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DEA back at it in Spokane, the one last true coop is getting raided!

May 18th, 2011 | By Pirate

I have gotten word that the one last true coop in Spokane is being raided right now.
Medical Herb Providers at 306 North Freya St., Spokane WA is being raided as we speak.
The report from the store volunteers is that several local cops accompanied by one federal agent is currently in their store detaining the other volunteers and it has been going on for several hours.

I call MHP the one last true coop in Spokane as they are one of few that included the community in so many ways, and allowed for signature gathering at their location for I-1149.
My heart goes out to them, as they blessed our family very much.

In the true community spirit, please get down to MHP and protest this injustice!
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The arrest of Roger Christie, the end of religious freedom in the USA?

July 21st, 2010 | By Pirate

I am astonished that an herb like cannabis that grows from the ground the way that God intended it, and describes it in Genesis 1:29-30, that has no record of ever killing anyone due to toxic side effects is illegal in the first place. But what is more troubling is that in this country we are supposed to be guaranteed religious freedom. But where is it? Cannabis is referenced in the Bible as keneh bosem

The Holy Anointing Oil of Moses was made with 250 shekels in weight of cannabis.

So when does the government get to regulate morality, if there is such thing as freedom of religion?  How can the government judge what is a true religious practice or not?  Are they the moral authority of all faiths?

Most of all, who has cannabis ever hurt?  Cannabis heals, cannabis is industrially viable in thousands of ways, including building material, fuel, paper, rope, oils, etc.

I can not believe that the feds won’t even let Roger Christie post bond, as if he has been proven guilty of anything!

Here is news on this case from the THC Ministry website:

This is a video that I made to address the freedom of religion issue in the USA, and I quoted a speech from Barack Obama during his visit to Cairo Egypt.

Its not called The Zion Curtain for nothing!

June 12th, 2010 | By Pirate

I was protesting today in Springville Utah today and I was arrested. It was during the Art City Days parade, and since I didn’t get my permit for my megaphone, I left that in the car and walked around with my sign.
After they handcuffed me, I yelled “This is my first Amendment Rights that you are violating”. Which got me a charge of “disorderly conduct” (I think, as they were not very clear). Which is a class C misdemeanor.

I have a court date coming up, and I am going to seek council from an attorney that specializes in civil rights.
I am trying to raise money for that as we speak. Please consider buying a tshirt from to help the cause here in Utah.
Also since I have a mandantory court appearance that I need to stay in Utah for, I will continue to protest.

I will continue to protest in Springville, because I have First Amendment Rights and I will not agree to give those rights up!


Its not called The Zion Curtain for nothing!

Freedom Rally in Salt Lake City July 25th, marijuana legalization in Utah!

July 13th, 2009 | By Pirate

Shawn Fluewelling is facing felony charges for simply possessing marijuana in his home in Boise Idaho last year.

Shawn Fluewelling is a minister of the THC Ministry Hawai’i.
(, and was ordained by Roger Christie.

Cannabis is his religious sacrament and a medicine that he uses. He was not harming anyone by possessing marijuana for his own personal use in his home.

Please reach out to Shawn. Click here for more information.
Shawn is a member at xCannabis as well.

See the video from the news clip here
This is an innocent young man. He has not hurt or intended on hurting anyone by his alleged “crime”.


Please show your support for Shawn at the Cannabis Legalization rally at the Salt Lake State Capitol on July 25th in Utah.
We need support from everyone everywhere on this one!!

Here is the information about the rally: