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Christians for Cannabis, Catholic nuns growing medical cannabis

November 21st, 2015 | By Pirate

Christians for cannabis

I have been teaching and preaching about how cannabis has a special place in the Bible and in the lives of the people of the Bible.  References to cannabis in rituals, and healing can be found in many chapters of the Bible, both old and new.  The translation of the words that identify cannabis in the Bible have been properly sorted out, but rabbi’s with authoritative teaching credentials in Torah translation, Rabbi’s like Aryeh Kaplan who wrote the book “The Living Torah”.

Now in many areas of the world, as in the days of old, many devout religious people are growing cannabis for it’s amazing healing benefits.

This group of nuns in California is growing both high THC, and low THC medical cannabis strains.  As they talk about in the video, they explain how congress has recently taken high CBD, but low THC cannabis off the drug schedule. This opens up many avenues for patients in non-medical states to get their medical cannabis.

This is their website;

Climate change advocate trolls me, and fails

July 18th, 2015 | By Pirate

For quite awhile I have had a facebook troll, and I didn’t even realize it, until he sent his dad over to my house to fight me.   I was completely unaware, as his life is not that interesting to me.  So today I found that my climate change advocate (troll) trolls me, and fails!
But upon trying to gather evidence for court, because his daddy called the police on me after I bloodied him.  I found on his facebook profile that he is trolling me, and has been for quite awhile. Apparently this guy says that [I am] a George Bush voter, a fanatical extremist Christian fundamentalist, and out of all things that [my] belief that water vapor is a greenhouse gas is stupid.

I took some screenshots of this trolling because of how funny it really it.

First he apparently watches all of my videos, and makes memes about them.  The references to “Clovis Star” is a reference to my newspaper and media outlet

Facebook troll, is trolling Clovis Star

Facebook troll, is trolling Clovis Star

Then there is this about my position on climate change, and a statement that I made in this video;

At minute 1:05 I mention that over 90% of greehouse gas is made up of “water vapor”

His response apparently, concerns some fundamentalist who is always attacking atheists with a cross, and his statement is this:

lol same moron that posted a video saying that water is a green house gas lol

College Grad Doesn't Know

College Grad Doesn’t Know Water Vapor is a Greenhouse gas

His friend quickly corrects him and says;

“Water vapor is a greenhouse gas technically speaking, but the water cycle can minimize the effect if it works properly. Co2 is more of a problem because it doesn’t have the feedback loop of water.

He often deletes the stupid things that he posts, as I have noticed as of late.   But he left this up.   Surprisingly!
I made a video of it, so he can’t claim “oh he is lying, I never posted that” at a later time;

(you need to be a friend on FB to see that)

The point of this is to re-troll, and to also illustrate that for some people, 6 years of college doesn’t do them much good.   All of the people that say “I would do better in life, if only the government would pay for my college”.   This guy has been in school since 2008, and I don’t know if he has a degree or not yet.  But he has at least 6 years of full time university education, and it appears the only thing he got out of it, was his expenses paid via student loans, and a bunch of really roughly drawn tattoos on his hands, wrists and legs  (visible).
Im not sure how he is any more qualified to get a job now than before he went to college.  But maybe that was never the point.   I don’t think he really likes to work much IMHO.
Our big strife comes from when I first met my wife and she asked me to take him on a job with me out of state.  Before I even met him I agreed.  While on the job, he didn’t work much, and he got fired.  Ever since then he has tried to cause me drama.   Which I think is amusing.  He tries harder to hurt my life (and his sister’s life, and the life of his nieces and nephews), than he does to improve his own, or to get a job.

The whole thing is amusing.   But this is the end result of this whole feud, and now we will never have anything to do with that family again.

On February 12th 2015 I made this video, after he had left many threatening voicemails on his sister’s voicemail.  I offered to box him;

He declined and said “Maybe in May”.

Four days later his daddy came to my house to fight his battle for him.  Which ended up in misdemeanor charges for both of us.


Civil Rights Violated in Pocatello Idaho – For Immediate Release

We only went to Idaho based on fighting the prohibition rich laws, and we never intended to stay.   We went there in April2014, long after I had wrote about my contention with that area in this post that I wrote in July 2013;

Idaho is a tough gig, it is absolutely terrorizing when you are an activist with children

My wife and I got married in Idaho, but we never lived there, because of how risky it is to be a cannabis activist and a medical marijuana patient.  So we would go there and protest regularly.

You can see some of my protest videos here;

Tax Day Protest in SE Idaho for marijuana

420 Protest in Idaho Falls at Drug Court on 4/20/2009


I sure wish that people who got these fancy degrees had some ambition to use them.  But I suspect he won’t.  He will go around pretending that he created every scientific theory there is in existence, but when it comes to applying his knowledge.  It will be just like when he needs to pay bills, but won’t get a job.

I am not educated, but I have worked constantly since I was 14 years old, and if you are privey to looking up my social security contributions, you can see that I have never stopped working, and I have never stopped paying in to the system.  And on the side, I try to change the world for the better through my constant activism!

Which is why I ask this question;

What’s wrong with the USA chocolate or silver?

So if you are going to troll me about climate change.  At least do the basic research to defend your position better!

With all of these atheists and evolutionists asking for government hand outs, I just wonder if they really practice what they preach?
Do they REALLY believe in survival of the fittest?  Do they really believe in natural selection?  If so, then why choose socialism as [their] political platform?

survival of the fittest

survival of the fittest

Voluntary Charity

Voluntary Charity

Happy Trails to our friend Ray Christl

July 14th, 2015 | By Pirate

I am saddened and happy at the same time, to know that our friend Ray Christl has passed on, and is now pain free and back home.

Ray passed away on July 4th 2015, he fought a hard battle with stage 4 prostate cancer in his final days, and put up a strong fight, using cannabis as treatment as well as laughs with good friends and family.

Ray and I met on Facebook or the NORML Stash in 2010, its not entirely clear to me which point was our first contact.  But our mutual concern was over Pastor Roger Christie who was in federal detention in Hawaii for his role in the THC Ministry.   Shortly after meeting up online, Pastor Ray and I decided to start doing radio together.

I had been doing radio prior to meeting Ray, and he had many years of broadcasting under his belt, so it was a good matchup.

My first radio show with Ray was on the THC Ministry hour on The Free American show with Clay Douglas.
Reference to that show on December 2nd 2010;

The Free American – THC MINISTRY HOUR 2nd Hour part 1

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Here is a list of other shows that we created, under my station Sensi Life Radio;

Ray and I had distance because of some disagreements, and about the arrangements of his arrival to the USA from Cambodia.   I was trying to raise my family, and we had just found out we were having a new child, and Ray was hoping to stay with us.  I couldn’t accommodate, and we lost touch until the end, and we had some warm emails just recently in the last few months of his life.  I was grateful to be able to reunite with Ray.

You can hear from our radio shows his heart for cannabis healing and cannabis sacrament, and this was a lifelong pursuit of his, a very honorable pursuit.   I am grateful that he allowed me to be a part of his life and legacy for a short time.

Ray stayed in Oregon with Paul Stanford and was a caretaker at the THCF garden and worked closely with patients as a caretaker there.   The photo below, and the comment underneath I borrowed from Paul Stanford’s facebook wall.


Pastor Ray Christl

Pastor Ray Christl

Ray Christl passed away early on July 4th in Arkansas, after a long fight against cancer. Ray worked decades for global cannabis freedom. Ray and I worked together on Oregon initiatives to end marijuana prohibition, and Ray helped THCF Medicinal Gardens, where this photo was taken on September 1, 2014. Ray believes in the spiritual significance of cannabis and is devout in faith. Ray leaves family and friends from his hometown of Chicago to his family in Cambodia, Hawaii and Arkansas. Ray was here in Portland for most of his final years, and just left to be near his family in Arkansas on June 13. Thank you for your good works Ray, and blessings and prayers for you and your family and friends..

Bless up and happy trails Pastor Ray Christl!


June 22nd, 2015 | By Pirate

There is no doubt that this man greatly inspired me and taught me things that no one else could. I have been a different person, as if though something is missing, since he passed away in 2008. What do I do with myself I wonder. All of those memories of talking politics late at night with my father while we watched old war or old cowboy movies. Nothing compares to those times, not even this wonderful memories that he has left me with.
As a father myself, I am blessed by his undying ambition to become better, and to provide for his family better. He was never satisfied.
As a father I am also blessed by his many mistakes. Which I know he beat himself up over. Trying to not make those same mistakes myself has been a driving factor in my ambitions and fears.
In the end, a terrible cancer ripped him away from me in the blink of an eye. And the glue that kept our family together, quickly revealed how important he was to keep that glue strong.
Here’s to the father’s out there who stand on their own now, without a father to guide them through life. The struggle is real. Keep your heads up!
Being a father is a gift. I am so proud of my children!
#happyfathersday #fathersday #cheers

Here is my little family in this video that my wife and kids made me. I am so richly blessed!×201.jpg

Is Cannabis Prohibition Constitutional ? Nullifying dumb laws

August 26th, 2013 | By Pirate

In the case of The USA vs. Timothy Leary in 1969, Timothy Leary fought the law, and NULLIFIED prohibition on a FEDERAL LEVEL based on prohibition being unconstitutional.

Learn more about this from a broadcast that I did on June 23rd 2011 with Jason Karimi on “rescheduling cannabis”

Learn more about Timothy Leary’s case here:

We don’t resolve dumb laws and tyranny with MORE LAWS. We nullify dumb laws!

Roger Christie will be allowed to use religious defense in court

August 15th, 2013 | By Pirate

After three years in a federal detention without bail for the alleged crime of cultivation and distribution of cannabis, it has been decided that Roger Christie and his wife Share Christie will be able to use their religious defense in court.

This is a victory for the Christie’s, for their supporters and family, and for religious freedom everywhere.

I have had long, heated arguments with agents of NORML like Russ Belville and Keith Stroup about how religious defense has worked, and can work.  But they continue to reject this possibility, even though there are plenty of cases that prove otherwise.

I believe that the Christie’s will be set free by a jury of their peers, and I think that the federal government will look foolish after wasting all of this time and all of these resources to persecute an innocent man over a harmless plant.

“HONOLULU —A federal judge has ruled Roger Christie and his wife Share Christie will be allowed to use religion as part of their defense against charges they manufactured, possessed and distributed large amounts of marijuana on the Big Island. U.S. District Judge Leslie Kobayashi made the ruling July 31 during a status conference.





Denied the ability to serve again

June 1st, 2013 | By Pirate

I was a 19 year old kid that goes into the military recruitment office in Provo Utah.
I was only about 100 lbs, and I didn’t have a lot to offer physically.   So they ran me through a pre-ASVAB test, and I scored really high.  After that I had both the Airforce and the Marines trying to recruit me.
I was really wanting to be a part of the Airforce and I have forever as long back as I can remember, wanted to fly an airplane.

But there were a few last technicalities.  They had not ran a background check or tested my pee yet.
When the recruiter ran my background check two tickets for marijuana showed up.  I was shut down.  They said if it was only one ticket they could probably work around that.   But with two, there as no hope.

So I moved on in life.  I drifted around for a few years.  Found a relationship with Christ in my life, and my life steadily improved.

After all of these years of being blessed, I am always on the lookout for a way to be helpful, and give back.
This last year, I came across the Tough Mudder event (
I researched what this was all about, and who their charity is.   They give to the Wounded Warrior Project, and Tough Mudder has donated over 5 million dollars to this project.  I made the connection  “I couldn’t serve my country like my forefathers, but I can serve the men and women who have bravely served.

I am glad that I wasn’t able serve in active duty military because the end result would be that I would be put in a position to kill or be killed, and I just did not believe in that war enough to either kill or be killed.   So that was a relief.  Not that I wasn’t wiling.  But it was a blessing in disguise.

But with the Tough Mudder event, I could prove some things to myself.  I could also contribute to the Wounded Warrior Project.  I believe in the Wounded Warrior Project because I know a lot of these men and women come home from war with PTSD, and our government is not taking very good care of them.  These foundations that help our soldiers I believe in, especially with the reputation of the Wounded Warrior Project..

On May 3rd, I was denied service to my country once more when I was hit by a Iraq Veteran, likely suffering from PTSD, and self medicating with alcohol who hit me in a head on collision while he was driving the wrong way on the freeway (I-5), going at about 70 miles an hour.   This is the exact thing I was working on with whatever help I could give with Tough Mudder.  Getting treatment for our torn men and women who come home from battle is a major goal of mine.  This is a fine example of why it is so important.

I will not be able to complete the course this year, but I hope to be in good enough shape next year to complete one of these courses.

This is my video blog from April talking about the tough mudder.     (not the right video, Im having trouble finding the right one)


This is my video about how I was denied to serve in this function based on this car accident.

I ask that people please lift our soldiers up in prayer.  They go to war for what ever reason, but when they return they do not always get the care that they need.

Below are pictures of this car accident that ruined my go at this Tough Mudder event.
But I am glad that I was driving a Ford Expedition, because that is the only thing that saved me in this accident.
The other driver did not make it. I am really blessed to have survived!

Free and on the loose again

Free and on the loose again

428640_496690210385626_33953004_n P1030294

Thank God for good meds!!


Eight people in one room, deciding the fate for one of them

May 31st, 2013 | By Pirate

In a recent real life situation that I currently face with my grandma.

It’s like there are 8 people in the room, deciding the fate of one person.

The person in question and one other person have their opinion, and the other 6 people in the room have a completely different opinion.

The 6 believe that there is a quick and easy way to settle all of this.

The other 2 people believe that they don’t need the other 6, and they have their own opinion.

In this situation, which opinion is more authoritative?   Should the 6 decide for the 1?

I think we should all be able to choose our own destiny.

I am at a fierce disagreement with my family about a particular topic.   I wish it were different.  I hate these kinds of disagreements.   



Is there a key that someone needs to see logic in theism?

October 17th, 2012 | By Pirate

I was reviewing some libertarian videos and I came upon some great challenges from Penn Jillet on the topic of faith, and honesty, and crazy beliefs and how they play a role in the 2012 elections.

Penn Jillette: An Atheist’s Guide to the 2012 Election

He’s right. He doesn’t have the key in my opinion. Is that what it is? Something that unlocks the knowledge? Some missing link?
I used to say these same things as a teen that Penn says in this presentation.. I was agnostic for most of my life. But I guess I found the missing link.
He talks about a lot of ‘facts’ that I disagree with the accuracy of. For example “Atheists represent the largest movement in America, because Christians are so drastically divided”.
Really? 20% of the USA is atheist? 8% at the lowest?
I see it this way. Yeah, Christians are severely divided no doubt.
However, Republicans are severely divided, democrats are severely divided pick a football club vs. pick another football club and they are severely divided.
But atheists are also divided. Their doctrines, theories and beliefs differ greatly. Agnostics are reasonable and basically say in a very scientifically minded way “I don’t believe in a deity, because I have no evidence that one exists. I also don’t have evidence that a deity doesn’t exist”. Atheists in a very unscientific and impossible position say “there is no deity and I am sure of it”.
That is a pretty drastic divide. And I will often find some self proclaimed atheists that are more like agnostics, yet most agnostics that I know are very different from atheists. Humans divide to try to find importance and self esteem. Its a mob mentality thing that like Penn, I do not agree with.

When I started receiving the missing link(s), I was looking at death just about every day from being homeless.   While I was homeless I got stabbed, I got beat unconscious once (over 30 stitches in my face), I ODed on IV drugs and almost died.  So I did a lot of searching daily for the possibility of an after life.  I think I was hoping for one the whole time, and I was skeptical because I knew too much suffering to believe in an almighty God.  But the more I searched, and studied, the more I found.   Its not that I hadn’t searched and studied before, because my grandfather was very religious and later in their lives after partying and being reckless for many years my parents also became religious.  They were all Mormons, and in fact I believe there is now 7 generations of Mormons on my father’s side.
I rejected the LDS church, even after and even more so because I studied these ancient books, cultures and practices.
The LDS church and the church of Scientology fit into the same or similar category in my opinion.   I’m also not a member of any other religion.  I just believe what I believe, and I am also an ordained minister.  But I don’t have a congregation of tithe payers, nor am I looking for one.  But I like to follow the clues and facts where-ever they lead me.  I have not been impressed with any religious organization, though I attended several Baptist churches.  I was baptized by a Pentecostal minister in the Provo River (with the spring melt-off in the river).   I really am just interested in a personal relationship and personal studies.   I have made a lot of videos that I share my finding, incase anyone is interested and wants to discuss the topic with me.  However the one thing that I don’t do or plan on doing is going door to door and proselytizing.  Its been a real nice opportunity to own a retail store when we have had time to, because I have gotten a lot off different perspectives on the topic.   I think consideration that on is important for people (me) to grow /evolve/adapt, is to consider the possibility that other possibilities may have more clues to the puzzle and that they can’t expect to be 100% right.
Lord knows Ive done a lot of growing in my thought process and education.  My relationship with the deity (whatever the official name) has been much more peaceful and rewarding than being tied into an organization.

Im not a big fan of dogma either way, whether it is from theism or from non/anti-theists.  So I just will keep on keeping on with my personal walk.

Bless up!

A letter from Roger Christie that I got in email

October 16th, 2012 | By Pirate

I am just sharing this beautiful email that I got from Roger and Share Christie;

Hello out there to friends we know and those we’ve yet to meet,

Aloha.  Share and I hope this finds you and those you love in top-shape and high spirits on this beautiful, troubled, and promising planet Earth.


Share and I send a sincere * thank you * for helping us in prayerful and practical ways since our arrest in July 2010, and throughout my incarceration without bail since then.  Although we would prefer that I was preparing our legal defense from home, we’re glad that all the other co-defendants of the Green Fourteen have been allowed to be free before trial, and we wish them and their families the very best.  Please know that Share and I promise to do our best to keep working for the ultimate victory of the Green Fourteen, the THC Ministry, and the overall liberation of the Cannabis hemp plant.


We all know that spirit is bigger than government, and that Cannabis is an essential and unique gift of God and nature to humanity.  We seek to correct the fraud of misclassifying ‘marijuana’ as a Schedule 1 controlled substance with spiritual principles and THC Ministry methods resulting in a win in court.  We know now that the classification of Schedule 1 for ‘marijuana’ has recently been proven to be scientifically untenable, and that it’s always been arbitrary, capricious and a fraud.  We seek to prove through our thoughts, words and actions that Cannabis really is “the sacrament of the peace culture” and a medical miracle.


Share and I feel like we have a case that can make a historic legal precedent that will help to liberate Cannabis from the long tyranny of prohibition and the economy of scarcity, crime and violence it has produced.  We have science, history and the personal experience of millions of people on our side.  We’re making progress with our legal contest for the basic Constitutional and human right to be free to practice our religion in private at home and in church.  According to the latest polls, we now have a majority of public opinion going for us, too.  When we win, religious and spiritual freedom for Cannabis wins.  The possibility of a much happier, healthier and wealthier future awaits all of us in the very near future.


Fortunately, our work to prove the spiritual and medical benefits of growing and using Cannabis gets easier every week.  Scientific studies from the U.S.A. and other countries can now be gathered on the internet with a quick search and the push of a button.


1.)  The facts show that Cannabis hemp can prevent cancer and reduce tumors, stimulate the appetite and reduce pain.

2.)  Cannabis has been shown to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig’s disease) where no other safe and effective remedies exist.

3.)  Science proves that Cannabis is neurogenetic and neuroprotectant, it builds and protects brain cells.  Also that hempseeds are one of nature’s most perfect foods.

4.)  The U.S. government has held a patent since 2003 to process cannabinoids from Cannabis plants into a stunning array of very promising medicines, although it still denies those life-saving medicines to its own citizens.

5.)  On October 16th oral arguments will be heard in Washington, D.C. Circuit Court to re-Schedule ‘marijuana’ into a category that would allow it to be used and researched as medicine for the first time in a century in the U.S.A.


These and more are exciting developments are like a harmonic convergence that makes us feel like we’re right on time with our religious defense.  We seek to correct the continuing lie of marijuana prohibition, and with your help we can do so.


Cannabis is the safest and most commonly-used spiritual / religious sacrament in human history.  It must be nourished and preserved in the one country on Earth, ours, founded on the freedom of religion.  We have a sacred job to do, and Share and I feel that we’re on-purpose and on-course with our case.  We’re now in the home-stretch to our trial scheduled at this time to begin on March 12, 2013.  We have the opportunity to file motions and have public court hearings for religious use, and even to dismiss our case based on the misclassification of ‘marijuana’.  We’re excited for the opportunity our case presents to end marijuana prohibition and liberate this natural, useful, safe and holy herb.  We look forward to a victory in defense of the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.


As we ‘practice what we preach’ we see our case as a “blessing in disguise” – a way for spirit to help us in our mission.  We’re very grateful for your prayers and kind words of support and encouragement.  We both thank you if you’ve made a cash donation to us as our finances have been and continue to be challenged.  We thank you if you’ve sent emails, letters, cards, books or magazines to help sustain me here in this federal detention center, and to Share at home.  We live in gratitude every day for our many blessings far outnumber our injustices.  We live in gratitude for you, the friends we know and those we’ve yet to meet.  We ask our Judge, and then our jury for justice, and we ask you for your continued support.  Please search your conscience and, if spirit guides you, please make a contribution to our cause today.  I humbly ask you to make a generous donation and send it to:


Share Christie

P.O. Box 1643

Pahoa, Hawai’i 96778


If you need a tax deduction for your donation, please send it to:


Drug Sense

c/o “Roger Christie’s THC Ministry Case”

14252 Culver Drive 328

Irvine, California 92604-0326


Mahalo and aloha,


Roger and Share Christie


THC Ministry

[Liberate Roger Christie] on Facebook page