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Socialism or Capitalism for the next election

July 28th, 2013 | By Pirate

I am going to pretend for a moment that we actually have a choice in our elections, and that our economy is not controlled by a 1000 year old monarchy.  I am going to pretend that the central banking system known as the Federal Reserve is not financing both sides of the elections in this two party system for a minute.

My question is what will the next election look like for capitalism or socialism?  Are we heading for more socialism as we have saw increase in the last 50+ years?  We seem to keep getting more and more socialism, slowly, sort of like how you cook a frog as it is described, turning the heat up slowly so the frog doesn’t hop out.

From 1913 really, we have saw our local funds go to a centralized source via the Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Act.   But what fruits have we saw this centralization produce, and do we want more of these fruits?

We can talk about inflation, which is not a tricky subject.  This is very simple.  Since the Federal Reserve took over our currency, and since the dollar moved away from being redeemable in precious metals, inflation has came from the devaluation of our currency.   The more currency they print, the less the dollar is worth.  When the dollar is worth less, things cost more.  To quote Ron Paul “inflation is a tax itself”.

There are a few places you can research this that I would recommend.


This is a good and short educational video on Youtube to explain inflation;

Inflation really hurts the poor.  For example with gas prices.  When Obama got into office, gas prices were around $2 per gallon, and now gas prices are over $4 per gallon.   $4 is a lot of money to many people.  So inflation hurts.

When the government spends more money, the value of the money that we have is worth less.

So it would be crazy to think that the government spending money on things like healthcare, or wars, or whatever is going to help anyone.  Even if you are getting a “free Obama phone” or free healthcare, or a free ____you fill in the blank___, it doesn’t really help you, or your children, or their children in the long run.   Because even though you are getting something for “free”, the price of everything else goes up.  Things that are important, like energy and food.   We may think a dozen free cells phones are a necessary or an important thing, but that offsets the price of other critical commodities by more because our dollar is worth less and less the more the government spends.

Gas Prices

I have continuously said that I am ok with socialism as long as it is voluntary.   If people like George Soros, or Bill Gates, or Warren Buffet, or even a smaller income producers like Jared Allway, or Russ Belville who want to contribute voluntarily to a government healthcare insurance program, and if they elect to use the government insurance option.   That is fine in my opinion.   And they could even choose to pay more.  Like Warren Buffet was recently complaining about how he pays less taxes than his secretary.   Well they could be allowed to pay as much as they want above and beyond the standard cost for these programs.

But like the Amish with Social Security, people who did not want to use the government insurance program, could elect to opt out.  They would agree to not get the benefits, however they would not be forced (by means of violence, kidnapping and imprisonment) to pay for a program that they didn’t believe in.

If this was the model, then we could hold the government accountable if they were wasting our money, or borrowing from a fund without our consent.   If the government did ______, and the subscribers of the program went to a different program instead, then it may make the government reanalyze their actions in running the insurance that they are providing.

But with most government managed programs, there is no choice.  We simply have to accept it, or go to jail for not paying.  They can borrow trillions of dollars from social programs to fund wars or any number of things, and we just have to accept it.

But with private companies (so long as the government hasn’t created regulations that make certain companies a monopoly or an oligopoly), if a person is unsatisfied with the service, they can simply cancel their policy and move to another company.  That keeps the rates, and the service in check.   If one company is not providing a good service, and another company comes in and provides a better service and the first company starts losing business.  Then to compete the company that was offering poor service, has incentive to offer better service (which is to get their customers back).

There is no accountability in government, or very little anyway.  Especially when they mandate this or mandate that.  If the government forces us to pay for an insurance plan, or else.  Then there is not free market incentives for the government to offer a better service, or to handle our money better.

Just like with the Department of Education, since 1980 when the Department of Education was introduced, our standards of education has significantly dropped compared to the world.   We have significantly dropped in all most all subjects of education.   See more here;

My advice is to compare how the USA ranked before Socialism and Crony Capitalism was introduced, to now.
The USA was doing much better, and was top in the world for having the largest middle class, the least income disparity, the best healthcare services, the most available healthcare services, the least poverty, etc..   The USA has NEVER been perfect, nor do I think we ever could be.  But I know for a fact that the USA did much better without all of the socialism and crony capitalism.

A solution that I believe in, is to keep our money local and stop sending it to the Federal government.  It has worked well for us in the past.   So I insist on ending the Federal Reserve Act, and the Income Tax Act (both the 1913 version and the 1961 version).

It would take an Act of Congress, but the Campaign For Liberty has had many proposals for this, and it CAN be done!

Think about this in the next election!

Reference to Barack Obama admitting he is a socialist (and many of his colleagues are as well)

Why the free market is so important to my family and yours (pre-wreck prophecy)

July 9th, 2013 | By Pirate

Why the free market is so important to my family and yours (pre-wreck prophecy)

I made this video exactly one month before I got in a terrible accident in which one person died, and I barely lived.
I practically predicted this accident.  It’s crazy.  Pay attention to minute 4:50 and beyond.
Then see this about my accident exactly one month later:  Denied the ability to serve again

The point of the video was to explain how inflation affects the poor most, and when the government spends a ton of money, that drastically effects inflation.

When mandates and government force says “You must do or else”, that is reason enough to resist socialism.  But beyond that, socialism is unsustainable.  We can not continue to give corporate welfare, and social welfare and continue to live with our present standard of living.

I speak about how health care has changed for us. even though I work for the same company, our benefits continue to cost more, and our return on this investment keeps getting less and less.   Insurance is too expensive to maintain under Obama care.

Capitalism in Cuba

June 29th, 2013 | By Pirate

Capitalism in Cuba

Wishes his people weren’t so happy About Capitalism In Cuba — X Cannabis – Freedom Can’t Exist If Nature is Illegal

It is said that the government officials are sad because this is a revolution of capitalism that hasn’t existed in Cuba since Fidel Castro’s revolution in the 1960’s.


Penn Jillette lays down a wonderful case for libertarianism

October 16th, 2012 | By Pirate

I fully agree with Penn in all that he said in this video.   I know I disagree with Penn Jillette on many topics, but politically he and I are in a very close alignment.   Faith, God, theism is something that he and I have a minor divide, though a lot of what he says about the Bible is both clever and funny, I think it is incorrect and not closely analyzed by the statements that he sometimes makes.

However what he says about “People think that if you are libertarian that you just want what happened in the Bush years to continue…  …  every libertarian I know HATED the Bush administration”..  He goes on to explain how there were a lot of misconceptions that the Bush administration was libertarian, which is not true.   But in some ways, Bush was far more liberty conscious than Obama, seeing that Obama has 60 times more federal indictments under his belt in just 4 years, than Bush had in all 8 of his.  SIXTY TIMES is significant coming from the presidential candidate that was campaigning on a pro-pot platform.

But what we have in this country is croney-capitalism + socialism, and the libertarian representation in this country is faltering.  Our country is less free market, and less libertarian than 18 other countries in the world in regard to economic freedom.   When our country was strong, and we had less poor people and less deficit we were much much more libertarian.   When our country started falling to pieces we had been going down the road to socialism for about 80 years.   Now we are seeing the harvest from all of this socialism, and it isn’t looking pretty IMHO.

Anyway, here is Penn Jillet with “Penn Jillette: Reconciling Atheism with Libertarianism ”

Publicly traded cannabis company CBIS

September 9th, 2012 | By Pirate

I have been a supporter of the free market, of capitalism, and of letting people be free to decide their future. I think capitalism is useful to drive good things in society, and that has been one of my main talking points on capitalism vs. socialism.

I was recently informed about a company that is based in cannabis science (medical marijuana) by Mimi Meiwes on a facebook conversation who recently put for a cannabis initiative in 1208 for further decriminalization of cannabis in Washington I-1208 aka The Washington State Safe Cannabis Act.

I was pleased to read up on this tip. This company is doing really great things.

This company has shown up in the news a lot as of late and until now it eluded my radar.  So I wanted to bring this information to other people whom it has eluded as well.

This was from a few months ago:   Dr. Robert Melamede, CEO, Cannabis Science, Presents at World AIDS Institute Legislative Briefing

“Cannabis Science Inc., (CBIS) on Friday, July 20th Robert Melamede PhD, CEO of Cannabis Science presented at the Treatment Horizons Briefing at the Rayburn Legislative Office Building in Washington D.C, sponsored by Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL) and Rep Bobby Rush (D-IL) for an audience of congressional staffers on the utility of CS-TATI-1, a unique antiviral approach to reduce the expression of viral diversity undermining the efficacy of HART through out global treatment programs. “


This financial report/interview is from the first of the year:

It is still my point of view that the market drives progress!

Frustrated with our laws and our hiearchy

June 22nd, 2012 | By Pirate

I can’t hide it, I am becoming more and more disappointed by the system we live in. Just a few facts and this may help you understand why.

  •  Our GDP per year is less than our debt.
  • We have more people in prison in the USA than in anywhere in the world. The statistics are somewhere close to this. We have five percent of the worlds population. Yet we have 25% of the worlds prison population.
  • Our leadership is becoming more and more corrupt, and getting away with it.
  •  Its strange yet obvious to me now, that we still live in a monarchy.

References point by point.



I wonder Mitt Romney is related to John “Lackland” Plantagent (British King 1199-1215ad)

This is why I favor libertarianism over what Romney or Obama, or any of the ‘establishment types’ favor (crony capitalism & socialism which are very similar).

In a libertarian society you can voluntarily and legally be a socialist.  But in a socialist society it is mostly illegal to be libertarian.

Libertarianism does not mean -no government-, it just means a more restrained government and respect for personal liberties.

This is an excellent speech that Ron Paul gave on the matter, of how libertarianism tolerates other philosophies and is very respectful of other beliefs.  Where as socialism is very intolerant of competing ideologies and such.

Ron Paul- Socialism in a Libertarian society vs Libertarianism in a Socialist society

This is a productive, and advanced society that practiced libertarianism and a very pure form of it at that, and they lasted this way for almost 1000 years. Ancient Ireland>

But there are many different varieties of libertarianism. That competition in itself is a demonstration of the free market and how it balances out struggles in society. Most libertarians work well with other libertarians, being that so much of their beliefs regardless of what you believe in many areas are similar and the same in many cases. One thing seems to be accepted by all formats, is that personal/civil liberties, and personal accountability is key to a free society, and libertarians tend to believe based on historical and modern day research that libertarianism and capitalism are a stronger driving force for innovation and productivity than is socialism.
But then there are the ‘social-libertarians’ or whatever that means. But they tend to believe in both socialism to some degrees, and libertarianism in regards to personal liberties.

This link may help sort it out a little.
All I know is something needs to change, and as far as the presidential election is concerned, Romney and Obama are both on the same payroll.  Just follow the money!

Taxing medicine is immoral.

November 4th, 2010 | By Pirate

This is a point that I hear from the opposing side of Prop19.

A no on 19er said this to me in a conversation about why he opposes Prop19 today.

“”Taxing medicine is immoral. Why are you trying to take the ‘medical’ out of ‘marijuana’? Why do you want to punish the sick and dying?”

There was a lot more to it, and I have a PDF of the whole conversation.  But that is a point not only voiced by him, but Dragonfly and others have voiced that opinion as well.

My response is:

But Prop19 wasn’t responsible for taxing marijuana. What I am saying is Prop 215 is not going to do th…ese to things for you EITHER:

1. Prop215 does not save you from capitalism, or large scale grow ops.

2. Prop215 does not exclude you from paying any taxes.

Everyone is complaining because Prop19 talked about taxes, and regulation.

Well millions and millions of dollars have been paid on marijuana in California. Thats a fact. And there are tax laws that do govern marijuana in California.   Check this:
To this day there is not a single law that excludes marijuana from being taxed in California, with exception to the non-profit laws.
Prop 19 did not change the non-profit (501c) laws in any way shape for form.
So these non-profit collectives that have not been paying taxes on marijuana, that would continue to be the case. Non-profits would still maintain their rights as non-profits.

What I am saying is not that I want to cause ANY malice to patients.
What I am saying is that Prop 19 did not effect Prop215. And Prop19 gave rights, it did not take any away.

The hysteria that you are stirring up is what concerns me.

If you think Prop 215 alone is better than both Prop 215 + Prop 19.. Then I can not understand your point of view.
Its almost like the difference between freedom and fascism to me.

Why reduce rights instead of giving more rights to more people?

If Prop 19 would have passed, millions of marijuana consumers would have had rights to grow, possess, transport and sell marijuana.
Yes I know, it covers sales and leaves it up to the municipalities.

Hmm. Its ALREADY up to the municipalities. Oakland is proof of that.

And patients do not stop getting the right to be patients.  Its not like Prop19 passes and the government finally deems all of these people well and good.

Nitch market and high profits

November 3rd, 2010 | By Pirate

My response to the latest No On Prop19 people’s B.S.

?Joy says:  – ” it is irrelivent other than to say their decision stands, other than the handful of you mis-led blindly following 19 like sheep, Insisting on grumbling on, talking disrespectfully towards others and Insisting on “severing the traitor”. Do you Really think that is gong to help cannabis become free or liberated… drawing lines and declaring 4:20 people “enemies or traitors”? “

My response:

I don’t think it was just a “handful” of people that were pro19.

The fact is that most of the cannabis activists that have made the most progress in our community over the last 35 years were in favor of and working for passing Prop19.

And you see the dividing line comes from the fact that this initiative would have given much needed freedom to millions of folks, and would have inspired other states to legalize.
Not to mention it would have given a strong platform for hemp. Which is bigger than all MMJ business combined. Hemp is where it’s at. Prop215 does NOTHING for hemp.

So we needed some relief, and we didn’t get it because a bunch of sour pusses had a bunch of dumb ass reasons for spreading lies about Prop19.

For example. You people keep complaining that Prop19 was designed for big business. As if big business isn’t ALREADY in the cannabis industry. Look at Oakland, they are issuing large scale grow permits and were doing so BEFORE Prop19 via a unanimous vote of the city council. Municipalities CAN and obviously WILL do that. Prop215 does not protect anyone against taxes OR capitalism.
If you think Prop215 defends you against capitalism, we shall soon see. Watch the news from Oakland.
And the no-on-prop19 people are not like my enemies. I mean not any more than any other anti-legalization person.
Everyone has their reasons. Mostly people had fear that they would lose their lifestyle as they new it. Nitch market, lots of profit.
Once growers started seeing the easy cheese leaving the bank, they decided to go no on prop19. I even interviewed people in Humboldt about it this year.
The problem for me, is they werent looking at the big picture.

The recreational market, and the tourism would have increased demand. And when demand is increased, prices do not go down!


Should be Legalize parody of Emimen