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Could there be a Donald Trump and Ron Paul ticket for 2016?

May 7th, 2016 | By Pirate

With it seeming as though Trump is going to be the candidate for the Republican nomination, there are rumors of who Trump will pick for his VP, and for his cabinet.
There have been some stranger tickets in the past, and stranger candidates yet.  In fact earlier this year, I cast my support for Vermin Supreme, realizing that the elections are rigged.
I still believe this.  But to me these election are more than voting for the candidate who is going to win.  To me it is a statement of my convictions, which means when there are no valuable candidates to vote for, I do not select “the lesser of two evils”, instead I vote for who I think will do the job best, regardless of their ability to win.

Dating back to the 2000 election I put my chips in with Ralph Nader, knowing that he did not have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning anything that election.  But I supported him because of his sincerity and convictions on a national initiative process.  I did not believe in everything that he supported, specifically the abortion topic and some of the socialist ideology.  But I think it was about time to give the government back to the people.  I supported Ralph Nader for about 11 years, eventually switching over to a candidate that best supported my world view, and someone who I thought had more experience, and a better plan for being president, which was Ron Paul.  However even in the 2008 elections, I supported Ralph Nader.

So back to this election.  I do not support Donald Trump (alone), and I certainly do not support Hillary Clinton, and I think Bernie Sanders would bankrupt our country even further based on his “good intentions”.   So that is why I threw my lot in with Vermin Supreme, because he mocks the political process, and makes great points about socialism, fascism, and “free ponies”.

But I saw an article yesterday that clicked something for me.  There are rumors that Donald Trump may appoint Ron Paul as secretary of state.  I don’t know if it will happen, and Trump hasn’t announced this yet.  But it has some neo-cons nervous that it might happen.  Ron Paul’s foreign policy is the exact opposite of establishment politicians on both sides, taking a very non-interventionist stand.  A non-interventionist stand would bankrupt the military industrial complex who needs war to bolster high profits.

Anyway, I just wanted to put this out there.  That even though Trump is not my guy, if he put Ron Paul in as VP or Secretary of State, then all of the sudden I find myself supporting Trump.

Again, not because I even think it’s possible for Trump to win.  I think these elections are rigged to install people (like Clinton) from a particular bloodline.   But I would support a Trump / Paul ticket based solely on principle.   I will not support Trump without a Paul on the ticket.  But with that variable, to me it would be worth it in a pragmatic way.

This is the the article suggesting that Donald Trump may consider Ron Paul for Secretary of State;

Ron Paul Donald Trump Ticket

Ron Paul Donald Trump Ticket

Pot Matters: Trump on Marijuana

Ron Paul on marijuana, prohibition, and personal freedom

This is the video that I made about this potential phenomenon;


References from the video;

Ryan “xCannabis” on Barack’s cannabis promises

Cannabis Prohibition Nullification and the 10th Amendment  (also explaining how Obama was 6100% worse on MMJ patients than Bush in just his first 2 years)

Why is the left so silent about Obama’s wars

Kings and Peasants in the USA – How all of the US Presidents are cousins

Reply to NORML Live 2nd hour February 24th 2012  (explaining the Ron Paul issue to Russ Belville)


The Rich and the Poor working together for a better future

December 29th, 2015 | By Pirate

I often hear about how “the rich pay no taxes, and those on the bottom pay all of the taxes”, and some people, especially so-called “progressives” vilify “the rich”, and talk about how their only motivation is to victimize the poor.  I get upset, knowing that it is those on the top are the ones that pay 97% of all of the income taxes, that those on the bottom use for survival in a lot of cases.

As I point out in my video, in 1913 our government who at the time all 3 branches were controlled by “progressives” including the so-called “father of progressivism” Woodrow Wilson who was president at the time, sold our treasury to a private banking system with no public accountability, in order to get elected, so that he and other progressives could push their utopian society on us with freebies and handouts for just about anyone who asks (including the wealthy).   This type of government intervention caused the wealthy in this country to be taxed at 94% by 1944, and this is when we saw a lot of wealth and jobs leave for other tax structures that favored their business.   We were #1 in the world for manufacturing at one time, and then the federal government started penalizing wealth, which in turn forced businesses to take their manufacturing plants to mostly Asian countries, as well as South American countries.

Now with all of our lost jobs, we can and do point to the rich and say “they don’t pay a living wage”, or “they are so greedy, they took their jobs overseas to save money”.   But we are not looking at the root cause of the problem, just the reaction to the cause.   The cause of the problem is government intervention, the reaction is jobs going over seas to shelter wealth from government theft.

We need to include the wealthy at the table, and we need to sit down and discuss with all stake holders, how to get our country back to our former glory.
We have been there before, so we know it’s possible to have a strong middle class, and lots of jobs and exports.   Prior to this “progressive revolution” we had that.   But after the “progressive revolution” we only have debt and government handouts.  We are not the economic force that we use to be in the world, and in my opinion that is a major national security risk.

No nation in the world has carried the debt that our nation is carrying.   Eventually it is going to break our backs, and then what?

It is my opinion that we need to stop vilifying the rich, and start including them as friends, and neighbors, and fellow Americans.

Video: The Rich and the Poor working together for a better future

Reference to links in the video;

Check the video for links.

I am posting most of them below, but there may be others to check into that aren’t below, that can be found in the video.

Regarding my car accident;

Cartoon about the Federal Reserve

Reverend Ryan on America’s lost jobs;

Two thirds of federal spending goes to entitlements

Social Security is slavery a video that I made;

Marijuana Policy Project takes over the Legalize Maine campaign in Maine for the 2016 ballot initiative

December 21st, 2015 | By Pirate

There have been two campaigns in Maine working on getting signatures for legalization for the 2016 ballot.  In late October of 2015 the two campaigns “joined forces” and MPP’s campaign manager David Boyer took over the campaign that Paul McCarrier was leading.    Reference;  Pot Legalization Campaigns Join Forces on Merged Ballot Question Effort

Then this came; Marijuana Policy Project takes over the Legalize Maine campaign in Maine for the 2016 ballot initiative

MPP joined forces with the ACLU and took over the Legalize Maine campaign, and now they are working to destroy the campaign. They even hired an abortion activist to speak to the conference as the “Featured speaker”. To me, that seems counter productive to push an abortion activist in a VERY conservative state like Maine.

My guess is that they are doing what the ACLU did in Washington state with I-502. They are trying to squash the iniative that intended to bring GOOD law reform, so that they can come back and reintroduce a much more regressive initiative next year.

Mark my words, I doubt that this initiative will even get on the ballot in 2016. But in 2017, the ACLU and MPP will reintroduce a different initiative that is much more regressive.

Prior to October, there were TWO SEPARATE initiatives to “legalize cannabis” in Maine. And then MPP took over the other campaign.

Why? Like I said above, this is some dirty dealings like we have saw in the past in other states.

The ACLU did something very similar with the Sensible Washington campaigns in Washington state.  They played the whole “Divide and conquer” card, and came out publicly in opposition of the more liberal cannabis initiatives that would allow for more freedom, right before introducing their own initiative, that is called by many “Prohibition 2.0”.

The wording in the “CRMLA” campaign is some of the best “law reform” that I have saw at a state level, but now seeing that MPP has pirated the campaign, I expect to see it fail, and then to see MPP and the ACLU forge through in 2017 with a new and more restrictive campaign, that will appeal to their lawyer sponsors who rely on prohibition for an income.

Time will tell, but either way, I refuse to support any initiative that makes an abortion activist with only scant support for cannabis, their “Featured speaker”.

Learn more at
(do a search for ACLU, and do a search for New Approach Washington, to learn about what has happened at the hands of the ACLU in other states)


This is our report on the campaign’s “Marijuana Summit” on December 5th 2015 from the campaign summit meeting.

This was our radio show on December 5th 2015, after the summit.   I spoke about other aspects of legalization that makes more sense.
It is my opinion that prohibition is illegal, and in essence cannabis is already legal.

Reverend Ryan’s Emancipation Proclamation

September 12th, 2015 | By Pirate

Rather than writing a long blog about this topic, I have made a video (long winded 20 minute video), and I have put a list of links and talking points below.

Since I post so rarely and infrequently, I make it up by making rare long winded posts about these subjects that I at one time use to post about frequently.

I hope you can spend the time with me.   Thanks if you do!

This video describes my own personal emancipation proclamation, and a history of my lifelong activism.  I hope to inspire and educate with my work.  But most of all, I continue to strive to make our world a place with less force, and a more voluntary community, where we enjoy being self-governed, and where we do a good job at it as a species.

Reverend Ryan’s Emancipation Proclamation

This is a brief overview of my activist history;

1. Resisting the LDS religion, and social structure of Utah based on a cultish religion

2. Resisting my father’s hypocritical and often drunken ways

3. Resisting the pills that my parents were force-feeding me in my childhood

4. Resisting the police state after being thoroughly harassed by police for skateboarding and other non-crimes as a kid

5. Resisting the issue at Ruby Ridge Idaho, when the Weaver family was slaughtered by government

6. Resisting the drug war, especially on marijuana that made no sense

7. Resisting the BS tax system, and statism
Hasn’t won me a lot of friends, but I have piece of mind knowing that I have fought for what I believe in as hard as I can.
Links from the video;

I made this video about my brother’s untimely death

My first activist website circa 1999

More about my spiritual path

Our cannabis for cancer awareness group;

About my path as a skinhead;

About the law that I got changed in Springville Utah

Libertarian infighting by Julie Borowski

If ever any of the links above do not work, you can always use to find archives of most websites that are on the internet, or that were at one time on the internet.


Reverend Ryan's Emancipation Proclaimation

Reverend Ryan’s Emancipation Proclaimation

Maine petition – to put legalization on the ballot

August 9th, 2015 | By Pirate

Maine pushes to legalize marijuana similar to alcohol via‘s campaign that was launched in June 2015.

Maine petition – to put legalization on the ballot

From the website, this is the initiative summary.  You can read the full initiative here.

What the Initiative Will Do

  • End marijuana prohibition — It allows adults 21 years of age and older to possess up to one ounce of marijuana, grow up to six marijuana plants in their homes, and possess the marijuana produced by those plants. It will remain illegal to use marijuana in public places, and the initiative does NOT change existing laws that prohibit driving under the influence of marijuana.
  • Regulate marijuana — It establishes a tightly regulated system of licensed marijuana retail stores, cultivation facilities, product-manufacturing facilities, and testing facilities and creates rules governing the production, testing, transportation, and sale of marijuana and marijuana-related products (e.g. testing, labeling, and packaging requirements). Municipalities will have the right to prohibit the operation of marijuana establishments.
  • Tax marijuana — Enacts a 10% tax on marijuana sales in addition to the standard sales tax and allocates tax revenue generated by marijuana sales to public education. Medical marijuana sales will NOT be subjected to the 10% sales tax.

What the Initiative Will NOT Do

  • It will NOT change the ability of employers to maintain their current employment policies or create new employment policies that restrict the use of marijuana by employees.
  • It will NOT change existing medical marijuana laws for patients, caregivers, or medical marijuana businesses.

– See more at:

While this isn’t exactly like alcohol regulation, being that there are no limits that I am aware of for home brewing your own beer, or wine, etc.
With this initiative, a person over 21 is limited to growing 6 plants, and possessing 1 ounce.  So the name of the initiative is a little disingenuous IMHO.
But a few good aspects, is that the full initiative is only 19 pages.  Which is much better than Washington’s I-502 which was 68 pages with lots of carefully worded hidden agendas.   I would not support anything like I-502.
Yet even though this initiative is not perfect, I am being pragmatic and supporting something that is better than current law, and something that gets us a step closer to complete nullification.
I honestly believe that once voters see the benefits, and lack of concern when cannabis is freer than now, that they will realize that the full benefits of cannabis can only add value to society and we as a community we nullify all of the unproductive cannabis laws on the books, and treat cannabis as just another plant.
I said the same thing about Proposition 19 in California on August 30th 2010.   I even moved to California from Washington state fully expecting that initiative to pass, which sadly we got so very close and then we missed it by just a few points.

John Davis of Seattle Hempfest (VP) hates medical marijuana competition

August 6th, 2015 | By Pirate

It has long been known that the money driven spirit behind Seattle Hempfest, and the recent focus on corporate interests that Hempfest has been displaying is almost entirely in the heart and mind of one John Davis, the former CEO and current Vice President of Hempfest.

There has been a lot of changes in Washington as to how patients are able to medicate with cannabis, how much they can grow, how much they can buy, and where they can obtain it from.   This push started with the ACLU, Senator Jeanne Kohl-Wells, NORML and many Hempfest-centric people in 2010 when SB 5073 was being pushed in Washington.   Not only did those people reject the Sensible Washington proposal to free cannabis without the heavy burden of high taxation and heavy regulations.   Sensible Washington offered up two initiatives (I-1068 and I-1149), both either publicly rejected by the groups supporting and promoting SB 5073, or just flat out ignored.

Despite a lot of popularity in Washington, and gaining almost enough signatures to get on the ballot with only a shoe-string budget, both Sensible Washington initiatives failed to get on the ballot.

Yet those same people who rejected the idea of de-regulating cannabis, supported the heavily regulated proposals in SB 5073 and I-502.   The ACLU that wrote and organized the I-502 campaign via New Approach Washington, did in fact publicly oppose I-1149, and ignored and rejected I-1068.

So on to current news.  In 2013 John Davis heard of a viral media release by a young man named Brian Laoruangroch, who intended to roll “the worlds largest joint” at hempfest, with a plan to have everyone donate a legal amount, and claim it by attaching their name and information to the joint.   When John Davis heard of this, he had an internet exchange with Brian Laoruangroch, who was going by the moniker “Prohibition Brands” (a company that would be competing with John Davis’s company Diego Pellicer), and he in not so many words, threatened Brian.   I recorded the conversation and you can see it here.  When the event took place at Hempfest, many Hempfest Staff (with fake badges) pursued Mr. Laoruangroch throughout Hempfest threatening to have the police intervene, and warning Mr. Laoruangroch that he was “not allowed to commit a felony at hempfest”.  Mr. Laoruangroch asked the police that were present if “[he] was doing anything illegal”, and the police admitted on camera that they believed what he was doing was perfectly legal.   So Hempfest had him thrown out of the park, because they could not get him arrested for a felony.

Now fastforward to 2014-2015, and the second in command at Hemp Fest (John Davis) is now promoting two very negative laws that almost 100% of the MMJ patient community in Washington stand against, because of what it was projected to do to their rights as patients.  John Davis openly and very publicly supported I-502 and SB 5052, which in the end has ended dispensaries in Washington (because they were competing with recreational stores), lowered the amount of plants patients are allowed to grow, from 15 plants to 6 plants, and from 24 ounces of marijuana to 3 ounces.

In exchanges on Facebook between the CEO of Hempfest, and MMJ patients, Vivian McPeak constantly says that Hempfest and himself have not supported these restrictions on patients, or their rights.  But the facts above speak for themselves.

This is the response Vivian left publicly on facebook;

“So, the latest lies being spread (all by people who were not accepted to speak at HEMPFEST, could there be a connection?) is that HEMPFEST is working with the City of Seattle to “kill medical marijuana.” Let me set the record straight: First off, we helped pass I-692 in 1998 that legalized medical in this state (I personally gathered thousands of signatures). We organized two Lobby Days in Olympia during the last session to defend medical against 5052, & I personally met with several representatives to defend patients, in fact I am a patient myself. I was publicly against I-502, I voted against I-502 (even though it was inherently painful for me and in the end I think it is better for the national movement that it passed, warts and all, but that is for a different post), and anybody who listens to my radio shows on Cannabis Radio will see that I have been consistently railing against the attacks on medical and medical dispensaries. These “activists” who enjoy dividing our reform community using outright lies and fabrications are either jealous, mentally ill, sociopathic, or trying to eek out some attention for their pathetic and sad selves (or all of the above?). Both HEMPFEST and I personally have been getting repeated hate mail by rude, offensive people (half the time without any name) accusing us of destroying medical and being “backers” of I-502. All complete and total bald faced lies. Typical, the opposition does not come from the city or government, but from people who claim to be on the side of our community. Ironic, eh? SCREW ‘EM! Back to irregular deprogramming. An old Indian saying: “Let the dogs bark, the caravan will pass.””

And this is the words that contradict everything he says, by the VP of Hempfest John Davis.



Medical Marijuana as it stood in I-692 has been effective and strongly supported since 1998, for over 13 years it never had any problems, and certainly no one ever got hurt.  Now in the last few years, after they have started changing the game in Washington, a lot of people are getting hurt!
Hempfest wonders why people are upset?   I have been a supporter of Hempfest as long as I have supported I-692, but I will not support Hempfest any longer!

See my posts on hempfest from in the past;

Now again, I will assert that I feel cannabis needs to be COMPLETELY deregulated.  But if it has to be regulated, it needs as few regulations as possible.  What is going on now, is the opposite of that!

What Hempfest is doing is not playing fair via Free Market enterprise.  They are playing cronyism by using the government to weed out [pun intended] their competition.

John Davis VP of Hempfest

John Davis of Hempfest

John Davis of Seattle Hempfest

Pocatello Idaho Police misconduct, excessive force and suppression

July 24th, 2015 | By Pirate

Unfortunately for the fine citizens of Pocatello Idaho, the police force is at it again with violating people’s rights for victimless “crimes”.  In this case, they violated a man’s rights for absolutely no reason, accusing him of #1.  Having a knife (that he didn’t have, and that is NOT illegal to have), and #2, Trespassing on public property.

Neither one of these charges are truly “crimes”, and the only people resisting and causing disorder are the police (of course).

But yet they smashed this guy’s face, kidnapped him, and put him in jail with a potential concussion after he did NOTHING WRONG.

The charges against this man are said to be “still pending”, but at very least they have charged Detective Steven Westfall with unlawful assault.   A charge that I am sure will be swept away by the prosecutor who will potentially put this man on trial, but will likely no present a good case against him for the jurors.   The thin blue line is not to be crossed!  Not even by prosecutors.


POCATELLO — City police Detective Steven Westfall is facing a misdemeanor criminal charge of unnecessary assault by a police officer and administrative review following a July 10 scuffle with a Pocatello man who was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest after police were called to a disturbance call at a Pocatello residence.  (courtesy of Idaho State Journal)

Detective Steven Westfall Pocatello Police

Detective Steven Westfall Pocatello Police

The information on this case is lacking.  Police have failed to release the name of the suspect who’s rights were violated by Pocatello Police that fateful day.

When asked in the police media conference, Chief Marchand refused to give the name of the suspect.

But this is the police incident report for that week;

I have personally sent in a public records request to Pocatello PD to learn more about this case.  Ref;

Pocatello Police Records Request Detective Westfall

Pocatello Police Records Request Detective Westfall

This is the dashcam video of the event;


This is a video released by Clovis Star (our print media source) about Pocatello Police Misconduct;



But the police assure us that they are investigating themselves.

We are investigating ourselves - Chief Marchand

We are investigating ourselves – Chief Marchand

The prosecutor accepted my extortion money and dismissed my charges

July 24th, 2015 | By Pirate

I wrote my public defender Mr. Riley Fry, and the Prosecutor Mr. Ian Johnson on my case today.  While I was researching my case and learning that my charges got dismissed, I found another fresh incidence of police misconduct in Pocatello today, from an incident that happened on July 10th 2015 where a detective came up to an alleged suspect who was already detained, and used brutal force by elbowing him in the face while he was already under control.   That officer is facing charges, but I think that the officer in my case Officer Tyler Evans had perpetrated some of his own misconduct in my case.


This is what I wrote today;

To Prosecutor Ian Johnson, and Public Defender Mr. Riley Fry,

I see that my charges have been dismissed, and my extortion money has been cashed for a crime that I didn’t commit.

What I think is amazing, is that I am accusing the police of misconduct right now, in not protecting the victim (me and my son) of an assault that happened at my house, by a man who admitted to instigating the fight.
Detective Steven Westfall Pocatello Police

Detective Steven Westfall Pocatello Police

That thin blue line is getting crossed daily.
In 2013, we had reached over 1 million people with our own websites, reference;
And now that I have been thoroughly abused by Pocatello police, I will not stop my focus on that police department.  In my opinion, they are out of control.
I have several radio interviews lined up in the coming weeks to talk about my experience with Pocatello police.
Also, you will be able to read about this in my newspaper that is coming out in Pocatello in the coming weeks to every doorstep;
I had a sponsor step up to fund our next newspaper.
I do think the Mr. Riley Fry could have done more to get this case dismissed, and probably shouldn’t have missed my court date.
Five days before Mr. Fry missed my court date, I had actually released a broadcast to 50 radio stations announcing that I believed that he would miss my court date;
Ref:    (see the date, June 13th 2015, when I uploaded that video, and 5 days later on June 18th 2015, of course my court date was missed, despite that Mr. Fry and his secretary on two separate occasions assured me that I would have representation)
Also what I find funny in my case, is that I recorded on March 20th 2015, that police often lose evidence.   Which I had requested discovery evidence on March 6th, and I was still waiting for it on March 20th, it did not come to me until March 26th.   But on March 20th, I talk about how police often lose evidence.  They lost or willfully withheld the recorded police calls where Officer Tyler Evans threatened me that if I pressed charges on Joe Radeck for assaulting and injuring myself and my 3 year old son AT MY OWN HOME, that he would retaliate and press charges on me.    Officer Evans recorded other conversations with people in this case, but willfully withheld that evidence in my discovery request.  Which is a violation of my rights.    See the video that I made about this here;   (notice the date, 6 days before I received my discovery evidence)
There is a major problem in the Pocatello police department and the prosecutors office.   The retalitory actions of the police are very evident,
I now have that recording available of officer Evans threatening to try to suppress me from filing charges against the man who assaulted me.  We were able to fix my old phone, and I have that information now available, which I will be releasing on my radio interviews and my newspaper coming up.
If only the prosecutors office would have saw fit to dismiss my charges, and not extort me out of $100.  I wouldn’t be so pissed off.
But I did nothing wrong, and the person who assaulted me and my 3 year old son, did not face the battery charges that he should have.  Justice was not served.
Very Sincerely,
  Ryan Thompson
Pocatello Disorderly Conduct Charges Dismissed

Pocatello Disorderly Conduct Charges Dismissed

And since my previous formal complaints had went unresponded to by Pocatello Police, maybe they will take this more serious now.
I made a formal complaint again with Pocatello Police against Officer Tyler Evans today 07/24/2015
I included the message above that I wrote to the prosecutor.  I sent this to the Police Department and the Mayor’s Office.
“I would like to file a formal complaint against Officer Tyler Evans for violating my rights.I wrote the prosecutor today with this message; …”   (see the message above)
Pocatello Police Complaint formal_complaint_pocatello Pocatello_Police_Complaint
When I sent the prosecutor their desired extortion money, I wrote them this on June 29th 2015;

To: Mr. Riley Fry

Bannock County Public Defenders Office

PO BOX 4147
Pocatello, ID 83205

From: Ryan Thompson

*************  (address censored)

Mr. Fry,

I am sending the requested bond forfeiture money order that was requested to you of me by the Prosecutor’s office.

I am sending this money in duress in lieu of a trial, as I am 2600 miles away, and I have upcoming surgery for my orthopedic implants this summer. The fact the finances and distance is a concern for me being a disabled man without employment at the moment, I have to concede to give the bond forfeiture money up to the prosecutor based on my situation, and not at all because I am in the least bit guilty.

They are charging me with “inciting a fight”. I have the conversation now available of the police officer who called me, and threatened me with retailiation if I pursued charges against Joseph Radeck for assault and battery. He only was willing to charge me with “disorderly conduct” based on a facebook message IF I pursued said charges. I carried through with pressing charges of Assault and Battery and officer Evans followed through with his retalitory threat.

It is extremely clear based on the discovery evidence (what little that I was given) that Joe Radeck took accountability for instigating the fight, and for pursuing me to my house, and assaulting me. So I did nothing to incite a fight, it was brought to me.

Secondly, it is extremely clear that the Supreme Court has in fact already made a decision on a similar matter where a man was charged with threatening his ex-wife with murder and violence on facebook, but the Supreme Court ruled that this speech was protected by the 1st Amendment. My speech was only to offer the person who assaulted myself and my 3 year old son a different venue for a fight that he clearly told police was something that he wanted and that he pursued. I did this to protect my family, from having the same violence show up at my doorstep again. I offered sport boxing in a regulated boxing ring at the local boxing club. Boxing is not a crime it is a sport, and offering a different venue for a fight that the other party wanted is not a threat and is not a crime.


I feel that this bond forfeiture option is the only option that I have, because I can not miss my doctor’s appointments, as I am in a ton of pain right now, and I need surgery. Pushing it out any farther in order to be at court puts me in duress, because the pain is taking precendence over being in court on July 23rd 2015. Based on my two upcoming doctor’s appointments one in July and the other in August here in Maine, I can not possibly travel to Idaho due to limitation on finances and prior engagements.

I am including this Money Gram money order, payable to Bannock County, for the bond forfeiture that is requested by the prosecutor.

Here is a copy, and I am also including the money order with this postal mail to the address that you gave me via phone on June 22nd 2015.

Bannock County Public Defender
PO BOX 4147
Pocatello, Idaho 83205

Also please note to the prosecutor’s office that I would be willing to go to trial on this at the end of August. But I can not get there before then. And at the end of August, I may be medically unable to travel if my surgery is scheduled like it is presumed to be at this point.

But that is why I am under duress. I do not think that justice is being served. I also think that the other party should have been charged with assault and battery for assaulting and harming myself and my 3 year old son.


Ryan Thompson

(My phone is not working correctly at the moment. My email address is ***email censored *** )

BTW-  I had to find out for myself that my case had finally been dismissed, by going to;

I haven’t heard a lick from my attorney or the prosecutor.   But I did confirm that the charges were dismissed.

Please write the Pocatello Police or call them and let them know that this police misconduct is un-acceptable!  They work for us, they swore an oath to PROTECT and SERVE!

Marijuana is Safer Than Alcohol, so whats next?

July 15th, 2015 | By Pirate

So marijuana is safer than alcohol?

Does it take a t-shirt or a book to know that?

Not saying that spreading the word is wrong.  But people seem surprised by this simple fact?  Really?  Seriously?

The book  “Marijuana Is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?” by Mason Tvert? and Paul Armentano and  Steve Fox, was released in August of 2009.

Hello people.  I was broadcasting about this a lot longer before that book.  So were thousands of others.

This isn’t a new fact, its a new fad.  But wearing your t-shirt, or flaunting your book is only half the battle.   WTF are you actually going TO DO about it??

My campaign about this fact about marijuana being safer than alcohol started 10/09/2008 with this video

Marijuana vs. Alcohol by xcannabis

Since then, I have reaches millions with this message.

But I have also defeated stupid laws in court by getting restrictions on free speech nullified, and I have started a dozen or so cannabis businesses, and helped other people start their businesses.

Lets do something!  Arm chair activism only helps so much!

Start a business!  Make his emerging industry a reality!

There is MORE that can be done!  And, you can make a living from it!

Here is some information on getting started in the cannabis industries!  Sort of a startup guide.


Cannabis business money

Cannabis business

What’s wrong with the USA chocolate or silver?

July 13th, 2015 | By Pirate

The question of ” What’s wrong with the USA chocolate or silver? ” was recently answered for me today, when I watched a video that Mark Dice made, when he went to the street with a handful of chocolate bars and a 10 oz bar of silver worth about $150 in current silver spot prices.

I was astonished that he got rid of a stack of chocolate bars, but was left standing with a 10 oz bar of silver.

It was amazing even more so, because he was standing outside a coin store, that he offered to verify for at least one of the “winners” that the silver was real.


silver or chocolate

silver or chocolate

Yet the people were so much more interested with the instant gratification of getting their chocolate bar, that they neglected to realize that they could have taken that silver, cashed it in at the coin store that was in the same parking lot, and then went across the street to the convenience store and bought 100 of those chocolate bars with the money that they got from cashing in the silver.   Within 5 minutes of making the choice to take one of the two items, had they made the right choice, they would have had enough money to make a car payment, or buy a nice gift for their sweetheart, or a million other useful things.

But this society is so indulgent that the instant gratification of taking a chocolate bar that they could eat RIGHT NOW, was far more interesting than taking the $150 worth of silver, that would have taken them 5 minutes to cash in for far more value.

And this is why socialists like Obama, or Bernie Sanders, and others have a far better chance of winning a presidential election than someone like Ron Paul.

Even though Ron Paul’s methods and policies would take a little more effort, and possibly a little more initial sacrifice, the end result would be much more prosperous, and the long term benefits would be far greater than the instant gratification of taking free handouts from socialists, that will in the end hurt our country the most.

So at the end, what was incredibly frustrating, is that I tried to share this with my group on facebook @xcannabis, and I got a message about the content not being “safe”.
The content was uploaded to facebook, it was not a 3rd party video, and it was not “adult” or “dangerous” content.  It was about chocolate and silver!

Here is the message that I got on facebook about this ‘dangerous’ content.   What’s wrong with the USA, chocolate or silver?

Banned Facebook Unsafe chocolate video

Banned Facebook Unsafe chocolate video