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Roger Christie will be allowed to use religious defense in court

August 15th, 2013 | By Pirate

After three years in a federal detention without bail for the alleged crime of cultivation and distribution of cannabis, it has been decided that Roger Christie and his wife Share Christie will be able to use their religious defense in court.

This is a victory for the Christie’s, for their supporters and family, and for religious freedom everywhere.

I have had long, heated arguments with agents of NORML like Russ Belville and Keith Stroup about how religious defense has worked, and can work.  But they continue to reject this possibility, even though there are plenty of cases that prove otherwise.

I believe that the Christie’s will be set free by a jury of their peers, and I think that the federal government will look foolish after wasting all of this time and all of these resources to persecute an innocent man over a harmless plant.

“HONOLULU —A federal judge has ruled Roger Christie and his wife Share Christie will be allowed to use religion as part of their defense against charges they manufactured, possessed and distributed large amounts of marijuana on the Big Island. U.S. District Judge Leslie Kobayashi made the ruling July 31 during a status conference.





Self Defense laws being threatened

July 21st, 2013 | By Pirate

There have been a lot of stories that have been blasted in all of our main stream media sources and in our government as of late. Never has there been a time in my life or in the history of our country that I have read about that our rights to self defense and our rights to bear arms have been threatened so much. I have wrote about this every opportunity that I have saw this. I try to avoid the main stream media hype and I divert to personal experiences. I have wrote about Russ Belville calling for gun law reform, only because I have personally met him, and I have personally donated to his show and for awhile he linked to my site from So I felt obligated to voice my personal opposition to his call for gun restrictions as I did not want to portray any support for that.

I also broke down and wrote a few stories about the George Zimmerman case. When everything got fired up in March 2012, I supported the arrest and charges pressed against him. I posted on facebook about it a lot, and I wore my hoodie and all of that. But after he was arrested I left it alone and waited for the verdict. After seeing what I saw I had to comment, because I felt like I was wrong for believing the main stream media when they cut and edited the 911 calls to make George Zimmerman seem racist and such. I wanted to express my opinion on the verdict which I very much agreed with after reviewing the evidence. So I posted the following two articles.

The science in the George Zimmerman case

Creepy Ass Cracka – Final post on the George Zimmerman case

These are some of the articles that I have posted on gun restrictions and self defense.

My opinion on these cases like Sandy Hook and Columbine etc. Is that gun control laws made no difference or would have made no difference in deferring this tragedies. In the case of George Zimmerman, he was getting beat so badly that he could have died if it would have continued. In countries where there are more guns and less restrictions like Switzerland, there is over all less crime, and less murders. Switzerland has the least crime rates in the world and they have less gun restrictions than anywhere. They even require each home to have an assault weapon in it.

But when I see the president playing the race card to push an agenda that he has been working on since he got into office, which is to reduce gun rights and self defense rights. It makes me upset. First of all seeing that this was clearly not a race based issue between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, and in fact, if Trayvon Martin would not have been killed he would have likely been guilty of a hate crime. Since first before the violence, he was describing George Zimmerman as A “Creepy Ass Cracka”, and then after he jumped George Zimmerman and beat him very badly. That racial slur and the violence that followed justified a hate-crime charge if not just a simple assault. But the media, the president and many anti-gun liberals play this to death on the race issue saying that George Zimmerman was a racist, and that is why he killed Trayvon Martin. When in fact George Zimmerman did not at all look white, and was in fact part Afro-Peruvian (black). But they keep playing the emotions of people on this “if you don’t agree with me that this was racist, then you are racist”.

All because Obama wants to take away our guns?

While this whole thing with George Zimmerman has been playing out. The Obama administration has been working to take away our protection against indefinite detention without trial via the NDAA, and he finally won this while the media distracted Americans.

And before that he was shamelessly parading children of the Sandy Hook incident for a ploy to take away gun rights.

When will the American people realize how bad the police response is getting to be? When we will realize that the police departments are being used as revenue generator tools for counties and cities and are not being used to protect people

You can watch via this video and the article that I wrote after attending Spokane City Council meeting March 7th 2011, that Spokane City Police do not investigate property damage/crimes that are less than $30,000 in value, and they admit that police response times are slow.

Standing up or sitting down

That is amazing that people just don’t care. And not only do they not open their eyes to the writing on the walls, many citizens are working to make it nearly impossible to defend one’s self against crime and violence.

The poor get the worst of this. If $30,000 is the mark in which police will respond to property crimes, many poor folks do not have that many assets to their name, so they will NEVER get protected by police.

I fully admit that there is a racism problem in this country. My contention is that it is the government pushing this racism. From Affirmative Action (ie Reverse Discrimination) laws, to racially placing prisoners in our giant prison population. I believe that the government is responsible for a lot of the racism in this country.


But to make a racial issue out of the George Zimmerman case just seems bizzare to me. Especially since he was about as white as Bob Marley, and part black himself. And seeing that there is a much bigger problem to address which is not white on black crimes, but black on black crimes.

With the African-American (black) population only being about 12%, there are a significantly higher amount of black on black crimes than white on black crimes. Which seems disproportionate to me. If there are more whites than blacks, it would make sense that there would be more white on black crimes. But there isn’t and this is the GIANT ELEPHANT in the room that no one is talking about.


“An analysis of ‘single offender victimization figures’ from the FBI for 2007 finds blacks committed 433,934 crimes against whites, eight times the 55,685 whites committed against blacks. Interracial rape is almost exclusively black on white — with 14,000 assaults on white women by African Americans in 2007. Not one case of a white sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study.”

Though blacks are outnumbered 5-to-1 in the population by whites, they commit eight times as many crimes against whites as the reverse. By those 2007 numbers, a black male was 40 times as likely to assault a white person as the reverse.


One way to explain it is “we have a preferential justice system” and there is a lot of truth to that. But we can no longer ignore that black on black crime is a major problem, regardless of the system itself. There is a cultural problem too.

Some blame single parent homes. That may be the case. I know that a person that I respect very much has pointed to this. Mr. Thomas Sowell.


But what are your thoughts?



If cannabis is legal in Washington why is it still schedule one?

June 29th, 2013 | By Pirate

People keep asking me questions about why I think cannabis is still illegal in WA. First and foremost, cannabis is STILL a schedule one drug on the WASHINGTON Controlled Substances Act (CSA) as well as the Federal CSA.
There are no tenth amendment protections or local law enforcement protections for cannabis if it is still listed on the CSA as an illegal (Schedule 1) substance. Look for yourself.

So my suggestion is, Russ Belville and those who promoted this crap the most, should be brave enough to be the first people to open up a cannabis shop in WA.  After all Russ Belville and Ganja Jon have been promising to move to Washington as dumb laws like this get passed.  During a show in 2010 they were talking about how if SB 5073 passed they would be moving to Washington.  So what is it?   Why are they waiting?

Video response to Russ Belville’s lies.   As judge Judy says  “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me that it’s raining”

If cannabis is legal in Washington, why is it still a schedule one drug?

If cannabis is legal in Washington, why is it still a schedule one drug?

Will I-502 actually create legal stores?

February 10th, 2013 | By Pirate

So the question that has been posed about I-502 to many of the promoters of I-502 is “will I-502 actually do what all of the promoters promised, is it possible that there will be legal stores in Washington state by December 2013”?

The Russ Belville Challenge 2012-2013 – Legal or not?


Russ turned down the bet, but here is your chance to pick it up where Russ dropped the ball!
To participate click the link below

(this is the video that I made for Russ on November 21st 2012)

This is a betting pool for Litecoin, once this slot is taken, I will open another:

For reference, when I proposed this challenge to another supporter of I-502, this is the response that I got, and the response that I gave:


  • Friar Ryan

    You were offering a site that took bets on I-502’s passage.
    I set up a betting area of my site too, for betting on I-502’s campaign promises.
    Russ Belville turned me down on this bet (even though he LOVES to bet).
    Maybe you’d be willing to take me up on it.

  • Norm L. Mass

    Your challenge is not specific enough. What defines a “legal store”?

  • Friar Ryan

    Exactly how it was defined in I-502. I am challenging those who promised “legal dispensaries”. Their term “legal”, and my term “legal” is obviously not the same thing. So the only thing I can go by, is the wording in I-502, which was not challenged by many of the supporters. Despite that cannabis remains schedule one in not only federal law, but also state law, tells me that there are no “10th Amendment protections” for I-502’s “legal stores”.
    If WA opened up “legal stores” they would not only be violating federal laws, but also state laws. Their claim to “10th Amendment Protections” is irrelevant if WA is breaking it’s own state laws.

  • Friar Ryan

    So basically you would be betting on the provisions set forth in I-502, not my definitions of “legal” but the definitions that are in the law itself.



Gun Control 2012 with Reverend Ryan December 23rd 2012

December 23rd, 2012 | By Pirate

I have had this conversation over and over and over.  In my whole life I have never owned a gun.  I have fired guns, but I have never taken a gun home with me, purchased a gun, or assumed ownership of a gun.  NEVER.  I am not a felon and I have a full legal right to own a gun.  But I have chosen not to.  However I am 100% in favor of preserving the 2nd Amendment, and for the ability of gun owners or potential gun owners to own weapons that are powerful enough to defend against enemies domestic and abroad.

I believe that without guns, the American Revolution would have failed and we would still be subjects of a powerful and corrupt monarchy.   I thank God for guns and our rights to own them every day.

I think that much like Switzerland, if every American home had a gun in it, crime would go down DRASTICALLY.
If everyone carried guns, I think it would be the same thing.  Read up on Switzerland’s approach to gun control, and then look at their crime rates.

See this video to learn more about Switzerland

Then there are people who say if we eliminate guns, then people will be safer.  My argument for that is that people kill with all kinds of tools.  The tool is not the problem, its the motive and intent.  If someone is intent on killing someone, they will find a way (with or without a gun).   For example automobiles kill 3 times as many people per year as guns do, and a car can kill dozens of people all at once.  However these gun control advocates rarely (if ever) want to also ban automobiles.

This is the stats on automobile deaths:

To sum this up please see this video by Penn and Teller titled BULLSHIT:

For more on this conversation:

My video for Russ Belville last fall on gun control is at:

This is my video about knife laws in California:

Idaho to be first Chinese state  < see this proposal of how China wants to buy part of Idaho

This article came out just a few months ago on ABC about gun statistics (ownership);


Finally this is a video that I made today after having a conversation with Edward Forchion (NJ Weedman) about gun control.

Gun Control 2012 with Reverend Ryan December 23rd 2012

For NJ Weedman’s facebook link:


The Russ Belville Challenge 2012-2013 – Legal or not?

November 21st, 2012 | By Pirate

I challenge Russ to a wager that cannabis is clearly either legal or not.  We will know if the legal cannabis market truly gets established.   If in December of 2013 there is legal, licensed dispensaries I will donate to the charity of Russ Belville’s choice (even NORML).
If Russ accepts this challenge, and there is no dispensaries and no licensing as I predict.  Then he will donate $500 to the Libertarian Party.

Russ has until December 28th 2012 to decide if he wants to take the challenge, or all bets are off!

I doubt he will accept.  But this is what I posted on his wall:


Russ Belville I realize you are a betting man. I know you like to challenge other activists to bets, oaths, and promises (like recently with Steve Sarich), would you be interested in a double or nothing wager about legal cannabis stores opening in Washington, licensed by the Liquor Control Board?

I’ve donated to NORML many times. Supporting your endeavors with what little I could. But I’ve sworn to not donate any more based on the childish insults dealt during the last couple of cannabis legalization campaigns.

But I figure if you are right about there being legal dispensaries in Washington come 2013, then I think you would deserve a reward for accurately reading the policy, and interpreting the intentions of the state, the courts and the feds.

So how about a small $250 bet. If you win, and legal stores actually arrive in Washington come 2013 (December right?), then I donate to the charity of your choice $500. If I win, you donate $500 to the libertarian party.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

So are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?

I’ll make a video with this challenge. You challenged me to a bet on February 29th about Ron Paul. So Im challenging you.



Russ’s challenge to other activists:

I have the link to the show where Russ challenged me to a bet at this link:

In this article I discuss Russ’s poor public relations and insult tactics.

This is the video that I show where the Producer of the NORML Live show threatened me (Ganja Jon Hamm)

Radical ways of pushing legalization

September 11th, 2012 | By Pirate

So for many many years I listened to Russ Belville talking about “Legalize if for everyone”.  “Medicalization of marijuana is regressive”.   There were a whole lot of catch phrases used, personal insults dealt, and the main goal was always stated and restated  “lets legalize marijuana for everyone”.

During Prop19 there were a handful of medical marijuana patients/providers who rejected the notion of what was being proposed in Prop19, because it looked like a very ambiguous reach that could effect their medical grow rights and other issues relating to their medicine.

It was an honest concern for some, and it was blatant greed and exclusiveness for others.

But Russ took this as an attack on his freedom, and his work and made it very personal.
In radio interviews with other NORML folks, like Kevin Oliver and others it was always a big “us against them” type of thing.  This made for some pretty explosive conversations on the NORML Daily Audio Stash.   Aside from the name calling it was also just a way to belittle, berate and take frustions out on other activists from what I could tell.

This insult swap match reached all time lows as “Radical Russ” attacked Roger Christie in Hawaii in multiple posts.  One after another insulting Roger for taking donations.  Of which NORML did as well as many of their advertisers too.  But when Roger Christie did the same thing, it caused posts on the NORML stash titled such things as “The Church of Lighter Wallets”.

Mind you, Roger Christie has always been on board with what Russ proposed as “legalization for everyone”, and Roger to my knowledge had NEVER opposed any legalization initiative or movement.  In fact Roger often attended NORML conferences and supported NORML.

But in Roger’s time of need, when the authorities were persecuting him most, and before he was arrested for anything over a half a dozen posts on the NORML Stash blog, and several live broadcasts were launched against Roger for his religious beliefs and nothing else.

Russ claims that the attack was because Roger was taking donations for “get out of jail free cards”.  But up until that point and even some time after that Russ had advertisers on the NORML stash, as well as reports about and in favor of Medical Marijuana doctors and card issuers and it was never a problem for Russ to endorse, advertise and praise those folks who were issuing “get out of jail free cards” in regards to medical marijuana.

Fast forward a few years, and I-502 comes out, which is NOT AT ALL what Russ had been promoting for years prior to the release of I-502.   But Russ along with his friend Alison Holcomb at the ACLU started berating those opposed to I-502, who based on the restrictive, un-scietific, and regressive driving provisions reject the initiative.  But Russ’s take on it was “these people are just greedy patients”.  Saying that the reason people were opposing I-502 is because they are worried about their bottom line.  Alison Holcomb picked up on this, and waged the same kind of attack on those opposed to I-502.  Despite that she herself opposed EVERY other legalization initiative in Washington prior to I-502.  Not only did she not endorse or help those initiatives, she outright denounced them and rejected them.
Yet Russ didn’t complain too much about that.   He didn’t mention how much lawyers have to lose when cannabis is ACTUALLY legalized, or delve into the motives behind why the ACLU has remained practically silent on this major civil rights issue for over 75 years.  No Russ only had crass words for the pro-cannabis crowd.

Well this election season is no different.  Russ has complained several times about the OCTA 2012 (Measure 80 initiative) in his shock jock kind of way.  In fact I’ve recently started slipping when referring to Russ and the words have came out of my mouth “Russ Limbaugh”.

First it was that Measure 80 wasn’t going to make the ballot, and Russ thought that his devine wisdom in the form of insults could motivate the initiative drive and get Measure 80 on the ballot.
Well congrats Russ, your motivational speeches worked.  YOU did it!

Now that it is on the ballot, Russ is sure that he can push Measure 80 through by insulting Paul Stanford for throwing a cannabis festival outside of city limits rather than taking the platoform of Hempfest (which of course was a festival this year in solidarity mostly against Russ’s beloved I-502).
Not to mention Russ’s disapproval of the way Measure 80 has been funded and such.
RE:  While marijuana legalization campaign struggles, Oregon activists throw a smoke-in

I just wonder to myself after reading Russ’s biography.  About how he has had some superb jobs, some as an IT consultant, some as a Wall Street consultant, etc.   I just wonder with all of this excellent intellect and ability to influence financial firms and such.  Why isn’t Russ bank rolling these efforts?

I know that Russ has been taking a pay check for his efforts.  But if this was true activism, and if Russ is as good as he says he is.  Wouldn’t it make sense that Russ could use his financial wisdom to help rather than criticize?

Paul Stanford has dumped more money into legalization cannabis than anyone I know.  And there may be others, but I certainly don’t consider any efforts in I-502 to be working towards ending prohibition, especially when they are introducing many new prohibitions.   So in all of history I can’t think of anyone who is working towards personal grows, personal possession, personal distribution, etc any more than Paul Stanford.

So is this really the way to push legalization?  Insulting others.  Harming their reputation?  ralying his audience against this person or that person?   Or is that just mob mentality which places Russ at the helm of the mob, adding to just one more position on his long and impressive resume?

Although I don’t know how that would look on a resume or what job you would apply for in something like that.   “2008-2012  Worked at the front position of a mob to rally people against others who I disagree with”?

Maybe he could get a job with the League of Militant Atheists if they ever reorganize, now that Stalin is dead and all?   I wrote about that awhile back:  Is militant atheism a sore spot for the legalization movement?

But over all, I don’t see this Radical notion of “divide and conquer” helping the legalization movement.  Nor to I think consenting to new prohibitions is helping either such as is found in Initiative 502 in Washington state.

What would impress me however is if Russ dumped the kind of money many other activists that he is working against do into legalization.  I personally spent over 15% of my income for several years into this cause, despite having children and responsibility that Russ doesn’t have.  Which 15% isn’t nearly what Paul Stanford is pouring into this cause, but it is a good portion of Russ’s annual salary with NORML.  (according to what Russ revealed in his debate at the Baker Institute).

There are many people doing more than myself, more than most.  But certainly none that I know of that are doing more than Paul Stanford is.

So I think it really makes Russ lose credibility to insult people that are devoting their lives to ending prohibition and instead backing lawyers in the ACLU who have grossly ignored prohibition for over 75 years.

I don’t know if this is a pissing contest, or if Russ actually thinks this will help some how?
Point is I have to denounce this behavior because as Russ asserts, he is trying to be “The Voice of The Marijuana Nation”.  But his voice does not represent me at all.

However I have to give him credit for putting together a very professional show, and for presenting very good facts.  I just think his ambition to be a leader is contradicted by his inability to lead very well.



Response to Russ Belville about gun control laws

July 30th, 2012 | By Pirate

Response to Russ Belville about gun control laws.

Russ Belville’s article calls for a discussion on this topic. I am here to oblige.
I think that proposing that any MORE gun control laws are necessary or good for our society is illogical. We have saw this with other things that Russ Belville has supported.
Things that the ACLU in particular have been involved with, including the incredibly backwards and non-helpful SB 5073, and Russ gave the ACLU absolute credit without even questioning the possible negative side effects. I documented all of his broadcasts on that topic (SB 5073) on Now it is with the I-502, where NORML as well as Russ Belville is asking that you sacrifice your rights, in order to get one measly ounce legalized with no hope of anything beyond that. Which rights? Driving rights. And I know you will say “driving isn’t a right”. No but our 4th Amendment is, and these required blood tests and the un-scientific 5ng limits are totally regressive.

Now in a fence sitting kind of way, Russ proposes both sides of the argument as he sees it, but really offers no solution of his own, nor does he assert much of his own opinion in this. Though he does sort of play devils advocate on both sides of the issue. His main issue was that these bumper sticker topics aren’t helping.
He kind of brushes aside the topic of guns in Switzerland, and says that its not American enough for us.

Why do good ideas HAVE to be American Russ?  That is my question to Russ.

I made a new bumper sticker for Russ, I posted it on his facebook wall. Watch the video to see this new bumper sticker and a few other ideas for bumper stickers that I am proposing. Im getting a shit load of them produced!

Im not saying that Russ is advocating for disarming Americans.  But it seems, he is calling for more and more background checks, and restrictions.   I think there are already too many restrictions on guns!  I don’t disagree with everything Russ said.  I am just confident that Ron Paul explains this topic better, and the comparison of the Swiss is PERFECT.

The Russ Belville Show starts June 4th 2008

May 20th, 2012 | By Pirate

Recently the NORML Network was cancelled. Since then Russ has been regrouping to do the Russ Belville show.
In an article on his website dated May 19th 2012, Russ asks “What would you like to see in The Russ Belville Show?”.

I think about Russ’s career in politics and the evolution of what was built at the NORML stash/NORML Live show.

First I think of when Russ drummed in the Obama presidency and campaign for Barack Obama.
As if Russ couldn’t tell that Obama was an establishment politician? Well either he was ok with that, or he was naive about how Barack Obama would change.

When Russ was drumming in the Obama administration, I was asking Obama if he was going to be a liar, which I suspected that he would.

This is Russ’s speech about Barack Obama in October 2008.

This was my video addressing Barack Obama in December 2008.

In Russ’s video he praises Barack Obama without hesitation.

In my video I point out how Barack Obama campaigns on a marijuana platform of decriminalization, and “leave patients alone” and such. He also chides his opponents for not being forthcoming and not keeping their promises. I point out that I did not support Barack Obama, but instead I supported Ralph Nader and that while I appreciate Barack Obama as president, I want to see him be forthright and honest (just like he insisted that Hillary Clinton do).

Well in the end Barack Obama lied. He didn’t keep his promises in the least, and laughed at any questions that came his way regarding cannabis.

For a few years Russ talked a good game, and worked diligently to unite the community and share essential information about cannabis.
Around the year 2010 that started to change, and we started seeing constant attacks on Roger Christie and other people with religious faith.
The division in the cannabis community became more pronounced with Proposition 19 and the name calling and infighting that was launched from the NORML camp.
Then with I-502, more of the same insults, and personal attacks on opponents.

Fast forward to a week ago when it was announced that Russ Belville would not be doing the NORML network anymore but instead would just be doing the 30 minute podcast.

Now Russ asks what people would like to see in the new Russ Belville show that will start up on June 4th 2012. This is his questionnaire:

This is my response to Russ via his contact form:

Name: Ryan Thompson
What are your favorite parts of the show that should absolutely remain the same?: I love the in-depth facts about current cannabis news and legislation, I love the different voices and opinions on the topics as well.
What time would be best for you to catch the show live?: 5pm Pacific
The show will expand topics beyond just marijuana law reform, what do you think of that?: Excellent – marijuana reform is just one of many issues of personal freedom
If the show is going to be streaming in 720p HD, is that going to be a problem for your computer and bandwidth?: Maybe / I don’t know
What are your least favorite parts of the show that should be abolished immediately? (It’s just you and me – be honest, but constructive.): I don’t like the lack of objectivity when it comes to opposing points of view, for example to the infighting with the Prop19 opponents (I was a supporter of Prop19) and the disparaging words and rage against I-502 descenders (I am one of those). The facts are great. Presenting both sides is great. But the personal rage and slant on those topics make your show EXTREMELY hard to listen to, and in the past 18 months I have only listened to your show many 5 times. Where as before I listened to your show almost daily.
Anything else?: You are a smart guy, a professional broadcaster, and I am glad that you do what you do. Please be more respectful to religion, libertarian ideals, and people who disagree with you.

For further information about what I mean when I compared Chris Goldstein to Russ Belville. Chris Goldstein started the NORML Daily Audio Stash and later became a chapter president in New Jersey.
Chris Goldstein’s interview with Ron Paul in 2007 is what made me aware of NORML and had a lot to do with me becoming a supporter.

This is my video response to Russ’s questionnaire:

This is the interview that inspired me to become a supporter of NORML:
Ron Paul on NORML May 24th 2007

part 1:
part 2:

In the end I wish Russ the best. I won’t be sad to see several of the NORML Live guest hosts go.
I think that this will be a good change for NORML and for Russ.


May 14th, 2012 | By Pirate

I am sad to say that the NORML live show got cancelled according to Russ Belville in a blog post and a vlog post today 05/14/2012.

Though, I am glad he is going to continue the Daily NORML Audio Stash.

Here is Russ’s words on the subject.

This is my video on the subject.

I had some personal issues with NORML, and I kind of got tired of the infighting.
But NORML is a good voice in most cases they represent the movement well.
I won’t be sad to see GanjaJon go, but I will miss Cannabis Kari.