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Pocatello Idaho Police misconduct, excessive force and suppression

July 24th, 2015 | By Pirate

Unfortunately for the fine citizens of Pocatello Idaho, the police force is at it again with violating people’s rights for victimless “crimes”.  In this case, they violated a man’s rights for absolutely no reason, accusing him of #1.  Having a knife (that he didn’t have, and that is NOT illegal to have), and #2, Trespassing on public property.

Neither one of these charges are truly “crimes”, and the only people resisting and causing disorder are the police (of course).

But yet they smashed this guy’s face, kidnapped him, and put him in jail with a potential concussion after he did NOTHING WRONG.

The charges against this man are said to be “still pending”, but at very least they have charged Detective Steven Westfall with unlawful assault.   A charge that I am sure will be swept away by the prosecutor who will potentially put this man on trial, but will likely no present a good case against him for the jurors.   The thin blue line is not to be crossed!  Not even by prosecutors.


POCATELLO — City police Detective Steven Westfall is facing a misdemeanor criminal charge of unnecessary assault by a police officer and administrative review following a July 10 scuffle with a Pocatello man who was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest after police were called to a disturbance call at a Pocatello residence.  (courtesy of Idaho State Journal)

Detective Steven Westfall Pocatello Police

Detective Steven Westfall Pocatello Police

The information on this case is lacking.  Police have failed to release the name of the suspect who’s rights were violated by Pocatello Police that fateful day.

When asked in the police media conference, Chief Marchand refused to give the name of the suspect.

But this is the police incident report for that week;

I have personally sent in a public records request to Pocatello PD to learn more about this case.  Ref;

Pocatello Police Records Request Detective Westfall

Pocatello Police Records Request Detective Westfall

This is the dashcam video of the event;


This is a video released by Clovis Star (our print media source) about Pocatello Police Misconduct;



But the police assure us that they are investigating themselves.

We are investigating ourselves - Chief Marchand

We are investigating ourselves – Chief Marchand

NJ Weedman gets his medicine by mail (Cannabis delivery)

August 27th, 2013 | By Pirate

I have been following NJ Weedman lately again.  It has been a few months since I have paid much attention to anything but healing from my accident.  But I have watched NJ Weedman as he has been getting treatments for his bone cancer in California, while living in New Jersey.   We had contacted Ed Forcion (AKA NJ WEEDMAN) in June when we were on our way to our new home on the east coast and we wanted to do an interview with him.   Ed agreed, and we told Ed we would pay him for his time.
When we got to Ohio, we started see how low our funds were, and how far we were from Maine.  So we told Ed we would have to reschedule.   New Jersey would have taken us several hundred miles out of our route.

Tonight I was able to send Ed $20, to try to keep my promise.  I figure it may come in handy during a rainy day when Ed is budless.  I sure wish I could send more.  I know Ed is overwhelmed right now with medical treatments, court cases, and activism.  As Ed often says “Activism doesn’t pay” and I know that all too well.   It was nice to be able to support a good activist and someone who has been very effective in promoting and using Jury Nullification.  Good work Ed!

Tonight Ed posted a video about how he had sent his medicine to himself from California to New Jersey and he displayed a video with all of his ganja treats..   This is revolutionary!   People in so-called “Dry states” can do this too, and there are many ways to do it.

First this is Ed’s documentation of this process:

See more at:

Now here is the nitty gritty of how this works for other people.

I have learned about several websites on the “Darknet” that you can purchase and have different illicit items shipped to you.

It is neither illegal to visit these sites, nor is it illegal to post about them.  But the legality of the items and the process in which the items are shipped is a different story.   Before I give any links to these sites or references to these sites, let me make it clear.

1.  You do no know who you are ordering from.  Be very mindful of that.

2.  You don’t know what you will receive in the mail or who will follow your package

3.  You need to be VERY careful of how you browse these sites and how you relay information over the internet.
With this in mind.   I am neither responsible for your orders, or your actions.  You take full responsibility!

However if you are a cancer patient and you need cannabis for medicine, I have no moral conflict with you ordering cannabis online to help treat your symptoms or in fact to even CURE your ailments with cannabis.   I lost my father and my grandmother to cancer, as well as countless friends and loved ones.

First is Silk Road Marketplace, which is one of the oldest sites for ordering medicine over the “Darknet”.

They accept bitcoin as payment and they offer both sellers accounts and buyers account.   You can learn more at Wikipedia

Forbes reports that Silk Road makes 22 million dollars in sales per year.

Then there is a few smaller sites.  One that I have heard of is “Black Market Reloaded”, and I do not know much about it.  You will have to do your own research.

Another one that has made some recent waves over the last few months, and has gotten a lot of press is “Atlantis”.   Which is also an .onion website, and offers very similar services to Silk Road.  They are probably most well known as Silk Road’s biggest competitor.

Learn more about them at this link:

Now down to the security issue.   As NJ Weedman says, he does not have items delivered to his own house.  That would just be stupid.   So finding a drop location is going to be one of the most difficult problems with getting meds by mail.

It takes the TOR Network to even gain access to these sites.  The TOR Project is used by various private individuals, organizations and governments to provide concealed/anonymous internet browsing.   Learn more at their website;

But many people have still been traced.  Recently several web hosting sites, and mail hosting sites were targeted by authorities and their owners were found and arrested.

Read this:

Many of these sites had illegal child porn or other related services on them, and it good that those people were blocked from injuring children.   However many legitimate services that activists, journalist and others rely on were also taken down at the same time, since it was a central hosting company that was providing service to these sites.

So I recommend to people to do many things to protect themselves.  On top of using the TOR Project, I recommend looking into an anonymous VPN service.  See more at this link;

It is also well known that using Windows in any sense will leave you vulnerable to attacks and exposing sensitive data.  So I recommend using linux, as well as a USB live linux OS like Tails.   Even if your computer is loaded with only one operating system, and that OS is a Windows version.  You can still bypass using windows, and boot in to a USB Operating system like Tails, which is designed to provide anonymity.

And there are many others to choose from.

You may also want to encrypt your data.  TrueCrypt is known for being a free an effective way to encrypt your data.

See more here:

That is the basics, and there is a lot more to it than that.   So do your own research.  DO NOT TRUST WHAT I HAVE GIVEN YOUR HERE.  There are always changing circumstances that may leave you vulnerable.   So rely on your own research and wisdom.

To see this on go to:    <  That is our backup site incase this site is having problems


My Friend Adam has been kidnapped #MyFriendAdam

August 4th, 2013 | By Pirate

I watched this video about Adam Kokesh’s kidnapping this morning and I feel it most important to spread the word!


See the links in the blog roll on this site, we have posted many in support of Adam Kokesh!

Also please read about Buju Banton who has also been kidnapped

Creepy Ass Cracka – Not the final post on the George Zimmerman case

July 16th, 2013 | By Pirate

After a lot of back and forth with friends over the last week a few things are notable.
But first I have to say that in March of 2012 I came out in support of Zimmerman getting arrested and charged, based on all of the media hype.  They really made it sound like Zimmerman pulled a racist murder on a young boy, displaying pictures of Trayvon Martin when he was a pre-teen and such, and cutting and clipping the 911 call to make it sound as if there was some racist insults being slung at Trayvon.  I posted for a week straight about this and wore my hoodie and supported the Martin family.

But in the last week I have learned some disturbing details about this case that made me change my mind.

A few things that should be known, since I constantly hear about the “right wing white man agenda” constantly regarding this case.

  1. George Zimmerman was as white as Bob Marley.  George Zimmerman’s father was white, but his mother was Afro-Peruvian.
  2. George Zimmerman was not a republican or a right winger, he was a registered democrat
  3. It is said that George Zimmerman stood up for a man in the same town who’s civil rights were violated in a racial way, and George Zimmerman protested this and passed out flyers about this in 2010

So beyond all of the cultural technicalities, I have already addressed the scientific technicalities in my previous post.

But the last thing that I found in this case.  Just as of today July 16th 2013.  Is this ‘star witness’ who was on the phone with Trayvon Martin during this whole incident.  She claims that what motivated Trayvon Martin to freak out was that as he said “he is being followed by a creepy ass cracka”.

See the video here:

Here more of her testimony here about the racial slurs that Trayvon Martin used:

So Trayvon Martin didn’t like the neighborhood watch captain to be watching him as he is going in and out of people’s back yards at night.  And when Zimmerman is on the phone and the dispatcher asks for Martin’s location, and Zimmerman gets out of his car to find the street sign or landmark, and the dispatcher says “are you following him” and Zimmerman says “ya”, the dispatcher responds “we don’t need you to do that”.  So Zimmerman starts heading back to his car and he got jumped.   Well during that conversation that Zimmerman was having with the police dispatch, Martin is busy talking to his friend on the phone, while trespassing in someone else’s backyard and the conversation is marked with racist slurs about Zimmerman’s racial identity as Trayvon Martin describes Zimmerman as a “creepy ass cracka”.

Now when I bring this up to my facebook acquaintances who have made this all about “racial profiling” for months and months.  They ignore it, and instead call me a racist?!

I find this hilarious, especially when they identify this as some “right wing conspiracy against the black man”.  As I noted earlier, Zimmerman was also black (Afro-Peruvian), and he was a registered democrat.

People are so desperate for more racism it seems.  (Barf)


Are you losing the debate? SHOUT RACIST

Are you losing the debate? SHOUT RACIST



From Liberal to Conservative, my journey by Reverend Ryan

July 14th, 2013 | By Pirate

First of all I will start with saying that I decided to opt out of the two party system a long time ago when I started supporting Ralph Nader back in the 2000 election and previous.  I decided after arguing with my father who was very much on the fence on the liberal/conservative topic, but voted democrat because Ronald Reagan let him down, that I was going to opt out of the two party system because they did not seem concerned about our best interest, just what makes the most difference to getting campaign funds and sponsors.  I started researching Ralph Nader and I really liked his plan for ‘direct democracy’ and I liked that he was genuine and sincere.  I didn’t realize how unrealistic his agenda was at the time, but I supported him based on his career and his sincerity.   I have always opposed abortion and illegal immigration and such, and Ralph and I have always differed on that.  But I think I felt let down the same way that my father did, I just took a different avenue.   However, my father and I had some of our most close moments when we would argue politics.  It was something that he and I did frequently and it sure makes me miss him when I think about this stuff.

In 2008 I mentioned my support for Ralph Nader in this video (around minute 2:00).

Even though just 4 years later I would vote for someone who is nearly the polar opposite of Nader, and that is Ron Paul.
But this shows how drastic my transition was.  I went from leaning very liberal, to going completely conservative in just four years.

This had very much to do with the monarchy / two party system in this county.

Obama made a bunch of promises and obligations and did not keep them.  I remained optimistic for years, but like many others he majorly let me down.

Obama’s flat out insulting behavior which consists of over funding the drug war more than George W. Bush, and increasing federal indictments of legal medical marijuana provider by 8000% is terrible.
There is not one of these mainstream politicians that we can trust!  Their campaigns are bought and paid for by big banks and big industry.
So when people hear me touting conservative ideals.  This hasn’t always been the case.  This is a very recent thing.
Conservativism makes sense to me, in much the same way that Thomas Sowell describes his metamorphosis from being a Marxist in his early career to transitioning to a Conservative/Libertarian in time.

The Difference Between Liberal and Conservative by Thomas Sowell

Beyond that, I agree almost 100% now with Ron Paul now that I have a better understanding of how things work in politics.

Just a few points to make from Ron Paul, and since this is a cannabis blog I will try to focus on those topics even though it has a broader reach than just cannabis.

Ron Paul has been fighting for cannabis legalization since before Hempfest was founded.  Ron Paul had reached 10s of millions of people before Hempfest was even a twinkle in Vivian McPeak’s eye.   When cannabis wasn’t cool, Ron Paul stood up for personal liberties in this regard and others.   Even though he has never been a cannabis consumer.

These are the reasons and many others including reducing debt and ending slavery, is why I will remain conservative.
Even if I don’t vote republican.  In fact I have only voted Republican once in my life.  I will remain conservative.
But some folks like to make that sound like people who are conservative are in a religion, or a cult.  I feel the same way about anyone wrapped up in the two party system.  The difference is that I can adjust my political prospective based on facts and evidence and most other folks do not and will not.  I went from being very liberal to being conservative.
When was the last time you adjusted your ideology?

More references on this:


The science in the George Zimmerman case

July 14th, 2013 | By Pirate

I have had a few people defriend me and one person threaten my family via facebook over my opinion that the science, and the jury were correct from my understanding in the George Zimmerman case.  In fact this last week when I really looked deeper into this I realized a few things.

1.  That Zimmerman had been a neighborhood watch captain for quite some time and had been very helpful in investigation in this neighborhood in the past.  Even in a recent burglary in that neighborhood where Zimmerman reported seeing a burglar, the burglar was found in possession of the items taken and Zimmerman correctly identified the burglar.

So this was not something new for Zimmerman.  He didn’t have it out for Trayvon Martin.

2. That Zimmerman never volunteered the race of the person he was reporting without being prompted by the 911 dispatcher.    George Zimmerman’s Police Call History – DocumentCloud

3.  The physical evidence in this case shows that Zimmerman was beat badly.  Both via the pictures that were taken at the scene while Zimmerman was in the police car, and the surveillance video at the police station when Zimmerman was questioned, and the doctors examination show that Zimmerman had many injuries due to the beating that Trayvon Martin gave him that night before he was shot.

George_Zimmerman_back_of_head George_Zimmerman_front_of_head

However on the autopsy of Trayvon Martin the only injury found other than the gun shot wound, was lacerations on his knuckles and blood on his knuckles from beating George Zimmerman.

ABC News Exclusive: Zimmerman Medical Report Shows Broken Nose, Lacerations After Trayvon Martin Shooting, ABC News, May 15, 2012

Martin’s autopsy report

The Volusia County medical examiner found that Martin was killed by an injury resulting from a single gunshot to the chest, fired at “intermediate range”, between 1 and 18 inches according to a forensic expert.[34][Note 6] An FDLE analysis of Martin’s body and clothes described the distance as “a contact shot”.[133] The autopsy also found that Martin had one small abrasion on his left ring finger below the knuckle. No other injuries were found on Martin’s body at the time of his death.[34] Physicians who reviewed the official autopsy report for the Orlando Sentinel, stated in their opinion that Martin lived from 20 seconds to several minutes after he was shot, and that Martin likely remained conscious “for a time anyway”.[134]

4.   I have spoke many times about lie detection technology see this.   Zimmerman passed his lie detector test with flying colors.

On June 26, 2012, the prosecution released the results of a voice stress test performed on George Zimmerman the day after the shooting.[192][193] A voice stress test is a type of test used to measure deceptive or psychological stress in the human voice in response to questions.[194] Zimmerman was asked, “Did you confront the guy you shot?”, to which Zimmerman answered, “No.” Zimmerman was asked, “Were you in fear for your life, when you shot the guy?”, to which Zimmerman answered, “Yes.”[192] The examiner concluded that Zimmerman “told substantially the complete truth” in the examination, and Zimmerman was classified as “No Deception Indicated (NDI)” according to the report.[192]

George Zimmerman told truth about Trayvon Martin shooting, documents state”. ABC News (local). June 26, 2012. Retrieved June 26, 2012.

Trayvon Martin Shooting: More George Zimmerman evidence released”. WTSB Tampa Bay. June 26, 2012. Retrieved June 26, 2012.

5.  The fact that Trayvon Martin was going in and out of people’s back yards led to suspicions voiced on the 911 calls by Zimmerman before he was jumped by Trayvon Martin and in fact Martin was trespassing in someone’s backyard (one of the 911 callers) when the incident of the beating and then the shooting occurred.

Listen to the 911 calls for more on this.

7:18:00 reports yelling “Help”

• 7:16:11 “Help” and gunshot in background
• 7:16:41 reports screaming and gun shot
• 7:17:08 reports screaming “Help” and gunshot
• 7:17:15 distraught caller
• 7:17:54 reports gun shot
• 7:18:00 reports yelling “Help”
• 7:19:04 brother of caller was witness


And now after the jury decides.  Community “leaders” are calling for revenge, and their main target is our right to self defense (ie Stand your ground laws).    NAACP Seeks DOJ Intervention in Martin Case, Targets ‘Stand Your Ground‘ Laws | The Nation

This is what concerns me most about this case.  Why try to take away self defense laws in a society that is hostile and police are slow to respond?  Between calling for gun rights to be taken away and the “stand your ground” laws to be taken away, what is left when police take sometimes hours to respond or sometimes will not respond at all?

I was at a city council meeting in Spokane city when Tim Loe and Gina Cargile testified to the Council that police have told them if property damage is not more than $30,000, that police will not respond.  The city council president confirmed this policy.

What about in things like the Katrina hurricane in New Orleans?  People did not have access to police, they had to defend themselves against looters and killers.  Why take away our ability to defend ourselves just because you disagree with a verdict?

What I think is interesting, is places where gun rights are liberated and defended, the crime rates are lower.
One example is Switzerland where every house is required to have a gun in their home (an assault rifle none the less), and their crime rates are lowest in the world.   Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World

More information on this;

My thoughts on video:

If cannabis is legal in Washington why is it still schedule one?

June 29th, 2013 | By Pirate

People keep asking me questions about why I think cannabis is still illegal in WA. First and foremost, cannabis is STILL a schedule one drug on the WASHINGTON Controlled Substances Act (CSA) as well as the Federal CSA.
There are no tenth amendment protections or local law enforcement protections for cannabis if it is still listed on the CSA as an illegal (Schedule 1) substance. Look for yourself.

So my suggestion is, Russ Belville and those who promoted this crap the most, should be brave enough to be the first people to open up a cannabis shop in WA.  After all Russ Belville and Ganja Jon have been promising to move to Washington as dumb laws like this get passed.  During a show in 2010 they were talking about how if SB 5073 passed they would be moving to Washington.  So what is it?   Why are they waiting?

Video response to Russ Belville’s lies.   As judge Judy says  “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me that it’s raining”

If cannabis is legal in Washington, why is it still a schedule one drug?

If cannabis is legal in Washington, why is it still a schedule one drug?

Marijuana enters the medical dispensing industry with a strong presence MDBX

April 23rd, 2013 | By Pirate

Since 2010 a little known company called MedBox Inc has entered the medical dispensing industry, and has just in the last few days MedBox Inc filed its Form 10 to become a fully reporting public company with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  This is big news and also acted as a catalyst in the company’s stock price increase in the OTC market from about $20 to over $27 overnight.

The company’s approach is not new to medical dispensing.  In fact there are many companies that have been in to automated medical dispensing for a long time.

But what is difference about MedBox Inc is that not only are they entering the medical marijuana market with a strong presence, but MedBox Inc is also competing with some other very strong companies that are in the pharmacy automation industry for hospitals, long term care facilities, as well as jails and prisons.

On one hand I am excited to see some legitimacy in the market, and on the other hand I am disappointed by MedBox suing it’s competitors making MedBox Inc a company that I will likely not be investing in.

If money is the driving factor, rather than helping people in need.  Then you can consider me out.

More information on this topic at:


Is there a key that someone needs to see logic in theism?

October 17th, 2012 | By Pirate

I was reviewing some libertarian videos and I came upon some great challenges from Penn Jillet on the topic of faith, and honesty, and crazy beliefs and how they play a role in the 2012 elections.

Penn Jillette: An Atheist’s Guide to the 2012 Election

He’s right. He doesn’t have the key in my opinion. Is that what it is? Something that unlocks the knowledge? Some missing link?
I used to say these same things as a teen that Penn says in this presentation.. I was agnostic for most of my life. But I guess I found the missing link.
He talks about a lot of ‘facts’ that I disagree with the accuracy of. For example “Atheists represent the largest movement in America, because Christians are so drastically divided”.
Really? 20% of the USA is atheist? 8% at the lowest?
I see it this way. Yeah, Christians are severely divided no doubt.
However, Republicans are severely divided, democrats are severely divided pick a football club vs. pick another football club and they are severely divided.
But atheists are also divided. Their doctrines, theories and beliefs differ greatly. Agnostics are reasonable and basically say in a very scientifically minded way “I don’t believe in a deity, because I have no evidence that one exists. I also don’t have evidence that a deity doesn’t exist”. Atheists in a very unscientific and impossible position say “there is no deity and I am sure of it”.
That is a pretty drastic divide. And I will often find some self proclaimed atheists that are more like agnostics, yet most agnostics that I know are very different from atheists. Humans divide to try to find importance and self esteem. Its a mob mentality thing that like Penn, I do not agree with.

When I started receiving the missing link(s), I was looking at death just about every day from being homeless.   While I was homeless I got stabbed, I got beat unconscious once (over 30 stitches in my face), I ODed on IV drugs and almost died.  So I did a lot of searching daily for the possibility of an after life.  I think I was hoping for one the whole time, and I was skeptical because I knew too much suffering to believe in an almighty God.  But the more I searched, and studied, the more I found.   Its not that I hadn’t searched and studied before, because my grandfather was very religious and later in their lives after partying and being reckless for many years my parents also became religious.  They were all Mormons, and in fact I believe there is now 7 generations of Mormons on my father’s side.
I rejected the LDS church, even after and even more so because I studied these ancient books, cultures and practices.
The LDS church and the church of Scientology fit into the same or similar category in my opinion.   I’m also not a member of any other religion.  I just believe what I believe, and I am also an ordained minister.  But I don’t have a congregation of tithe payers, nor am I looking for one.  But I like to follow the clues and facts where-ever they lead me.  I have not been impressed with any religious organization, though I attended several Baptist churches.  I was baptized by a Pentecostal minister in the Provo River (with the spring melt-off in the river).   I really am just interested in a personal relationship and personal studies.   I have made a lot of videos that I share my finding, incase anyone is interested and wants to discuss the topic with me.  However the one thing that I don’t do or plan on doing is going door to door and proselytizing.  Its been a real nice opportunity to own a retail store when we have had time to, because I have gotten a lot off different perspectives on the topic.   I think consideration that on is important for people (me) to grow /evolve/adapt, is to consider the possibility that other possibilities may have more clues to the puzzle and that they can’t expect to be 100% right.
Lord knows Ive done a lot of growing in my thought process and education.  My relationship with the deity (whatever the official name) has been much more peaceful and rewarding than being tied into an organization.

Im not a big fan of dogma either way, whether it is from theism or from non/anti-theists.  So I just will keep on keeping on with my personal walk.

Bless up!

Penn Jillette lays down a wonderful case for libertarianism

October 16th, 2012 | By Pirate

I fully agree with Penn in all that he said in this video.   I know I disagree with Penn Jillette on many topics, but politically he and I are in a very close alignment.   Faith, God, theism is something that he and I have a minor divide, though a lot of what he says about the Bible is both clever and funny, I think it is incorrect and not closely analyzed by the statements that he sometimes makes.

However what he says about “People think that if you are libertarian that you just want what happened in the Bush years to continue…  …  every libertarian I know HATED the Bush administration”..  He goes on to explain how there were a lot of misconceptions that the Bush administration was libertarian, which is not true.   But in some ways, Bush was far more liberty conscious than Obama, seeing that Obama has 60 times more federal indictments under his belt in just 4 years, than Bush had in all 8 of his.  SIXTY TIMES is significant coming from the presidential candidate that was campaigning on a pro-pot platform.

But what we have in this country is croney-capitalism + socialism, and the libertarian representation in this country is faltering.  Our country is less free market, and less libertarian than 18 other countries in the world in regard to economic freedom.   When our country was strong, and we had less poor people and less deficit we were much much more libertarian.   When our country started falling to pieces we had been going down the road to socialism for about 80 years.   Now we are seeing the harvest from all of this socialism, and it isn’t looking pretty IMHO.

Anyway, here is Penn Jillet with “Penn Jillette: Reconciling Atheism with Libertarianism ”