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Roger Christie will be allowed to use religious defense in court

August 15th, 2013 | By Pirate

After three years in a federal detention without bail for the alleged crime of cultivation and distribution of cannabis, it has been decided that Roger Christie and his wife Share Christie will be able to use their religious defense in court.

This is a victory for the Christie’s, for their supporters and family, and for religious freedom everywhere.

I have had long, heated arguments with agents of NORML like Russ Belville and Keith Stroup about how religious defense has worked, and can work.  But they continue to reject this possibility, even though there are plenty of cases that prove otherwise.

I believe that the Christie’s will be set free by a jury of their peers, and I think that the federal government will look foolish after wasting all of this time and all of these resources to persecute an innocent man over a harmless plant.

“HONOLULU —A federal judge has ruled Roger Christie and his wife Share Christie will be allowed to use religion as part of their defense against charges they manufactured, possessed and distributed large amounts of marijuana on the Big Island. U.S. District Judge Leslie Kobayashi made the ruling July 31 during a status conference.





A letter from Roger Christie that I got in email

October 16th, 2012 | By Pirate

I am just sharing this beautiful email that I got from Roger and Share Christie;

Hello out there to friends we know and those we’ve yet to meet,

Aloha.  Share and I hope this finds you and those you love in top-shape and high spirits on this beautiful, troubled, and promising planet Earth.


Share and I send a sincere * thank you * for helping us in prayerful and practical ways since our arrest in July 2010, and throughout my incarceration without bail since then.  Although we would prefer that I was preparing our legal defense from home, we’re glad that all the other co-defendants of the Green Fourteen have been allowed to be free before trial, and we wish them and their families the very best.  Please know that Share and I promise to do our best to keep working for the ultimate victory of the Green Fourteen, the THC Ministry, and the overall liberation of the Cannabis hemp plant.


We all know that spirit is bigger than government, and that Cannabis is an essential and unique gift of God and nature to humanity.  We seek to correct the fraud of misclassifying ‘marijuana’ as a Schedule 1 controlled substance with spiritual principles and THC Ministry methods resulting in a win in court.  We know now that the classification of Schedule 1 for ‘marijuana’ has recently been proven to be scientifically untenable, and that it’s always been arbitrary, capricious and a fraud.  We seek to prove through our thoughts, words and actions that Cannabis really is “the sacrament of the peace culture” and a medical miracle.


Share and I feel like we have a case that can make a historic legal precedent that will help to liberate Cannabis from the long tyranny of prohibition and the economy of scarcity, crime and violence it has produced.  We have science, history and the personal experience of millions of people on our side.  We’re making progress with our legal contest for the basic Constitutional and human right to be free to practice our religion in private at home and in church.  According to the latest polls, we now have a majority of public opinion going for us, too.  When we win, religious and spiritual freedom for Cannabis wins.  The possibility of a much happier, healthier and wealthier future awaits all of us in the very near future.


Fortunately, our work to prove the spiritual and medical benefits of growing and using Cannabis gets easier every week.  Scientific studies from the U.S.A. and other countries can now be gathered on the internet with a quick search and the push of a button.


1.)  The facts show that Cannabis hemp can prevent cancer and reduce tumors, stimulate the appetite and reduce pain.

2.)  Cannabis has been shown to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig’s disease) where no other safe and effective remedies exist.

3.)  Science proves that Cannabis is neurogenetic and neuroprotectant, it builds and protects brain cells.  Also that hempseeds are one of nature’s most perfect foods.

4.)  The U.S. government has held a patent since 2003 to process cannabinoids from Cannabis plants into a stunning array of very promising medicines, although it still denies those life-saving medicines to its own citizens.

5.)  On October 16th oral arguments will be heard in Washington, D.C. Circuit Court to re-Schedule ‘marijuana’ into a category that would allow it to be used and researched as medicine for the first time in a century in the U.S.A.


These and more are exciting developments are like a harmonic convergence that makes us feel like we’re right on time with our religious defense.  We seek to correct the continuing lie of marijuana prohibition, and with your help we can do so.


Cannabis is the safest and most commonly-used spiritual / religious sacrament in human history.  It must be nourished and preserved in the one country on Earth, ours, founded on the freedom of religion.  We have a sacred job to do, and Share and I feel that we’re on-purpose and on-course with our case.  We’re now in the home-stretch to our trial scheduled at this time to begin on March 12, 2013.  We have the opportunity to file motions and have public court hearings for religious use, and even to dismiss our case based on the misclassification of ‘marijuana’.  We’re excited for the opportunity our case presents to end marijuana prohibition and liberate this natural, useful, safe and holy herb.  We look forward to a victory in defense of the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.


As we ‘practice what we preach’ we see our case as a “blessing in disguise” – a way for spirit to help us in our mission.  We’re very grateful for your prayers and kind words of support and encouragement.  We both thank you if you’ve made a cash donation to us as our finances have been and continue to be challenged.  We thank you if you’ve sent emails, letters, cards, books or magazines to help sustain me here in this federal detention center, and to Share at home.  We live in gratitude every day for our many blessings far outnumber our injustices.  We live in gratitude for you, the friends we know and those we’ve yet to meet.  We ask our Judge, and then our jury for justice, and we ask you for your continued support.  Please search your conscience and, if spirit guides you, please make a contribution to our cause today.  I humbly ask you to make a generous donation and send it to:


Share Christie

P.O. Box 1643

Pahoa, Hawai’i 96778


If you need a tax deduction for your donation, please send it to:


Drug Sense

c/o “Roger Christie’s THC Ministry Case”

14252 Culver Drive 328

Irvine, California 92604-0326


Mahalo and aloha,


Roger and Share Christie


THC Ministry

[Liberate Roger Christie] on Facebook page

Radical ways of pushing legalization

September 11th, 2012 | By Pirate

So for many many years I listened to Russ Belville talking about “Legalize if for everyone”.  “Medicalization of marijuana is regressive”.   There were a whole lot of catch phrases used, personal insults dealt, and the main goal was always stated and restated  “lets legalize marijuana for everyone”.

During Prop19 there were a handful of medical marijuana patients/providers who rejected the notion of what was being proposed in Prop19, because it looked like a very ambiguous reach that could effect their medical grow rights and other issues relating to their medicine.

It was an honest concern for some, and it was blatant greed and exclusiveness for others.

But Russ took this as an attack on his freedom, and his work and made it very personal.
In radio interviews with other NORML folks, like Kevin Oliver and others it was always a big “us against them” type of thing.  This made for some pretty explosive conversations on the NORML Daily Audio Stash.   Aside from the name calling it was also just a way to belittle, berate and take frustions out on other activists from what I could tell.

This insult swap match reached all time lows as “Radical Russ” attacked Roger Christie in Hawaii in multiple posts.  One after another insulting Roger for taking donations.  Of which NORML did as well as many of their advertisers too.  But when Roger Christie did the same thing, it caused posts on the NORML stash titled such things as “The Church of Lighter Wallets”.

Mind you, Roger Christie has always been on board with what Russ proposed as “legalization for everyone”, and Roger to my knowledge had NEVER opposed any legalization initiative or movement.  In fact Roger often attended NORML conferences and supported NORML.

But in Roger’s time of need, when the authorities were persecuting him most, and before he was arrested for anything over a half a dozen posts on the NORML Stash blog, and several live broadcasts were launched against Roger for his religious beliefs and nothing else.

Russ claims that the attack was because Roger was taking donations for “get out of jail free cards”.  But up until that point and even some time after that Russ had advertisers on the NORML stash, as well as reports about and in favor of Medical Marijuana doctors and card issuers and it was never a problem for Russ to endorse, advertise and praise those folks who were issuing “get out of jail free cards” in regards to medical marijuana.

Fast forward a few years, and I-502 comes out, which is NOT AT ALL what Russ had been promoting for years prior to the release of I-502.   But Russ along with his friend Alison Holcomb at the ACLU started berating those opposed to I-502, who based on the restrictive, un-scietific, and regressive driving provisions reject the initiative.  But Russ’s take on it was “these people are just greedy patients”.  Saying that the reason people were opposing I-502 is because they are worried about their bottom line.  Alison Holcomb picked up on this, and waged the same kind of attack on those opposed to I-502.  Despite that she herself opposed EVERY other legalization initiative in Washington prior to I-502.  Not only did she not endorse or help those initiatives, she outright denounced them and rejected them.
Yet Russ didn’t complain too much about that.   He didn’t mention how much lawyers have to lose when cannabis is ACTUALLY legalized, or delve into the motives behind why the ACLU has remained practically silent on this major civil rights issue for over 75 years.  No Russ only had crass words for the pro-cannabis crowd.

Well this election season is no different.  Russ has complained several times about the OCTA 2012 (Measure 80 initiative) in his shock jock kind of way.  In fact I’ve recently started slipping when referring to Russ and the words have came out of my mouth “Russ Limbaugh”.

First it was that Measure 80 wasn’t going to make the ballot, and Russ thought that his devine wisdom in the form of insults could motivate the initiative drive and get Measure 80 on the ballot.
Well congrats Russ, your motivational speeches worked.  YOU did it!

Now that it is on the ballot, Russ is sure that he can push Measure 80 through by insulting Paul Stanford for throwing a cannabis festival outside of city limits rather than taking the platoform of Hempfest (which of course was a festival this year in solidarity mostly against Russ’s beloved I-502).
Not to mention Russ’s disapproval of the way Measure 80 has been funded and such.
RE:  While marijuana legalization campaign struggles, Oregon activists throw a smoke-in

I just wonder to myself after reading Russ’s biography.  About how he has had some superb jobs, some as an IT consultant, some as a Wall Street consultant, etc.   I just wonder with all of this excellent intellect and ability to influence financial firms and such.  Why isn’t Russ bank rolling these efforts?

I know that Russ has been taking a pay check for his efforts.  But if this was true activism, and if Russ is as good as he says he is.  Wouldn’t it make sense that Russ could use his financial wisdom to help rather than criticize?

Paul Stanford has dumped more money into legalization cannabis than anyone I know.  And there may be others, but I certainly don’t consider any efforts in I-502 to be working towards ending prohibition, especially when they are introducing many new prohibitions.   So in all of history I can’t think of anyone who is working towards personal grows, personal possession, personal distribution, etc any more than Paul Stanford.

So is this really the way to push legalization?  Insulting others.  Harming their reputation?  ralying his audience against this person or that person?   Or is that just mob mentality which places Russ at the helm of the mob, adding to just one more position on his long and impressive resume?

Although I don’t know how that would look on a resume or what job you would apply for in something like that.   “2008-2012  Worked at the front position of a mob to rally people against others who I disagree with”?

Maybe he could get a job with the League of Militant Atheists if they ever reorganize, now that Stalin is dead and all?   I wrote about that awhile back:  Is militant atheism a sore spot for the legalization movement?

But over all, I don’t see this Radical notion of “divide and conquer” helping the legalization movement.  Nor to I think consenting to new prohibitions is helping either such as is found in Initiative 502 in Washington state.

What would impress me however is if Russ dumped the kind of money many other activists that he is working against do into legalization.  I personally spent over 15% of my income for several years into this cause, despite having children and responsibility that Russ doesn’t have.  Which 15% isn’t nearly what Paul Stanford is pouring into this cause, but it is a good portion of Russ’s annual salary with NORML.  (according to what Russ revealed in his debate at the Baker Institute).

There are many people doing more than myself, more than most.  But certainly none that I know of that are doing more than Paul Stanford is.

So I think it really makes Russ lose credibility to insult people that are devoting their lives to ending prohibition and instead backing lawyers in the ACLU who have grossly ignored prohibition for over 75 years.

I don’t know if this is a pissing contest, or if Russ actually thinks this will help some how?
Point is I have to denounce this behavior because as Russ asserts, he is trying to be “The Voice of The Marijuana Nation”.  But his voice does not represent me at all.

However I have to give him credit for putting together a very professional show, and for presenting very good facts.  I just think his ambition to be a leader is contradicted by his inability to lead very well.



Personal insults helping legalization?

August 17th, 2012 | By Pirate

In recent months a lot of personal insults have been launched at the people opposed to I-502. I weighed in at Radical Russ’s blog where he was chastising Steve Elliot (“Tool of the Town” as Russ has coined him) for calling out Marc Emery and Jodie Emery for betraying the cannabis community.

Russ said:

“Yes, I am dismissing Ed Rosenthal and anyone else who is scaremongering about I-502. But I am not the one dissing or demonizing. I disagree with everyone who is involved with Hempfest who is against I-502. But I don’t call them “clueless Canadian prisoners in Mississippi”, “celebrity trophy wife”, or insinuate that their contrary opinion is due to some extortion or conspiracy. In fact, I still consider Viv, Douglas, and many others my friends and allies. Sometimes friends and allies still disagree.”

This was my reply to Russ, it is still “pending” at his blog. So I am also posting it on here incase it doesn’t get approved.

“Russ you may not be calling names now (and BTW- I am not fond of Steve Elliot). But don’t you remember the repeated attacks and name calling that you launched at Roger Christie? What about the Prop19 fights? You had a lot of derogatory things to say about cannabis activists then and now. You didn’t stoop completely down to Steve Elliots level, but what you have done on many occassions has hurt and divided the movement. As has what Marc Emery said a few months ago about Washington activists who oppose I502. What has name calling and personal insults accomplished?”

Ganja Jon (Jon Hamm) who is a co-host of Russ Belville starting threatening me in a recent conversation as well.

So don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house is my advice.

The Russ Belville Show starts June 4th 2008

May 20th, 2012 | By Pirate

Recently the NORML Network was cancelled. Since then Russ has been regrouping to do the Russ Belville show.
In an article on his website dated May 19th 2012, Russ asks “What would you like to see in The Russ Belville Show?”.

I think about Russ’s career in politics and the evolution of what was built at the NORML stash/NORML Live show.

First I think of when Russ drummed in the Obama presidency and campaign for Barack Obama.
As if Russ couldn’t tell that Obama was an establishment politician? Well either he was ok with that, or he was naive about how Barack Obama would change.

When Russ was drumming in the Obama administration, I was asking Obama if he was going to be a liar, which I suspected that he would.

This is Russ’s speech about Barack Obama in October 2008.

This was my video addressing Barack Obama in December 2008.

In Russ’s video he praises Barack Obama without hesitation.

In my video I point out how Barack Obama campaigns on a marijuana platform of decriminalization, and “leave patients alone” and such. He also chides his opponents for not being forthcoming and not keeping their promises. I point out that I did not support Barack Obama, but instead I supported Ralph Nader and that while I appreciate Barack Obama as president, I want to see him be forthright and honest (just like he insisted that Hillary Clinton do).

Well in the end Barack Obama lied. He didn’t keep his promises in the least, and laughed at any questions that came his way regarding cannabis.

For a few years Russ talked a good game, and worked diligently to unite the community and share essential information about cannabis.
Around the year 2010 that started to change, and we started seeing constant attacks on Roger Christie and other people with religious faith.
The division in the cannabis community became more pronounced with Proposition 19 and the name calling and infighting that was launched from the NORML camp.
Then with I-502, more of the same insults, and personal attacks on opponents.

Fast forward to a week ago when it was announced that Russ Belville would not be doing the NORML network anymore but instead would just be doing the 30 minute podcast.

Now Russ asks what people would like to see in the new Russ Belville show that will start up on June 4th 2012. This is his questionnaire:

This is my response to Russ via his contact form:

Name: Ryan Thompson
What are your favorite parts of the show that should absolutely remain the same?: I love the in-depth facts about current cannabis news and legislation, I love the different voices and opinions on the topics as well.
What time would be best for you to catch the show live?: 5pm Pacific
The show will expand topics beyond just marijuana law reform, what do you think of that?: Excellent – marijuana reform is just one of many issues of personal freedom
If the show is going to be streaming in 720p HD, is that going to be a problem for your computer and bandwidth?: Maybe / I don’t know
What are your least favorite parts of the show that should be abolished immediately? (It’s just you and me – be honest, but constructive.): I don’t like the lack of objectivity when it comes to opposing points of view, for example to the infighting with the Prop19 opponents (I was a supporter of Prop19) and the disparaging words and rage against I-502 descenders (I am one of those). The facts are great. Presenting both sides is great. But the personal rage and slant on those topics make your show EXTREMELY hard to listen to, and in the past 18 months I have only listened to your show many 5 times. Where as before I listened to your show almost daily.
Anything else?: You are a smart guy, a professional broadcaster, and I am glad that you do what you do. Please be more respectful to religion, libertarian ideals, and people who disagree with you.

For further information about what I mean when I compared Chris Goldstein to Russ Belville. Chris Goldstein started the NORML Daily Audio Stash and later became a chapter president in New Jersey.
Chris Goldstein’s interview with Ron Paul in 2007 is what made me aware of NORML and had a lot to do with me becoming a supporter.

This is my video response to Russ’s questionnaire:

This is the interview that inspired me to become a supporter of NORML:
Ron Paul on NORML May 24th 2007

part 1:
part 2:

In the end I wish Russ the best. I won’t be sad to see several of the NORML Live guest hosts go.
I think that this will be a good change for NORML and for Russ.

National Defense Authorization Act The Roger Christie Test Run

December 12th, 2011 | By Pirate

It has been long over a year now and Roger Christie is still locked up with no bail, trying to prepare for a trial while behind bars for a victimless crime. To me this type of imprisonment without habeas corpus is a test run for the newly proposed National Defense Authorization Act. A measure that Congress is proposing allowing indefinite detentions of Americans by the U.S. military
If you are unaware of what this is exactly, see the following link:

I haven’t had contact directly with Reverend Roger Christie, but I did find these statements at Cannabis Culture’s website from last year:

Cannabis Culture has been in contact with Christie from behind bars and presents his response:

1.) Why I live and breathe and work and fight for sacramental Cannabis is because it’s MY TRUTH. My truth leads me to my actions in this big and important part of my life. I knew the risk of being public with my sacramental use. I remain steadfast in my personal and professional spiritual/religious convictions.

2.) a. I’m not a “self-styled Minister”, I was trained and lived as a Practitioner in Religious Science for six years. Then I joined the Religion of Jesus Church in Hawai’i, a church that has multiple stipulations from Hawaii State courts as being “bona fide” where its members were “sincere in their use of marijuana as a sacrament”. Hawaii v. Shields, and Hawaii v. Adler, etc.

b. After being a member of the Religion of Jesus Church for seven years I was ordained as a Minister to further the mission and the teachings. I created the THC Ministry as a non-demoninational organization according to my evolving personal spirituality.

c. My ordainment was legal enough for the State of Hawaii to license me for life specifically as a “Cannabis sacrament” Minister to perform the marriage ceremony. It’s the first such designation in the USA that I’m aware of, and that state recognition effectively legitimized my ordainment and my mission.

d. As a Minister I perform legal weddings, conduct baptisms, funerals, and offer counseling and communion fellowship with members. Try performing a funeral for three hundred people in a large family ohana in Hawai’i and then tell me you’re not a real Minister.

3.) a. I sought recognition (Declaratory Relief and Permanent Injunction) in the US Federal Courts in 2004 when I told them in writing that I operated a therapeutic Cannabis Ministry requiring large amounts of Cannabis in order to make the holy anointing oil and tinctures, etc. I didn’t ask their permission, as the Creator gave me the right to do this. I asked that they respect my Ministry rights according to the letter and spirit of the Constitution and the law. They let me operate for over four happy years after that constructive notice with zero investigation on their part.

b. I feel I’m in a better position now because I’m not asking for anything from the prohibitionist US government except a fair trial with a jury of my peers to decide if I’m guilty or innocent of the charges against me beyond a reasonable doubt. Could I win? Of course I could! What would that look like? Immunity from prosecution to operate the THC Ministry.

I’m putting my faith and my life in the hands of the jury system of the USA to nullify the charges against me. See for details.

4.) I only know of one other person in jail in the THC Ministry. This member of ours lost his case because the Judge refused to hear his religious defense. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth was NOT allowed to be heard in that court.

All the best to everyone!
Roger Christie, Founder
THC Ministry

Click here to go to the THC Ministry website


If Roger’s imprisonment is not absolutely horrific to anyone who cares about human rights, liberty, or our constitution then most anything will be able to be ignored in regards to civil liberties violations.   That’s right, just turn on the football game, crack open a beer, and just know that all is well in the world because you gots yours.

If you do care, please at least sign this petition;

The U.S. Senate: Release Rev Roger Christie jailed a year no bail – gave cannabis at church

Also please watch this video to learn how others have asserted their religious freedom and won in court.

Sensi Life Radio – July 22nd 6am Morning Show

July 22nd, 2011 | By Pirate

Sensi Life Radio 6am Friday 7/22/2011

Talking about the indictments in Spokane, the show from yesterday with Heath and Darby, the hemp dome, and Ryan and Kim’s baby to be born soon.

Talking also about 5ng blood limits proposed by “New Approach Washington”, and the strange occurrences in the efforts in WA from some activists.

Listen to internet radio with xcannabis on Blog Talk Radio


I-502-Factsheet-DUI   From New Approach Washington

See this study by the BBC

See this report about Colorado’s similar proposal:

Lifting up in prayer the following:

Dennis Whited
Jerry Laberdee
Russell Blake
Charles Wright
Jon Vivian
Roger Christie
Marc Emery


Further reading, info about the ASA organization and the Spokane Chapter:

My issue with the ASA in Spokane, and when it started:

Interview with New Jersey Activist about Medical Marijuana Law passed in 2010

July 16th, 2011 | By Pirate

The medical marijuana law passed in January 2010 in New Jersey;  The New Jersey Compassionate Medical Marijuana Use Act was touted by legislatures as ‘the most restrictive’ medical marijuana law in the country.  Now over a year and a half later the evidence of that is obvious, as New Jersey still does not have access to medical marijuana, and under the law there are no provisions for growing cannabis for personal use.  The 6 designated state facilities for dispensing cannabis have not been established, and recently the NJ governor said that this law would be put on hold.

“The federal government is saying medical marijuana is against the law,” Christie said in an appearance on the “On the Line” call-in show, which was televised tonight on New Jersey Network and streamed live on “Until I get that assurance, I cannot ask people to do things that they might get prosecuted by federal prosecutors.”

See also:

On July 14th Rev. Ryan interviewed AJ Ballinger a patient and cannabis activist from New Jersey.

See an article that featured words by AJ Ballinger from a meeting on this subject in Treton.  Page 4 of the Daily Targum:

What AJ says in this meeting is true all over the country in regard to this topic:

A.J. Ballinger, an unemployed veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, expressed his disapproval of the proposed regulations.

“I am done,” Ballinger said. “I cannot sit here and wait for you guys to figure out the most lucrative system to be put in place when you’re talking about my mental health, my family name.”

I feel AJ’s pain, and I was proud to interview this Marine vet who needs access to safe and effective medicine.

Listen to our show from 7/14/11

Listen to xcannabis on Blog Talk Radio

We look forward to having AJ on the show again for a good news update in New Jersey.  Please write your representatives in New Jersey in favor of medical marijuana and let them know this is important to the voters and important to the health of patients.

We’d like to thank our vets for there service!  If a man/woman can die for his/her country, surely they should be allowed to get high in their country.  What good is liberty without the right to choose what you put in your own body in the privacy of your own home without feat of arrest, raids, or asset forfeiture?!

Roger Christie locked up for over a year now without bail and without conviction

July 9th, 2011 | By Pirate

For over one year now the US government as attempted to make a dreary example of what happens to you if you choose to participate in a religion that is not of their liking.  For over one year now Roger Christie has been sitting in a federal detention center without a conviction and without bail.
Roger has not accepted any plea deals that several of the other Green 14 are currently in negotiations of accepting.

In light of a grass-roots effort to re-classify marijuana as a far less dangerous Schedule III drug, Christie himself has optimistically named his current ordeal “the last marijuana trial.”

“If that is,” Christie writes, “then Cannabis MUST (his emphasis) be legal, at least for religious uses in the USA federal system, and in all the states. That solid information could, would and should make for ‘the last marijuana trial,’ like there was a ‘last witch hunt’ back a few centuries ago.”

We hope and pray that the almighty God continues to bless this world with Reverend Roger Christie’s inspiring words and compassion for those in need.  Roger has inspired many, and has not hurt a soul.

Top 10 Ways to Help Roger Christie:

1.) Write a letter or postcard to Roger. Roger has ZERO internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc. He only has Corrlinks which is a limited Email program. If you are nervous about the return address, then try sending a postcard. SnailMail is Roger’s fresh air and sunshine since he zero has access to outdoors at the Honolulu FDC. You can send books to Roger but they MUST come directly from Amazon or the publisher. But ask Hokulani or Share before you send, since Roger may have an explicit request or he may already have the book you want to send. Just send us a Facebook message if you want to mail him a book and we will give you the details.
His address is :
Roger Christie
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Unit 5B
PO BOX 30080
Honolulu, HI 96820

2.) Write Letters of testimony on how Roger has helped you or touched your life.

Send it to:
c/o Roger Christie
PO Box 202
Hilo, HI 96721

3.) Print up and hand out the GOD WANTED flyers to churches, etc.

4.) Write you Congressperson regarding Bill 2306. This the legalization bill that Ron Paul and Barney Frank are presenting to the Congress. Lamar Smith of Texas particularly needs to be written since he refuses to let this be heard before the House Judicial Committee.

5.) Send a donation to the Last marijuana trial website.

6.) Read and study, then practice Self-I-Dentity. Ho’oponopono.

7.) Write a letter of support to Editors of Hilo and Honolulu newspapers and please

show good manners and respect, etc. (Per Roger!)

8. Send $$$$ to Roger to this location:

Federal Bureau of Prisons

Roger Christie


Post Office Box 474701

Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001

The deposit must be in the form of a money order made out to the inmate’s full committed name and complete eight-digit register number.

9. Support Cannabis Liberation organizations, online, in person, etc.

Write, write, write!

10. Visualize Roger’s Freedom. And daily prayer right after that 420 break!

Sensi Life Radio going on hiatus

February 21st, 2011 | By Pirate

There are seasons for everything.  It is now the season for Reverend Ryan of Sensi Life radio to take this season seriously. 
It is a season in my wife’s and my life where we are preparing for a baby and building on our property.

Sensi Life Radio has been a very good outlet for me during a hard time in my life.   It also has been a great learning experience as I have interviewed and discussed topic with over a dozen amazing guests!   We are so very grateful for all of the people who came on and told their stories and shared their pain regarding their experience with prohibition.   It has inspired me to continue to work on freedom issues, and I am encouraged to continue even strong  with the National Initiative for Democracy.   (  as it is obvious that the only way the people are able to attain freedom, is through the initiative process.  We have initiative processes at the state level for many (but not all) states.  Why should we not have that same representation at the federal level?  I have also learned a lot about hemp and the benefits of growing hemp for our environment, some that I knew before and some that I didn’t know and I am glad to learn.   I have learned how many people have it worse with prohibition than I have and my heart breaks for them, furthering my desire for legalization!   There are so many lessons and strengths that I have gained from this radio station.   Thank you for everyone all around the world who are working for freedom!

This is how the radio show started up.

I have been posting at and supporting NORML for several years.
I was irritated with a conversation that included negative comments about freedom fighter Roger Christie.

After many pleas to Russ Belville to have him interview Chris Bennett or someone who can speak for Roger while he is in jail, and we were shut down.  No interview would be taking place on the NORML stash, despite that there were 8 posts by the host in the blog about Roger Christie, several radio shows, and most all of it was extremely negative, practically calling Roger Christie a crook.   Chris Bennett who is a world renown scholar, an author of several published books on cannabis, and a friend of Roger Christie going back 20 years or more.  Yet NORML wouldn’t give the topic any dialog it was ALL one sided.

So then I was invited to be on a few radio shows via Ray Christl who also is friends with Roger Christie.  I did a radio show with Clayton Douglas and Ray Christl on The Free American show.   After awhile it was pretty obvious that Clayton was a racist.  So then I went out to other radio stations and I got interviewed by Matti C with Liberty Talk Radio.   I also did a few radio call ins and got a good dialog going on other radio shows.

After awhile I realized that I need to get a schedule together, because I didn’t have time to bend to other people’s schedules.
So I started the website and I put together software for server on our web hosting server to stream audio, and to be able to interview folks I spliced in an account from

We have put a lot of info on   and we encourage you to take a look at the information that we have had shared on Sensi Life!

So after only 26 episodes it is time to take on my responsibilities to my family, my new baby on the way, and building our house in California.

We will be back eventually, and in the mean time please continue to fight for freedom!

We also have all of our episodes available for download from iTunes.

BTW-  We have a few more shows left, but by March we are going to retire from the radio for awhile.   Our replays will be available from and we also may have other hosts, that is to be decided stil.

The Free American – THC MINISTRY HOUR 2nd Hour part 2

The Free American – THC MINISTRY HOUR 2nd Hour part 3

Prison Style Strip search of a 7 year old boy at SLC International Airport 2,333 views –