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Ed Forchion AKA NJ Weedman acquitted October 18th 2012!

October 21st, 2012 | By Pirate

I’ve been following NJ Weedman’s story for years, and I have posted on xCannabis several times about his divine mission.

Well he was busted for a pound of weed in May 2012.  On October 18th he was acquitted in his retrial for intent to distribute.

He was found guilty of possession, which in my opinion is bunk.  He should be congratulated for possessing the plant that cures cancer.  Speaking of which, best wishes and prayer out for Ed for his current battle against cancer!


May 5th, 2011 | By Pirate

Another example how cannabis cures cancer:

This story of Cashy Hyde is a story of a 2 year old cancer survivor who won his battle against cancer with the help of cannabis oil.
This is something that people like Rick Simpson (Phoenix Tears) have been testing and promoting for years!

“He was just your average happy little kid,” said Mike (Cashy’s dad). “Then, he started to get to get sick.” That was shortly before Cashy’s second birthday.

Read the story of this amazing story of an extremely young cannabis survivor.

This is the Cash Hyde Foundation:>

I lost my grandma and dad to cancer. You can read about losing someone close to you to cancer, this is a story from my family.
I have written a bit about this when my dad was dieing, which is how I got regularly talking about this issue.
Losing my dad was tough, I remember our pack  “Buddies forever” and a pinky shake.

We are sending some shirts to sacred heart, and maybe even Primary Children’s if we can find a recipient who would appreciate the message and not throw it away, “Cannabis Cures Cancer”.   It will make for good conversation though.

Here is a video that I made about this in 2009, this has always been an emotional issue for me.

End prohibition!



Spread the word about herb!

There is no money in curing cancer

September 12th, 2010 | By Pirate

People are amazed that I would claim “cannabis cures cancer“, for example one of the reasons I get is “if cannabis truly cured cancer, it would be used in medicine”.

Watch this video to figure out WHY curing cancer is not desired by the companies who would make these drugs.

Core reasons why I am active about my beliefs

January 19th, 2010 | By Pirate

I can think of hundreds of reasons for why I do what I do.  I could list them all and feel ever so vindicated.   But that is really what it boils down to, is that I was arrested and locked up when I was just a teenager for simple possession.
I went through the courts, and spent time in very uncomfortable jail cells.  I didn’t have a long record with exception to marijuana.
I worked from the time I was 14 years old until I was 15 and bought my first car with cash before I was even old enough to drive.
I paid taxes, I volunteered for the March of Dimes 3 years in a row from 12-15 years old.  I walked (skateboarded) 20 miles and collected dozens of sponsors to help with birth defects.  
I always tried to be a good person.  I think I fell short a few times, but I don’t think that my behavior warranted incarceration and career hurdles such as being banned from service in the military.

Now we see places like Denver, Seattle, Hailey ID, and even Big Water Utah decriminalizing possession of marijuana, and now with New Jersey there is 14 medical marijuana states.  We have found that marijuana does not cause serious illness or death.  It is being proven that cannabis cures aggressive cancers.   I think that the changing of the times is a breath of fresh air for millions of people in the USA that have served time for a victimless crime in the name of another failed “war”.  Marijuana is a plant, its not a crime!

I am so thankful for all of those who fight for what you believe in.  I am so thankful for our founding fathers, and for the words in the 10th Amendment that still seem to mean something.  I am even grateful for President Obama.  That he appears to have kept his word about marijuana.  And despite that I disagree with him on other important topics, I am glad that he is attempting to keep his word about decriminalizing marijuana.

I have fun toying with ideas of cannabis related businesses, and I love to go to rallies and all that.  I think that even if cannabis gets legalized in Washington where I currently live.  I will still travel to Utah, Idaho and Arizona to organize rallies and get things moving there.  After those states legalize, Im going to retire for awhile.  But for now, Im happy enough to be a part of things, even if only a small part.

People often offer gratitude to people who fight for their rights.  I get compliments from time to time.  But I say, save the words and just stand up for your own rights.  It’s my pleasure to stand up for my rights and things that are important to me.  But our government needs our input if any of us are going to be free.  It is important to not lose sight of what needs to take place.
Cheering for Marc Emery, or Eddy Lepp, or Charles Lynch is great, and it’s just about as helpful as cheering for a football game.

Instead of cheering.  How about we rise to the occasion and actually do something about the condition of our freedoms!

Recently Adam, a contributor to xCannabis and a cool guy to toke with started his own blog.  He has a lot of commentary and constructive input to offer the uninformed citizen.  We have linked his site a few times now, and he is on our blog roll.
There are several other people who have started great blogs and radio stations, and chat rooms that help bring awareness to the cause , big ups to them too!

All of that is good!   But I think what would be a really effective way to get the message out is to follow NORML and check out when their demonstrations are, and find information on how to contact your local officials  (see the right of xCannabis for links) then attend the demonstrations often, and write your politicians often.

BTW- I think I may offend people sometimes when I get passionate about thing that I believe in.  Truly, that’s not my intention.  Thanks for reading!   Time to enjoy harvest.  😀

Video: Cannabis for Cancer

December 21st, 2009 | By Pirate

I made this video to demonstrate what legalizing cannabis means to me.
I’ve lost so many due to the ineffectiveness or harm of synthetic drugs.
There is a natural remedy for many ailments called “cannabis”.  It is an ancient herb that has been used by mankind for thousands of years, and there is no record of an overdose yet.
Cannabis is safe and effective medicine. 
My video is dedicated to the loved ones that I’ve lost, who could have benefited from cannabis research and treatment if only it were legalized and properly researched.


Please visit our group “Cannabis for Cancer”  Sign up, make a difference with your collective voices!

For reference:

My dad hadn’t consumed marijuana since he was in the military when he was a young adult more than 40 years ago.   My dad became religious and refused to use cannabis based on his religious vows, since cannabis was illegal in his state.  🙁   I wanted so bad for him to find relief.  He hurt so bad!
He told me that had it been legal, that he would try it.  He was willing to try just about anything legal.  

I respect his steadfast and honorable dedication to his country and to the laws of the land.  Even if the laws are ridicules, he tried to honor all of the laws in the land, and be a good citizen.  

But he wasn’t stupid, he knew pot wasn’t evil!

Rick Simpson’s raid for the cure!

December 12th, 2009 | By Pirate

In RCMP style, the department decides to go on a political witch hunt for those that are trying to bring forth God’s greatest green gift.

Rick Simpson has been a soldier of medicinal marijuana, and has claimed to have cured people’s cancer with a regular regiment of edible cannabis.

For information about Rick’s mission to cure cancer, you can see his film  “Run from the cure”.

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Marijuana for Cancer (GLIOBLASTOMAS)

May 3rd, 2009 | By Pirate

[singlepic id=3 w=320 h=240 float=right]
This is Ryan Thompson the Chief Editor at xCannabis.  I wanted to tell you about my recent loss.  My father Richard Thompson recently died from GLIOBLASTOMAS brain cancer.  He was diagnosed in September, and he died in December of last year.

I was fortunate to have spent a lot of time with him before he died.  He had other health problems and I was able to fly out to Utah several times from Tacoma Wa.

My father got very sick, very fast.  He had smoked tobacco for 43 years of his 66 years.  So he had lung complications, and other related issues.   He finally quit smoking 2 years before he died, but it was too late.

Up until he was 55, he was the absolute strongest man that I knew.  His small frame gave no clue to the strength in this man.

My dad was on the city planning commissions throughout his life, and gave his time and thoughts cheerfully to all that knew him, including neighbors.

During the end of his life I wanted nothing more than to save my father.  I had looked at treatments of all varieties including viral treatments.   (see this video).   He was disqualified for the viral treatment because he had already started radiation and chemotherapy.  Apparently according to a coversation that my mom had with the research firm, if the chemo and radiation come first, the treatment is non-effective.

All of this time I was running xCannabis and I had been making activist videos for marijuana law reform, and I started coming up with research that had  focused on  certain cannabinoids from the marijuana/cannabis plant on cancer.   Here is a list of those vidoes:

It became obvious to me that cannabis could very likely cure my father, and at least posssibly extend his life and give him a better quality of life.   He barely missed my 2nd baby being born!  Another 4 month or so is all I was realisticly hoping for, but no such blessing came.

I made several video commentaries on this research while I was struggling with my father’s condition and his passing.   Here are a few of them.

My dad had just recently rejoined the LDS church, and then worked towards the goal of being a “Temple Mormon” or a Mormon who makes personal oaths to their faith and receive special blessings, and then afterwards they wear special underwear to remind them of these oaths.
When you are at that level of Mormonism, you must follow what Mormon’s call “The Word of Wisdom”, which is made up of changing laws on what to eat and not eat, what to drink and not drink.   Currently they have a doctrine that you can’t drink caffeinated drinks (except hot chocolate seems to be acceptable).  At one time a person could not drink ANY caffeinated beverages.   But that changed when it was revealed that the LDS church owned major stock in CocaCola, so soda pop is now widely accepted in the LDS church.
Along with this law on beverages, there are also laws about alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, etc…

This caused a problem for my mission to cure my dad.  He was very dedicated to his faith, and apparently would rather die than break their covenants.  So marijuana was out of the question, even though marijuana is widely used to treat the horrible side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, including pain, nausea stress, anxiety  and depression.  Another issue that I know for a fact it helps with, is headaches because I was a patient of cluster headaches who legally used marijuana in Washington state, as recommended by a doctor.    At this time, my dad’s head was swelling from the tumor and created major headaches for him, and the treatments that he was on were causing him pain, nausea, depression, anxiety, etc..

Cannabis could have certainly improved my father’s quality of life and may possibly have extended his life.

I have been a little depressed over losing the man that I loved so dearly.  He was friend and my hero.

I dedicate this video to him.


He inspires me to get marijuana legalized, so patients no longer have to suffer!

xCannabis history – Cannabis for cancer.

April 12th, 2009 | By Pirate

Part of the xCannabis story started when my dad got cancer, which was abouot the same time that I was already putting xCannabis together.  In fact xCannabis was only about 4 months old.

After making 4 separate trips from Tacoma to Provo Ut to see my dad either in the hospital or recovering from the hospital.  And I had gone down several times before he was diagnosed with cancer for when he started working on getting a lung trasnplant, and it had taken him almost a year to get on the list.

So this is about the third VLOG that I had made about cannabis for cancer.


I miss my dad, and wish his death would have been less painful and scary.

This is one of the things that fuels my hunger for change.  This is one of the things that gives me the strength to do without my medicine so that I can be used to bring awareness to this issue (and not lose everything while Im at it).

Now that I am in a non-medical marijuana state, my cannabis consumption is rare.  I will usually be able to releave my headaches, but not so much my daily stress.   In WA this was a different situation, but that is why I quit so that I can work on making idaho recognize medical marijuana, tax it, and regulated it so that it is for adult consumption only.  In an un-regulated market, kids can get illegal substances more easily, because pushers have more incentive to go to the playgrounds and peddle their wares.  Im not saying that happens regularly, because I don’t know.  I am just imagining that like the 1920’s and 1930’s, gangs and alcohol consumption was more prolific than before it was prohibited.  When prohibition ended, gangs fell apart and consumption went down.

Tax day is Wednesday, I hope to see you at your local post office.  I will post a story about my experience when Im done.   Peace!

Visit Cannabis for Cancer @:

for more info..
Thanks everyone for contributing to this site.  It really keeps me going to see all of this law reform happening!

When Reality Meets Misconception

March 18th, 2009 | By

My foray into the realm of medical marijuana began with a simple visit to our newly-opened patient center in Olympia. At first, I was not sure what to expect, as this was really the last place I would have thought I would be a decade ago. I honestly expected to see some police presence, although I am thankful there was none.

I expected jars of weed behind glass counters like you see in pictures of the dispensaries in California. Like my expected police presence, there was nothing. I sniffed the air, and no smell of ganja wafted to my nostrils. Was I even in the right place? I appeared to be in a small office waiting room that included a small glass counter with what appeared to be educational pamphlets on top, a few old institutional grade chairs, and a desk behind a glass partition next to a closed door leading to what I assumed where more offices.

Right at that moment, a gentleman about my age (late thirties) sauntered out of the back, dreadlocks, hemp tie dye  T-shirt and reeking of marijuana. I knew then I was at the right place. His eyes were as glazed as a Krispy Kreme donut, of which I am sure he was searching. To my surprise, he politely asked me if I needed any help.

I tried to explain the reason for my visit, but I was so used to talking around the “pot” issue that I was having some difficulty making myself clear. Considering that I was sober, and the man helping me was stoned, you would think I had the mental drop on him. Nope. He finished my line of thought for me with “so you need a doctor’s recommendation for cannabis.”

“Well, yes” I said. “But there is something you should know; I do not have cancer or AIDS.” To this he replied, “That’s okay. Do you have any of these symptoms?” He then rattled off a list of ailments, seventy-five percent of which I suffer from. I glumly told him this fact and he smiled and handed me a stack of paperwork to fill out.

The good ATF

As I filled out the paperwork, I felt compelled to converse with the friendly character. I asked him if they saw many vets. He said, “Yes, we get a lot of you guys coming in here.” I queried him as to how he figured that I was a vet. He replied that he had noticed a certain look about me the moment I came in. I am not sure what constitutes that certain look, but I have been told this before. I wondered if this was going to be a problem.

In my mind, things could have gone differently. Almost 20 years ago, had it not been for injuries sustained to me during the war, I would most likely have moved on to law enforcement. I could have been one of those men with his boot on the neck of some hapless medical patient, stripping them of their rights and dignity. Thank God my tank ran me over and knocked some sense into me.

It became clearly evident that my past was not going to be a problem. The man helping me told me that he was grateful for my service, but it was time to stand down and heal thyself. It seemed to me that for being stoned, this man was perceptive, compassionate and intelligent. Not what you would consider your atypical pothead. How much more wrong can one get? Well, apparently, the Government can. I learned all my previous behavior on marijuana policy from them.

Despite all facts that had previously been presented before me, I wanted to know that I was not the only one doing just the opposite of the strict Army mandate prohibiting marijuana. I needed to know that I was not supporting terrorists that would kill my brother and sister soldiers with money that came from my wallet. Am I healing myself or am I feeding addiction?

After an hour of education from the enlightened individual at the clinic, and some objective research done by myself, I have come up with some answers.

In answer to my first concern, Yes, there are many veterans who use marijuana to stave off the after affects of their service. In fact, I have met many of them already.

No, my money is not supporting terrorists, but prohibition does. Even the atypical liar-heads that work for the big name media have been squawking like terrified chickens about how illicit marijuana is funding these brutal drug cartels. Stop using tax dollars to bust harmless patients and recreational users. Then use the proceeds saved from the lost war on drugs and gained from the fair taxation of marijuana to stomp the living daylights out of real terrorists! You know, the ones cutting off people’s heads. The fact that terrorists and cartels will lose roughly half of their funding, while we double ours, spells sad news for the real bad guys.

As for healing and addiction, the answers are two fold. For all the medications the VA prescribed me, not one worked the way it was supposed to. I gained one hundred and fifty pounds (doubled my weight), developed worsening cardiac problems, suffered from horrible depression, could not think straight, had no libido, felt sicker than a dog and just plain did not care if I lived or died.

In reality, I have been prescribed enough benzodiazepines (tranquilizers) to kill a whale. To boot, they did not take care of the pain, PTSD, nausea, nightmares or anxiety. With marijuana therapy, I am back to my normal weight and the severity of my other symptoms is more or less manageable. Marijuana is no cure for what I have, but it makes life far more bearable.

While I was going to the VA, I drank heavily and worked in professions that required me to carry a firearm. Alcohol was the only “legal” thing I could take that numbed the pain. When I came off of the medications, I was violently ill for about two weeks. Now I no longer drink, take anti-depressants, tranquilizers or pain medications. I still have to take other meds for the rest of my life, but I take far less and feel much better. So pardon me if I don’t appreciate some bureaucratic bean counter telling me how to manage my health or deeming me an addict because I use marijuana medically.

I also realized being a veteran was empowering. Folks listen to what I have to say. No one questions that, of all our citizens, soldiers and veterans have a right to have their voices heard and deserve straight answers. Society becomes outraged when they see veterans getting screwed by the people they have bled for. If you are a veteran and you believe in marijuana reform, then say something. If you are not a veteran, but support those who are, then say something on their behalf. People will listen.

Is alcohol less of a drug?

February 16th, 2009 | By Pirate

I have had so many conversations with people that when talking about drug legalization, or drug problems in the USA. I get this reaction.

“I don’t really support drug legalization, or drug usage”.

I think to myself “ok. why”..

We talk. I asked them about their thoughts. I do want to know.

What is going through the back of my head is “do they drink alcohol”?

After talking with them for awhile. We will get to a point where they confess.

They will say “don’t get me wrong, I will have me a few drinks now and then.”

I will ask them something about alcohol statistical data, such as overdoses and car death due to alcohol.

They will say “I know, it sucks when people drink and drive. But I would never do that myself”.

I will ask them. Do you know how many people died as a result of marijuana last year?

They will say something like “I’m sure quite a bit, because smoke is bad for you, but marijuana smoke will kill you faster”..

I will give them very well known (these days) data that last year no one died from the toxic side effects of marijuana. That many influential cancer researchers, including a study done at Harvard says that marijuana smoke is NOT linked to cancer. And that in fact, many studies have shown marijuana helps kill cancer cells while leaving good cells in tact..

Join the petition to reschedule marijuana

Join the petition to reschedule marijuana

They will say “Well, if you legalize it kids will use it”.

I say “The USA has had one of the longest running and strictest marijuana policies in the world, and we have more marijuana users per capita than places where it is legalized like Holland, the Netherlands and Australia”.

This is usually where the conversation gets awkward, and either me or this other party will change the subject or casually move on..

If your interested in learning about the data that I speak of above, you can find the links at the bottom of this note.

I understand that marijuana isn’t for everyone. Neither is alcohol.

So here is my problem with this apathy.

800,000 people were arrested in the USA last year for simple possession of marijuana.

The USA has 25% of the worlds prison population. But.. We only have about 5% of the worlds population. That is insane!!

And we wonder why this nation is broke? Come on, thats just shy of a million people arrested for a victimless crime. There are 100,000s of thousands of people in prison for possessing a plant. A PLANT!
That is not selling, manufacturing, or distributing. That is for merely possessing a plant!

This takes parents away from children, children out of school, college kids lose their financial aid…

The problem with prohibition is that it goes WAY farther than just those who get arrested for it. It hurts the ENTIRE community when honest, hardworking, responsible adults who pay their taxes get arrested for this ‘crime’.

And all of these people that I talk to. Every single one of these types ALL have a plan on how America could recover from our particular situation. But they won’t even think about the 150 Billion dollar per year stimulus that we would receive from legalizing marijuana and taxing it. No way. It’s marijuana after all, the devil’s weed!!

I’ll tell you what it is. It’s refer madness!

Annual Causes of Death in the United States

Tobacco – 435,000

Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity – 365,000

Alcohol – 85,000

Microbial Agents – 75,000

Toxic Agents – 55,000

Motor Vehicle Crashes – 26,347

Adverse Reactions to Prescription Drugs – 32,000

Suicide – 30,622

Incidents Involving Firearms – 29,000

Homicide – 20,308

Sexual Behaviors – 20,000

All Illicit Drug Use, Direct and Indirect -17,000

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Such As Aspirin – 7,600

Marijuana – 0 (zero)

-10’s of thousands of patients received relief and treatment from cannabis last year without fatal side-effects that prescription drugs currently offer.

I say legalize it, regulate it (keep it out of the hands of children), and tax it!

It would be stupid to ignore this any longer!

References: (cannabis fights cancer) (Rep Toby Nixon speaking on marijuana topics)

Im of the America that believes “if you don’t like it change it “.

Not of the “if you don’t like it leave it”.

Now, please! I beg you. Don’t hold this against me. It’s just something that I had to vent today.

I appreciate and respect your beliefs. I feel like you are friends. And I just wanted to share something that is important to me, with you. I realize 90% of the people I sent this to do not use marijuana. But this isn’t something that I am trying to influence you to do. I just want to raise awareness to the fact that 20 million people have been arrested for marijuana, and the ‘drug war’ is ineffective. It’s time to do something that works!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!