you what it is. It’s refer madness!

Annual Causes of Death in the United States

Tobacco – 435,000

Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity – 365,000

Alcohol – 85,000

Microbial Agents – 75,000

Toxic Agents – 55,000

Motor Vehicle Crashes – 26,347

Adverse Reactions to Prescription Drugs – 32,000

Suicide – 30,622

Incidents Involving Firearms – 29,000

Homicide – 20,308

Sexual Behaviors – 20,000

All Illicit Drug Use, Direct and Indirect -17,000

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Such As Aspirin – 7,600

Marijuana – 0 (zero)

-10’s of thousands of patients received relief and treatment from cannabis last year without fatal side-effects that prescription drugs currently offer.

I say legalize it, regulate it (keep it out of the hands of children), and tax it!

It would be stupid to ignore this any longer!

References: (cannabis fights cancer) (Rep Toby Nixon speaking on marijuana topics)

Im of the America that believes “if you don’t like it change it “.

Not of the “if you don’t like it leave it”.

Now, please! I beg you. Don’t hold this against me. It’s just something that I had to vent today.

I appreciate and respect your beliefs. I feel like you are friends. And I just wanted to share something that is important to me, with you. I realize 90% of the people I sent this to do not use marijuana. But this isn’t something that I am trying to influence you to do. I just want to raise awareness to the fact that 20 million people have been arrested for marijuana, and the ‘drug war’ is ineffective. It’s time to do something that works!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!