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Props to Doug Hiatt and Sensible Washington!

May 20th, 2010 | By Pirate

Props to the I-1068 people, and to NORML!

I know that these folks have been under heavy attack as of late.  A lot of conflicts are arising between the medical market, and the legalization movement.

Some good things and some not so good.   For example Medical Herb Providers and a few other cannabis friendly businesses are carrying the I-1068 shirts.
There are some available from Sensible Washington now as well as from Emerald Sun in Spokane.  Check out their site for details;

Buy a T-shirt

This is the shop that is selling the t-shirts. Contact them to get a I-1068 T!!

Speck Print Shop
219 Broadway East
Capitol Hill
Seattle, WA 98102
Hours: Noon to 7pm Mon-Sat

There was a lot of conflicts and chaos going on last week when we ended our 5% donation deal from Emerald Sun.  So we haven’t sent in the $20 that we owe Sensible Washington.  We gave away a lot of shirts and we still are giving away a lot of shirts for I-1068.  It’s a way to get the message out, and with a campaign that is on limited funds, it’s important that we get the word out any way that we can.  I personally make YouTube videos, wear I-1068 t-shirts, and post on many different blogs and facebook groups about it.  There are many ways to help,  Most importantly (this is an area that I am lacking), we need signatures!  Contact Sensible Washington to learn how to help with that.

It’s NOT too late for real change!

Go I-1068!

Censorship (humor)

May 3rd, 2010 | By Pirate

One thing Im sure we all love:

Just one of my pet peeves. Because when I first started blogging, I was living in Utah and using Utah based blogs and forums, and I regularly got censored.  I started in 2002 to counter the censorship a bit.

But this PSA is too funny!  Censorship is a real thing man, happens more than we know.  Heck, look at the crap on the news!

Freedom of Relgion, and freedom of religious sacrament

May 15th, 2009 | By Pirate

For many years now I have been a devout follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I have dedicated my time and resources to preach the gospel and to take my part in the Great Commission of Christ.  In 1999 I gave my life to Christ as a result of a unique, personal spiritual experience that I had while praying on the side of the road in Deer Park WA.  In 2001 I wrote my biography which was inspired by this spiritual awakening.   I was inspired to write a lot of poetry after that, and had it published on in hopes to inspire others.

I love to write and I love to inspire others.  But what I have enjoyed most is serving others.  After giving my life to Christ, I volunteered for a number of homeless ministries that I was once a regular client of while I was homeless.  I volunteered with these ministries because of how much people blessed me while I was homeless.  I wanted to inspired other clients of these ministries and show them the love that Christ and His church showed me.  I completed several trainings, and I served whenever I was able.  It has been a great blessing to me to be able to serve others.

In September of 2002, I spoke at a Southern Baptist convention about the loss of my brother, who lived in the most depressed state in the nation, Utah.   My brother’s death was a result of depression, and anti-depressant medication that he was prescribed, and I had a burden on my heart to try to reach those who were hurting, and who couldn’t speak out about it because of the fear of rejection by the Utah culture.  I wanted to be the mouth piece for those who couldn’t speak, like my 16 year old brother who lays in a grave in Spanish Fork Utah, completely voiceless now.

Now I have another burden on my heart, which is for the cannabis plant which I enjoy as a religious sacrament.  I feel that our freedom of religion in this country has been hijacked by the government and the DEA.  I believe that those of us who use cannabis as a sacrament as Moses and Jesus did in the days of old are persecuted unjustly and that our civil rights get violated when we are charged with crimes in relationship to our holy sacrament, cannabis.

Gensis 1:29

Gensis 1:29

I have heard it from religious folks and nonreligious folks that they do not believe cannabis was used by Biblical prophets.   They laugh at the thought of it.
But this is not uncommon, humanity has a knack for ignorance and I am no exception.  When I first gave my life to Christ, I gave up using cannabis for 7 years.

I had given up cannabis until I developed a vesicular anomaly that causes my sever headaches called cluster headaches that come on strong and fast, and that no prescription medicine has been able to relieve in anyway.  With these headaches I sometimes go blind, and I get a loud ringing in my ear.  It completely destroys my senses for about 30 minutes and the pain brings tears to my eyes.  One toke off a spliff instantly relieves this pain and this drastic symptoms, with no ill side-effects.

I tried Imitrex and Midrine before trying cannabis and all that those medicines did was make me feel ill and give me nose bleeds.
When this problem started we lived in Washington state which has passed many decriminalization measures for marijuana, and I tried some.   Instant relief as I described.  It was amazing, no nose bleeds, no stomach aches, no yucky feeling, nothing.  I just felt better, and happier.  The only real side effect that could be considered negative, was I felt hungry and got what people call “the munchies”.   I was sold, and start the process to get my medical marijuana card in Wa.

After that I started questioning whether this would conflict with my faith, and what I found was amazing.  Moses used cannabis in his anointing oil.  This is found in non-marijuana using Rabbi’s writings.  I have wrote about this several times before on this blog.

Exodus 30:23 Fragrant Cane, or Cane of Bosom, or Sweet Cane is translated in several Hebrew Dictionaries as “Cannabis”.

See Roger Christy from the THC Ministry (Hawaii)

I have also spoke about Jesus and His resistance to state and religious laws which forbid certain food and certain eating practices:

Now what I have found recently is quite amazing.

See this video.

And read this about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993

Our religious rights are protected!

The NJWeedman proved this when he practiced his religious sacrament on federal property in New Jersey.  He was arrested, he was man-handled, he weed was taken.  But the charges got over turned.  Not once, but 3 times!

If you are a Christian, Jew or Hindu the use of cannabis your religion goes back thousands of years!

Ever wonder why Indians can use Peyote but no one else can?  Because it’s a religious sacrament.

Is Idaho ready to legalize marijuana?

May 14th, 2009 | By Pirate

On May 13th in the “Boise Weekly” there was an article ran about the 300 person crowd at the state capitol for the “Global Marijuana March”.


Legalizing marijuana in Idaho

Legalizing marijuana in Idaho

This news couldn’t be better.  I only wish that I had been there.  What an inspiring and wonderful event that I will regret missing for the rest of my days I imagine.

I have been saying that Idaho will legalize marijuana next, becoming the 14th state that legalizes marijuana in some way.  But I think I am wrong about that, because Missouri will be next it looks like.   But we have a proposal for a 2010 bill from an Idaho representative:

Here are a few clips from the “Boise Weekly”:

Then Ryan Davidson, a “Ron Paul Republican” and marijuana activist from Garden City, announced through the bullhorn that Moscow Rep. Tom Trail plans to introduce a medical marijuana bill next year.


Since 1996, voters have favored ballot initiatives removing criminal penalties for growing or possessing medical marijuana in Alaska, California, Colorado, Washington, D.C., Maine, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. State legislators in Hawaii, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Vermont have passed medical marijuana laws. On Nov. 4, Michigan became the 13th medical marijuana state and Massachusetts’ voters decriminalized personal possession.

Idaho Falls

In an article found in the Washington Post, the current White House drug czar (former police chief of Seattle Norm Kerlikowske) explains that the White House will be changing the current US drug policy to a harm reduction policy instead of a punish and destroy the product policy.

I am amazed and proud of the brave citizens who took to the streets on May 2nd in Boise:

The Worldwide Marijuana March drew more than 300 demonstrators to downtown Boise on Saturday, May 2. Offering peace signs and garnering many supportive car honks, the marchers moved slowly under scattered showers along Capitol Boulevard to the front lawn of the Idaho Legislature.

On some of the local blogs that I go to, I have been told that Idaho isn’t supportive of marijuana legalization.  But after considering how Hailey Idaho has twice legalized marijuana (not just medical, but recreational as well), and how this proposal has been through the capitol a few times, and seeing how four of our neighors on Idaho’s border have legalized marijuana in one way or another.  I think legalization can be clearly viewed on our horizon!

Join NORML and lets start an Idaho NORML chapter!

When you can’t get heard

May 9th, 2009 | By Pirate

I have went through a dry spell in the beginning of my campaign to legalize marijuana for responsible adult usage.

No matter how many magazines, newspapers, and television stations that I write, I have had little media for my protesting in Idaho and Utah.

I know that there are many people who want to stand up, and speak out but out of fear of losing their job or more, they don’t.
And for those who do, big round of bong hits to you!

So with all of the many attempts to get the conversation going in South East Idaho, only the Idaho State Journal, and the blog Idaho Falls Today have covered any of this.   Channel 8 news apparently covered a different protest in Idaho Falls on 4/20, but I had to cover my own.

So I have been looking for a way to get a cable access talk show about pot.  Tonight Russ Belville (aka Radical Russ) from the NORML Daily Audio stash sent out a message that he was on a webcast.  So I checked it out, it was a wonderful forum of conversation  on the topic of marijuana.  It’s amazing to see what is happening in Oregon and around the nation!

Here is that show.

This show is broadcast on the internet via

If anyone ever wanted to do a public access type of show, check this media medium out, it’s free!

We will be using this on xCannabis, look for our streaming videos and radio.

xTube @ xCannabis

Continue reading »

Letter to the Editor, The Idaho State Journal response #2

May 6th, 2009 | By Pirate

I have been writing to all of the local newspapers in my area about marijuana law reform.  A few of the articles that I have written have been published in main stream media (Whatever main-stream means anyway..   This is Idaho!).

This is my response #2 to one of the articles that I wrote to the Idaho State Journal.   I feel very refreshed to know that at least one media company is doing their job, and actually reporting local news like this!  There are a few others out there, including channel 8 news.   They all know who they are, and thanks for being fair!  For online communities in Idaho Falls, I am still highly partial to the blog, I feel like free speech is welcomed there, and that is very refreshing!
Here’s the latest vlog:


P.S.  Join NORML!

News from xCannabis for May 09

May 6th, 2009 | By Pirate

xCannabis has been changing and growing in many ways this last week! I finally got my second wind after the new baby and the move!

Marijuana money

Legal Marijuana money

We have implemented a few features that will allow us to grow more, and will allow our contributors to see a part of the pie.

I have been talking about this for a long time, but I have finally put something together that will allow us to do some profit sharing.  That, after all,  is our ultimate goal, to protect pot smokers from stupid urine tests, and discrimination in the work place.  We would like to give creative stoners a place to make money, and stay stoned.

xCannabis has spots at the bottom of each post and each page that will allow a sponsor to contribute to the author of the said blog article.   See this for more information:   Sponsor xCannabis

We have several authors, and we want them to be rewarded too, so for every sponsorship that their post gets, we will send that author 50% of the sponsorship amount.

This way xCannabis can be fair to everyone who works hard to help this movement keep growing strong!

Anyone who is an author of this site qualifies (contact me if you wish to become an author, please provide references).    Each article submitted must be reviewed by the editors before we post it. Please make original materials, and on relevant topics.

Sponsorship starts at $5, and can be any amount upwards. If your post gets a $50 sponsorship, xCannabis will send you a check or a paypal transfer for $25.

Send me an email if you’re interested, and I will get you an agreement for this. So that we can claim these payments on our taxes, and vise versa.

We also have a few openings for some pot podcast people. Anyone who is interested in “potcasting” please let us know. We would like to present a few different channels on our potcast. Profit sharing will be similar to article publishing. We have a nifty toolbar that will help us in this venture now, too.

Check out the toolbar @

xCannabis toolbar and podcast player

xCannabis toolbar and podcast player

That toolbar is new to xCannabis, but I have been testing it for a few months and it is solid.  I’ve looked for information on the company that makes these toolbars possible, and they have a good reputation.   “Conduit”  is the name of the company if you have any concerns.

Make money talking about marijuana

Make money talking about marijuana

With this toolbar we will be streaming podcasts, and RSS feeds from xCannabis and NORML.  Download it and tell us what you think.  Apparently if enough people use it, it will make us money when people use the google search engine that is built into the toolbar.   More money coming in, means that we can advertise in more places, and travel to upcoming protests, etc.  We are also hoping to have a booth at Seattle HempFest this August.

So help us out by downloading and using the toolbar!  It really makes listening to your favorite tunes easier while browsing, including the NORML Daily Audio Stash!

Bloggers ask for the numbers on marijuana prohibition

May 1st, 2009 | By Pirate

I have recently moved to Idaho, and I now go to a few local Idaho blogs.  One of the coolest blogs (and most frusterating) is the Idaho Falls Today blog @

This blog from the get go posted up my first protest in Idaho, the marijuana Tax Day protest, which you can see here:

Marijuana Tax Day Protest @ Idaho Falls Today

One thing about people on the internet is that most of the will say things to others on the internet that they would NEVER say to people in their face.

I recently noticed that Im not the only one with this concern on this site:

But when it comes to marijuana legalization, there is a hostile presence of these anonymous folks, and it seems like they don’t want this topic discussed.
It’s not that they simply don’t have any interests in this topic.  It is that they go out of their way to read what I say, and the respond with a hostile message about me, or the subject.
They will say “I hate coming to this site, and seeing marijuana is the topic”..
What puzzles me is that they have to actually dig, and make a lot of effort to even find the topic.  It’s no longer on the front page, yet they still hunt this topic down, and respond in fury against it.

Well, to curb that insane behavior from effecting the conversation, I am just going to post one of the most relevant responses in the whole discussion:

Marcus from:

Says this:

“you’re posting figures, please cite your sources. Math is fine and dandy, but anybody can throw a number out there and multiply it by another number.”

The reason that is so relevant, is because he is one of few asking for answers, and usually participating constructively in the conversation.

The answer is helpful for our community too, so I am posting it here so that when people ask for the numbers and the references it will be easy to find:

People keep saying that they want references.

Example:  Anonymouse “You don’t seem to want to point out all the information on anything. You pick and choose what you want people to know and the fact is, people aren’t going to prison for petty marijuana possesion”

So far I have given the reference of a respectable, conservative judge:

His website:

Youtube video:

I have given a reference from a Harvard economist:
Dr. Jeffery Miron

Youtube video:

I have given a link to Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, which is a group of nearly 1,000 current and former law enforcement agents that voice this data also.

YouTube Video:

And if your visit MPP, you will see more mynute details on this topic.

And if you want the best reasons I’ve ever heard. Look up what Ron Paul says about it.

And this one specifically to Marcus’ statement:

Marcus, which numbers did I not give references for?

You mean, how many people are in prison, and what it costs to house them?

Here is a graph (which also shows why 2002 data is not as relevant to 2009 data)

Here is a worldwide graph:

Here is for current numbers and the increase:

Wiki says this about the costs of incarceration:

“The United States spends an estimated $60 billion each year on corrections.[69] While cost varies from state to state, in 2005, the average cost of incarceration per prisoner in the United states was $23,876. That comes out to $65.41 per day.”

(4 years old)

This is also information from 4 years ago, from the Department of Justice:

More information about “the war on drugs”

This futile war on drugs, is only fueled by dogma.  Not facts.  The people support prohibition support the following:

  • The criminal, un-taxed and unregulated black market
  • Cartel violence at the border and in our streets
  • 45 Billion or more per year of tax payer money that is spent on policing and incarcerating non-violent drug offenders
  • The ruined lives of so many who get caught up in the drug war
  • And they are ignoring 35-50 Billion dollars that the USA would receive in tax revenue from legalization

I was denied the ability to serve my country

March 18th, 2009 | By Pirate


Because of prohibition, I was denied the ability to serve my country! It’s a true injustice!

I was reading Track Snack’s blog about vets, and it got me thinking about my family who were blessed enough to serve this country.

liberty and sovereignty
liberty and sovereignty

I was denied the ability to serve in the military because I got busted twice with pot, which actually gave me four separate misdemeanors by the time I was 19.

When I went to the recruiters office, they gave me a practice ASVAB and I passed wth great scores.  When they did a background search, the two marijuana tickets that I told them about turned out of be 4 total violations.

They said that they could work with the ticket that I got before I turned 18, but the one after I turned 18 they couldn’t do anything about.   I tried to get the record expunged, and go back to the recruiter, but I was turned down by the juvenile court.

I was merely possessing herb.  I wasn’t growing, or pushing, or whatever.  I was using pot for recreation, and for teenage things like depression and hormones.

I had been paying taxes on my labor since I was 15, when I got my first real job working for the irrigation company digging ditches.
And both times I got arrested I had been working 1 or 2 jobs and paying my taxes and my bills.

I may not have been the smartest cookie in the cookie jar.  Getting arrested twice is proof of that.  But I was a hard working, honest individual who felt like I should be able to enjoy herb in my private time if I am not hurting anyone else.

I felt like if I’m old enough to work and pay taxes, and join the military and die for my country that I ought to have the right to enjoy some harmless recreation.

I had always planned on being in the military and getting college money and moving out of small town Utah.

But when I was denied that, it changed my prospective on the motives of our country.

We learn now that no one has ever died from a marijuana overdose, and that several large studies by medical groups say that unlike tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke does not lead to death.

SOURCE: Sidney, S. The British Medical Journal, Sept. 20, 2003; vol 327: pp 635-636.

So what is liberty if we can’t choose how to medicate ourselves?  What is liberty if we are limited on what we can put in our own body?

Doesn’t liberty mean sovereignty?! Check the Ohio Liberty and Sovereignty Resolution for good logic in this thought.

I love what Toby Nixon (Former Rep. in Wa States’ 45th district) said about “fundamental principles” and what our constitution is all about.

See Toby Nixon testify before the judiciary senate committee about SB 5615

I think we are seriously lacking fundamental principles in this country.  Our forefathers had it right, they would flip at the sight of what our ‘liberty’ (so-called) has become.

Thanks Track Snack for inspiring me with your first blog here!  Im honored to know that we have several soldiers in our midsts!

New roles

March 6th, 2009 | By Pirate

Congrats to Adam from WA on becoming an Editor, which basically means that Adam runs the show around here in my continued absense.  I am going to be pretty busy for awhile, and I trust Adam with anything here.

Congrats to Slash5city on becoming an author.

Also, please keep these guidelines.

On the blog homepage, post big universal cannabis news.  On the comments and forums, post about anything else.

Use good grammar, and spellcheck, as well as tags, and “Title” and “Description” section with relevant information.

Thanks everyone for SPREADING THE HERB!!!!