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Why is the left so silent about Obama’s wars, both foreign and domestic?

August 29th, 2013 | By Pirate

I am so tired of hearing the far left liberals launch constant attacks and leverage intense blame on their ‘enemies’.
I hear from so many of these same liberals their excuses for attacking conservatives and libertarians, by claiming “we are against war, and we are in favor of human rights”.  They would claim that conservatives are against these things.

When George W. Bush was a president, I saw constant liberal rally’s against war, and against corporate favoritism.  But since Obama has been president, those same liberals are now either extinct or too embarassed to show their faces in public.  Which is it?  They aren’t around so that I can ask them.   The ones that I can find, that were solid on supporting Barack Obama in the last 2 elections, will now say  “I didn’t support Obama, I was more in favor of _________ (fill in the blank)”, typically they say something clever (though meaningless) like “I supported Jill Stein”.  (cough cough, bullshit)

I wrote this on my facebook on June 15th 2013:

“I wish I had a screen shot from my liberal friends MySpace/Facebook when George W. was in office. Every little thing he did wrong they crucified him for it. In fact, I was pretty pissed AND vocal myself. However, these same liberal connections that I have on these social networking sites almost pretend that Obama doesn’t even exist, even though he has been FAR harder on MJ issues, has made far more extreme measures to intrude upon our privacy, and has done everything GWB did, including the wars (undeclared such as Libya) and has done far too (if anything at all) little to protect civil rights. Bush had the Patriot Act issue, Obama had the indefinite detention of US citizens without trial issue via the NDAA. Obama spies on our phone calls, and increases measures to allow for further surveillance… But do these liberal folks complain about that? Nope?!!???!  And why not? If Mitt Romney got into office and did these same things, you know for sure they would be going crazy over this shit (so would I). But because it’s one of the liberal elite, they turn a blind eye to it.

Disgusting how disingenuous some humans are. These are the same lame asses that go nuts over their favorite pro-sports teams. Their team can do NOTHING wrong. But when they do, it’s the other teams fault. Sheep!”

I remember watching Russ Belville pimp Senator Barack Obama in 2008.  I couldn’t believe it then, the way that he shamelessly pimped this very unknown and unproven man to lead the free world.   I wasn’t so sure myself, I asked Obama this:  Barack can we count on you to keep your promises?

Then again in 2012, Russ even knowing how horrible Obama had been on marijuana policy (in fact far worse than George W. Bush) indicting nearly 9000% more legal medical marijuana providers in about half the time.
See the MMJ indictments under Obama via this Young Turks show, they used 2011 numbers;

I mean even the Irish Parliament gets it, from thousands of miles across the Atlantic.  Calling Obama a “War Criminal”, because of all of Obama’s new and illegal/undeclared wars abroad (not just the drug war at home that he has given much more fuel to).

I heard all of the slander of Ron Paul by Russ and other far left liberals.  In fact, Russ took about 8 minutes on his radio show with me to insult and berate Ron Paul.   But how much worse could Ron Paul be than Obama?

These liberals are down right militant at attacking their “enemies” even conservative politicians at home.  But when their team does all of the same things as their “enemies”, they ignore it.  It almost seems like some of them forgot Obama even exists, not yet is he starting wars all over the world!

Here is Russ Belville pimping Obama in 2012, even after all of the foreign wars, and even after all of the marijuana crack down in our country.

I am ashamed that I ever contributed to NORML and/or Russ Belville’s show.  These liberals for the most part are shameless hypocrites!

But further than that, I will NOT ignore their support of tyranny like they are ignoring Obama.

This is a video that I made to document all of this, including some news highlights regarding all of Obama’s foreign wars, and his domestic wars.

Do we ignore to “keep the peace” while our leaders are making war?  Or do we stand for what we believe in?
I will stand!

U.S. Federal Court hits President Barack Hussein Obama with three charges of abuse of office

August 10th, 2013 | By Pirate

My take on what is going on in this Federal Court that is charging President Obama with abuse of office.

Is this all they are charging him with?   I mean really out of everything that he has done to abuse his power, and this is ALL they are charging him with?   Why so late in the game?  Why not last year before the election?   Why only such a narrow scope of charges?

Nixon was impeached for far less. Nixon was impeached for secretly spying on a few people. Obama has openly admitted spying on a few hundred million. Plus what I think is egregious is how he has started illegal wars of aggression (without congressional approval), such as in Libya. He has used drones to kill over 100 children in Pakistan. He has supplied renegade rebels in foreign countries with munitions (and covered up the Benghazi scandal so people wouldn’t know the truth of what was going on there) . Last but certainly not least, he has increased the national debt more than ALL other presidents COMBINED. Literally.
This welfare president has robbed the American people and their children of their way of life for centuries.

I found this on

Link to article at Before ITs News:…

<<<” U.S. Federal Court hits President Barack Hussein Obama with three charges of abuse of office. The charges presented are detailed and damning. The indictments assert that President Obama “acted as a dictator” to exceed his powers of office to appoint officials behind the back of Congress during a recess period.”>>>

<<<“In a staggering announcement an Associated Press report declared: “President Barack Obama violated the Constitution when he bypassed the Senate last year to appoint three members of the National Labor Relations Board, a federal appeals court ruled Friday.”

Mr. Lyndon Larouche, a well-connected journalist and political activist characterized the court’s assessment as “probably the greatest indictment ever seen on a standing president throughout history.” White House press secretary Jay Carney reacted strongly against the charges declaring, “we believe that the president’s recess appointments are constitutionally sound.” However, the federal court seems to disagree having put in place ” a list of charges presented as conclusions” according to Larouche. The court appears to take the view that no such recess was in place. As such, the president was in violation of Section 5 of Article 1 of the Constitution that stipulates that a president cannot make appointments without the consent of the Senate.

The failed Obama gambit had hoped to apply the section of the Constitution that reads: “The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session.”

The Washington Post reports on the seriousness of this abuse of office, “is more than an unconstitutional attempt to circumvent the Senate’s advise-and-consent role. It is a breathtaking violation of the separation of powers and the duty of comity that the executive owes to Congress.”

Crucially, no other president in history has ever tried to force through such alleged “ recess appointments” while Congress is still in session. The offenses occurred last year when President Obama opted to bypass Congress and unilaterally appoint three people to seats on the National Labor Relations Board . He also made Richard Cordray (pictured with Obama) head of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (after the Senate blocked action on his nomination). Cordray’s appointment, made on the same date, has been challenged in a separate court case.

Lyndon Larouche has characterized the events as probably the worst violation by any sitting president trying to use a “procedural loophole.” Jubilant Republicans are already looking to set in motion impeachment proceedings. Larouche, who studied the court indictments, believes Obama’s offenses are “far graver” than those that led to the impeachment and removal from office of disgraced Republican president, Richard Nixon, after the Watergate scandal.”>>>

In other news about Obama, please encourage the Senate to DEFUND OBAMACARE!

Don’t Fund Obamacare –

From Liberal to Conservative, my journey by Reverend Ryan

July 14th, 2013 | By Pirate

First of all I will start with saying that I decided to opt out of the two party system a long time ago when I started supporting Ralph Nader back in the 2000 election and previous.  I decided after arguing with my father who was very much on the fence on the liberal/conservative topic, but voted democrat because Ronald Reagan let him down, that I was going to opt out of the two party system because they did not seem concerned about our best interest, just what makes the most difference to getting campaign funds and sponsors.  I started researching Ralph Nader and I really liked his plan for ‘direct democracy’ and I liked that he was genuine and sincere.  I didn’t realize how unrealistic his agenda was at the time, but I supported him based on his career and his sincerity.   I have always opposed abortion and illegal immigration and such, and Ralph and I have always differed on that.  But I think I felt let down the same way that my father did, I just took a different avenue.   However, my father and I had some of our most close moments when we would argue politics.  It was something that he and I did frequently and it sure makes me miss him when I think about this stuff.

In 2008 I mentioned my support for Ralph Nader in this video (around minute 2:00).

Even though just 4 years later I would vote for someone who is nearly the polar opposite of Nader, and that is Ron Paul.
But this shows how drastic my transition was.  I went from leaning very liberal, to going completely conservative in just four years.

This had very much to do with the monarchy / two party system in this county.

Obama made a bunch of promises and obligations and did not keep them.  I remained optimistic for years, but like many others he majorly let me down.

Obama’s flat out insulting behavior which consists of over funding the drug war more than George W. Bush, and increasing federal indictments of legal medical marijuana provider by 8000% is terrible.
There is not one of these mainstream politicians that we can trust!  Their campaigns are bought and paid for by big banks and big industry.
So when people hear me touting conservative ideals.  This hasn’t always been the case.  This is a very recent thing.
Conservativism makes sense to me, in much the same way that Thomas Sowell describes his metamorphosis from being a Marxist in his early career to transitioning to a Conservative/Libertarian in time.

The Difference Between Liberal and Conservative by Thomas Sowell

Beyond that, I agree almost 100% now with Ron Paul now that I have a better understanding of how things work in politics.

Just a few points to make from Ron Paul, and since this is a cannabis blog I will try to focus on those topics even though it has a broader reach than just cannabis.

Ron Paul has been fighting for cannabis legalization since before Hempfest was founded.  Ron Paul had reached 10s of millions of people before Hempfest was even a twinkle in Vivian McPeak’s eye.   When cannabis wasn’t cool, Ron Paul stood up for personal liberties in this regard and others.   Even though he has never been a cannabis consumer.

These are the reasons and many others including reducing debt and ending slavery, is why I will remain conservative.
Even if I don’t vote republican.  In fact I have only voted Republican once in my life.  I will remain conservative.
But some folks like to make that sound like people who are conservative are in a religion, or a cult.  I feel the same way about anyone wrapped up in the two party system.  The difference is that I can adjust my political prospective based on facts and evidence and most other folks do not and will not.  I went from being very liberal to being conservative.
When was the last time you adjusted your ideology?

More references on this:


2012 Presidential Candidates on Drugs

September 10th, 2012 | By Pirate

We hear so many conflicting comments from the political candidates on marijuana and other drugs in these elections.  Some of these candidates will say anything to get elected.  Some of them are taking the hard “no on drugs” stance.  Some of these candidates are saying “get the government completely out of these issues”.  Some are very weak and just sit on the fence.

I personally believe that this topic will become a deciding factor in the election with over 40 million Americans who have admitted to using cannabis some time in their life and many more that haven’t or won’t admit to it based on some sort of fear.  Either way, these people are thinking about this issue, as are the people who pay taxes and see their tax money going to this huge endless pit of drug prohibition that has not worked and seems to have done the opposite of the intended effect.

I got this information from

We’ll start with the president:  Barack Obama

Click here for 15 full quotes on Drugs OR other candidates on Drugs OR background on Drugs.

  • Yes, he still smokes while President. (Jun 2009)
  • Look at needle exchange; and expand treatment. (Feb 2008)
  • Fight to rid our communities of meth. (Feb 2008)
  • Expand drug courts; help prisoners with substance abuse. (Feb 2008)
  • 2001: questions harsh penalties for drug dealing. (Oct 2007)
  • Not first candidate to use drugs, but first honest about it. (Oct 2007)
  • Do not lower drinking age from 21 to 18. (Sep 2007)
  • Experimented with cocaine but turned down heroin. (Aug 2007)
  • A “secret smoker”, especially around reporters. (Aug 2007)
  • Smokes cigarettes now; smoked some pot in high school. (Feb 2007)
  • Admitted marijuana use in high school & college. (Jan 2007)
  • Deal with street-level drug dealing as minimum-wage affair. (Oct 2006)
  • Understand why youngsters want to use drugs. (Aug 1996)
  • End harsher sentencing for crack vs. powder cocaine. (Jun 2007)
  • Require chemical resellers to certify against meth use. (Sep 2007)

Joe Biden:

Click here for 17 full quotes on Drugs OR other candidates on Drugs OR background on Drugs.

  • OpEd: Executive privilege doesn’t apply to “Fast & Furious”. (Jun 2012)
  • Marijuana is a gateway drug; legalization is a mistake. (Dec 2010)
  • 1988: Crafted new law creating national Drug Czar. (Oct 2010)
  • 1990 crime bill: tougher penalties for drug offenders. (Oct 2010)
  • Took lead on drug policy & narcotics control. (Nov 2007)
  • National ban on smoking would reduce chronic illnesses. (Sep 2007)
  • Absolutely do not lower drinking age from 21. (Sep 2007)
  • FactCheck: 40,000 babies with alcohol syndrome, not 300,000. (Sep 2007)
  • Increase penalties for dealing drugs near schools. (Sep 2007)
  • Most violent crime is related to drugs. (Jul 2007)
  • Divert drug offenders out of prison system. (Jun 2007)
  • Created nation’s Drug Czar Office & drug courts. (Dec 2006)
  • Voted NO on increasing penalties for drug offenses. (Nov 1999)
  • Voted YES on spending international development funds on drug control. (Jul 1996)
  • Rename “Drug Abuse” institute as “Diseases of Addiction”. (Mar 2007)
  • End harsher sentencing for crack vs. powder cocaine. (Jun 2007)
  • Enhance interdiction by criminalizing unflagged submarines. (Jul 2008)

Ron Paul:

Click here for 24 full quotes by Ron Paul OR click here for Ron Paul on other issues.

  • Blacks disproportionately imprisoned for victimless crimes. (Jan 2012)
  • Cancel the drug war, and cancel its violence. (Nov 2011)
  • Our drug war is driving our immigration policy. (Sep 2011)
  • We don’t need laws to tell us to not use heroin. (May 2011)
  • Drug War allows drug lords to make a lot more money. (Apr 2011)
  • Someday we’ll wake up and end the Second Prohibition. (Apr 2011)
  • War on drugs is out of control; revert control to states. (Dec 2007)
  • Repeal most federal drug laws; blacks are treated unfairly. (Sep 2007)
  • Inner-city minorities are punished unfairly in war on drugs. (Sep 2007)
  • $500B on War on Drugs since 1970s has been a total failure. (Sep 2007)
  • Legalize industrial hemp. (Jan 2007)
  • Drug War fosters violence at home & breeds resentment abroad. (Oct 2001)
  • Societal inconsistency on alcohol contributes to drug use. (Dec 1987)
  • Voted NO on more funding for Mexico to fight drugs. (Jun 2008)
  • Voted NO on military border patrols to battle drugs & terrorism. (Sep 2001)
  • Voted NO on subjecting federal employees to random drug tests. (Sep 1998)
  • War on Drugs has abused Bill of Rights . (Dec 2000)
  • Legalize medical marijuana. (Jul 2001)
  • Rated A by VOTE-HEMP, indicating a pro-hemp voting record. (Dec 2003)
  • Rated +30 by NORML, indicating a pro-drug-reform stance. (Dec 2006)
  • Allow rehabilitated drug convicts get student loans. (Jan 2008)
  • Ban federal funding for needle-exchange programs. (Mar 1999)
  • Distribute sterile syringes to reduce AIDS and hepatitis. (Jan 2009)
  • Sponsored bill letting states legalize industrial hemp. (Apr 2009)

Gary Johnson:

Click here for 12 full quotes by Gary Johnson OR click here for Gary Johnson on other issues.

  • 75% of border violence with Mexico is due to drugs. (Jun 2011)
  • Marijuana is safer than alcohol. (Jun 2011)
  • Legalize marijuana instead of 1.8 million arrests and $70B. (May 2011)
  • Harm-reduction: health issue rather than criminal issue. (May 2011)
  • Drug policy today parallels Prohibition in the 1920’s. (May 2011)
  • Other governors privately support ending drug war. (Oct 2002)
  • War on Drugs is a miserable failure; $6M for treatment. (Apr 2001)
  • Drug use is up despite $30B spending on War on Drugs. (Jan 2001)
  • Prescriptions for heroin & methadone at local pharmacy. (Jan 2001)
  • Allow medical marijuana and needle exchanges. (Jan 2001)
  • More federal funding for all aspects of Drug War. (Aug 2000)
  • States should make drug policy, not feds. (Aug 2001)

Mitt Romney:

Click here for 3 full quotes by Mitt Romney OR click here for Mitt Romney on other issues.

  • Opposes legalization of recreational or medical marijuana. (Apr 2011)
  • Mandatory sentence & higher penalty for repeat drunk driving. (Aug 2007)
  • Combat the ruthless narco-terrorists in Colombia. (Jul 2007)

Paul Ryan:

Click here for 4 full quotes by Paul Ryan OR click here for Paul Ryan on other issues.

Rocky Anderson:

Click here for 2 full quotes by Rocky Anderson OR click here for Rocky Anderson on other issues.

  • Opposes considering drug use immoral. (Feb 2012)
  • Treat drug abuse as a health matter, not a criminal matter. (Dec 2011)

Jill Stein:

Click here for 3 full quotes by Jill Stein OR click here for Jill Stein on other issues.

  • I support legalization of marijuana. (Jan 2012)
  • Marijuana is dangerous because it’s illegal, not vice-versa. (Dec 2011)
  • Bring marijuana sales under a legal regulatory framework. (Sep 2010)

Out of all of these candidates the only two that I have noted as being consistent against drug prohibition is Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.

Out of all of these candidates that have been consistently for drug prohibition is Mitt Romney and Joe Biden.

The rest of these candidates have been on the fence with a not very consistent stance.

For more information about other candidates goto:

On the issues is a little bit of an outdated site.  But there are some good archives there.


Common ground and Libertarianism

September 7th, 2012 | By Pirate

I am so tired of the two party monarchy in this country that continues to work against the American people.

These are some of the references from the show.

What It Means to Be A Libertarian

Obama’s Misguided Crackdown on Medical Marijuana

Penn reminds us why Libertarians are awesome

GOP Suing to Keep Third Parties Off Ballot in November

The Russ Belville Show starts June 4th 2008

May 20th, 2012 | By Pirate

Recently the NORML Network was cancelled. Since then Russ has been regrouping to do the Russ Belville show.
In an article on his website dated May 19th 2012, Russ asks “What would you like to see in The Russ Belville Show?”.

I think about Russ’s career in politics and the evolution of what was built at the NORML stash/NORML Live show.

First I think of when Russ drummed in the Obama presidency and campaign for Barack Obama.
As if Russ couldn’t tell that Obama was an establishment politician? Well either he was ok with that, or he was naive about how Barack Obama would change.

When Russ was drumming in the Obama administration, I was asking Obama if he was going to be a liar, which I suspected that he would.

This is Russ’s speech about Barack Obama in October 2008.

This was my video addressing Barack Obama in December 2008.

In Russ’s video he praises Barack Obama without hesitation.

In my video I point out how Barack Obama campaigns on a marijuana platform of decriminalization, and “leave patients alone” and such. He also chides his opponents for not being forthcoming and not keeping their promises. I point out that I did not support Barack Obama, but instead I supported Ralph Nader and that while I appreciate Barack Obama as president, I want to see him be forthright and honest (just like he insisted that Hillary Clinton do).

Well in the end Barack Obama lied. He didn’t keep his promises in the least, and laughed at any questions that came his way regarding cannabis.

For a few years Russ talked a good game, and worked diligently to unite the community and share essential information about cannabis.
Around the year 2010 that started to change, and we started seeing constant attacks on Roger Christie and other people with religious faith.
The division in the cannabis community became more pronounced with Proposition 19 and the name calling and infighting that was launched from the NORML camp.
Then with I-502, more of the same insults, and personal attacks on opponents.

Fast forward to a week ago when it was announced that Russ Belville would not be doing the NORML network anymore but instead would just be doing the 30 minute podcast.

Now Russ asks what people would like to see in the new Russ Belville show that will start up on June 4th 2012. This is his questionnaire:

This is my response to Russ via his contact form:

Name: Ryan Thompson
What are your favorite parts of the show that should absolutely remain the same?: I love the in-depth facts about current cannabis news and legislation, I love the different voices and opinions on the topics as well.
What time would be best for you to catch the show live?: 5pm Pacific
The show will expand topics beyond just marijuana law reform, what do you think of that?: Excellent – marijuana reform is just one of many issues of personal freedom
If the show is going to be streaming in 720p HD, is that going to be a problem for your computer and bandwidth?: Maybe / I don’t know
What are your least favorite parts of the show that should be abolished immediately? (It’s just you and me – be honest, but constructive.): I don’t like the lack of objectivity when it comes to opposing points of view, for example to the infighting with the Prop19 opponents (I was a supporter of Prop19) and the disparaging words and rage against I-502 descenders (I am one of those). The facts are great. Presenting both sides is great. But the personal rage and slant on those topics make your show EXTREMELY hard to listen to, and in the past 18 months I have only listened to your show many 5 times. Where as before I listened to your show almost daily.
Anything else?: You are a smart guy, a professional broadcaster, and I am glad that you do what you do. Please be more respectful to religion, libertarian ideals, and people who disagree with you.

For further information about what I mean when I compared Chris Goldstein to Russ Belville. Chris Goldstein started the NORML Daily Audio Stash and later became a chapter president in New Jersey.
Chris Goldstein’s interview with Ron Paul in 2007 is what made me aware of NORML and had a lot to do with me becoming a supporter.

This is my video response to Russ’s questionnaire:

This is the interview that inspired me to become a supporter of NORML:
Ron Paul on NORML May 24th 2007

part 1:
part 2:

In the end I wish Russ the best. I won’t be sad to see several of the NORML Live guest hosts go.
I think that this will be a good change for NORML and for Russ.

Wise words from Ronald Reagan regarding socialism via socialized medicine

October 22nd, 2011 | By Pirate

Wise words from Ronald Reagan regarding socialism via socialized medicine.

Socialism in socialized medicine does not exclude cannabis, and lately we have saw some strange events within the medicalization of marijuana.

There are a lot of things that I do like about Ronald Reagan, certainly when he was campaigning with Barry Goldwater in the late 60s.

The political philosophy of Ronald Reagan is admirable. Of course the execution of those plans, had mistakes and compromise while he was at his prime as the presidente.

RIP President Ronald Reagan

This was Ronald Reagan’s warning about socialism via healthcare in in 1961.

This is my commentary on Ronald Reagan. This all reminds me of my pop RIP.
My dad was a moderate democrat, but he told me once he voted for Ronald Reagan and was let down by him. Which is very understandable looking back.
However Ronald Reagan gave significant income tax breaks, and a lot of benefits to small business startups. There are a lot of good things done by Ronald Reagan during his presidency. One thing that frustrates me is why he didn’t end the drug war, and why did he create new wasteful and ineffective government branches for the drug war.

Every president has their shortcomings, even Obama who totally bombed on his major campaign promises, including not bringing the troops home, and not protecting medical marijuana patients and “decriminalizing marijuana”

This is my Ronald Reagan commentary on a few of his radio broadcasts about socialism.

More words of wisdom from Ronald Reagan

This is a video that I made for Barack Obama before he took office.

So tired of change, I just want my liberty!

July 23rd, 2011 | By Pirate

This is no surprise about how Obama has backpedaled again and again on the cannabis topic.

He campaigned in part by his rejection of the war on drugs, and decriminalizing cannabis.

Now he is just echoing the same thing we’ve heard over and over since this failed policy was originally implemented.

Obama says he’s not willing to end the drug war

The one thing I had hoped for with a black man as president, is that he could see from a different perspective and listen to the cries of the people of color in this country who get locked up at an alarming rate (above and beyond the rates of other ethnicity’s) for non-violent drug ‘crimes’ (I use that word very loosely).


The drug war was started based in part on racism, and racism still fuels much of prohibition and the demographics of drug arrests prove that.

But it seems Obama doesn’t care any more than George Bush.  It is truly disgusting.

I made these videos for Obama over the years.

Mr. President are you going to keep your promises?  (December 2008)

Jail time for simple possession!


I hope people consider Ron Paul for president, who is someone who honors his promises and votes accordingly (just check his record).

Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee

Please also call your representative and ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 2306!

The Healing of the Nations

December 17th, 2010 | By Pirate

My message / to the President about religious freedom.

President Obama this also applies to cannabis sacrament, an ancient religious component for many ancient rituals and spiritual healing oils.

I hope that President Obama has watched this video or sees it some times in the future.

I will be sending this to him again also:

Update for tomorrow 12/18/2010

Listen to “Reverend Ryans Roots Rockin Reggae…” hosted by xcannabis on 12/18/2010 4:00 PMPST #BlogTalkRadio

The arrest of Roger Christie, the end of religious freedom in the USA?

July 21st, 2010 | By Pirate

I am astonished that an herb like cannabis that grows from the ground the way that God intended it, and describes it in Genesis 1:29-30, that has no record of ever killing anyone due to toxic side effects is illegal in the first place. But what is more troubling is that in this country we are supposed to be guaranteed religious freedom. But where is it? Cannabis is referenced in the Bible as keneh bosem

The Holy Anointing Oil of Moses was made with 250 shekels in weight of cannabis.

So when does the government get to regulate morality, if there is such thing as freedom of religion?  How can the government judge what is a true religious practice or not?  Are they the moral authority of all faiths?

Most of all, who has cannabis ever hurt?  Cannabis heals, cannabis is industrially viable in thousands of ways, including building material, fuel, paper, rope, oils, etc.

I can not believe that the feds won’t even let Roger Christie post bond, as if he has been proven guilty of anything!

Here is news on this case from the THC Ministry website:

This is a video that I made to address the freedom of religion issue in the USA, and I quoted a speech from Barack Obama during his visit to Cairo Egypt.