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Five men indicted in Spokane for providing safe medicine to qualified patients

July 21st, 2011 | By Pirate

It is sad when a government will repress a people, and criminalize a safe and natural plant solely for their own pissing match.
I am personally acquainted with some of the people in this list, and I am appalled that anyone could consider them criminals for their compassion and determination to help people who are sick. The two that I knew played by the books and conducted business very professionally.

I will be placing calls to the District Attorney’s office to voice my disgust in these cases!
A few things that are fishy.  Why only Spokane?  Why were Spokane police ignoring state law that authorizes medical cannabis?   Why only these 5 out of over 40 other dispensers in Spokane?

One more item for thought.  When will all medical cannabis patients, growers and dispensers start standing up for full legalization?   Standing united is the only what this will be successful!

Roger Christie locked up for over a year now without bail and without conviction

July 9th, 2011 | By Pirate

For over one year now the US government as attempted to make a dreary example of what happens to you if you choose to participate in a religion that is not of their liking.  For over one year now Roger Christie has been sitting in a federal detention center without a conviction and without bail.
Roger has not accepted any plea deals that several of the other Green 14 are currently in negotiations of accepting.

In light of a grass-roots effort to re-classify marijuana as a far less dangerous Schedule III drug, Christie himself has optimistically named his current ordeal “the last marijuana trial.”

“If that is,” Christie writes, “then Cannabis MUST (his emphasis) be legal, at least for religious uses in the USA federal system, and in all the states. That solid information could, would and should make for ‘the last marijuana trial,’ like there was a ‘last witch hunt’ back a few centuries ago.”

We hope and pray that the almighty God continues to bless this world with Reverend Roger Christie’s inspiring words and compassion for those in need.  Roger has inspired many, and has not hurt a soul.

Top 10 Ways to Help Roger Christie:

1.) Write a letter or postcard to Roger. Roger has ZERO internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc. He only has Corrlinks which is a limited Email program. If you are nervous about the return address, then try sending a postcard. SnailMail is Roger’s fresh air and sunshine since he zero has access to outdoors at the Honolulu FDC. You can send books to Roger but they MUST come directly from Amazon or the publisher. But ask Hokulani or Share before you send, since Roger may have an explicit request or he may already have the book you want to send. Just send us a Facebook message if you want to mail him a book and we will give you the details.
His address is :
Roger Christie
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Unit 5B
PO BOX 30080
Honolulu, HI 96820

2.) Write Letters of testimony on how Roger has helped you or touched your life.

Send it to:
c/o Roger Christie
PO Box 202
Hilo, HI 96721

3.) Print up and hand out the GOD WANTED flyers to churches, etc.

4.) Write you Congressperson regarding Bill 2306. This the legalization bill that Ron Paul and Barney Frank are presenting to the Congress. Lamar Smith of Texas particularly needs to be written since he refuses to let this be heard before the House Judicial Committee.

5.) Send a donation to the Last marijuana trial website.

6.) Read and study, then practice Self-I-Dentity. Ho’oponopono.

7.) Write a letter of support to Editors of Hilo and Honolulu newspapers and please

show good manners and respect, etc. (Per Roger!)

8. Send $$$$ to Roger to this location:

Federal Bureau of Prisons

Roger Christie


Post Office Box 474701

Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001

The deposit must be in the form of a money order made out to the inmate’s full committed name and complete eight-digit register number.

9. Support Cannabis Liberation organizations, online, in person, etc.

Write, write, write!

10. Visualize Roger’s Freedom. And daily prayer right after that 420 break!

I love that they are coming out in favor of legalization

March 17th, 2011 | By Pirate

I love that they (politicians) are coming out in favor of legalization, but what is with such overwhelming support all of the sudden?

Are they worried about something? (15 minutes)

and (45 seconds)


(we’ve added a ton of new videos)
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s day. Funny how the Irish celebrate death rather than birth eh? Personally I agree. Birthdays are fine and all, but the picture isn’t complete until you pass. And is that picture all that you had hoped it would be? St. Patrick born of meger means accomplished much in the name of love and compassion. BTW- Here is a fact for ya. Think St. Patty was a Catholic? Not likely. How many Catholics do you know that reject infant baptism? If St. Patty was Catholic, he was one of few.



Reverend Ryan Thompson

Spokane Police Department

September 16th, 2009 | By Pirate

My letter to Spokane Police Department on 09/16/2009,

I am seriously disappointed in the SPD, and other agencies that felt it necessary to rip legal and necessary medicine from thousands of legally qualified patients in Spokane!

Would you think its better for patients to be going to the untaxed, and unregulated black market?

Would it be just peachy if gramma who is suffering from cancer, goes down town to the local crack dealer to get her legal medicine?

Do you people have your priorities in the right place?  Isn’t there is huge meth problem in Spokane?   That stuff CAN kill people.  Marijuana has never killed anyone.

I am going to start a campaign to have those of you involved in this removed from office for not respecting the will of the voters.

We have many watch dog groups in this area.   And it sickens me to see you people harboring and condoning an illegal golden goose fund for 20 years, and when the truth comes out about that, no one gets punished.

You people get away with just about anything.

Why not have a little empathy and compassion for people who actually obey the law!?!

Ryan Thompson

(link to the golden goose fund story):