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Comparing real activists to hipster pot dealers

January 28th, 2016 | By Pirate


I have been frustrated for years when I work with or are in the same network as, typical pot dealer “cannabis activists”, who are typically no better than a corporate lobbyist for an industry or business.  The only exception that I typically notice, is that most of these “cannabis activists” are very demotivated and show up to meetings with less ambition to participate in law reform, but rather they show up in a guise of being an “activist” and instead slang pot instead.   Or they are there to make connections with clients, even if not directly selling pot at the meetings.

When I see folks like LaVoy Finicum who are ready to give their life for their cause, and are not there to simply peddle their wares, or to make connections.  But are there to participate in revolution.  I feel ashamed being any part of a cannabis law reform group.

I have collected signatures for many citizens initiatives, most of which failed anyway.  But in participating, I have spend 10’s of thousands of dollars of my own money, and yet in the last 20 years, I have not so much as sold one single gram of marijuana.   Because I am not participating under a guise of being an “activist” while actually being there to peddle pot.  I am actually there to participate in revolution, and to see cannabis laws NULLIFIED.

I have gained a new respect for ranchers after the standoff in Nevada at Cliven Bundy’s ranch, and after watching what went down in Burns Oregon when Lavoy Finicum gave his life to stand up for liberty.

I will still fight to get cannabis laws nullified.  But I will NEVER work on another “legalization” cause again.  Legalization could otherwise be translated as “give the government more control over cannabis than they already have”, rather than ANYTHING to do with REAL liberty.   If an initiative does not dispel and remove existing laws (and replace them with NOTHING), then in my opinion it is not worth fighting for.  Initiative 502 in Washington is a prime example of how legalization is a negative cause, as opposed to nullification which means to simple get rid of existing laws on cannabis.

This country could use much less laws, not new ones!

Thanks for all of those who actually care about liberty, rather than just furthering their own financial gains.


The prosecutor accepted my extortion money and dismissed my charges

July 24th, 2015 | By Pirate

I wrote my public defender Mr. Riley Fry, and the Prosecutor Mr. Ian Johnson on my case today.  While I was researching my case and learning that my charges got dismissed, I found another fresh incidence of police misconduct in Pocatello today, from an incident that happened on July 10th 2015 where a detective came up to an alleged suspect who was already detained, and used brutal force by elbowing him in the face while he was already under control.   That officer is facing charges, but I think that the officer in my case Officer Tyler Evans had perpetrated some of his own misconduct in my case.


This is what I wrote today;

To Prosecutor Ian Johnson, and Public Defender Mr. Riley Fry,

I see that my charges have been dismissed, and my extortion money has been cashed for a crime that I didn’t commit.

What I think is amazing, is that I am accusing the police of misconduct right now, in not protecting the victim (me and my son) of an assault that happened at my house, by a man who admitted to instigating the fight.
Detective Steven Westfall Pocatello Police

Detective Steven Westfall Pocatello Police

That thin blue line is getting crossed daily.
In 2013, we had reached over 1 million people with our own websites, reference;
And now that I have been thoroughly abused by Pocatello police, I will not stop my focus on that police department.  In my opinion, they are out of control.
I have several radio interviews lined up in the coming weeks to talk about my experience with Pocatello police.
Also, you will be able to read about this in my newspaper that is coming out in Pocatello in the coming weeks to every doorstep;
I had a sponsor step up to fund our next newspaper.
I do think the Mr. Riley Fry could have done more to get this case dismissed, and probably shouldn’t have missed my court date.
Five days before Mr. Fry missed my court date, I had actually released a broadcast to 50 radio stations announcing that I believed that he would miss my court date;
Ref:    (see the date, June 13th 2015, when I uploaded that video, and 5 days later on June 18th 2015, of course my court date was missed, despite that Mr. Fry and his secretary on two separate occasions assured me that I would have representation)
Also what I find funny in my case, is that I recorded on March 20th 2015, that police often lose evidence.   Which I had requested discovery evidence on March 6th, and I was still waiting for it on March 20th, it did not come to me until March 26th.   But on March 20th, I talk about how police often lose evidence.  They lost or willfully withheld the recorded police calls where Officer Tyler Evans threatened me that if I pressed charges on Joe Radeck for assaulting and injuring myself and my 3 year old son AT MY OWN HOME, that he would retaliate and press charges on me.    Officer Evans recorded other conversations with people in this case, but willfully withheld that evidence in my discovery request.  Which is a violation of my rights.    See the video that I made about this here;   (notice the date, 6 days before I received my discovery evidence)
There is a major problem in the Pocatello police department and the prosecutors office.   The retalitory actions of the police are very evident,
I now have that recording available of officer Evans threatening to try to suppress me from filing charges against the man who assaulted me.  We were able to fix my old phone, and I have that information now available, which I will be releasing on my radio interviews and my newspaper coming up.
If only the prosecutors office would have saw fit to dismiss my charges, and not extort me out of $100.  I wouldn’t be so pissed off.
But I did nothing wrong, and the person who assaulted me and my 3 year old son, did not face the battery charges that he should have.  Justice was not served.
Very Sincerely,
  Ryan Thompson
Pocatello Disorderly Conduct Charges Dismissed

Pocatello Disorderly Conduct Charges Dismissed

And since my previous formal complaints had went unresponded to by Pocatello Police, maybe they will take this more serious now.
I made a formal complaint again with Pocatello Police against Officer Tyler Evans today 07/24/2015
I included the message above that I wrote to the prosecutor.  I sent this to the Police Department and the Mayor’s Office.
“I would like to file a formal complaint against Officer Tyler Evans for violating my rights.I wrote the prosecutor today with this message; …”   (see the message above)
Pocatello Police Complaint formal_complaint_pocatello Pocatello_Police_Complaint
When I sent the prosecutor their desired extortion money, I wrote them this on June 29th 2015;

To: Mr. Riley Fry

Bannock County Public Defenders Office

PO BOX 4147
Pocatello, ID 83205

From: Ryan Thompson

*************  (address censored)

Mr. Fry,

I am sending the requested bond forfeiture money order that was requested to you of me by the Prosecutor’s office.

I am sending this money in duress in lieu of a trial, as I am 2600 miles away, and I have upcoming surgery for my orthopedic implants this summer. The fact the finances and distance is a concern for me being a disabled man without employment at the moment, I have to concede to give the bond forfeiture money up to the prosecutor based on my situation, and not at all because I am in the least bit guilty.

They are charging me with “inciting a fight”. I have the conversation now available of the police officer who called me, and threatened me with retailiation if I pursued charges against Joseph Radeck for assault and battery. He only was willing to charge me with “disorderly conduct” based on a facebook message IF I pursued said charges. I carried through with pressing charges of Assault and Battery and officer Evans followed through with his retalitory threat.

It is extremely clear based on the discovery evidence (what little that I was given) that Joe Radeck took accountability for instigating the fight, and for pursuing me to my house, and assaulting me. So I did nothing to incite a fight, it was brought to me.

Secondly, it is extremely clear that the Supreme Court has in fact already made a decision on a similar matter where a man was charged with threatening his ex-wife with murder and violence on facebook, but the Supreme Court ruled that this speech was protected by the 1st Amendment. My speech was only to offer the person who assaulted myself and my 3 year old son a different venue for a fight that he clearly told police was something that he wanted and that he pursued. I did this to protect my family, from having the same violence show up at my doorstep again. I offered sport boxing in a regulated boxing ring at the local boxing club. Boxing is not a crime it is a sport, and offering a different venue for a fight that the other party wanted is not a threat and is not a crime.


I feel that this bond forfeiture option is the only option that I have, because I can not miss my doctor’s appointments, as I am in a ton of pain right now, and I need surgery. Pushing it out any farther in order to be at court puts me in duress, because the pain is taking precendence over being in court on July 23rd 2015. Based on my two upcoming doctor’s appointments one in July and the other in August here in Maine, I can not possibly travel to Idaho due to limitation on finances and prior engagements.

I am including this Money Gram money order, payable to Bannock County, for the bond forfeiture that is requested by the prosecutor.

Here is a copy, and I am also including the money order with this postal mail to the address that you gave me via phone on June 22nd 2015.

Bannock County Public Defender
PO BOX 4147
Pocatello, Idaho 83205

Also please note to the prosecutor’s office that I would be willing to go to trial on this at the end of August. But I can not get there before then. And at the end of August, I may be medically unable to travel if my surgery is scheduled like it is presumed to be at this point.

But that is why I am under duress. I do not think that justice is being served. I also think that the other party should have been charged with assault and battery for assaulting and harming myself and my 3 year old son.


Ryan Thompson

(My phone is not working correctly at the moment. My email address is ***email censored *** )

BTW-  I had to find out for myself that my case had finally been dismissed, by going to;

I haven’t heard a lick from my attorney or the prosecutor.   But I did confirm that the charges were dismissed.

Please write the Pocatello Police or call them and let them know that this police misconduct is un-acceptable!  They work for us, they swore an oath to PROTECT and SERVE!

Climate change advocate trolls me, and fails

July 18th, 2015 | By Pirate

For quite awhile I have had a facebook troll, and I didn’t even realize it, until he sent his dad over to my house to fight me.   I was completely unaware, as his life is not that interesting to me.  So today I found that my climate change advocate (troll) trolls me, and fails!
But upon trying to gather evidence for court, because his daddy called the police on me after I bloodied him.  I found on his facebook profile that he is trolling me, and has been for quite awhile. Apparently this guy says that [I am] a George Bush voter, a fanatical extremist Christian fundamentalist, and out of all things that [my] belief that water vapor is a greenhouse gas is stupid.

I took some screenshots of this trolling because of how funny it really it.

First he apparently watches all of my videos, and makes memes about them.  The references to “Clovis Star” is a reference to my newspaper and media outlet

Facebook troll, is trolling Clovis Star

Facebook troll, is trolling Clovis Star

Then there is this about my position on climate change, and a statement that I made in this video;

At minute 1:05 I mention that over 90% of greehouse gas is made up of “water vapor”

His response apparently, concerns some fundamentalist who is always attacking atheists with a cross, and his statement is this:

lol same moron that posted a video saying that water is a green house gas lol

College Grad Doesn't Know

College Grad Doesn’t Know Water Vapor is a Greenhouse gas

His friend quickly corrects him and says;

“Water vapor is a greenhouse gas technically speaking, but the water cycle can minimize the effect if it works properly. Co2 is more of a problem because it doesn’t have the feedback loop of water.

He often deletes the stupid things that he posts, as I have noticed as of late.   But he left this up.   Surprisingly!
I made a video of it, so he can’t claim “oh he is lying, I never posted that” at a later time;

(you need to be a friend on FB to see that)

The point of this is to re-troll, and to also illustrate that for some people, 6 years of college doesn’t do them much good.   All of the people that say “I would do better in life, if only the government would pay for my college”.   This guy has been in school since 2008, and I don’t know if he has a degree or not yet.  But he has at least 6 years of full time university education, and it appears the only thing he got out of it, was his expenses paid via student loans, and a bunch of really roughly drawn tattoos on his hands, wrists and legs  (visible).
Im not sure how he is any more qualified to get a job now than before he went to college.  But maybe that was never the point.   I don’t think he really likes to work much IMHO.
Our big strife comes from when I first met my wife and she asked me to take him on a job with me out of state.  Before I even met him I agreed.  While on the job, he didn’t work much, and he got fired.  Ever since then he has tried to cause me drama.   Which I think is amusing.  He tries harder to hurt my life (and his sister’s life, and the life of his nieces and nephews), than he does to improve his own, or to get a job.

The whole thing is amusing.   But this is the end result of this whole feud, and now we will never have anything to do with that family again.

On February 12th 2015 I made this video, after he had left many threatening voicemails on his sister’s voicemail.  I offered to box him;

He declined and said “Maybe in May”.

Four days later his daddy came to my house to fight his battle for him.  Which ended up in misdemeanor charges for both of us.


Civil Rights Violated in Pocatello Idaho – For Immediate Release

We only went to Idaho based on fighting the prohibition rich laws, and we never intended to stay.   We went there in April2014, long after I had wrote about my contention with that area in this post that I wrote in July 2013;

Idaho is a tough gig, it is absolutely terrorizing when you are an activist with children

My wife and I got married in Idaho, but we never lived there, because of how risky it is to be a cannabis activist and a medical marijuana patient.  So we would go there and protest regularly.

You can see some of my protest videos here;

Tax Day Protest in SE Idaho for marijuana

420 Protest in Idaho Falls at Drug Court on 4/20/2009


I sure wish that people who got these fancy degrees had some ambition to use them.  But I suspect he won’t.  He will go around pretending that he created every scientific theory there is in existence, but when it comes to applying his knowledge.  It will be just like when he needs to pay bills, but won’t get a job.

I am not educated, but I have worked constantly since I was 14 years old, and if you are privey to looking up my social security contributions, you can see that I have never stopped working, and I have never stopped paying in to the system.  And on the side, I try to change the world for the better through my constant activism!

Which is why I ask this question;

What’s wrong with the USA chocolate or silver?

So if you are going to troll me about climate change.  At least do the basic research to defend your position better!

With all of these atheists and evolutionists asking for government hand outs, I just wonder if they really practice what they preach?
Do they REALLY believe in survival of the fittest?  Do they really believe in natural selection?  If so, then why choose socialism as [their] political platform?

survival of the fittest

survival of the fittest

Voluntary Charity

Voluntary Charity

Gay Open Carry Activists – Happy ending

June 28th, 2015 | By Pirate

I typically do not use the two terms “Gay Activists” and “Happy Ending” in the same title, or in the same sentence.  But in this case it is appropriate.

Several days ago, I wrote about the Gay Open Carry Activists that went to Capitol City Pride in Olympia Washington and were thrown out and banned from that event, as well as a group that had nothing to do with the demonstration.

So to sum it up, the Libertarian Party of WA was permanently banned from the event as well as the activists that I featured in my last article about this.   Reference;, and Capital City Pride and their discrimination against Civil Rights at own protest.   The two groups were separate and unassociated, other than they apparently have similar political ideology, but the LPWA was no demonstrating with this group, or organizing for this group, or participating with this group’s protest.

Fast forward to the next week at Seattle PrideFest where the same group of people were treated with an abundance of love and respect.   I am attaching from pictures that I found on one of the activists wall  Ref  Devyn Hembry

This also goes to show that police are just people too, some good and some bad.  The police in this photo get a lot of respect from me.

Seattle Pridefest Open Carry

Seattle Pridefest Open Carry

Seattle Pridefest Open Carry

Seattle Pridefest Open Carry

I am still looking for the full details, or an article by a local news source.  But I have only found a few bits here and there.  This story just came out of the activists facebook wall, whom I am now friends with, and I have the deepest respect for these fine folks.  But Im sure more will come out soon.  This is HUGE.   From hate and bigotry at one Pride Fest, to Love and Respect at the next one just down the road not far.  What a wonderfully diverse world we live in, where we can learn from other’s so easily and often.

Ref more news coming soon;


Also these are a few interesting facts that I learned from the article at the Libertarian Party of Washington’s website about their political stance on gay rights.

The Libertarian Party;

  • Has supported gay rights since its inception in 1971;
  • whose 1972 presidential nominee was gay;
  • whose 1972 vice-presidential candidate, Tonie Nathan, was the first woman to receive a vote in the electoral college;
  • and who has had an explicit plank in its national platform supporting gay marriage since 2008, four years before the Democratic Party.

I have to say that I love the sign that they are carrying with them.  “Armed Gays Don’t Get Bashed

Good work to those who stand up for liberty!

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Have the two main US political parties switched platforms?

June 15th, 2015 | By Pirate

When I have debated or conversed with liberals in the last 10 years, I have often reminded them what has bankrupted our country, and it has a lot to do with how their policies and political platforms from 1870 to 1935 effected our economy.   From the Federal Reserve Act and the IRS act, to high income taxes, and the shifting of wealth to outside of this country by imposing higher and oppressive regulations on business on top of huge taxes.

In a conversation tonight we went back to the Great Depression.   It has been my opinion based on a lot of research that what led up to the great depression was a few things.

1.  The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 gave our treasury over to 12 private banks in a system that they called “The Federal Reserve”, championed by Woodrow Wilson

2.  The IRS act, which started taxing income for the first time in the USA

3.  The shifting of wealth based on new and oppressive federal regulations on businesses, that started pushing wealth to other countries as well as jobs

4.  The increase of tax rates to well over 60% to start, and up to 90% for a time.

Some liberals I speak to blame it on businesses being too greedy back then.  But I see it differently.  I see that the government choked business out, just like they are doing in this day and age.

Here are some references and my video that I made tonight on the subject;

Ryan Thompson speaks on the topic of have the two major parties’ political parties switched platforms or traded platforms in the past 100 years? I illustrate my point that the two major parties do have vast differences that have lasted well over a century, and these are major issues that define the two major parties.

I disagree that the two parties have switched platforms. They may have more similarities in some areas, but in other areas, their differences have only grown apart further.

Even to this day, our current president ran a so-called “Billion Dollar Campaign” and his biggest donors with Federal Reserve Banks like Goldman Sachs.

The Progressive Liberal Democrats are STILL in bed with the big bankers!


Dr. Thomas Sowell

Obama’s banker contributions;

Woodrow Wilson

Income Tax Rates in the USA since 1913

The Federal Reserve Act


A few 3rd party commentaries on this question “have the parties switched platforms”

Privacy issues and a Tech Info Update on the TOR

May 30th, 2015 | By Pirate

After reading a few articles on this subject, after watching the big trial for Ross Ulbricht and the Tor network site “Silk Road”, I have started to research the layers of the onion, to try to reverse engineer how these vulnerabilities exist.
I don’t care if it’s black market cancer medicine, or a journalist who is sourcing anonymous tips, or whatever.  This TOR service is essential to freedom and the preservation of our liberty and it would be terribly sad to not identify the risks and the weaknesses of using this utility as to preserve it’s mission and purpose.

Also because there are vulnerabilities and privacy issues, it is worth a look at the TOR alternatives.  TOR (the onion routing network) is the most famous, but there are a lot of good alternatives.   With the right configuration, and potentially using multiple services combined, it could be possible to remain fairly anonymous.

The NSA and their activities have been ruled in a federal court as unconstitutional.  Ref:

But that does not mean that they have stopped gathering information.

So keep a wary eye on your data, and your privacy.   There are black hat hackers that are not necessarily “ethical hackers” and they are just as capable in some things as the NSA.   Check your security, check your privacy options, and stay stafe!

Learn more at our TOS page;

P.S.  Im going to put this plug in, for free (Hey John McAfee, you can send royalties to 1DwPVVt6UZp8HrLtdrwBihf4qxQPVRxz73 )  JK

I recommend these tools by McAfee’s Decentral >


Lie detection technology and activism

May 30th, 2015 | By Pirate

I have been researching and writing about this for a lot of years regarding lie detection technology and activism.  The idea that politics and important subjects that are vulnerable to lies and deception, could potentially be sorted out with existing and potentially improved technology.

I have bought prototypes, that are not claiming to be 100% accurate by any means.  I have also researched software that insurance companies use to detect deception.

This is some information from Wikipedia on this topic;

This is a video that I made about 18 months ago about technology that I am testing;   and this one (comedian genius Johnny Carson is the lead in this skit; )

Then there are the military projects that are focused on this functionality, and have been releasing prototypes that are in use in the military since at least 2008.


“The Pentagon will issue hand-held lie detectors this month to U.S. Army soldiers in Afghanistan, pushing to the battlefront a century-old debate over the accuracy of the polygraph.

The Defense Department says the portable device isn’t perfect, but is accurate enough to save American lives by screening local police officers, interpreters and allied forces for access to U.S. military bases, and by helping narrow the list of suspects after a roadside bombing. The device has already been tried in Iraq and is expected to be deployed there as well. “We’re not promising perfection — we’ve been very careful in that,” said Donald Krapohl, special assistant to the director at the Defense Academy for Credibility Assessment, the midwife for the new device. “What we are promising is that, if it’s properly used, it will improve over what they are currently doing.”


Realistically this sort of device is faulty and is bound to lack accuracy for a very long time.  So there are some questions that people need to ask themselves.

1.  Should this be allowed as admissible in court?  What is the threshold for accuracy if this type of evidence is allowed in court?   Currently polygraph testing is allowed in court, and there is a lot of scientific debate on how accurate it is as a scientific measurement of deception.  A lot of problems come with analyzing stress, and a polygraph situation can alone induce erratic stress levels.

2.  If allowed as evidence in a court case, should there be a requirement for a secondary test of at least equal accuracy be offered for good measure?

3.  What else should be offered in place of lie detection?  As it is well known that a high percentage of convicts are innocent.  So we need to be able to correct the inaccuracies and the habitual mistakes of our current system.  What would your solution be?

Join us @xcannabis


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Racism in the USA revisited – What is racism?

May 24th, 2015 | By Pirate

Hi this is Reverend Ryan AKA Ryan Thompson.   I have spoken about this topic only a handful of times.  Usually when there is rioting or violence, or when someone has gotten killed by police without an obvious reason.

Racism in the USA has pressed me in my life pretty hard.  Growing up in Utah, I was 14 years old when young 14 year old Sammy Weaver was shot in the back by federal agents while they were illegally on his family’s property.  I was in the next state over when this happened, and I watched in horror when the FBI (Janet Reno) changed the rules of engagement, and they started opening fire on unarmed people on the Weaver’s property, eventually sniping Vicky Weaver when she was holding her infant baby in the doorway of their cabin.   They shot her right between the eyes, and she was merely holding a baby, no weapons, and she was in her own home.

Randy Weaver was the subject of the massacre.  Randy Weaver a decorated soldier who had never been in trouble in his life, was entrapped by the FBI (so that they could make him an informant), and then missed court on his first offense.   So the government sent agents to his property without a warrant, and when they got there Sammy Weaver was walking his property when agents startled him.  He fired off some warning shots, and the agents shot him in the back as he was running away.

This stirred up a major national incident that was on every news station for weeks while the stand off took place.

Eventually skinheads and other locals came to peacefully protest the siege on this family.  When I saw this, it made me angry at the government, and I decided to start dressing the role of skinhead culture.   I had only 2 other friends that were very serious about this “skinhead” culture, Seth and Steve.   But it wasn’t about being a part of a group, or mob-mentality.  Rather, I just wanted to do SOMETHING to protest the government and what they were doing to honest and good people of this country.
I mean seriously!  Shooting a 14 year old in the back?  Sniping an unarmed mother who was holding on infant?   On American soil?  On the family’s property?!  I was outraged, and I was even more outraged to find that other people were not outraged as well.

For years I had many heated conversations with friends and family about this.   I have a cousin that partially grew up with in my teenage years, who is gay.  She took major offense to my position, and eventually we stopped talking.  This was the case with several relationships.   Even 20+ years later I still get the same old “you were racist” (when I was a teen).

Admittedly, after I saw what happened in LA on April 26th 1992, I did have some disparaging words for the rioters, and though I am ashamed to admit it, I did recite some of the racist jokes that my father would tell.  Though I never treated anyone with racism.  Even once when I was with some friends and we saw a hitchhiker who had brown skin, and the people I was with started making disparaging comments, I pulled over and gave him a ride, and I borrowed $5 from one of the passengers and gave it to the man.  I felt bad that I was with this group who were being total assholes, so I decided to give them a lesson.  I was 16 at this point, which was about 2 years after the incident at Ruby Ridge.  This was the point that I decided to shed the skinhead ideology.
Right after that I started going to rainbow gatherings, and Grateful Dead concerts, as to sort of purge the past, and move on to a more peaceful future.   At age 17 I got two tattoos, one on my chest and one on my foot that says “S.P.E.A.R” aka “Skins and Punks Everywhere Against Racism”.     I have since made much fuss when I see other people getting discriminated against based on their creed, color or sexual orientation. When Prop 8 was being pushed in California (mostly by Mormons) I stood up against that, and I made a tirade of videos admonishing this.

However I am not a complete liberal shill, who thinks that only white people can be racist, and that apparently white people never get discriminated against.   So I have made videos like this;  to clarify my position and to protest the BS that many liberals push, like “Affirmative Action” or as they call it in Great Britain “Reverse Discrimination”.  And what do I get?  More accusations that “(I) am racist”.

I don’t really care, I won’t change my position.  I am absolutely against “affirmative action” aka “reverse discrimination”, because I believe ALL discrimination is wrong based on race, gender and orientation.  If racism is wrong, then ALL racism is WRONG, and Affirmative Action is most CERTAINLY racist and sexist.   So are many policies that we are developing in the USA.

So I still wear my Dr. Martins boots, and my flight jacket, and I have my skinhead tattoos (SPEAR), and yet even though I fight vigorously against racism, when a “friend” or family member wants to bring me down, they try to smudge my image to others as “oh he is a racist”.

I venture to say however, that ANYONE who supports Affirmative Action or “Reverse Discrimination” is a true racist.  These are typically the people who like to try to take shots at me calling me a “racist”.

Here is how I rate liberalism.  As someone who has read about and studied National Socialism and WWII very well.  I liken modern day liberals to “National Socialist” aka “Nazi’s”.   This is why.

1.  Liberals are very fond of race based laws, creating an unequal balance to society by giving un-natural preference to some, and persecuting others based on race and gender.   This is very similar to Nazi policies, not the same, but similar.

2.  Liberals are very socialist.  From socialized healthcare, to socialized business guidelines and tax structures, to endless entitlements provided by the government.   That is socialism 101, and it is the same thing that Hitler often spoke about in his famous speeches.

3.  Liberals are very Nationalist.  They always hold the “American way” up as a method of garnering support.  “We as a nation are ______” to Ad nauseam.

4.  Then there is the eugenics thing.  Liberals always seem to defend abortion on the notion of “no one should be forced to have an un-wanted baby”.   So the line between murder and compassion is drawn by “is the baby wanted or not”?   The Nazi’s didn’t like Jews, and so Jews were considered “un-wanted” offspring, and the Nazi’s killed them.   Despite that the Nazi holocaust was one of the most horrible and deadly events in world history.  American’s have killed MANY MANY more people LEGALLY via abortion laws.

5.  The National Socialist, and especially after Hitler started reviewing the works of Charles Darwin became very anti-theistic.  Burning Bibles in the street, and legislating against religion.  This is a clear and obvious agenda with modern day liberals.

6. Gun control (enough said)

The people who accuse me the most of being racist are the typical liberal types, who see life through rose color glasses that allows them to see past the double standards that they apply to racial issues and socialist behavior that has failed so many times in the past.

Here is an article that I wrote about “the racist drug war” which I acknowledge and address the unfair arrest practices of police against minorities, but I also address other potential factors (that many liberal refuse to agree with, even though the problem is real, and backed up by a significant amount of data).

1992 was a very life changing year for me and many others.

The Sublime song “April 26th 1992” christens this insanity by singing about the LA riots.

What amazes me however in all of the latest city burning riots, and the ones from years past, is that when cops kill white people without cause, like what happened in Ruby Ridge Idaho (shooting children in the back, and shooting a mother in the head while holding a baby), white people don’t burn down cities in protest, and it happens far more than liberals want to admit to.

So call me whatever you want.  But I will stand against ALL FORMS OF RACISM!


This is a video that I made to go with this blog post;

S.P.E.A.R – Skins and Punks Everywhere Against… by Friar_Ryan


Black Pride Good White Pride Bad - White Guilt

Ryan tats in 2008

Ryan tats in 2008









Justin and Ryan Thompson

My brother Justin and I.
Just showin my tats from back in the 1990s. Gotten a few more since.

















Here are a few other videos that I have uploaded about this subject over the years;

No Irish Need Apply

I support gay marriage, I do not support anti-discrimination laws

Ron Paul and Racism Accusations – The Marcus Garvey of the 21st Century

I am not a big fan of Louis Farrakhan, but he makes a clear point about all of the people in history that have been accused of racism or antisemitism

When people start making waves, typically the first thing that they get accused of, is being “racist”.

NSA Bulk Surveillance deemed illegal

May 11th, 2015 | By Pirate

This is just fantastic news. Just saw this in the newspaper yesterday.  NSA Bulk Surveillance deemed illegal the 2nd court of appeals decides!
I couldn’t be more happy.


I am however always on the defensive with this. So I study, and I reverse engineer stuff that I find either in auctions or otherwise. I like to be on top of the technology that is used (illegally) on the American people.

But I would prefer to have as much privacy as possible.

#spying#government #illegal #nsa #nopartyconsent

End the outrageous wars, end the Income Tax Act and the Federal Reserve Act

September 1st, 2013 | By Pirate

End the outrageous wars, end the Income Tax Act and the Federal Reserve Act

When we say “the government needs to tax us because they need to fund A, B and C” all that we are doing is giving the government a blank check to install more tyranny.   Whether we are talking about the drug war, or foreign wars, or whatever else.   Giving the government a blank check is a bad idea no matter how we look at it!

This is my video blog on this topic.


I have been censored and censored over and over by liberals on this topic.  Suggesting that the government can not fix our lives and take care of us from cradle to grave seems to be so absolutely appalling to many liberals to the point where they think censorship is the only logical reaction.  Rather than publicly debating the topic, many of them would rather just block and move on.

I have made a lot of commentary why I think that giving the government a blank check is a bad idea.

Before we empowered the government to write a blank check on whatever they want, without even having the money in the treasury, we had a much better system.   We had less in poverty, we had less income disparity, we had more people employed, we had higher standards for education, and higher standards of affordable medical care BEFORE we consented to socialism.   I propose that if anyone does an analysis of what we had before 1913, to what we have now, the differences will become very obvious.  Yes we still had social issues to over come at that time, and we still do now.  But those issues were working themselves out and I believe it would have gotten just as far with ending things like racism, and sexism, without government intervention.   We saw people like Frederick Douglas rising up and making something of himself, without government intervention, and I think that was a trend that was gaining wind behind it’s sails in the mid-1800’s and beyond.  But regardless of that, economically we were doing so much better before we gave the government a blank check.



These are references to other articles that I have written on this subject