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Sensi Life Radio going on hiatus

February 21st, 2011 | By Pirate

There are seasons for everything.  It is now the season for Reverend Ryan of Sensi Life radio to take this season seriously. 
It is a season in my wife’s and my life where we are preparing for a baby and building on our property.

Sensi Life Radio has been a very good outlet for me during a hard time in my life.   It also has been a great learning experience as I have interviewed and discussed topic with over a dozen amazing guests!   We are so very grateful for all of the people who came on and told their stories and shared their pain regarding their experience with prohibition.   It has inspired me to continue to work on freedom issues, and I am encouraged to continue even strong  with the National Initiative for Democracy.   (  as it is obvious that the only way the people are able to attain freedom, is through the initiative process.  We have initiative processes at the state level for many (but not all) states.  Why should we not have that same representation at the federal level?  I have also learned a lot about hemp and the benefits of growing hemp for our environment, some that I knew before and some that I didn’t know and I am glad to learn.   I have learned how many people have it worse with prohibition than I have and my heart breaks for them, furthering my desire for legalization!   There are so many lessons and strengths that I have gained from this radio station.   Thank you for everyone all around the world who are working for freedom!

This is how the radio show started up.

I have been posting at and supporting NORML for several years.
I was irritated with a conversation that included negative comments about freedom fighter Roger Christie.

After many pleas to Russ Belville to have him interview Chris Bennett or someone who can speak for Roger while he is in jail, and we were shut down.  No interview would be taking place on the NORML stash, despite that there were 8 posts by the host in the blog about Roger Christie, several radio shows, and most all of it was extremely negative, practically calling Roger Christie a crook.   Chris Bennett who is a world renown scholar, an author of several published books on cannabis, and a friend of Roger Christie going back 20 years or more.  Yet NORML wouldn’t give the topic any dialog it was ALL one sided.

So then I was invited to be on a few radio shows via Ray Christl who also is friends with Roger Christie.  I did a radio show with Clayton Douglas and Ray Christl on The Free American show.   After awhile it was pretty obvious that Clayton was a racist.  So then I went out to other radio stations and I got interviewed by Matti C with Liberty Talk Radio.   I also did a few radio call ins and got a good dialog going on other radio shows.

After awhile I realized that I need to get a schedule together, because I didn’t have time to bend to other people’s schedules.
So I started the website and I put together software for server on our web hosting server to stream audio, and to be able to interview folks I spliced in an account from

We have put a lot of info on   and we encourage you to take a look at the information that we have had shared on Sensi Life!

So after only 26 episodes it is time to take on my responsibilities to my family, my new baby on the way, and building our house in California.

We will be back eventually, and in the mean time please continue to fight for freedom!

We also have all of our episodes available for download from iTunes.

BTW-  We have a few more shows left, but by March we are going to retire from the radio for awhile.   Our replays will be available from and we also may have other hosts, that is to be decided stil.

The Free American – THC MINISTRY HOUR 2nd Hour part 2

The Free American – THC MINISTRY HOUR 2nd Hour part 3

Prison Style Strip search of a 7 year old boy at SLC International Airport 2,333 views –

Radio News from Sensi Life 1/16/11

January 16th, 2011 | By Pirate

We have had a lot of new events on Sensi Life radio.  I had a great time talking to Justin Prince from Tacoma Hemp Company on 1/12/11, we spoke about his arrest from July 2010 when the police set up a fake patient, with fake paperwork and a fake doctor and arrest Justin because they (the police) broke the law.   We spoke about how it’s a paradox when if anyone else but the police were to make fake MMJ papers, they would be guilty of a felony.

Yesterday we spoke to an awesome ganja souljah Christopher Campbell.   We spoke about the movement as a whole, as well as some of the religious and medical aspects of cannabis.  It was great getting to know the prospective of someone relatively new to the movement.

Next week we have legendary scholar Chris Bennett on 1/18/11 @ 2pm.   Chris is well educated, well written and well known for being an all around cannabis scholar.  Chris is also a publisher of many books on cannabis and religion aspects of cannabis.   It will be a great treat for myself and our audience to learn more about Chris.  I have referenced Chis and his work for years!

More news about Senate Bill 5073 and House Bill 1100 in Washington that redefines the medical marijuana law in Washington state as currently defined in 69.51a.

The latest versions can be found  here and here.

NORML posted about this on their blog as well.  Russ Bellville, Paul Armentano and I all discussed this a little at the stash blog.

I made a video recording to respond to Russ because I don’t think I was communicating to him very clearly, as it seemed when he responded several times he asserted that he understood my point of view and defined it in our conversation but I think he got it wrong several times.  I figured I could speak it to him better than type it to him.

We have also recently opened up 6 ad spots on our radio and blog network.

Thanks to Jared Allaway for his donation!   We also have Jared scheduled for an upcoming interview.
See our Radio calendar for details:

Christopher John Campbell  1/15/11  @4pm

Chris Bennett  1/18/11   @ 2pm

Craig X Ruben 1/19/11  @2pm

John Novak 1/29/2011 @ 4pm

Jared Allaway 2/5/2011 @ 4pm

Past shows this month

Ray Christl 1/8/11 4pm

Don Skakie 1/11/11 2pm

Justin Prince 1/12/2011 @ 2pm

The Free American Hour (THC MINISTRY HOUR) with Reverend Ryan

December 1st, 2010 | By Pirate

This is an interview that I did today on The Free American show with Reverend Clayton Douglas and Reverend Ray Christl.

This episode is about religious freedom and the freedom of Roger Christie organizer of the THC MINISTRY Hawaii.

Please visit

To help Reverend Roger please visit

7 AM Pacific Time
Call In Number is 520-413-2397

Topic: Free Reverend Roger Christie

Future Guests (Wednesdays)
Rev Chris Bennett Phd
Paul Stanford of the THCF Clinic

I do have to admit to something that I misspoke, and I am going to respost these on youtube, and Im going to make a correction.

I said “my dad grew up in Georgia” he did not, he grew up in the Utah west desert living on the land as far as he described it.
But he served in the military and had advanced training in the Georgia Okie Fanokie swamp.
I always was told different things about the branch of service that he was in, but he had a “Screaming Eagle” ranger tattoo on his left arm, and he once told me he was with the 101st. Other people have told me that wasn’t true. I don’t know for sure because he’s not with us any more. But he was a patriot, and a hard working man, and I know that from first hand experience.

But those two corrections I thought needed to be made. Because I misspoke. Dad said when he was in Georgia that the people that he had working for his laundry mat, broke in and stole everything when the MLK riots broke out. Again, I don’t know if that was an exaggeration or the real deal. But that was the point of the story, is that I believe my dad developed his racism legitimately in some ways, but sort of projected that to me growing up. He named our dog “Spook” and made racist jokes constantly about that dog.

So when I talk about how I broke away from my racist ideals, that and of course Mormon doctrine is what I am speaking of.
My dad was married in the temple, a goal he tried to achieve his whole life, some of that trying included breaking his addiction to alcohol, and stopping smoking tobacco which are two things that disqualify a person from getting a temple recommend.
He did accomplish that and married my mom in the temple when he was 60 years old. RIP dad.

Roger Christie’s response to Radical Russ

November 18th, 2010 | By Pirate

To give a little context, Radical Russ (Belville) has written several arguments regarding Roger Christie.  Not just his recent case, but about Roger Christie in general.   I won’t speak for Russ, but here are some links to this articles.

  • On Religious Use of Cannabis

  • By “Radical” Russ Belville on November 16, 2010

    Stash for Mon, Jul 19, 2010

  • By “Radical” Russ Belville on July 19, 2010

    Roger Christie’s THC Ministry raided by the DEA

  • By “Radical” Russ Belville on March 11, 2010

    Yet another member of the Church of Lighter Wallets about to lose a religious use marijuana case

    By “Radical” Russ Belville on March 9, 2010

  • This was sent to me by Chris Bennett, who is also a cannabis minister and a friend of Roger Christie.

    Roger’s response
    Hi Chris,

    Aloha. Thanks for forwarding this piece from Rad Russ.

    1.) Why I live and breathe and work and fight for sacramental Cannabis is because it’s MY TRUTH. My truth leads me to my actions in this big and important part of my life. I knew the risk of being public with my sacramental use. I remain steadfast in my personal and professional spiritual/religious convictions.

    2.) a. I’m not a “self-styled Minister”, I was trained and lived as a Practitioner in Religious Science for six years. Then I joined the Religion of Jesus Church in Hawai’i, a church that has multiple stipulations from Hawaii State courts as being “bona fide” where its members were “sincere in their use of marijuana as a sacrament”. Hawaii v. Shields, and Hawaii v. Adler, etc.

    b. After being a member of the Religion of Jesus Church for seven years I was ordained as a Minister to further the mission and the teachings. I created the THC Ministry as a non-demoninational organization according to my evolving personal spirituality.

    c. My ordainment was legal enough for the State of Hawaii to license me for life specifically as a “Cannabis sacrament” Minister to perform the marriage ceremony. It’s the first such designation in the USA that I’m aware of, and that state recognition effectively legitimized my ordainment and my mission.

    d. As a Minister I perform legal weddings, conduct baptisms, funerals, and offer counseling and communion fellowship with members. Try performing a funeral for three hundred people in a large family ohana in Hawai’i and then tell me you’re not a real Minister.

    3. a. I sought recognition (Declaratory Relief and Permanent Injunction) in the US Federal Courts in 2004 when I told them in writing that I operated a therapeutic Cannabis Ministry requiring large amounts of Cannabis in order to make the holy anointing oil and tinctures, etc. I didn’t ask their permission, as the Creator gave me the right to do this. I asked that they respect my Ministry rights according to the letter and spirit of the Constitution and the law. They let me operate for over four happy years after that constructive notice with zero investigation on their part.

    b. I feel I’m in a better position now because I’m not asking for anything from the prohibitionist US government except a fair trial with a jury of my peers to decide if I’m guilty or innocent of the charges against me beyond a reasonable doubt. Could I win? Of course I could! What would that look like? Immunity from prosecution to operate the THC Ministry.

    I’m putting my faith and my life in the hands of the jury system of the USA to nullify the charges against me. See for details.

    4.) I only know of one other person in jail in the THC Ministry. This member of ours lost his case because the Judge refused to hear his religious defense. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth was NOT allowed to be heard in that court.

    All the best to everyone!

    Roger Christie, Founder

    THC Ministry

    This is a recent article by Allen St. Pierre of NORML;

    I do not endorse or agree with any of the negative articles about Roger Christie!
    We love you Roger!  We are praying for you!