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Cannabis Prohibition Nullification and the 10th Amendment

September 25th, 2013 | By Pirate

Cannabis Prohibition Nullification and the 10th Amendment

This is a movement that has been growing stronger and stronger.  Not only over the marijuana laws on state levels, but also regarding the imposition of Obamacare on states.
Nullification is getting to be more commonly used from criminal courts, to state courts, to federal courts.

Cannabis prohibition is unconstitutional.  For alcohol prohibition there was a constitutional amendment needed to validate alcohol prohibition, and a constitutional amendment to repeal alcohol prohibition.

The same is needed for cannabis prohibition, yet there is no constitutional amendment regarding cannabis (for or against).

See the youtube video here:

I wrote more about this here;

NJ Weedman gets his medicine by mail (Cannabis delivery)

August 27th, 2013 | By Pirate

I have been following NJ Weedman lately again.  It has been a few months since I have paid much attention to anything but healing from my accident.  But I have watched NJ Weedman as he has been getting treatments for his bone cancer in California, while living in New Jersey.   We had contacted Ed Forcion (AKA NJ WEEDMAN) in June when we were on our way to our new home on the east coast and we wanted to do an interview with him.   Ed agreed, and we told Ed we would pay him for his time.
When we got to Ohio, we started see how low our funds were, and how far we were from Maine.  So we told Ed we would have to reschedule.   New Jersey would have taken us several hundred miles out of our route.

Tonight I was able to send Ed $20, to try to keep my promise.  I figure it may come in handy during a rainy day when Ed is budless.  I sure wish I could send more.  I know Ed is overwhelmed right now with medical treatments, court cases, and activism.  As Ed often says “Activism doesn’t pay” and I know that all too well.   It was nice to be able to support a good activist and someone who has been very effective in promoting and using Jury Nullification.  Good work Ed!

Tonight Ed posted a video about how he had sent his medicine to himself from California to New Jersey and he displayed a video with all of his ganja treats..   This is revolutionary!   People in so-called “Dry states” can do this too, and there are many ways to do it.

First this is Ed’s documentation of this process:

See more at:

Now here is the nitty gritty of how this works for other people.

I have learned about several websites on the “Darknet” that you can purchase and have different illicit items shipped to you.

It is neither illegal to visit these sites, nor is it illegal to post about them.  But the legality of the items and the process in which the items are shipped is a different story.   Before I give any links to these sites or references to these sites, let me make it clear.

1.  You do no know who you are ordering from.  Be very mindful of that.

2.  You don’t know what you will receive in the mail or who will follow your package

3.  You need to be VERY careful of how you browse these sites and how you relay information over the internet.
With this in mind.   I am neither responsible for your orders, or your actions.  You take full responsibility!

However if you are a cancer patient and you need cannabis for medicine, I have no moral conflict with you ordering cannabis online to help treat your symptoms or in fact to even CURE your ailments with cannabis.   I lost my father and my grandmother to cancer, as well as countless friends and loved ones.

First is Silk Road Marketplace, which is one of the oldest sites for ordering medicine over the “Darknet”.

They accept bitcoin as payment and they offer both sellers accounts and buyers account.   You can learn more at Wikipedia

Forbes reports that Silk Road makes 22 million dollars in sales per year.

Then there is a few smaller sites.  One that I have heard of is “Black Market Reloaded”, and I do not know much about it.  You will have to do your own research.

Another one that has made some recent waves over the last few months, and has gotten a lot of press is “Atlantis”.   Which is also an .onion website, and offers very similar services to Silk Road.  They are probably most well known as Silk Road’s biggest competitor.

Learn more about them at this link:

Now down to the security issue.   As NJ Weedman says, he does not have items delivered to his own house.  That would just be stupid.   So finding a drop location is going to be one of the most difficult problems with getting meds by mail.

It takes the TOR Network to even gain access to these sites.  The TOR Project is used by various private individuals, organizations and governments to provide concealed/anonymous internet browsing.   Learn more at their website;

But many people have still been traced.  Recently several web hosting sites, and mail hosting sites were targeted by authorities and their owners were found and arrested.

Read this:

Many of these sites had illegal child porn or other related services on them, and it good that those people were blocked from injuring children.   However many legitimate services that activists, journalist and others rely on were also taken down at the same time, since it was a central hosting company that was providing service to these sites.

So I recommend to people to do many things to protect themselves.  On top of using the TOR Project, I recommend looking into an anonymous VPN service.  See more at this link;

It is also well known that using Windows in any sense will leave you vulnerable to attacks and exposing sensitive data.  So I recommend using linux, as well as a USB live linux OS like Tails.   Even if your computer is loaded with only one operating system, and that OS is a Windows version.  You can still bypass using windows, and boot in to a USB Operating system like Tails, which is designed to provide anonymity.

And there are many others to choose from.

You may also want to encrypt your data.  TrueCrypt is known for being a free an effective way to encrypt your data.

See more here:

That is the basics, and there is a lot more to it than that.   So do your own research.  DO NOT TRUST WHAT I HAVE GIVEN YOUR HERE.  There are always changing circumstances that may leave you vulnerable.   So rely on your own research and wisdom.

To see this on go to:    <  That is our backup site incase this site is having problems


Is Cannabis Prohibition Constitutional ? Nullifying dumb laws

August 26th, 2013 | By Pirate

In the case of The USA vs. Timothy Leary in 1969, Timothy Leary fought the law, and NULLIFIED prohibition on a FEDERAL LEVEL based on prohibition being unconstitutional.

Learn more about this from a broadcast that I did on June 23rd 2011 with Jason Karimi on “rescheduling cannabis”

Learn more about Timothy Leary’s case here:

We don’t resolve dumb laws and tyranny with MORE LAWS. We nullify dumb laws!

My Friend Adam has been kidnapped #MyFriendAdam

August 4th, 2013 | By Pirate

I watched this video about Adam Kokesh’s kidnapping this morning and I feel it most important to spread the word!


See the links in the blog roll on this site, we have posted many in support of Adam Kokesh!

Also please read about Buju Banton who has also been kidnapped

From Liberal to Conservative, my journey by Reverend Ryan

July 14th, 2013 | By Pirate

First of all I will start with saying that I decided to opt out of the two party system a long time ago when I started supporting Ralph Nader back in the 2000 election and previous.  I decided after arguing with my father who was very much on the fence on the liberal/conservative topic, but voted democrat because Ronald Reagan let him down, that I was going to opt out of the two party system because they did not seem concerned about our best interest, just what makes the most difference to getting campaign funds and sponsors.  I started researching Ralph Nader and I really liked his plan for ‘direct democracy’ and I liked that he was genuine and sincere.  I didn’t realize how unrealistic his agenda was at the time, but I supported him based on his career and his sincerity.   I have always opposed abortion and illegal immigration and such, and Ralph and I have always differed on that.  But I think I felt let down the same way that my father did, I just took a different avenue.   However, my father and I had some of our most close moments when we would argue politics.  It was something that he and I did frequently and it sure makes me miss him when I think about this stuff.

In 2008 I mentioned my support for Ralph Nader in this video (around minute 2:00).

Even though just 4 years later I would vote for someone who is nearly the polar opposite of Nader, and that is Ron Paul.
But this shows how drastic my transition was.  I went from leaning very liberal, to going completely conservative in just four years.

This had very much to do with the monarchy / two party system in this county.

Obama made a bunch of promises and obligations and did not keep them.  I remained optimistic for years, but like many others he majorly let me down.

Obama’s flat out insulting behavior which consists of over funding the drug war more than George W. Bush, and increasing federal indictments of legal medical marijuana provider by 8000% is terrible.
There is not one of these mainstream politicians that we can trust!  Their campaigns are bought and paid for by big banks and big industry.
So when people hear me touting conservative ideals.  This hasn’t always been the case.  This is a very recent thing.
Conservativism makes sense to me, in much the same way that Thomas Sowell describes his metamorphosis from being a Marxist in his early career to transitioning to a Conservative/Libertarian in time.

The Difference Between Liberal and Conservative by Thomas Sowell

Beyond that, I agree almost 100% now with Ron Paul now that I have a better understanding of how things work in politics.

Just a few points to make from Ron Paul, and since this is a cannabis blog I will try to focus on those topics even though it has a broader reach than just cannabis.

Ron Paul has been fighting for cannabis legalization since before Hempfest was founded.  Ron Paul had reached 10s of millions of people before Hempfest was even a twinkle in Vivian McPeak’s eye.   When cannabis wasn’t cool, Ron Paul stood up for personal liberties in this regard and others.   Even though he has never been a cannabis consumer.

These are the reasons and many others including reducing debt and ending slavery, is why I will remain conservative.
Even if I don’t vote republican.  In fact I have only voted Republican once in my life.  I will remain conservative.
But some folks like to make that sound like people who are conservative are in a religion, or a cult.  I feel the same way about anyone wrapped up in the two party system.  The difference is that I can adjust my political prospective based on facts and evidence and most other folks do not and will not.  I went from being very liberal to being conservative.
When was the last time you adjusted your ideology?

More references on this:


xCannabis Commodities Report 10/15/2012

October 15th, 2012 | By Pirate

In this broadcast I spoke at length why I got my MMJ recommend renewed after vowing that I wouldn’t do it again.
I elaborate more on the value of the medical marijuana market.  I talk about both the pros and the cons of medical marijuana.

I also speak about bitcoin and about our new program to earn bitcoin at

See more information at our store:

More about bitcoin at:

BTW-  As a bonus, commenting on this post will earn 10 points (rather than the normal 5 points)

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How is Washington’s I-502 worse than California’s recent SB 1449 decriminalization bill?

August 28th, 2012 | By Pirate

How is Washingtons I-502 worse than California’s recent SB 1449 decriminalization bill?

I mentioned SB 1449 in this video where California just decriminalized cannabis last year, but did not introduce any new DUI provisions to replace it.   SB1449 makes sense, because it reduces penalties without adding new penalties.  In fact, possession small amounts of cannabis in California is no longer a crime.

Reference here:

I am referring people to Bitcoin as much as possible to help raise money for initiatives.
This is one of the articles.…

Already existing laws in Washington that are intended to protect the roads from impaired driving without I-502 getting voted in.

RCW 46.61.502: Driving under the influence

RCW 46.61.500: Reckless driving

Here is a study from the UK on cannabis + driving that I mentioned in the video:

Why in 75 years has the ACLU never supported a cannabis legalization initiative?

August 18th, 2012 | By Pirate

The Americans Civil Liberties Union founded in 1920 has a mission statement of:

“The ACLU is our nation’s guardian of liberty, working daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and laws of the United States guarantee everyone in this country.”

Yet in the last 75 years, since prohibition of cannabis started at a federal level, and before that in state legislation, the ACLU has not once supported or initiated any cannabis freedom initiatives.  Despite having some very good initiatives to support, endorse or even fund.   The ACLU has not once before 2012 helped out with any of these, including a few in Washington that received hundreds of thousands of signatures.   But yet we are supposed to believe that they care about our cannabis liberty?

Now with the introduction of initiative 502 in Washington that would give very little freedom, and at the same time it would repeal freedoms of many who drive.   We are supposed to believe that they aren’t just in this to thwart other efforts to fully legalize cannabis?   Why didn’t Alison Holcomb or the ACLU back Sensible Washington’s initiatives that received hundreds of thousands of signatures?
Why introduce non-sensical driving policies that are not only redundant since Washington already has cannabis driving restrictions, not to mention Reckless driving laws, but also offers even more strict provisions for driving?

This seems like a half-assed attempt to stay relevant in civil liberties issues, while at the same time ensuring job security in defending people against criminal cannabis charges such as these new, and un-scientifically backed DUID provisions.

My words to the ACLU.  Just keep doing your job of persecuting Christians, and anyone who is on the right.  And leave the cannabis activism to the REAL cannabis activists who care about FREEDOM, not just your retirement.

If you want an example of Alison Holcomb’s work in cannabis rights.  Take a close look at SB 5073, which took rights and protections away from both doctors and cannabis providers while offering nothing in return.

Read more articles about SB 5073 here:









Why in 75 years has the ACLU never supported a cannabis law reform?

Thoughts on family, gay marriage, political separations plus I get pulled over by the cops!

August 16th, 2012 | By Pirate

On my way home from a long trip with my family, I talk about the recent issues in life.
I had a few thoughts on the Dan Cathy/Gay Marriage issue. So I talk about why I stand up for free speech. I think that it is highly inappropriate for mayors and elected officials to use their political power to hurt the business of someone else.

I spoke about how people think cannabis consumers never work or do anything, because of recent accusations from family.

I also talk about how being a father effects my politics. It really does too.
How it effects my decision to support or promote things like gay marriage and polygamy, and why I can not support gay marriage or polygamy from a personal point of view, yet how I support everyone including gay folks and polygamists to have all of the same rights that I have.


This is my mug shot from when I was 18 years old, in Salt Lake City.  I got busted for 2 grams of marijuana.
Shortly after this mug shot, I left Utah for Washington state.  A few years later I found a relationship with Christ, and due to influence from the book of Romans in the bible chapter 12 and 13 specifically, I was inspired to turn myself in on bench warrants that I ran away from in regards to these marijuana arrests.   I served 8 months in jail on 3 different arrests for pot and the most I ever had was 14 grams of pot.
This is why I am in favor of ending all criminal penalties on cannabis (and not introducing new regressive laws in their place).

This is the only mugshot I could find of myself. I was surprised I didn’t find at least one other. Because like I said I was arrested 3 different times for cannabis. (nothing else though)
I wish I could find the others. I may have to put a FOIA request in to the jail for that.
It interesting seeing this, and comparing to now. I don’t look much different. LOL

What is a libertarian?

May 23rd, 2012 | By Pirate

For a very long time, I have been searching for libertarian representation in government.   Before I could really find a good example of a libertarian in politics, I supported Ralph Nader for a decade or so just based on his sincerity and lack of corporate sponsors.  But then Ron Paul really stepped up to the plate, and in his third bid for president it was obvious that Ron Paul is sincere and SERIOUS about becoming president of the USA.
So this year I did something I never thought I would do, and I registered with a political party.   I always felt far more comfortable with conservatism than liberalism.   I never pictured myself registering as a democrat, despite that I have huge respect for Sen. Mike Gravel and I love a lot of what he and Ralph Nader stand for and I love their sincerity.
Though Nader isn’t a democrat per say, he is very ‘progressive’ and has some socialist beliefs.

But the more I learn, the more I read and the more I get acquainted with Ron Paul I find that the only possibility for me in this presidential election is Ron Paul and that is regardless of what party he belongs to.  He has ran as both a libertarian and a republican.

In just looking deeper into the Libertarian party, I found that it is growing and I believe that the libertarian party will have grown by leaps and bounds after this election.

But what defines Ron Paul supporters as libertarian? What defines Ron Paul as Libertarian?

Here is a useful link to help define that relationship:

Here is Ron Paul representing his libertarian ideals.

Has libertarianism ever worked in history?

It has even in the early stages in our own country in many ways.  When libertarianism and the free market has been allowed to work, libertarianism has shown itself to be the strongest points in history.

Another example is ancient Ireland.


I think it’s disappointing watching activists, even friends and former friends flip flop so much.
On one hand I see folks wanting “more freedoms”, but they also want their social benefits so they also want “more government”.   These two desires can’t exist, because when there is more government, there is less freedoms.

I have lost serious respect for people who are still so stuck on socialism that they can’t make wise political, social and business choices.  Judgement gets clouded by “what do I get out of it”.
Wealth redistribution (aka socialism) is theft.   Forcefully taking from one group and giving it to another group does not have anything to do with freedom.  It is tyranny and theft.

So you will hear people with libertarian ideals cuss mandates like forced government healthcare, and forced government retirement plans.   Mandates are also a form of tyranny.   Choices are different than mandates.  I like choices.  But mandates violate my freedom.

But when it comes to our current society, I have been put in a position to utilize the state.
For example to work on behalf of my grandmother who just got deceived and stole from.
I have had to call the police to investigate this on her behalf.
How can I feel comfortable with this?
Well I justified calling the police even though I do not like or agree with state enforced contracts etc, because my grandma has been paying property taxes for over 70 years and she deserves to utilize the protection that she has been paying for in regards to contracts.

The same thing goes for me with social security.  I pay into social security, even though I don’t believe that the state has any business running this racket, nor do I believe that the government handles my money well.
But if I get to a point in life where I can claim social security benefits, I will because it is MY MONEY.
It would be self defeating to give all of this money to the government to hold for me, if I didn’t claim it when I am able.
I don’t believe that the government does well with my money or anyone elses, so your damn right I will be taking that money back!  But that doesn’t not say that I believe in socialism, I just believe in taking what is rightfully mine.
I worked for it, I paid for it, and I will get that money back if possible.

I made this video awhile back about social security.

In the end, I would give up all of the socialism in a heartbeat for liberty.
But in some regards, I don’t have much of a choice in the matter of retirement.
I don’t have the ability to block social security deductions from my income, as it comes out monthly regardless of what I do.   But give me the opportunity to opt out, and your damn right Im opting out.

Opting in to liberty, often means sacrificing the security of the state.  But the free market and the ability to make free choices is so much more powerful of a civil right and an essential right.

Other reading on this subject:

Why would someone who favors civil rights and liberty join the Republican Party?